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All right what's going on Welcome Back My name is Chase and we are going to be Talking about a system that helps you Earn money online using Tick Tock Automation now this is something that I Discovered Very recently and it's something that Works extraordinarily well and it's a System that allows you to basically Re-publish content or repurpose content It's actually both between live streams YouTube videos long form content like The one you're watching here and short Form content like Tick Tock YouTube Shorts Instagram reels all that good Stuff and so ideally if you can spend an Hour a day working You can make a good amount of money now Are you going to make a bunch of money Starting out You could it probably won't happen Overnight most of the things that I've Made money with have taken a little bit Of work a little bit of time but the Payout is absolutely insane if you get Started with some of the stuff I share With you On these videos You're going to greatly increase your Chances of earning money online So Let's go over kind of the system and I Will talk about the plans that I have to Continue using the system because

Everything that I do is always up for Debate I am always looking for ways to Improve and the system I'm going to Share with you right now may not work as Well in a few weeks or maybe even Tomorrow and so I'm just going to show You what's been working for me I'm going To show you the data that I have I'm Going to show you how much money I'm Making and I'm going to show you what I Think is possible for you now all of These videos I do live on Twitch if you Want to watch the videos live make sure You go over to forward slash Chase Reiner Give me a follow there I'll leave a link In the description and also we have a Black Friday deal a special That you can get pretty much anything I Own for 30 off and actually this is the Cyber Monday deal we extended it to Cyber Monday but it will end on Monday Night and so if you want to grab the Deal I will leave a link in the Description for that as well okay so Let's go over the system So what I normally do is I'll do a live Stream like this where I just kind of Show the things that I'm working on and So people ask me all the time they say Chase you know what do I work on what Kind of videos do I make And ideally the best videos the best Content you can make is content about

Whatever you're working on the whole Time that I was building my channel when I started out I was just talking about The things that I was doing okay so same Thing with this like right now I'm going To show you exactly what I do to Automate my Tick Tock videos bring Emails in sell things to the people on My emails And I'm going to show you how I do that Now in a week I might find a different System I might be working on something Else I might be working on Could be anything and so I'll usually Will just talk about the things that I'm Working on I'll make a video about just Whatever I'm going to be doing for the Day okay and so if you're in a position Where you're like well you know I've Never done video before I'm nervous you Know I don't know what to say I don't Know like I don't want to show my face Like there's so many different ways to Do things right you don't have to show Your face you can do an Over-the-shoulder type video Um you don't have to Uh even really talk like you could have A just a stream of whatever you're Working on So the the real thing though that I Think that you should focus on is just Practicing and so I think that one of The best things that you can do to make

Money online right now is to do content Video type content short form content Build an email list basically follow the System that I'm going to give you here Because it's what's making me over a Million dollars a year right now like Hands down and so if you can focus on This and spend some time building a System like this it's going to really Help you earn money online Um and that's from my experience again There's plenty of ways to do things but Do whatever you want okay I'm just going To show you what works for me so I do a Video like this long form you know Twitch type stream uh video that's just Pretty much impromptu I don't plan Anything like right now I'm not even Like I'm just talking off off the top of My head okay so people also ask me all The time like they say Chase how are you Not nervous for your videos how did you Get over your fear of cameras like I'm Still afraid of going on camera I'm Still afraid of saying the wrong thing I Constantly feel like I you know I I'm Trying to say something important and Then maybe I'll derail and like none of My videos are really I guess I'm not Like perfecting them I'm kind of just Rambling I'm kind of just saying Whatever's on my mind and so again if You can start spending time just Practicing getting on video

Just doing something every day right It's not about being perfect it's about Doing something because a lot of people Are going to benefit from you just Talking about what you're doing and That's regardless of whether or not it's Perfect or you're saying the right Things or any of that stuff okay so I Think the more authentic you can be the More transparent you can be the more People are going to buy into who you are And they're going to want to buy things From from you okay so This is a video that I edited uh the Other day with the auto editing tool I Use Um called Auto cut Premiere and that Tool if you haven't seen the video I Really would encourage you to check it Out because it's cool video basically What it'll do is it'll take a live Stream or any sort of recorded video That you do it'll automatically jump cut The video so let me scroll down it is This video right here make a hundred Thousand dollars per month with my YouTube automation strategy video Automation so this video I basically go Over how to load up a video after you're Done recording it how to record it with Something like OBS that's what I'm using Right now and then what you're going to Do is you're going to publish that video And all of the silences and the boring

Parts the video basically get jump cut So even the video you're watching right Now You're going to see uh the the if you're Watching the recorded part of this video Right now you'll see that all of the Silences have been taken out I didn't do Any editing that's all Bots basically This tool will just automatically jump Cut the video for you so it looks good Sounds good that kind of thing okay now That's how you upload to Youtube but if You want to start getting tick tocks Which by the way one of the easiest ways To start earning money right now in my Opinion is doing short form content Because short form content is going to Get people on your email list okay so Let me show you how much money I've made In the last couple days now mind you it Is Black Friday so I'm making a lot more Than Um like a normal day uh I I can make This much money on like normal types of You know on normal months but Um I usually have to work a little bit Harder like these last couple days I Didn't have to work that hard at all and I think it's because more people just Buy during Black Friday But today we're at 3 500. yesterday we Are at 9 300 day before 12 000 day Before 4 000 then these other days were A little bit lower but the average daily

Revenue is 4769. now you might be wondering Chase how much of that is profit Um a lot of it so I Have a few employees that I pay but I Don't Um a lot of the the money that I spend Is optional right so I don't need Um I don't need to be paying developers To build out new programs like I am Right now I just choose to because I Want to build software like if I were to If I were to take my system right now And just only do the Bare Essentials Like I could probably get away with 90 To 95 percent net profit okay so I just Choose to reinvest money because I want To and also if you don't reinvest the Money you end up losing a lot of it to Taxes and so I just that's what I do but That's what I wanted you to know because Some people will say well you know all You have to do is make money online by Selling services and then they don't Realize that the net profit is like 10 Okay so uh you know maybe not 10 but I'm telling you the system that I'm Going to show you here you get a you can Get a very large net profit okay and so I'm not showing you these numbers by the Way to brag I'm not saying like I'm Great because I I make a bunch of money Or whatever you would call a bunch of Money some people don't think what I

Make is a lot of money some people do Um but I say it because I want you to see what I'm doing and that it's possible I want To be transparent with you okay So how do I make this money though so a Lot of this money I make from sending Out emails about what my offer so right Now I've been sending out emails about My Black Friday deals okay Um and so I have about 80 000 people on My email list the whole Idea here is that you can make around One to two dollars per email on your Email list per month okay and so I'm Getting about 300 400 new people signing Up for my email list every single day How do I do that a lot of it is from Short form content if you look at my YouTube channel Most of my views are from what these YouTube shorts okay because short form Content is really easy to bring in views With it just is it's just very easy it's A lot easier I get way more views on my YouTube shorts than I do with my long Form content like this I do the long Form content though because you can take The long form content and turn it into Short form content and it's also just Fun to do for me okay but there's plenty Of people that I'm sure could get away With only doing short form content and They do super well as well okay but look

At this all these videos this one this One this one all these uh most of them Are short form content okay So I want to show you an example let me Show you a video a short form content That I automatically repurposed from my System here so I took I did a video Basically yesterday right I did a live Stream I auto edit it with the system That I show you here how to auto edit The video and then I used another tool I'm about to share with you which is a Free tool that turns part of this video On a similar into a tick tock video okay So here's how I do it I go over to uh Well actually before I show you how I do It let me show you what the video looks Like just because somebody else is Successful doesn't mean that you have to Be like them you can use what they're Doing as let me give you an example here So I look at certain people like let's Say Neil Patel you know he's making Problems okay so you get the point right This is a short form video so what I can Do is I can automatically build these Videos right because we already have the Jump cut so in this video here I'm trying to mute it in this video here Uh you'll see that this video is edited Right it has the jump cuts it has the Captions it has everything right you Would think that I put all this time Into doing this or I paid somebody to do

It for me no it's very easy because once It's already automatically jump cut with That system I showed you in the other Video well what I can do is I can load That video up let me show you the video Over here here's the video This has all the jump cuts and I can Load it into a tool called cap cut now This is a free to use tool we're going To start a new project click on start And we're going to load the video into Here we're just going to drag it in okay Now I can take any part of this video I Can watch the video right and I can say Okay I like this part of the video let's Just play it let's see if we like it Press the space bar here I'll move my Face out of here sincerely you could Work out at a park you don't have to eat A certain diet necessarily you could eat A you know any diet as long as you're Staying within certain things that are Going to work for you but it is going to Work okay so let's say I like that part So I'm going to press B to cut it and Then I'm going to click on a to go back To the cursor and delete this part now Short form content is usually around a Minute long right so anywhere between 15 Seconds to a minute okay if you go over A minute then it's no longer a short It's so if I scroll in here hold Ctrl And scrolling with my scroll wheel I can Stop the cut right about here right

Before a minute okay like that we'll Delete the rest and now I have A video that is basically a short okay But here's the secret I want to turn This into a short form video I don't Want to turn or into a you know a cell Phone type video not like a 980 by uh I Forget the dimensions that YouTube is But whatever the dimensions on YouTube I Want to change it to the dimensions of a Phone video okay and so the way I can do That is I can click on modify here I can go to the resolution customize and I just swap these two so 920 by 1080 so We'll do 1080 By 920 Or 1920. wait what was it again was it 1920 by 20 I think that was it right 1920 yeah 1920 1080. So this will turn this I'm going to do 60 frames too this will turn this into A cell phone type video now all I have To do to make this look a little bit Better is just drag it in like that There I am I can move a little bit and Then now I need to just get the captions Right so I'm going to go like this click On text We're going to go to auto captions here Create And boom just like that We have captions on the video and we Have the video and it's all jump cutted

From the thing that we did before so now What we're doing is we're taking our Live streams right we're taking the long Form content like this whole live stream I'm doing right now I'm taking this this Full thing I'm automatically editing it Turning it into a YouTube video And then I'm also turning some of the Best scenes from this video into Tick Tock videos and I can get let's say two Or three tick tocks a day like this and All of this is done within an hour of Work I get an hour stream done or a 45 Minute stream done I get you know a 45 minute YouTube video which is Jump Cut so probably like more like 35 Minutes because you're taking out all The pauses and then we get three tick Tocks within one hour of work and I'm Telling you like if you just do that Like it's gonna be so so much output Most people don't know how to do all This because it takes time like when You're not automating this it takes a Lot more time so now let me show you the Last part I'm going to change the text Here to Yellow maybe we'll make the text A little bit bigger now one thing you Can do and I haven't been able to figure This out yet how to automate this part But you can click on here and press Enter and this will break up the text a Little bit better So that way you get bigger text on the

Screen I haven't figured out how to do it Automatically for all these other ones Because you can see like the text is a Little bit too big but if you make it Too small then you can't really see it So sometimes it's better to break it up Like if it's that small you see Sometimes it's better to break up by Putting a space here So anyways once you have all that done Work for you press play also about Optimizing right you want to figure out How can you or at least I want to figure Out how I can optimize my Frameworks More and so we got a good short right And then we can even put our opt-in in Here too like at the end or the Beginning be like watch the full video Or check out the full course at AI Profits right or where whatever the Thing is that I'm promoting right so Check out drag this in somewhere in here Okay check out the full course blah blah Blah get it and then all we do is we go To media and we export it and then we Upload it you can schedule the cool Thing is you can schedule this out as Well on YouTube and Tick Tock and you Know wherever else you want to schedule Okay but can you see how easy that is Can you see how when you streamline Something like this it makes your life a Lot easier and so part of becoming

Successful is making Part of becoming successful is taking Something that's really difficult that a Lot of people don't know how to do and Figuring out how to streamline that Thing So if you can take something that nobody Wants to do and you can do a lot of it Because you figured out a way to Automate it well now you're becoming Unique but you're becoming unique in a Way that you're not having to put in a Lot of effort to do that thing and so Your value goes up while your effort Goes down And that's really the secret to making Money online the secret like if you Really want to make a lot of money Online figure out something how to do Figure out how to do something that a Lot of people don't know how to do And then figure out how to automate it That's it and so like I figured out how To basically do what we're talking about Here do long form content short form Content uh have it all edited have it All published I'm doing it every day but The effort that I'm putting into it is Very very small like it's very very easy Okay and of course with anything that You do when you first start it's not Going to feel easy but the more you just Practice at it the better the results Are gonna be that you get but I'm

Telling you like the videos that I do They're not anything special you know It's me coming on here uh and rambling For a little bit about some sort of Thing that I'm working on something that I found and then I end the video and so Tomorrow I'll probably do the same thing I'll I'll be like okay well today I'm Going to be working on I don't know Sending out some more emails hey guys Look this is how I send out emails Here's my thought process Beyond it okay That's it same process right and then The next day okay guys hey this is how I You know do whatever I'm doing here and So if you're working on something Why not just do a video talk and talk About it every day hey guys this is what I'm planning on doing this is what I'm You know spending my time doing Um that alone is content that people Will watch that you can turn into Something that attracts people to buy Things and sign up for your courses and Sign up for your email list and whatever Else but if you want the full Step-by-step behind the scenes training Showing you how I set up my emails how I Set up my automations how I do all this Stuff I would recommend you get into again we are having A Black Friday deal on it so go into There if you want to see the full Step-by-step but that's pretty much for

It for today it's gonna be a short one We'll see in the next one until we do Happy money making happy living see you Guys bye

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