I Built A Faceless YouTube Channel ONLY Using Ai Tools

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In this video I’m pushing the boundaries Of what’s possible with AI technology by Attempting to create a faceless YouTube Channel only using AI I’m gonna try and Use AI technology for everything from The idea and script right through to the Video creation I’m really excited about This I think it’s going to be a fun Experiment plus I’m gonna get the chance To show you some awesome AI tools that You do not want to miss Wait a minute I’ve just recorded that Intro and I’m sorry I think it was up Should I really be doing a video about This we’re all scared of AI taking over Our jobs and one of my jobs is YouTube And now I’m creating a video showing People how to do my job with AI I’m Probably shooting myself in the foot Here but if AI takes over and my YouTube Career is over it’s my own fault but Before it does make sure you hit the Subscribe button because I’m going to be Dropping some epic content over the next Few weeks and you do not want to miss it Anyway back to the video YouTube Automation is Big Business and there’s Guys making millions with faceless YouTube channels but these YouTube Channels usually require you to pay People to write scripts record Voiceovers edit the videos and it can be Really time consuming and an expensive Process well that was until AI changed

The game and in this video I’m gonna put It to the test the first tool that I’m Going to use is this one here called vid IQ which is a YouTube growth tool that I’ve actually been using for quite a While on my channel it helps me find Keywords and come up with title ideas And it’s got quite a lot of Cool Tools Inside of this but they’ve recently just Introduced some Epic AI technology which Is off the scale and I’m going to use That technology to create this YouTube Channel they actually have a few AI Tools which we are going to play around With but the one I’m most excited about Is this one here called AI coach which Is very similar to chat GPT which I’m Sure you’ve heard of the chat bot which You can ask almost anything well this AI Coach is like chat GPT it’s actually Based on the same technology but it’s a Lot more specific about YouTube growth Because they’ve actually fed a lot of Additional information about YouTube and How to grow on YouTube and all of the Information that you need to grow YouTube channel that chatgpt doesn’t Know so this is actually better than Chatgpt for asking YouTube orientated Questions it can do anything from help You with YouTube title ideas write YouTube scripts it can it can do some Crazy stuff and we’re going to be using It in this video if you want to try this

Out yourself I’ve actually spoken to vid IQ I managed to get a 98 discount if you Want to try this out you get access to All of the tools including this AI coach And you can use my link in the Description down below to get access to That but what I’m going to be using this For initially is to come up with some Ideas so this is almost like having a Little assistant because obviously I Work for myself I’m a solo entrepreneur I don’t have a team that I can bounce Ideas off if you’ve got this kind of AI Technology we can use it like a team Member ask it for some ideas and ask it What it thinks about things it’s really Really valuable and so the first thing I’m going to do is ask it for some Faceless YouTube video ideas so I’m just Going to ask you give me a list of 50 Faceless Channel ideas that only require A voice so it’s giving me a list of 50 Faceless YouTube channel ideas that only Require voice and there’s some really Good ideas here I really like the Storytelling Niche because we could Potentially get chat GPT which is very Good at writing stories to write a story And then we can maybe get some kind of AI voice over to create it so that’s a Really good one ASMR that’s also a good Niche I know that’s very very big Because my girlfriend always listens to That and it’s when people are making

Noises and telling stories And whispering things like that that Also could be a good one if we can get a Right voice over for that poetry as well Because chat GPT is really good at doing Poetry that could potentially work so There’s some really good ideas there I Think I’m leaning more towards the Storytelling angle because that would be Very good to create with Chachi B team We could do a voice over and it could we Could I think that could be really Really good but what I’m going to do now Is go over to vid iq’s keyword research Tool where we can actually see if There’s any opportunities because I Think when you’re first starting a brand New YouTube channel we really want to be Going after search traffic when people Search for something so we want to find A keyword that we can add into our title That probably gets a lot of search Volume but there’s not that much Competition and we might be able to rank For it I think that’s the best way of Being seen on YouTube at the start Rather than trying to go viral so we can Just put here like store it and then Click search and then what it does it Will give us a a score based on the Search volume and the competition now This has given us a medium score which Isn’t too bad but what we can do is look At related keywords here we can click on

View all keywords and then we can see Some other associate keywords that People might be searching for that we Maybe could create a video about so you Can actually come here and change this Score here overall and we want a high Score Green is what we’re looking for Now that’s Arabic I think so I’m not Going to go for that one horror stories That potentially could work Um it’s got medium competition and now I’m just going to kind of search some Different things like maybe sleep story And see what that comes back with Against scary stories there gets a lot Of search volume but the competition is Medium it still might be quite hard to Break through with like medium Competition with a brand new YouTube Channel I want to try and go for Something that probably has less Search Terms but it’s got a very low Competition so this hit romantic love Sleep story might work quite well Romantic sleep stories again that could Be 5 000 views that we’re getting on our Video which could help our Channel out Right at the start so that is a good Opportunity it’s a romantic love sleep Story is some good key words so I think What I’m going to do is I’m going to Focus on the the Sleep story Niche and I’m gonna try and create a video which Is a romantic love sleep story just

Using AI technology so what I’m going to Do is head over to Chachi PT the AI chat Bot and I’m going to ask it to write me A romantic love sleep story that we Could use for our YouTube video okay Maybe not Chachi BT is at capacity right Now Oh probably should stop doing videos About it because every time I go on it It’s overloaded with people I’m gonna go Make myself a cup of coffee come back And hopefully we’ll be back in action Boom and we’re back in business chat GPT Is working so what I’m going to do is Ask it to write me a romantic love story So I’ve just asked it can you write me a Thousand word romantic love sleep story That’s descriptive because I wanted to Use like really descriptive elegant Words which will make it a bit more Interesting for the people that are Listening to it once upon a time in a Land far far away they lived a beautiful Princess named Rose right I’m gonna stop That because it feels a little bit tag It to us children I’m gonna even though I said romantic I’m just gonna change That again and I’m just gonna say can You write a romantic love story and Aimed at Battles might be a bit more racy then As the sun set on the horizon Jane and Michael see that’s a lot more Target Towards adult

Found them lying in the bed next to each Other their bodies intertwined in a Passionate embrace Hopefully this is the niche when they Were searching for romantic love stories I’m guessing this is what they they want As they go to sleep hopefully anyway So I’ve just asked it to to make it Longer and also write some paragraphs About them falling asleep because I want To kind of describe the process of Falling asleep which hopefully should Help the people fall asleep and if Someone listened to this romantic love Sleep Story on YouTube and it helps them Fall asleep they’re gonna come back to This every night so it will actually Increase the views and they might Recommend it to their friends so we Actually want this to to help people Sleep while also being a romantic sleep Story so it’s adding some paragraphs About that which is awesome So I’ve got my story written out now and I think it’s really really good story I Think this could work really well now I Need a voiceover to read this out now Traditionally text to voice that we’ve Had for quite a few years is not very Good it’s very robotic but now because Of AI technology it’s getting a lot more Advanced and I actually found a tool Before called resemble dot Ai and I’ll Leave links to all of these tools in the

Description down below but they’ve got Some really really realistic sounding Voices and you can actually clone your Voice using this software as well but They’ve got lots of stock voices as well And they’ve got this one here Whispering So that might work quite well and They’ve got like storytelling voices Like this one Merlin this planet has the Power of Life hey I’m Richard even Though I sound a bit grumpy I’m really a Very nice guy but I don’t think he’s Gonna be good for a sleep story so I Think I might actually use This Whispering girl because it’s a sleep Story it’s going to help people sleep And it also plays into the ASMR Niche Which is people whispering so this could Work quite a while I might be able to do Some ASMR videos on my channel using This this voice so I’m just gonna come Over here to create paste my story in Here I think we click create all and Then it’s going to whisper this story Out in this girl’s voice it’s got some Really cool settings here as well where You can change the emphasis on certain Words and all of that kind of really Cool stuff but I’m just going to leave The AI to get to work and see what he Produces Michael found The bodies and whined in a passion

Ately led by the glow Casting a warm and intimate and beans oh I’m falling asleep so while that’s Processing those files and download it Now I think we need a good backing track That’s going to be behind her as she’s Telling this sleeps Dory and I actually Found before some AI music generator now We could just use stock music in this Which I think would work quite well but This is actually really cool tool as Well where um I’m actually going to use This on my main channel from now because You can create music from scratch and You can actually change the track so Sometimes if you’re ever doing video Editing and you’re adding a music track Underneath if you want it to kind of be Gentle all the way through our Background music sometimes it’ll start Going crazy and it’ll start being really Loud in certain areas and it’s not how You want it to be this AI tool actually Allows us to to create music from Scratch we can choose certain niches Like say sentimental down here and then It will give us some bass tracks but you Can actually edit them and change the Melody and change certain parts of the Song and it’s really cool so let’s just Have a little play at some of these So in that example there the music Starts is going louder here but we can Just change that to low so we can

Actually have it as a really gentle Track so if I like that or maybe the Story changes it gets a bit bit raunchy Or something we might want to increase That to very high at that section but I Think for this I’m just going to go for A low for up because we want them to Actually fall asleep so now I’ve got an AI generated ID I’ve got a story written By AI we’ve got a music track created by AI now I need to kind of pop this all Together into a video now there is Actually some AI video creation tools Like this one here called pictory which I will leave a link to in the Description down below is a really cool Tool because we basically can upload a Script and it can create you a video From scratch using stock images based on What is being said in that video and it Can add text onto the screen it’s Actually very very good and I was Planning on using that in this video if I would have gone for a different idea But for a sleep story I don’t think I Need to use that because I’ve just had a Look on YouTube and a lot of these sleep Stories are just like a still image with The audio track underneath because People are not really watching the video They’re just listening to it as they Fall to sleep so I don’t think I need to Create one like that with loads of Flashy images and things like that I’m

Still going to use AI technology to Create a background image for this video And the tool that I’m going to use for That is this one here called mid Journey Which I have spoken about on my channel Before but it’s an unbelievable AI image Creation tool that creates magical Images from scratch using Ai and to use This you just need to click Join Beta Here and then you get access to a Discord group like this where we can Actually send it a message and ask it to Create images from scratch I’ll show you How it works now so all I need to do is Just message this mid Journey bar and go Forward slash imagine prompt and then Just type in whatever image I wanted to Create so I’m just going to type in Romantic Love story and then I’m gonna put in Dash dash AR which stands for aspect Ratio free colon 2 which will give us a Landscape image and then just click Enter and see what it comes back with For that so mid Journey has come up with A few images and I’ve selected this one Which I think is epic and it perfectly Sums up this sleep story so that’s what I’m gonna use now I need to put all of These files together so I’m just going To use this program here called Final Cut Pro which is an editing software Which I’ve already got on my computer There’s lots of different editing

Softwares out there that you can use if You’re not going to go down the Pick 3 Route and get the AI technology to Actually compile it for you so now I Just need to put them onto a timeline Here and then export this as a video so I’ve just overlaid them onto this Timeline I’ve just played it and I think This is pretty epic it looks amazing it Sounds amazing I will show you a little Bit later on in this video now we have The video but we’re not done yet because There’s another piece of AI technology That we’re going to use to help us get Clicks on our video just created a YouTube channel and now it’s asking me To create a name so I’m actually are Going to go back to vid iq’s AI coach And see whether it can give me a good Name for our Channel So here’s what it’s giving us soothing Sleep Tales sleepy dreams napping Narratives bedtime enchantment Dreamland Journeys will go without sleepy dreams Sleep stories I’m gonna call it sleepy Dreams sleep stores create channel then We just need to upload the video so While the video is uploading now we need A title for the video so we can actually Use AI to generate as a high click fruit Title that people are going to want to Actually click on so we can come back Here to read IQ and our keyword that we Were going for before was romantic love

Sleep story now obviously that’s not High clickfruit title that’s what people Are searching for but we can actually Come back to vid iq’s dashboard and They’ve got another AI tool this one Here called AI title recommendations so What we can do is paste in our our Keyword that we actually want to rank For then we can click get title ideas And it actually uses AI to find the most High click-through rate title ideas for That keyword or similar keywords so it’s Given us a few here the most romantic Sleep story ever I mean that would get People to click how to sleep like a ROM Romantic sleep love story how one night Changed everything so I’m actually going To take one of these but I’m going to Change it up a little bit just to make It a little bit better so we’ll go for The roast romantic sleep story ever but Then I’m gonna put hyphen and put fall Asleep within Seconds so hopefully people that are Struggling to sleep that they want a Romantic sleep story might click on this Even more then we can take that title And we can get AI to create as a Description for the video as well by Going back to this tool coming back to The AI coach and saying write me a Description for a video about and then We’ll paste that in there And now we’ve got an AI generated

YouTube video description this is crazy So I’ve just used the thumbnail which is The image we got from mid-journey we’ve Got it all ready to go and it’s not made For kids next next and let’s set this Publish and we are live Wow I actually think that’s actually Very good considering we’ve just created That using total AI technology I’ve not Thought of any of the ideas I’ve not Written the script I’ve not done the Voice over I’ve not done the image it’s All been done with AI technology and I Think that will give any sleep Story on YouTube a room for its money and we’re Going after keywords that people are Actually looking for and there’s not That much competition so this could do Well so in order to start making money From this YouTube channel from ad Revenue I will need at least 4 000 hours Of watch time to be accepted into the YouTube Partner program so what I’m Going to do is actually start uploading A lot more videos to this channel to get To that so I can start earning money and I will upload part two to this challenge Very very soon but in the meantime if You want to know a secret strategy of How you can start earning money from YouTube on day one without having four Hours of watch time make sure you check Out this video that I recorded not long Ago it is epic and you do not want to

Miss it but if you’re not subscribed Make sure you hit subscribe until next Time cheers guys

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