Canva AI T-Shirt Design Challenge: 5min vs. 15min vs. 1hr

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In this video I'm going to create a T-shirt in just five minutes using mid Journey Ai and canva yes I'm going to be Designing three t-shirts I will have Five minutes to design the first t-shirt 15 minutes to design a second and Unlimited time to design the final one What I'll be doing is simple I'll be Generating images with mid-journey and Then combining them with elements in Canva to create my final designs and I'm Going to be designing them on a black Background since as I've talked about in Videos on this channel such as this one Black t-shirts are easily the best Selling color for me and for this Challenge I've been inspired by this Trending t-shirt here on redfauble that Customers are really loving so I'm going To make a t-shirt in a similar style but I'm gonna make a very different t-shirt My slogan is instead going to be yes I Am a real kiwi with a picture of a kiwi Bird in the middle it's a funny t-shirt That's a pan designed to be a gift for New zealanders who are living overseas Because here in New Zealand we all have A nickname for ourselves we call each Other kiwis that's because we have an Endangered native bird that is our National icon which is called a kiwi and So here in New Zealand we never ever Call kiwi fruits a kiwi like they do say In America in Europe and so new

Zealanders find it really strange when We go overseas to say America and Someone asks us would you like to eat a Kiwi so my t-shirts will be a funny pun My Hope with this video is that you will See that you can use AI to not just copy Others but use it to create something New that customers love so I'm going to Pre-select style hi for this because I Find that that's usually the right Setting for creating the right sorts of Cartoon graphics for printing onto funny T-shirts and I'm also going to turn on Fast mode since well I do not have a lot Of time So then our five minute timer go So I started out a mid Journey prompting It asking me to create a cute fat kiwi Bird I wanted it to be fat so it would Fill the middle circle so you may have Noticed that I added in the Vintage and Retro words into my prompt that's Because if you do that it can create Some really cool designs and cartoons Which print really well onto funny T-shirts and I also gave a really Detailed prompt because since I only had Five minutes I knew I'd only get one Image generation so I had to try to make The most of it Okay it has finished now I'll be honest These are not the graphics that I myself Would personally have chosen however we Do not have enough time to do another

Set of image re-rolls so I'm going to go With a picture number three so I'm going To come and upscale it so I asked my Journey to upscale it for me and I saved It to my computer next I opened up the Free in browser image editor photo peer And I use the paintbrush tool and the Magic wand tool to remove any extra Graphic elements mid-journey added like The kiwis Shadow and I made the Background fully white and then next I Came to canva and opened up the circle Shape tool and I made a circle in the Middle of my canvas and I used the shape Border feature to add a thick border Around it and I also made the middle of The circle transparent and I duplicated That Circle and I made a second one Around it then I added in the top Heading I looked through the heading Fonts that are installed in canva and I Chose a fan free font and I made the Text circular so what I did was I Clicked on effects and then I selected The curve feature and then I went and I Used the slider to change its angle I Then duplicated that text style and Added my text on the bottom of the Circle but this time when I used the Curved slider I put it in the opposite Direction to wrap the text around the Other way I then uploaded my kiwi and I Clicked edit image and then I used the Background remover tool within canva to

Remove the white background box around It I'm just going to drag it in the corners To get it to fill the entire circle And then to finish it off I went to Elements and searched for some bird Footprints I found a free image and Changed its color to match my design and Then I put one copy of it on the left And then one copy of on the right and I Use the flip button to change its Orientation and then that was it I had a Design ready to be upscaled and printed Onto a t-shirt Okay that was hard that was way harder Than I expected it to be five minutes is Not a lot of time it turns out to create A t-shirt so let's see how long it Actually took me all right so my timer Says that it took me five minutes and 33 Seconds which is a little bit over five Minutes but it's basically still five Minutes right and here's what I created Again I had five minutes so with that in Mind I'm okay with it but I knew with More time I could tweak the layout to be More even and look less smushed together Plus I knew I could get a much better Picture with my journey especially since For this round I knew I had enough time To use this reference image here to help Me this is a picture my journey had Already previously generated and by the Way you can actually go to the explore

Button in the mid Journey app and search For images that the app has already made To get a reference image for whatever You want to create so for this round my Plan was to upload this reference image Back into mid journey and to ask it to Use this as a reference when generating T-shirt graphics for me Gateway Mid-journey will generate kiwis and the Right artistic style and poses that I Want rather than just generating a bunch Of different kiwi cartoon pictures so With that in mind let's start our 15 Minute timer go So I started off by dropping in my Reference image and I clicked enter to Upload it and then I opened it up and I Copied the image URL then I pasted it Back into a mid-journey imagine prompt And I added in my additional prompts That I had added in before And I waited So some of you might be wondering why I Didn't use a reference image before and That's because I have noticed that it Can take my journey a little bit of Extra time to create images from Reference pictures and because I only Had five minutes I just didn't have time However now that I do have time it's Absolutely worth it Alright so it has finished and you can See that it has generated pictures that Are pretty close in character and style

And pose to the reference picture that I Uploaded however I have the luxury of Time so I'm going to re-roll this a Bunch of different times to get lots of Different options to choose from So that's what I did I just kept Re-rolling this reference prompt Multiple times just to give myself more Options since I could All right so it has finished and it's Given me a lot of interesting options so I'm gonna go through and pick the one That I think will fit my t-shirt design The best All right so I think I'm gonna go with This one here image number two so I'm Gonna come and I'm going through upscale Image number two And by the way I teach more tactics like This for generating art to sell using AI Apps like mid-journey inside my Automated e-commerce course the econ Clubhouse which has over two hours of Air training if you're interested in Seeing if it's right for you I'll have a Link to it in the video description Below but anyway back to the video so of Course I upscaled and saved my picture And I popped it into photopia to edit Out any shadows and image glitches and Then I went back into canva and re-added In my circles and I added in my text but Because I had extra time I did something Else this time

Now because I have more time you can see Here that the word kiwi looks a little Smushed together so I'm going to come to The spacing tool and I'm going to Increase the spacing to make it look Less crowded And then I came back to elements and Searched for some bird Footprints but Because I had more time I looked around A bit more and I chose a different free Picture so I changed this color and then I clicked the crop button and I cropped Out the second footprint I then placed It where I wanted to and then I Duplicated it and then I went and used The flip tool to have it orientated in The opposite direction and then that was It we are done let's see how long it Took me So according to motaima it took me about 14 minutes and 34 seconds so I was under Time this uh round I'm pretty happy About that so yeah I was pretty happy With how this turned out for creating This in under 15 minutes by using a Reference image I got a picture much More like how I had imagined in my head But I was honestly pretty excited for my Next t-shirt because I had a photopia Trick that I thought would take this NYX Design to a whole new level but first if You're watching this and you'd like to Learn how I and others earn passive Income every day from selling products

Like t-shirts online you should be sure To download my free print on demand Passive income ebook which I'll have a Link to in the video description below But anyway back to the video so then I Went and got myself some coffee and I Settled in because this time I had Unlimited time which was a huge luxury Although it wasn't quite unlimited I Knew my dog Starbucks would probably Wake up from his nap in about an hour And expect to walk so I sort of had an Inbuilt time limit of an hour but I Definitely do have a lot of the extra Time so I think I'm going to spend a Little bit of it experimenting with the Character prompt so for example this Here is Elsa bisco she is a historical Artist who now has several works in the Public domain she's made some incredible Art but what you can do in mid-journey Is upload a reference picture and ask it To draw a similar image in an artist Style such as these corgis redrawn in Her beautiful style I figure that with My extra time I might as well experiment With some different historical art Styles to see if it works better for my T-shirt design or not but the truth is Is that I suspect that it won't but it's Through experimenting and seeing what Doesn't work that we figure out what Does work and ultimately succeed and I'm Actually going to do something else with

My time so I have a subscription to Create a Fabrica it's an amazing library With creative resources for people that Are making print-on-demand products they Have fonts they have clip arts and they Have textures and this texture pack here Has a cool grun texture when I apply it To a t-shirt it gives it an awesome Vintage look so what you're going to see Is that I'm going to use the photo peer App to apply this vintage distressed Texture to my design and it's actually Really easy to do but for now back to Mid journey and it's time to set our Counter go Foreign So I edited my reference image again but This time as an experiment I prompted my Journey to draw me a picture if it were A character by Elsa so you can see that I've added into my prompt dash dash iw2 That stands for image white 2. so you Can ask mid-journey to give weight to Your original reference image and I've Given it the current maximum I believe Of two so I'm asking mid-journey to Prioritize creating images that look Similar to my reference image as though They were drawn by Elsa All right it's done and you can see that It's done exactly that it has drawn uh Um the little cute kiwi that looks very Similar in style and pose to the Reference image but in her Unique Style

Out of interest I'm going to show you What it's like if we re-roll this with Image weight one and so of course it's Just another fun experiment I went and Did another set of image Generations but I changed the IW value to be one so that Mid Journey would now choose to use more Of Elsa's style and stick less closely To my reference image Wow this is so different isn't it so you Can see the impact of it here because I Only put Image Weight one what my Journey has instead done is it's taken a Picture that Elsa would have created but Then uh given it a bit of inspiration Based upon the reference image that I Provided whereas this one here with Image weight 2 it has instead taken the Reference picture and it's prioritized That while giving it a style that Elsa Would have drawn if that makes sense now While this is very cute and absolutely Love it These are not suitable for my t-shirts So I think I'll try another Style just Because we can so as another fun Experiment I decided to try prompting Mid-journey with another historical Artist Randolph cattle cart And it's done oh wow these these do look Very cool but gotta be honest this is Not the style that I'm looking for for My t-shirt so I think I'm just gonna Return to prompting mid-journey to use

My reference image to make more like it So I just went back to prompting the Journey to create images like I did Before but because I had a lot more time I could do a lot more re-rolls It's like an egg All right so it was a hard choice but I Think I like the look of this one here Image number one so what I'm going to do Is I'm going to upscale this image But then what I'm going to do is I'm Going to come in and I'm going to copy This image address and now because I've Got extra time I'm going to use this Picture as my new reference So of course after I upscale that Picture I then opened it and right Clicked it and copied the image address And then I prompted mid-journey again Using that URL as my reference and I Added in my other prompts and I Re-rolled this a bunch just to give Myself a lot of different options Alright so we have generated a bunch More images from that new reference Picture and there are some really good Choices in here too but there's one that I keep coming back to it's this one here Image number three in this generation so I'm going to come and I'm going to Upscale it and I'm going to use it the Really nice thing about having unlimited Time though is that if I find out that This picture doesn't work I can always

Choose a different one which is really Nice So after I'd upscaled my image I then Went ahead and put it into photopia and I started editing it however once I Zoomed in closer and started editing it I'd noticed something Ah see coming and looking at it a bit Closer I just realized that the feet are A bit messed up and while a bit of Graphic editor than me could fix this I Don't have the skills to fix it so I'm Actually going to go back and choose a Different one So I went back and took the journey and Decided you know what that new reference Picture that I had been using I was Going to give that a try instead so I Then dropped that picture back into Photopia and I edited out any picture Glitches or parts that I didn't want so Then I went back into canva and once Again I recreated my t-shirt layout that I did before and I finished designing it All right we have our t-shirt design so Now I'm going to come and I'm going to Download it and when I do I'm going to Download it with a transparent Background And that's because if we didn't select The transparent option then the T-shirt Would print out like this with that Black box onto that t-shirt rather than Like this without it so I think we're

Back into photopia and I uploaded my Image so I had stayed from canva and I Also uploaded my grunge texture that I Got from creative Fabrica which by the Way if you'd like to get a free trial to It and get a scrunch texture for Yourself I'll have a link to it in the Video description below but yes I then Went and dragged the texture to cover That whole T-shirt design and then I Right clicked that texture grunge layer And I clicked rasterize and I clicked That little eye icon on the layer with My QB picture to hide it on screen then With my grunge texture selected I click Select and I chose color range and I Dialed this all the way up to 200 and Then I clicked on the design layer and Then I clicked on the edit menu and from There I slipped clear then I again Clicked on the eye button of my kiwi Layer to show my design again and I Deleted that grand layer and that was it We are done taking a look at it it looks Like that I did it in about 40 minutes So that means that Starbucks gonna be Very happy because he's going to be able To get his walk now I'm going to show You how this looks really cool when Printed onto a t-shirt thanks to the Distressed filter that we were able to Add with our extra time but before I do That I just want to say something look I Know that AI can be controversial so

I've had a lot of shall we say negative Comments lately and one of those was That AI is the death of creativity but I Think that this challenge disproves it Yes if I had just taken this picture and Upload it as is there would be a boring And derivative product but instead I Took the picture and then combined it With my own ideas and elements to create A fresh funny product that is a niche Gift for the right customer but yes here Is what it looks like when it is printed If we take a look at that t-shirt next To the others you will see that that Vintage distressed effect really does Elevate it so then do you want more Canva design tricks if so watch my other Canva t-shirt challenge video I have Here on screen and if you were inspired By my video and want more like this Please subscribe kakatiano see you all In the next video Thank you

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