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What's good y'all my name is landmark And welcome back to the channel got a New look y'all you know what I'm saying How to rearrange the studio because I Just I just needed it I have a whole new Setup now and uh here it is so today the First thing that I want to talk about Back into the groove of things is uh Trap songs what really catches my Attention when it comes to like trap Songs anyone that's rapping over top of Anything you know they are the flare They are the flavor that makes that beat What it is but a lot of times I just Here for a bar Loops stack back to back You know maybe missing a couple Sounds Here and there and then that's pretty Much it but to me uh it's not that I Find it boring but I kind of find it Boring you feel me and that's not a Knock on anybody I just when I listen to Stuff I like to hear a little bit of Variance and so that's what I'm going to Show you today my process of how I take A sample sample Loop that I have drums To add some switch-ups here and there to Give the song a little bit more Flair And flavor to go along with the artist That's that's on top of it with the Overall goal of just making the entire Thing more interesting so I'll show you A couple things that I do to do that so That's what I want to talk about today Today's video is sponsored by distro Kid

More about them in a little bit but uh Yeah without further Ado you all know What it is let's get into it Foreign [Music] Let's go with this joint See uh Is this that dark Vibe man Get you in your thoughts I like it Speed it up though 55. Foreign [Music] Thank you Thank you [Music] All right so I got a nice little beat Here so far and now is the time where I Start making some changes try to make it A little bit more interesting so we're Going to start with just pit shifting This key sample so I'll play a little Bit So far what we got [Music] Sample here keys [Music] So a good way to just a simple way to Switch that up is to just pitch shift The keys up or down and uh Just add a little bit more Flare by something as simple as pitch Shifting so here's what it would sound

Like pitch shifted And then I rearrange the keys and just Pull pulled the highs down a couple Octaves and pulled the low Keys up I Think one or two octaves So this is just a simple little switch Up [Music] I'll go back to the first [Music] Foreign So just that little switch just kind of Changed the the flow of the song just to Give a little bit of um you know Separation between maybe versus or just Something other than just that same Melody over and over again so that's a Simple way to do it but something I like To do is I like to take the key of the Sample and then find chord progressions Within that key and kind of make it Bigger okay so just real quick I want to Talk about new service from distrokid Called mixia let me just preface this by Saying this I know there's a lot of People when they listen to music on the Radio Spotify whatever they want to Achieve that sound and they struggle With that and it takes a lot of time a Lot of energy to learn how to make your Music sound exactly the way that you Hear it on the radio but that's where Mixia comes in this show kid has created A mastering service that allows you the

Artist to put the final touches on your Track before releasing it on Spotify Apple music and all the other platforms That digital kid offers you want the Highest quality product available and Mixia can help you achieve that now There's a lot of other mastering Services out there and mixia competes With the best of them but what makes it Great for digital kid members is that You can upload your file to mixia listen And customize it how you want download The track and then go straight into the Upload form and upload your newly Mastered track to distrokit it makes it Super simple and even for the novice out There who has no idea what they're doing Or you have a manager uploading your Stuff the interface really is as simple As it can get you open up the web page Select the file that you want to upload For master let it render and from there You can customize your sound whether you Want it more or less intense or you want The overall sound brighter or warmer you Select all of that here render the track And that's it after that you go to your Dashboard download the file you can send It to whoever you want or go to the Upload form and upload it directly and That's it you get unlimited song Previews of mastered songs with a free Download and then for 99 a year you can Master an unlimited amount of tracks now

If you've never mastered a track before It can get expensive especially if you Go to a mastering house or even any Other mastering service that stuff can Get expensive over time so just like Their distribution service unlimited Uploads unlimited master tracks and That's again that's a value that you Just can't beat especially if you're Uploading songs all the time check out Mixia link is in the description below Now let's get back into it I have these Keys here I did this off camera I don't know why I Forgot to hit record but I found this Chord progression but I'll show you what I use and it's the Unison midi core pack I've used it in the past but basically I Know that this sample is in B minor So I just click on this I go into B minor Progressions Advanced progressions and in the minor Key And it gives you all of these Progressions in MIDI formats so you just Kind of place them on top of whatever Instrument you're using I'm using Noir So I place these progressions and I Added a few lower notes so I went back To the original sample Which was And then that's when I added These keys on top of it

And this pad so basically I copied The notes and the progressions From this down to this pad that I also Found so You'll hear those two playing together Actually I'll play them through once the Pat on top and you'll hear How it adds to it [Music] So I I like that Vibe I like that feel And then uh I also changed the Kick or the bass Um I changed the bass notes as well to Kind of match the chord progression [Music] All right now it's like an RMV Buy So I like to do stuff like that just Because uh you know it it really kind of Changes the dynamic of the song that's Something else that you can do to add a Little bit of flair and flavor To a beat that you're making that's a Trap beat because you know a lot of trap Beats are basically you know the same Pattern same progression for a bar Loop Over and over again which is I mean Which is fine it's cool it's kind of all Dependent on the vocalist Whoever's rapping or singing on top of It whatever but I like to add switch UPS Here and there just because I think it Sounds cool so it can go like this Foreign [Music]

[Music] Thank you [Music] And then maybe do something like [Music] I don't know it's kind of silly It's like two different beads [Music] But I'm not saying like that is a good Progression I'm just saying there's Different things that you can do to to Switch up the song uh to to make a trap Beat more interesting uh that's Something that I like to do and add a Little sauce add a little flavor to your Beat so put it in your repertoire make Your sounds and your Beats and your trap Beats a little bit more interesting I know it's been a minute I know I've Been gone for a little bit but Studios All done all set up and I got a couple Cameras in place you know what I'm Saying a couple of views you know I mean You know I'm kind of ready for live Streaming to be honest To be honest I mean look at all these Different yeah man all these angles oh Boy your boy is set he's ready to go so Um again I appreciate you guys hanging Out rocking with me uh sticking around For um all these years you know I think I say that almost every video because It's kind of been some space in between Each each upload but again I'm gonna

Start uploading a little bit more often Because my setup is complete and changed Um I like it I like the vibe so again Sponsored by digital kit go check that Out Link is in uh the description below if You want to use that service very very Good Um very very useful so check them out And uh yeah I'll see you guys in the Next one peace

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