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In today's video you are going to learn One of the easiest that was easy and Fastest ways that you can make ten Thousand to thirty thousand dollars a Month with Facebook Cash Cow channels And I'm gonna walk you through this Entire strategy step by step you need to Make sure that you do not miss any step Because if you do you are going to miss The pieces that you need to put all this Together and you'll have to go back to Watch it so get out of pen get a piece Of paper and start writing this down Because this video is going to have Everything that you need and I'm going To show you how to do it on complete Autopilot so let's just get straight Into it Facebook reels pretty much hit The market in February 22 with a huge Bang with people coming over here and Posting a whole heap of different type Of content the great thing about these Videos is they're absolutely blowing up At the moment and I'm going to show you Another platform that you can use in Conjunction with this to Double Down and Make even more money meaning that you Can not only make ten thousand twenty Thousand if you're consistent with this You can make Thirty to forty thousand Dollars every single month you see Facebook owned Instagram and what they Are going to do is they are going to Allow you to link your Instagram account

To your Facebook account and I'm going To show you how you can post one video Onto two platforms at the exact same Time and what does this mean this means That you can start to earn money for Reels with bonuses on both these Platforms not only from their creative Funds but also from affiliate marketing Commissions all you need to do is set up An Instagram account and you'll need to Link these together so step one in this Strategy what you need to do is we need To start creating videos and you don't Even need to get too creative with this All you need to do is pick a niche and This platform Rider over here is going To create a script for you then I'll Show you another automated process where You can get these videos created without Showing your face without using your own Voice without even needing a camera so The first thing that you want to do is Come over to Rider and click on to start Writing the good thing about writer is You can actually start this for free and Probably make around five to ten videos Every single month on the free plan I'll Have a link in my description for you Once you click on to start writing it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this over here you can see Here that you can select the language You want to select the tone you can go For something like informative then down

Here you can see you can choose your Case blog selection writing is perfect For this then you want to select a topic For the purposes of this video we're Going to go with something like how to Lose weight let's stick to the fitness Niche but you can do this with Hobbies You can do this with motivation Relationships make money affiliate Marketing whatever Niche that you are Interested in you can do this in from There you want to scroll down you can See you've got this section of keywords You want to enter something like Fitness Weight loss home workout how to lose Weight Etc then you want to select the Number of variants I'm going to select One you can select three and then you Want to click on to write for me once You click on to write for me this is now Going to create the first bit of our Script now if you're enjoying this video Up until this point all else that you do Is smash that like button in Appreciation it helps the channel out a Lot and it means a lot to me now as you Can see guys this has come over here and It's created this first sentence for us Then it's given us one two three Examples what I want is I want five Examples of this and we want to make This a very simple video so what I'm Going to do is I'm going to delete this Section I'm going to come back over to

You and I'm going to type in five tips On how to lose weight quickly and I'm Going to hit right for me so I'm going To maintain this first sentence now it's Going to create these five points for me And this is the video that we're going To create we're going to use this exact Text to create this video from here what You want to do is you want to come over To this platform called in video dot IO This is a free platform you can start Absolutely for free to create these Videos they do have a paid plan as well Once you start making money that you can Take advantage of once you are on in Video what you want to do when you're on Their platform is you've got a few Options of how you can create these Videos what we want to do is we want to Create videos using text to video Once You click onto that on the left hand Side over here you've got landscape Square and portrait we want to select Portrait now what we want to do is we Want to scroll down and pick a template That we want to use you can even scroll Up to the top and you can select the Type of template you want you can choose Fitness or whatever you like what I'm Going to do is I'm just going to scroll Down and I'm just going to choose one of These templates let's just run with this Template over here once you select the Template you want to scroll down and you

Want to click on to use template and You're going to hear that this also has Music click on to use this a template What's going to happen now is it's going To ask you to import that text so what We want to do is come straight back over To writer we're going to grab this as Our heading so copy that Come straight back over to in video put That in as the heading now what we want To do is we want to grab this text this Is very simple and it only takes a few Minutes to do now what we want to do is We want to paste this in there and then You want to come over here and click on To next what Nvidia is going to do now Is it's going to create this video for Us while that's happening what I want to Do is just let you know exactly how much In video is going to cost you I've got a Really good offer for you if you do want To go with a paid version you can see Here that monthly if you go on the Monthly plan in video costs about thirty Dollars a month you can save 50 if you Go on to the yearly which means it's Going to be 15 a month if you go on Unlimited Plan it's 30 a month but if You come up to the top and you type in Smt 25 what's going to happen is this is Going to give you an even bigger Discount you can see now that on the Business plan it's only 11 a month Average when you go on the yearly

Payment and you can see here 22.50 if you go on to the unlimited plan So this is a massive saving for you all You need to do is click on the link in My description enter code smt25 when you Sign up when you start making some money Otherwise you can absolutely start this On the free plan now as you can see what Nvidia has done is it started to create These videos for us if you want to Change some of these videos you Absolutely can all you need to do for Example let's say with this one over Here you can see losing weight is not Easy so you can quite simply come up to The top you can see you've got videos And you also have images you can also Upload your own video your own images or Videos if you have them or you can go to Platforms like pixels that has royalty Free videos and images but here you've Also got them here so all you need to do Is Click onto videos and type in Something like weight loss as an example And then hit enter once you hit enter It's going to give you a range of Different types of videos as you scroll Down you can see here that some of these Videos have these Stars next storm and Ice stock these are paid images these Are paid videos okay so with that mean It means that you need to be on the paid Paid plan otherwise you can just use the Free ones you can untick these and just

Use the free videos that pop up so quite Simply grab this as an example drop that In there and then just click onto trim Video to fit scene and click on to done This video is now going to make an Appearance in there as you scroll down You can see he eat healthy they've got Food here as you can see it's got Exercise regularly somebody exercising He's got drink plenty of water so quite Simply you can come over here guys and Type in drinking water I'll just show You how this works hit enter and then Just find somebody that's drinking water Pouring water whatever you want grab That drop that in there just to make the Video look a lot better trim video to Fit scene and click on to done now this Video looks good what you want to do From here is we now need to download This video before you download this Video though I wanted I do want to Mention that there are a couple of other Really cool features with this video That you don't necessarily need to use The first one is we already have our Music on here but if you wanted to Change your music quite simply on the Left hand side here you've got music and Then what you can do is you can type out Workout type in workout hit enter and Then listen to all the different type of Workout music so hit play Okay so that sounds really cool what you

Can do is just hit this plus sign and This is going to add this as you can see Warning this will replace background Music in the project just hit continue And that's perfect the second thing that You can also do if you want to is you Can come over here to the advanced Editor and you can also add voiceovers As well you can add your own voice so if You have a simple little microphone Where you can do this or you can use the In built-in if you come over to Voiceover and go to automated text you Can use in videos built in own AI to do This and then you can quite simply just Upload this and it's going to sound Really good the other thing that you Also want to make sure is that this Video isn't going over 60 seconds like This one is only 32 33 seconds long Which is perfect so to add this Voiceover what you want to do is you Want to copy this text as you can see You want to make sure that you've got That in there then what you want to do Is you've got these options of voice and Then you can choose the person you can Just click on to play here To hear what they sound like so quite Simply click on to generate voiceover so Click on to generate voiceover once our Voice server has been generated click on To play to hear it five tips on to lose Weight quickly pause that then click on

To add make sure that when you click on To add this cursor over here is exactly Where you want that voiceover to start So then click on to add now you've got That there if you to play this now you Can hear that the music is way too loud For this so what you need to do is Click Onto the music click on to edit go to Volume and fade and then up here you Want to lower this music to about 30 Percent and then we can test that Then we can move this over to the start And we can hit play again Five tips on how to lose weight quickly And that's perfect so that's all you Will do now is repeat the process on Every single slide over here now what You need to do is you need to come up to Here you want to click on to export once You click onto export you want to scroll Down you've got the option of Downloading as 1080 if you're on the Paid version or 720 if you are on the Free version quite simply if you're on The free version just click on 720 and Click on to export I just want to make This very clear if you choose any videos That has the symbol the star symbol next To it videos or images or eye stock it's Going to ask you to pay when you export If you don't select any of them then you Are going to be able to download this Absolutely for free the other thing that I should have mentioned is you've got

This little logo if you want to add your Own logo you absolutely can so no one Else can take your videos or you can Quite simply delete that and remove from All scenes that's gone now now what We're going to do is we're going to Export this video I'm going to select The 720 options to say yeah show you how That looks now we'll want to do is quite Simply click on to export what's Happening now is the Nvidia is exporting This video onto our computer alright so This video has just finished downloading So you want to click on to download and Now as you can see it's being downloaded Onto my computer from in video after It's been rendered on Nvidia now we have Access to this video what we now need to Do is we need to get this video onto our Mobile phone so we can upload this onto Either Facebook reels or Instagram which Is also going to transfer that file on To Facebook real so the way I do that Quite simply is I have a Google Drive You can very easily sign up through your Gmail and create a Google drive what This basically means is that I upload This video onto my Google Drive I Download it by going to new go to file Upload and then I'll upload that file And then because I have my Google Drive On my phone that automatically allows me To grab that file from my phone download It onto my phone and then upload it on

To these different profiles so basically From there what happens is that on your Phone you can start to upload onto your Instagram account or you can upload on To your Facebook account utilizing the Rules option now you can see here that When you are on your Facebook account as An example you can see here that reels If you hover over it says user mobile Device to create a reel if you come over To your Instagram account and you click Onto this create option and you go to Select from computer it's not actually Going to allow you so if I choose Anything from here it's only going to Allow me to upload to my posts but it's Not going to allow me to upload to my Reels so in order to upload to your Reels you need to use your phone and I'm Going to show you that in a second but Before you do that you obviously need to Create an Instagram account and you also Need to create yourself a Facebook Profile so come over to Facebook create Yourself a group group or create a Software profile you can see here that Both with Instagram and with my Facebook Account they're both linked but if you Come over here you can see that if I go To my featured I have my ultimate Affiliate marketing guide that I've got Linked to the top so if you don't Actually have access to that all you Need to do guys is go down the bottom

Click onto the first link in my Description this is a guide that's going To show you other ways that I make money Online with affiliate marketing just Like I do on my channel so if you're not Subscribed yet make sure that you're Subscribed so you catch all the latest Videos that I've got coming out I've got Some amazing videos that are going to Complement this strategy so you don't Want to miss it grab this free affiliate Marketing guide and make sure you're Subscribed with the bill on for some More awesome content that's coming your Way so basically what I've done is I've Pinned this comment and I've included My Ultimate affiliate marketing guide what I've done on my Instagram profile as you Can see is I've got my link tree link And at the end of this video I'm going To show you how you can set all this up And if you you click onto this link what This is basically going to do is it's Going to take you over to several offers That I'm promoting which are making me Money online with affiliate marketing Every single day and you can do the Exact same thing so now what I want to Do is show you how you are going to Upload these reels onto Instagram and Also include them on your Facebook Account so they come up as rules also on Facebook so once you are on your Instagram account what you want to do

You can see here down the bottom you've Got this real option if you click onto That that's going to take you over to Your rules if you come back over here And you can see here you've got this Little symbol if you click on that's Your obviously your own image if you Click onto that that's going to bring You over to your profile then up the top Over here you can see you've got this Plus icon once you click onto that you Can see now that this is where you can Upload your rules so what you want to do Now is you want to click onto that once You do that you can see see down here on The left hand side you've got this Little blue plus icon what you want to Do is you want to click onto that this Is where you're going to find all these Different images that you already have On your phone and what you are looking For when you scroll down is quite simply Click onto the video that you downloaded From your Google Drive on to your phone You can also email your videos or any Other way that you know where you can Transport your videos from your PC to Your phone just Google it have a look at On YouTube there's many ways that you Can do that so let's just click onto This one over here once you click onto That you can see here that from here if You play this video this is the video Then up to top here what you want to do

Is you want to click on to add once you Click on to add quite simply come over Here and then click on to next Once you Click on to next it's going to bring us Over to this section where you can add Writing add music Etc it's entirely up To you for the purposes of this video I'm just going to click on to next Once You click on 10x this is really Important important you can see that you Have a few options here if you scroll Down you can see here that recommend on Facebook you want to make sure that this Is clicked on so that these reels are Also going to appear on Facebook if That's clicked off you are not going to Be able to see them on there again also Over here as you can see also shared to Feed you want to make sure that that is Clicked on as well this is how you are Going to ensure that these rules are Also up on your Instagram account and Also that they are up onto your Facebook Account so you are doubling up on where You are going to get this traffic and All this traffic is going to be driven Over to your links and I want to show You how to set that up now so as you can See here my Instagram profile has my Link tree Link in here and like I told You when people click onto it it goes to My offers but how do people from Facebook reels on Facebook end up on my Smart money tactics Instagram profile

Clicking on my links well let me show You exactly how it works if you are on Facebook reels whether it's on your Phone or on your computer it doesn't Matter and as you're scrolling through And you're looking at these different Types of videos you can see here that up Top this person uploaded this video from Instagram this person uploaded it from Facebook reels if anybody clicks onto This it's going to take them straight Over to this person's Instagram account And if they've got a link here you can Click onto it so as you can see as you Scroll across you are going to see all These different videos that people are Putting up if you're to click onto this One it's going to take you over to this Person's profile and as you can see here Is a link tree link of somebody that's Teaching Fitness giving people advice And if you click onto their link tree Profile you can see that they have all These offers that They are promoting and This is how they are monetizing and Making money online and as as you scroll Through you're going to find a lot of These people that are doing this every Second or third one is going to be Instagram and this is how you're going To very easily monetize your two Profiles so from here how are you going To get this offer and how are you going To get this up onto linktree well the

First thing that you want to do is you Want to find an offer so you need to Come over to a platform like ClickBank is an affiliate Marketing Network that has dozens of Products in many different niches where You can promote products you can also Use other affiliate networks like Digistore24 jvzoo or independent ones as Well that you can find online once you Sign up and create an account for Yourself you want to come over to their Marketplace as you scroll down on the Left hand side you want to go to the Category that you want to find a product To promote in this instance all we do is Scroll down to health and fitness as you Can see once you find one of these Products all you need to do is quite Simply click on to promote click onto Generate hop link and as you can see This is the link that we are going to be Using to promote this product and this Product can make us just one product one Cell can make us as much as a hundred And forty six dollars this is the value Per customer of people that are buying This product from here what you want to Do is you want to sign up to linktree This is the link that you just saw People using and what I'm using to be Able to promote this product this is What my link tree back office looks like Because I'm promoting one two three four

Five at different offers from here all You need to do once you set up your Instagram account and your Facebook Account is you need to link your link Tree link inside the bio of your two Profiles with your affiliate marketing Products inside and then from there all You need to do is come over to Rider Start creating these different types of Scripts then come over to in video and Create these different types of videos Just like I did here you saw that it Only took us a few minutes if you repeat This and you continue to upload not only Can you make money through affiliate Marketing not only can you make money Through sponsorships but because these Videos are created by you you stand a Good chance of getting into these Creative funds and making even more Money online from there you can use These videos and you can upload them Onto Tick Tock you can upload them onto Pinterest you can upload them also onto YouTube shorts and also include your Link inside these videos and you could Create a magnitude of these different Types of cash cow channels and make a Lot of money online with affiliate Marketing now if you want to know how You can put these links inside your link Tree account without any issues then What I highly recommend that you do is That you click onto this video over here

Right now for a full detailed tutorial Of how you could do this I made this Video the other day it's another amazing Strategy you definitely need to click Onto it if you want to know how to do This correctly without any errors I'll See you on this video until next time Time take care of yourselves and goodbye

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