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The easy checklist that earns you one Thousand dollars a day with AI an easy Way to make money online right now what Am I talking about let's have a look at This we have made 130 000 in the past Four weeks if we pop out our calculator And divide that out 130 000 by 28 days That's four thousand six hundred forty Two dollars a day right so forty five Hundred to five thousand dollars on Average so I rounded down to a thousand Dollars just to keep it you know simple And more achievable right because you Know four thousand dollars a day is a Hundred thousand dollars a month in Round numbers and that's you know over a Million dollars a year so you're not Gonna start there and even if you're Going you know it takes a while to get There so I wanted to give us an easier Target so a thousand dollars a day is an Easier Target that's still thirty Thousand dollars a month obviously you Sell a lot of money and it is still Going to take work and you are still Gonna have to learn some things and do Some things but we can get to a thousand Dollars a day and then you can blow past It and go as high as you want right so Here's the past four weeks if we roll Out to the past three months and look It's you know half a million dollars Roughly in the past 12 months is a 1.1 Million dollars right and I'm not saying

This to brag but I want you to see What's possible right so we I'm talking About a thousand dollars a day here as This video whereas you know we're doing Over four thousand dollars a day so and If you average that over the years even More than that and it will be even more Than that as we move forward so it's Entirely possible to earn this kind of Money and it's possible for you and That's the biggest thing I think a lot Of people get stuck well I've never made Money online okay but have you tried This well you haven't because you Haven't watched this video obviously There are people that make money online Because I just showed you so let me show You something that can work for you so First though if you'll stop for me hit The pause button and leave me a yes Down Below in the comments of course that Helps me on YouTube but it also helps me To understand that this is the content That you want because this actually is a Pivot from what we have been doing this Video because of feedback that we got From a lot of people so if you let me Know and participate then I will know How to make the right things for you so Basically I just want to run through This system here and I'm going to give You kind of like the overview and then I'm going to break it down so the Overview is kind of what you see down

Here ultimately we need to get some Views on some videos we are going to Turn those views into traffic we're Going to capture emails we're going to Earn money and we're going to use a Checklist so views ultimately as you go Across here ultimately views equal money Is what it boils down to so let me break All this down for you so getting views Is something that we're going to learn And I'm talking about a couple of Specific things so here I'm going to Mention two things and you should know What those things are so let me pull Them up if you go to this website here This is a checklist of tools that will Pay you to promote their product not to Be confused with the short form Checklist which you can get at this Website here so the short form checklist Is a bunch of videos that walk you Through a process and take you through Step by step by step I'm going to show You that checklist here as we get into The video so stick with me the website List here is a list of tools that will Pay you to promote their products so List of tools that'll pay you to promote Their product and a checklist of videos That teach you and walk you through Everything step by step so two different Checklists so The first thing we need to do is get Some views and in order to ultimately

Make some money of course we have Something we need to have something to Sell now in the short form checklist Here the list of videos that walk you Through everything we go over like how To choose what to sell so I'm just going To make an assumption that we already Picked our project product itself right So I'm going to assume that it's gonna We're gonna do Affiliates and we're Gonna pick a product called Jasper right So that's an assumption you can pick Whatever you want Jasper is a popular Product we can see here on the list and We can actually just log into their Affiliate program which we'll find at The bottom and you can first apply and Then once you apply you can log in And we get some stats of course we can See unpaid earnings and previous payouts Going on two three thousand dollars a Month for some time we can see that it Is a 30 reoccurring commission which Means you get paid every single month For the life of the customer we can see There's like 462 customers and then we Can see that down here is a link that We're going to use later on in the Process but whenever someone goes this Link and signs up just like if we go Here they can see a video and some Offers and they can click they can get a Free trial and then when they pay you Get paid so

That's the product that's the first part Now we need to get some views how are we Going to do that well we're going to Utilize several different things and in Fact if we actually look at the Checklist here I'm going to show you the Checklist we have this and this by the Way is the Short form checklist that you can get at This website here this is the whole Thing all the videos you see the video Tutorials and it's still being made so These have all been done here in the Past few days and then of course as we Roll through the next couple of weeks There's actually going to be even more Sections I'm about to add another Section down here and then there's going To be more videos on this section right Here in email and so on and so forth Right so Here's the thing We have a basic walkthrough of the setup Of things so we have the basics right Then we have Tick Tock YouTube Facebook And Instagram those are four platforms That we're going to show you how to Utilize video on to get views so let's Pretend that we just have YouTube up Here And so here's YouTube we also have Tick Tock two of the big platforms obviously Instagram and Um

As my brain leaves me for a moment Instagram and Facebook is the other Platforms that we are talking about as Well but I this is like a short YouTube Video here I don't have time to cover Obviously that's why we have the entire Checklist because you can see that there Is a lot of videos here a lot of Tutorials we can't cover all of this in One video it's too much like it would be Hours but these are all broken down into Short five minute videos so that you can Do them chunk by chunk by chunk and walk Through them step by step and then you Know it's just going to keep going as we Get this thing built out So let's jump in so if we search for Like Jasper AI on either one of these we Can look and we can see videos across Here some of them don't have a lot of Views there may be new some of them have A lot of views at 1.8 thousand four Hundred sixty two thousand views you can Go over here and you keep going across And we can go over here and see set 1.4 Million 3.1 million and some of them Don't three thousand sixty three Thousand twenty thousand right so we Find a popular video and we replicate it Or we make our own video you know Recording your own video replicating a Video or just utilizing video depending On what you're promoting right there's Different products and different things

You can promote we already have a bunch Of videos that you can do in another System Called the viral video Vault you can Check it out here At this website and what it is is it's Just a whole repository of videos that We already have done that you can take And use and you can use them to sell Lots of different products right so not Going to go into that but let's say that We either that we put up a video okay it Doesn't matter we can use any of the Methods in the actual short form Checklist here which Um is this list and again it's going to Have different methods in here to get Your video whether you use one of ours That we've already created whether you React to someone else's video whether You replicate a video doesn't matter we Have a video we put it up on YouTube now We're getting views right we put it up On Tick Tock we put it up on Instagram Put it up on Facebook we're getting Views now what we need to turn those Views into traffic so we're going to Place a website in the video at some Point so if we look here and go to tick Tock or YouTube CLS text on the videos And that sort of stuff and different Texts at some point and then we're going To place our website Now we can also place that in the

Comments we can say it in the video and Then we can put it in the comments and Get a link in YouTube you get a Description where you can place a link In the description on Tick Tock you Can't necessarily place a link in the Description but if you have the right Kind of tick tock account again which we Cover in the videos and how to get the Accounts formed up and everything then You can place a link in your bio so it Varies a little bit based on platform Cover all that in the checklist that we Have here but we're going to get our Link in there right so they're going to Get a link to go to a website now it is Not this link here that's not what we Want to do It is a link that allows us to turn the Views into traffic so we put in our own Website like awesomewebsite.com right We're gonna you're gonna get set up with A website and you're gonna put that in There cover how to do that in the Checklist too so no stress there once we Have that then we're going to capture Emails what does that mean we're going To basically take the views from the Videos and send them to what we call a Landing page or a squeeze page that's Just technical jargon all you really Need to know is the point of it is that We're going to capture an email because In the end this helps us make more money

And obviously we want to do things that Make more money right I mean that makes Sense so what does that look like well That actually looks just basically like This And there's all kinds of this sort of Thing so actually technically one of Them is like this where you can capture An email address you can do it something Like this there's lots of different very Like you could do like a thousand Different variations here right so all It really is is it's a page at the end Of the day doesn't have a whole lot Going on but the point of all of this is It's to drive someone to put in their Email address here and now we have their Email address and that's the real key Value is getting all of this because you Can't really control YouTube you can't Control Tick Tock you can't control Facebook you can't control Instagram They can do whatever they want because They own the platforms they can stop Showing some of your view videos as they Change the algorithm they could show Them more right they could you know if You put up the wrong sort of stuff you Can get your Tick Tock account banned And again we cover in the checklist how To avoid that like getting your account Banned but it's possible if you do the Wrong thing to get your account banned And so the point being here is what you

Can control is email so if you have Someone's email you're in control you Can then Market to that person by market I mean send them emails every single day Selling them things right so that's how We generate the sales portion of it is By sending them emails every day And ultimately that translate to money But let me look at this let's look at This and see what we got going on here So if we go in here we can see something That looks like so And these are emails so what this means Is this delay section this is zero Minutes so when someone goes here and They enter their email address they get An email straight away like immediately Zero minutes in then it's system the System itself is the CRM again it's a Technical term drop a link down in the Comments if you want me to explain any Of these technical terms we can explain It but or drop a message down there Rather but now that we have their email Address and we have some emails set up What are we going to do we're going to Go into each email of course and we're Going to utilize the actual link here to Get them to go to the link so this is Where we're going to put in this kind of Link here and it goes in the actual Email itself and so it tells them about You know this amazing product called Jasper and why it's going to help them

How it's going to help them make money Or save time or whatever it is the angle For the email for the day is and then They click the link and sign up and you Get paid now of course we're going to Send them so many emails about that and Then we're going to run them to other Offers as well again our first tool list Which is here the list of tools that you Can get paid to promote their products You can run them through all these Different tools and so obviously you Have to apply for some of these you have To apply for all of these but you won't Get approved to every single one that's Why there's so many at least not Straight away some of them take time Right so you can start with the ones you Do get a plot approved for and then you Can keep going because there's a absurd Amount of tools here and this is kind of Like the tip of the iceberg there's Actually if you want to go out there and Start looking at products you can find Companies hundreds of thousands of them Right and this isn't the only thing you Can wrote this is only Affiliates right So long game you can do other stuff and We're going to cover that in the Checklist as well but you got to start Somewhere and Affiliates are a great Place to start which is why I jumped in There and it's easy to understand right So as we send them out emails people

Click on the links in the emails and Again the system sends out the emails Automatically every day based on the Person and when they signed up and how You have it set up and we cover that in The checklist is the short form Checklist the uh list of videos Checklist right How to do all that and so it's all in Nice five minute videos which is very Nice because you can just get in there And then just learn that one piece and Do that and then move to the next piece So that is how you can actually earn Money with it because it turns into Money because people click the link in The email and then you get paid and then You can move to the next product and Sell them the next product and that is The control element two because as we go Through here in the checklist and we Look at the different like Tick Tock and YouTube and Facebook and Instagram and That sort of stuff as we run through we Have control even if you want to Optionally buy ads you can do that and Help speed up the process you don't have To but it can have multiple different Effects even if you want to spend a few Bucks 10 bucks 20 bucks on ads and that Sort of stuff To accelerate the process optional but You can you have you don't have control Over who sees your videos and that sort

Of stuff but what you do have control Over is if you capture their email and Then sending them emails hence as we Start to get into the email section and This is going to get a few more videos In here because there's more information But the point of this is is that the Easiest way to make money is just by Utilizing a checklist that walks you Through everything step by step how you Can get views how you can turn those Into traffic how you can capture the Email and you can earn the money which Brings us to the last part the easy Checklist so I've talked about it Several times but let me break it down One of the things I haven't talked about So far that now is an appropriate time To mention is if you go to this website Here On the list of tools you can get paid to Promote is the Facebook group you Definitely want to join the Facebook Group that's free because people are in There constantly showing their successes But answering other people's questions And so we're in there too of course but Um you can post questions that you have There and you can get help so obviously A great resource for the free Facebook Group definitely should join that so go Here get your free checklist of tools That are paid you can get paid to Promote and then join the free Facebook

Group then what you need to do is go Here to this website and get the short Form checklist that is the video Checklist that you see here that is Still growing like I said all of these Videos have come out in the past Two days Less than 72 hours so there will be more As we move through here And then more sections as well as we Continue to build this out all a nice Five minute video chunks that you can Utilize there now to get that like I Said just go to this website here and Then sign up and get that and then you Can get started on the simple checklist That walks you through everything step By step by step how to do it and all you Have to do is just basically start at The top the very top and then just walk Down the list and then just keep walking Down the list as you have time working Through the checklist and beginning to Earn some money as you go along like I Said you're going to have a few steps of Course here you have to do some stuff to Get some views you're not going to earn Money like tomorrow if you buy the Checklist today it's going to take a Little bit you got to take a couple of Steps but around step four here is when You start earning the money and then Technically step five with the easy Checklist we're going to show you how to

Continue to do it and then you just Scale up the system over time and build A automated system that takes some Planning and takes some effort and some Thought but allows you to turn this into A system that works for you all year Long so if you're looking to earn an Extra you know 100 bucks a month you can Get started doing that pretty fast if You're looking to earn a thousand bucks A month that takes a minute longer but You know you can get going on that too If you're looking to get to something Where you have an escape velocity where You can escape your day job and make a Thousand dollars a day or even you know Some people only need five hundred Dollars a day maybe you need two Thousand dollars a day to escape your Day job Whatever it is wherever that is that's Going to take a little time and a little Planning when you start to get into 10 20 30 40 50 000 a month take some time Take some planning but the checklist is Going to help walk you through those Things too so I would go over here to This website right here and jump in and Get the short form checklist and then Just get started with it it's instant Access you can actually just get started Literally right now so go over there do That and then until then Happy money Making

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