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So what is the laziest way to make money Online right now in order for this to be The laziest way to make money online it Has to meet a few criteria it has to not Have to get on camera and be an Influencer you have to not have to Create a product a course or anything Like that you have to not have to spend A bunch of money in ads just to make Some money back and you have to not have To have a large amount of starting Capital just to make some money and Lastly it has to have a long Half-Life So what does have a long Half-Life mean You have to be able to do some work now And have that work make you money for a Long time so for example when you go to Your job you do some work today you do An hour of work and you get paid for an Hour Having a long Half-Life means that you Do an hour of work now and you get paid For an hour and then you get paid for an Hour later and you get paid for an hour Later and you get paid for a lot an hour Next month and get paid for an hour of The month after that and you get paid For an hour a month after that right so It keeps going on and on and on for a Long time for example you can actually Make fifty eight hundred dollars a day But you're not going to make fifty eight Hundred dollars a day by getting a job That pays you hourly to do this those

Jobs do exist but there are point zero Zero zero zero zero zero one percent of All the jobs out there and if you have One of those jobs that's great for all Of everyone else who does not have one Of those jobs then you need a way to Leverage up to making more money and Utilizing Bots Ai and chat GPT are the Way that you create a system that has a Long Half-Life and makes you money later And now on work that you do now Obviously it's going to take some time To get to 5800 a day you do have to do The work and even if it has a long Half-Life you still have to do some work Up front you don't have to do all of These things we just talked about but You do have to do some work now in order To get paid both now and later for that Work so before we get into this I do Want to give you a couple of things here Of course my name is Ryan Borden and I Want to mention a couple of things so That we are all on the same page without Taking a ton of time to explain them Because we'll talk about those later on In the video because this really is the Best way to make money in a lazy way That I've found right now So first of all if you apply yes down in The comments if you like this video if You want more free trainings like this So that I know because I have a lot of Tests running and a lot of different

Ways I can go and I want to know the Ones that you like so if you could let Me know that you like it that would be Awesome and then I'll talk about live classes what that Is is that is so you can enter an email And get into the live classes I'm also Going to talk about how I got to this Number so let's talk about that for a Minute 5800 a day what is that well if We look at stripe for example we can see That In the past four weeks we've made 163 Thousand dollars This doesn't count PayPal and I'm not Saying this to brag I want you to Understand what really is possible Because this really is the best lazy way To make money online right now but it Has to have the right components as we Talked about and this really does so how Did I get to that number of fifty eight Hundred dollars I grabbed a calculator Divided 163 000 by 28 days which gave us Fifty eight hundred dollars if we look At the past 12 months we can see it's 1.05 million dollars and we can see the Trend right now is going up so stripe Alone will be between two and three Million dollars this year and then PayPal of course will be over a million Dollars on top of that So as we go through this what we need to

Do is we need to look at what we have Going on here and that is that we can Leverage Bots like we have going on here In the background like I said AI Bots And chat GPT we're going to leverage all Of that and that is one of the ways that We're going to get to our Half-Life Which helps us to get to our fifty eight Hundred dollars a day or more because You can scale past this as well So the first thing we need to do is get A list what is the list the list is a List of companies that will pay you to Promote their offers so you can go to enter your email Address and get this list of companies That are going to pay you to promote Their offer because you really need to Have an offer That has a strong conversion and that Has some components too so there's a lot Of different components here I gave you What it has to not have but there is Other things that I'm going to tell you Through the duration of this video that Are important for this recipe in order For it to work so this is a list of Companies that will pay you to promote Their stuff for example here's one and This is one of the components we need if We go to Jasper as an example we can Roll down to the bottom and they have an Affiliate program affiliate just means That

They're going to pay you to promote Their products now the beautiful thing About this is And one of the necessary components is That Jasper for example gives you a 30 Reoccurring commission so that's one of The ways that we have a long Half-Life If we get someone to sign up today so we Take this link and we're going to use a Bot to promote the link when someone Clicks the link and they sign up we get Paid so you when you get paid you get 30 Reoccurring commission so that means That if you get someone now to sign up And they're a customer six months from Now you're still getting paid and six Years from now if they're a customer You're still getting paid every single Month which is not the case that you Have with your traditional job with a Traditional job when you go to work Today and you work for eight hours or However long you work today you get paid For those eight hours you don't get paid For those eight hours again next month And the month after and the month after And the month after and the year after Etc So what do we do we take our link and we Turn it into a redirect link which I'm Not going to cover in this because I Just don't have time to cover Everything I'm telling you the steps but I don't have time to break down every

Single step because this would be way Too long of a video in the live classes At we do break that down For you the redirect link but we're Going to place the link in a bot like This What's happening is this is going out Right now and it's promoting the link And we could just go into a project like This for example and we can go here Under this tab and of course there's a Lot going on again don't worry about That classes we explain Everything and we can go into the Subject or the think about this like an Email I guess is the easiest way so it Has a subject and a message so I have a Subject going on here this one is Already set up for another product Called Victory which again is back to Our list if we go here we can see Pick 3 Is another tool on the list so We are going to utilize all these tools That give us reoccurring commissions to Extend the half-life of our work So we can go in here and we would take That special link and we put it in right Here so I paste it in put in a message That says hey go buy this amazing Product obviously not exactly that but We paste it in right here so where do we Get that message well we can get that Message from chatgpt so again remember We're going to paste the link in here

And what's going to happen is we're Going to click Start and the bot is Going to go out here and promote our Link see it has zero right now this one Has promoted it to 99 514 people and Counting you can see the numbers Changing as we go along here and you can See when we click on it all that's Happening down here in below So where do we get the message we go to Chatgpt And chat GPT is of course an AI writing Tool uh it's more than a writing tool I Guess I don't want to unders uh cut it Short there but chat gbt is an AI tool That does a lot of different things one Of which is write messages so it's given Us a message here and it tells them that They can click here to learn more and we Just paste our link below this so I just Copy this right here and copy it and Then paste it into my tool and then let The tool then begin to promote this bot To promote the offers Of the companies that are paying us to Promote their list so for example Matt Billington Is someone who started following this Process and within the first 30 days Started making money straight away so You can see here this is a post by Matt He made thirteen hundred dollars Straight away now he's into the Thousands and we're still within the

First 30 days in fact tomorrow in the Live class at the live Classes Matt is going to be on talking To us about some of the things that he Has done and that were key points for Him to help us and help you to be able To do like Matt is doing and start on The path that does it now remember you Do some work up front the first month You're doing work right and it may You're not going to get to this fifty Eight hundred dollars overnight the First month because we're talking about The half-life remember so we do the work Now but the next month when we get into Doing some work and again we're not Doing massive amounts of work because We're leveraging Bots like so and we're Levering leveraging Ai and other tools To do a lot of the work for us and cut Out massive amounts of time but again You've got to do some work but when you Do that work then you can leverage Because next month you're going to be Doing the work for next month and you're Still going to be getting paid for the Work from this month and the work from Next month and by the time you get into Month six you're going to be getting Paid from month one two three four five And month six all in month six right so Now you understand how this stacks and How you go up to fifty eight hundred Dollars a day

And what I'm talking about here this is Just the free Facebook group where People help other people with making Money online and I'll put a link in the Description so you can get over to the Facebook group too and join there and Get started because really like that's The first thing like if you just join The Facebook group you are already Successful because you are taking action And taking action is the key because the Thing I can tell you with certainty is Bots can do a bunch of the work for you AI can do a bunch of the work for you But you do have to actually start you Have to do something matte started and Matt is making money if you watch this Video and you go away and you do nothing What you will get is nothing because you Didn't do anything which makes a lot of Sense right so I hate to relate it to The job but if you get hired on a job And you never show up and do anything You're never going to get paid even when You do show up and do anything you're Only going to get paid for the time or The effort that you put in with this if You never do anything like I'm telling You the method if you don't go and join The free Facebook group and you don't go To the live classes at You're not going to get anything you Have to actually do it like Matt did and Like other people that are doing so we

Have another person that has made Thousands of dollars in their first 60 Days and they're going to be on on Thursday talking about how they got Started and so I guess the question is Right now if do you want to make fifty Eight hundred dollars a day Would you like to make a thousand Dollars to start how many things have You tried in the past where you have not Made even a thousand dollars profit How many things have you done this week That haven't made you a thousand dollars Right so like I say you have to take Action so we talked about Matt and we Talked about chat GPT and how we're Taking our link and promoting it with The bot like this and so all of these People that the bot is promoting to These 99 000 people and 230 000 and 102 000 and so on and so forth right And this is just running on my laptop so In the classes we tell You how to run it on a VPS which is a Server right that is much more powerful And can promote even more people in fact I send tens of millions of promotion Every single month with my vps's So you just start stacking right so this Is just really an example that's running Here these are really low numbers So what does this mean well ultimately We talked about the half-life a lot you Have to stack and we can go back to our

List at the beginning and just kind of Review we take in the half-life and we Got something from the list remember we Got the scary toolbots and we Went to the list here so when we get Everything then once we're done Promoting one offer or once it's set up Right we're not going to like quit Promoting it we're just going to build It in to AI into the system and then We're going to go back and build on the Next one next one in Pick 3 and so on And so forth and then we'll go over here And build in these offers and so on so They can all run so not only are we Stacking offers and building to promote More than one at a time We are also Going to then get paid reoccurring from A lot of these tools as well so and There's more components here too like This is one strategy in the classes we're also going To talk about a strategy that utilizes a CRM and we're going to talk about a Strategy that allows you to copy the Videos that we're already doing and Leverage those so you don't even have to Create the video you can leverage those To make money because we do videos every Single day Multiple videos a day and so there's Multiple strategies here and you can Combine these strategies as well to help

You stack to even more money even faster Of course the key to all of this is Getting started like Matt did and then We can use AI like chat GPT and Bots Like you see running here in the Background and that's how we're going to Get along with our half-life of really Great offers that's how we're going to Get going now if you want to go even Faster there's an option to go even Faster as well once you join the classes I'll put a link Down in the description too for this There's a Marketplace if you go to the Marketplace and you say Hey listen you Can start out and do this without having To spend a ton of money remember this Was one of our key criteria you don't Have to have a large amount of starting Capital just to make some money you Don't have to spend a bunch of money on Ads in fact none of this is telling you To spend money on ads at all So but you can go faster if you have Some money that you would like to invest To go faster you can go to the Marketplace and we'll help you take Action and make it even faster so what Does that mean well we'll explain it More in the live classes But you can go into the marketplace and Purchase certain things and packages and We can help you to go even faster so Anything will work you can go at it you

Can go to the marketplace and accelerate It more but the most important thing is That you start because let's be honest What happens if you don't what happens If you don't start well what has Happened in the past when you didn't Start something Well you didn't finish it because you Didn't start what happens when you Didn't start a new job well you didn't Get paid from the new job and this isn't A job because we're going to use the Half-life method to make even more money But what happens when you don't start Nothing happens and you already know This obviously because we've all had Experiences in our lives where we didn't Do anything and then we regretted it Later so the question I have for you Today is AI is coming to take your job AI is Coming to tape other people's jobs So if AI comes and takes your job Then what Well if you get out in front of it and You use and leverage bots in AI Utilizing this lazy method to make money Online then you can be using bots in AI To make money rather than letting them Take your job so if you don't start will You regret this later That's the most important question if You don't start you're going to regret This later how do you start and be

Instantly successful go to the Facebook Group in the comments join there for Free post that you're new ask how to get Started people will help you the next Thing you can do is go to the live classes enter your Email address and click let's do this Once you do that you're going to get Into the classes and once you enter this There is another free training and so This is another method that you can Utilize in fact here we're talking about How to make money from your phone so go Ahead and go to enter Your email watch the next free training Join the Facebook group and then I will See you in the next live class which is Tomorrow and until then Happy money Making

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