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So a few days ago I received this email From somebody by the name of Michael Telling me that they have made as much As a thousand dollars with affiliate Marketing by following one of my videos And they couldn't believe when they made Their first 87 a dollar commission this Took them three weeks and on this video I'm going to show you exactly how you Can do the same I'm gonna walk you Through and show you how to use Digistore24 because Michael is a Complete beginner when it comes to Affiliate marketing and I want to show You exactly what he did because as you Guys can see I've made a fair amount of Money on digistore 24 now for a Refreshes you can see that this is 100 Legit but today I'm going to show you Products that can make you a lot of Money online but I want to show you Products that convert really really well I'm gonna walk you through it and show You a product that's going to give you All the email swipes that you need and a Free traffic source that you can use Them on then I'm going to show you where You can go go to get a whole heap of a Different different types of images and A traffic Source where you can use this As well on top of that I'm going to give You some bonus traffic sources where you Can use these PDF affiliate reports so That you can make a lot of money with

Affiliate marketing even if you are a Complete beginner on top of that the Traffic sources I'm going to show you Get hundreds of millions of views and The best part is a lot of them are in Tier one countries so if you want to Make money with affiliate marketing you Don't want to miss this because Michael Did this exact same thing and he's Already made a thousand dollars let's Get into it what's up you guys Alan here Again from the smart money tactics Channel unlocking intro today I want to Show you how Michael made this thousand Dollars and somewhere in this video I'm Going to show you exactly what a video He followed but today I'm going to show You how to do this exact same strategy Utilizing digistore 24 for those of you That don't know digistore24 is an Affiliate marketplace where you can go To promote a whole range of different Types of products to make money with Affiliate marketing all you need to do Is come up here click onto Affiliates And then sign up they have over 8 000 Different products in 44 different Niches and the product I'm going to show You today has everything that you need As a beginner to make money online with Affiliate marketing utilizing the free Traffic that I'm going to show you on This video Once you sign up to Digistore24 you come up to the top you

Click on to Marketplace you're going to Be able to find a whole heap of Different types of products that you can Promote and a lot of these products can Make you well over a hundred dollars for Every single sale that you make today What I'm gonna do if we come over here On the left hand side you're gonna see a Variety of different niches what we want To do is we want to scroll down and we Want to go into dating love and Relationships you want to quite simply Come up to here click onto this and what You're going to do is you're going to Find a range of different products that You can promote and I want to show you Exactly how you're going to do this so If we scroll up to the top let's take a Look at this product it's called his Secret Obsession insane conversions at 90 percent so you're earning about 31.61 per conversion if we scroll down Over here you can see price on average Is 47 you're getting paid as much as 90 Commissions which isn't too bad the good Thing about this product is its Affiliate support page when you scroll Down here the first thing you can do is Click onto the sales page to see what This looks like you can see that there Is a video if you scroll down you're Able to also skip to the text Presentation if you don't want to watch The video which is perfect Some people

Prefer to read so you have that option As well but I really like this because You're able to see that sales page the Other thing that you can do is come over Here guys and click onto this affiliate Support page once you click onto this You're going to be able to see that You've got everything from banners to Email miles to promotional links to Custom reports product reviews and you Also have hooks and angles now the first Thing that you want to do before I show You how to get all this information is When you're over on a digistore24 you Want to get this affiliate link because This is what you will be promoting to This these different traffic sources and I'm going to show you five different Ones on this video now when you scroll Down what you're going to do if you've Never promoted this product before You're going to see it's going to look Like this where it says promote now you Need to click onto that then it's going To give you your link if you've clicked Onto the promote button previously You're going to be able to see it like This you just want to click onto it Right Mouse click and copy that link What you can then do is just paste that Link into a notepad so you don't lose it A good thing to do as well guys is Shorten that link okay there's a few Places where you can go to shorten that

Link and one of the places is through Bitly You don't even need to sign up to bitly To shorten that link all you need to do Is come over to their home page scroll Down to the bottom of you paste that Long URL which is your link click on to Shorten and it's going to give you a Nice shorter link copy that come Straight back to your notepad and paste That in there which is going to give us A nice shortened link because the link Doesn't need to be so long now what we Want to do is come straight back over to The affiliate support page now this is Really important I want you to pay close Attention to this if you click on for Example the sample emails it's going to Give you this drop down option to get 90 Commissions what you will need to do is Enter in your email address to get Started and go through the options of Getting that 90 commissions it's not Difficult at all once that's done what's Going to happen is you're going to have A page that looks like this now you can See it's changed a little bit because Now once we click onto emails it's going To give us all these email swipes now Each one of these options I'm going to Walk you through I'm going to show you a Different traffic source and I'm also Going to let you know at the end of the Video what video Michael watched in

Order for him to make that money and I'll also reveal which one of these Traffic sources he used as well so when It comes to these different emails you Can see you've got email swipe one two Three four five six seven eight nine When you click onto any of these let's Just say you wanted to click onto this First one over here or this number six Over here his secret Obsession when you Scroll down you can see there's a hook Here in terms of the subject these are All different types of titles that you Can use and then you've got the body of The emails okay you've got a lot of Subjects you've got the body of the Email so where would you use these Different types of email swipes one of Those places where you can go is to I'm going to show you where You can get a complete tutorial on this But basically what Hercules is they Advertise highs to thousands of people Every single day you can come over here And sign up absolutely for free and you Can send out emails absolutely for free And these emails get delivered to people That are interested in this Niche this Is a super powerful way to make money With affiliate marketing if you have no Followers if you don't have an email List and you don't know any other way of Getting traffic this is why these guys Have been created and you can do this

For free once you come up to the top and You sign up what's going to happen is It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this where you can Submit this ad absolutely for free what You want to do is make sure that you Follow their rules now remember I'm Going to show you a complete tutorial Where you can get a full detailed Tutorial that I made on this process at The end of this video but make sure you Keep watching all these different Traffic sources when you scroll down Over here guys you can see here you've Got the subject line I showed you now Where you can get that subject line if We come back over to this place you can See here that all the subject lines are Here so this is one of the subject lines That you could use as an example you Would copy that you'd come over to you Guys and you'd paste that in there this Is your url you'd come straight back Over to here and you can copy this bitly Link or you can copy that Digi store Link quite simply you would paste that In there the body of the text guys is Simple you have the entire body of the Text you copy all this and you fill in a Everything that you need to when I say Everything that you need to this is here Where you would put your link this is Again you'd come straight back over to Here you would copy this and you can

Very easily replace this over here this Is how simple this is and then you would Submit this ad this is the first free Traffic source that you can use because This site allows you to do it and it has All the resources that's number one the Second way that you can make money with Affiliate marketing guys using this Product because everything has been Given to you if you come over here you Can see not only do you have emails but You also have copywriting you also have These images video and ads when you Scroll down take a look at this you've Got Pinterest images Instagram images as Well when you click onto Pinterest Images here as an example you can Download this entire resolution of all These different images I mean take a Look at this you can republish these Again and again or create very similar Ones what you want to do do you want to Download these images once you download These images what's going to happen if I Come straight over to my downloads is You're going to see something that looks Like this a zipped file you want to Right Mouse click on that and you want To click on to extract or once you do That you'll be able to see these Different types of images it's going to Come over to a file that looks like this I'll show you what we're going to do With that file in a second so when it

Comes to Pinterest what you want to Quite simply do is come over to Pinterest as you can see with Pinterest I get a lot of monthly views and I'm not Even posting that often you want to Create yourselves a business account on Pinterest once you create that business Account from there you can very easily Create pins when you take a look what Other people are doing you can see that They're posting a lot of different types Of pins in the relationship Niche and They're doing extremely well and they're Making a lot of money with affiliate at Marketing if you post every single day You can grow your Pinterest account very Very quickly and all the resources are There for you so once you're on Pinterest you click on to create you Come over here and you click on to Create pin once you do that quite simply Guys you want to click onto this image Over here it's going to take us straight Over to those images that we downloaded Let me just show you I'm just going to Come back over here to show you exactly What this looks like these are the Pinterest pins because what I've done is I've extracted that file you double Click onto it double click onto this Click onto the banners it brings you Over to here let's just double click Onto this there is our pin that is Amazing guys then what you can do quite

Simply from here is come straight over To this affiliate support page where You've got these emails Scroll down let's just say you wanted to Pick this email over here scroll down You can see you've got all these Different subjects let's just grab this One over here copy this come straight Back to your pin and paste this in here As your title from there you can tell Everyone what this pin is about again You can use a lot of the information That you have in the body of this email So you can very easily copy something Like this copy that come straight back Over to the pin guys and paste that in There as you can see it's going to tell People what this is about then you want To add your destination link this is the Link when people click onto it it's Going to take them straight over to your Product so we've got this saved you can Copy this digistore24 link or you can Copy the bitly link from there you want To paste this in here Once you paste that in there guys then What you want to do is you want to Create a board for this so quite simply Scroll up to the top click on to board And then just type in relationship board As an example keep this secret for now Because I don't want to publish this and Then you're going to hit create once you Create this you want to click on to

Publish this is our first pin created For Pinterest and look how quick that Was you can see here now that this has Been done you can click over here to see It and take a look at this an amazing Pin with our link a good title tells us What this pin is about when people see This pin it is going to get pushed to a Lot of people they click onto this link It's going to take them straight over to That product and if anybody purchases You're going to make money online with Affiliate marketing guys that is the Second way that you can get this free Traffic now what I want to do is show You another way that you can get free Traffic if we come back to our affiliate Resources page here you can see under Image of video and ads if you scroll Down they also have Instagram images Once you click onto Instagram images What you want to do is download all the Full Resolution zip which is going to Give you access to all these Instagram Posts I mean look at how many posts you Have that you can put up onto a brand New Instagram profile now when it comes To Instagram I'm going to show you two Ways that you can get traffic and look At all the posts are all done for you Guys when it comes to Instagram what you Want to be doing is you want to come Over here and create a profile for Yourself this profile that you create is

Going to be in the relationship Niche Where you can get a lot of inspiration By quite simply typing in relationship In the search bar what you would be Doing is putting your link here inside The bio from there you want to be Putting up these pose and potentially Instagram rules that you can also find On Instagram guys take a look at some of These other relationship profiles that People are creating some of them have as Much as 16 000 followers others have a Lot more and when you look at the Content that they're putting up it is Really simple stuff but you already have 20 to 30 of these that are going to help You get your account going here is Another one where you can take a look at Over here this person has set almost 75 000 followers again they've got their Link in here they're putting up posts They're putting up rules guys and again They're super simple Is driving traffic and people are Clicking onto their link and they're Making money with affiliate marketing The best part for you is a lot of this Stuff has already been done and you've Got a lot of inspiration to then go on And create your own pins just like these People are doing and they have their own Link this person in fact has a bitly Link that's taking people over to a Product this person over here has their

Own profile with a hundred and eight Thousand followers and you can see that They are promoting a book the good thing About this product over here guys is That you can also as you can see when You go over to articles and landing Pages you've got custom PDF reports that You can also promote on Instagram if you Wanted to so what you will do is you'd Come over to Instagram you would create A profile for yourself you would start Putting up all these at different posts You would set up your link over here Guys and the traffic that you get you'll Be driving over to your product that Could potentially make you as much as 32 Dollars and every single time that you Make a sale and make no mistake you will Definitely make sales that's the first Way that you can make money utilizing Instagram now the second way that you Can use Instagram is by using other People's profiles using a software Called this is where you Use influences that already have built To Instagram profiles that you can Potentially promote your offer to and There's people over here that have Profiles with hundreds of thousands and Even millions of followers let me show You how this works the first thing you Want to do is scroll up to the top and Create an account for yourself Absolutely for free once you've done

That you want to click on to browse Influences once you select browse Influences this is going to allow you to Only search for Instagram you can use Other profiles we're just going to stick To Instagram at the moment so you want To click onto all on the left hand side And then you want to click onto Instagram once you do that you want to Scroll down and then you want to remove All these other categories we only want To use the category that suits our Product and when you scroll down you Want to have a quick look let me just Find one that will search that will Match our criteria the only one that I Can see here is this one over here love And romance once you select that you're Going to find all these different Instagram profiles that you could Potentially use to promote a product That's in the relationship Niche so you Can come over here and take a look at These different profiles and you can see That you can pay somebody as much as Sixty dollars twenty five dollars a Hundred and fifty dollars some of them Charging as much as 500 but you can see This person has almost 22 000 followers They're charging 500 but another person Has probably like 332 000 only charging Fifty five dollars so you want to go out And do your research before you pay Somebody a lot of money the other thing

That you you can do if you scroll down Guys you can choose country let's just Say we wanted to only use the United States our tier one country click onto That and then select update once you Select update you're only going to have Two options left from here you can click Onto this profile that's only going to Charge us 55 with 300 000 followers on Instagram as you scroll down you can see You've got three different options you Can do a 24-hour feed post it's gonna With a plus buy a link for thirty Dollars permanent feed post 55 and Instagram 24 hour story thirty dollars This is where you would decide how much You want to spend and what you want to Do this is an amazing way guys that you Can make money with affiliate marketing Utilizing someone else's profile and the Hard work that they have put in to their Instagram profiles this is the fourth Way that you can do this and all you Would need to do is come straight back Over to this profile and you can can Very easily use any one of these Different types of posts that they have Already created for you you can even use The person on Instagram the profile that They're using to help you create this ad Now just before I show you the fifth Traffic Source don't forget that at the End of this video I'm going to show you Exactly which video Mike will watch that

Got him to that thousand dollar Mark and If you're enjoying this video don't Forget to smash that like button in Appreciation so when you're on this Affiliate resources page now what you Want to do is come over here to where it Says articles and landing pages click Onto that and then select article Landing pages once you click onto that Guys it is going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this you want to Scroll down and you want to click on to Start the Articles download Once you Click onto that it's going to download These articles onto your computer once That downloads let me just come straight Over to my downloads what you're going To see is it's going to be downloaded in A zipped file again you want to right Mouse click and you want to go to Extract or once you do that it's going To extract all those articles into a File where you can open these up as you Can see you've got plain html text reach Html text just open this one up over Here guys and then what you can do is Click onto any one of these articles so If we click onto this one over here as You can see it's going to open up this Article what you can do from there is You can copy this entire article and the Site that you're going to go to is this One over here called okay this is an amazing site

Where you can go to to upload these Different types of Articles and as you Can see people are doing that not only Are they making money with affiliate Marketing but also some of them are Actually getting paid because people are Reading these different types of Articles and depending how long they Stay on the site they're making some Really good money online if then all you Need to do is come up to the top click Onto this little pencil or icon and then From there you want to enter in a title I showed you where you can get those Titles and quite simply from there guys All we need to do is come straight back Over to this page copy all this Information as an example come straight Over to here paste that in there add Hashtags which are going to be in the Relationship Niche guys and then from There again you want to add your Affiliate link so if we come over here We can copy this and we can tell people Give them a call to action to click onto This link which is going to help them With their relationship these are some Of the easiest ways guys that you can Make money with affiliate marketing Today these are five traffic sources and Only one of them is paid in the Relationship Niche it is going to take Work when it comes to uploading these Different types of pins and Instagram

Posts and when it comes over to Hercules You are going to need to upload that Email now from here what you need to do Guys is you need to watch this video Over here because this is a full Detailed tutorial on Hercules exactly What you need to do and this is the Video that Michael followed which has Got him tell thousand dollars in three Weeks I'll see you on that video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and Goodbye

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