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The laziest way to earn two hundred Thousand dollars a month right now Online is by utilizing chat GPT and Using this AI strategy to earn money my Name is Ryan Borden and let's have a Look in the past four weeks we've made Two hundred and thirty four thousand Dollars so I said two hundred thousand Dollars and we made two hundred thirty Four thousand dollars I'm not saying This to Bragg I'm just saying this to Show you what's actually possible if we Roll out here to the past 12 months it's Over a million dollars and even if we Just look at the past seven days is Sixty nine thousand dollars so it is Possible for you to make a significant Amount of money online and the reason is Is that we're in an age that we've never Been in before in fact just November 30th of last year is when which has been You know a little over two months when Chat gbt came out things have changed The landscape has changed And you can earn money like you never Have before now do you gonna get to 200 000 tomorrow no is it gonna happen next Month no you're gonna have to work up to It but if you get to a thousand dollars The first month and five thousand Dollars the second month and ten Thousand dollars the third month That's still really good in my opinion I Don't think you can expect to just

Magically get there it's not a money Button no money's gonna show up Immediately when you start doing stuff It's gonna take work but what we're Gonna do is we're going to utilize AI to Make it as lazy as possible by lazy I Mean smarter not harder not working in Ways that we don't have to and not doing A bunch of work that's unnecessary we're Going to let AI do the heavy lifting and We're just gonna do the regular work so What do we have to do here well the First thing I'd like you to do is if you Could let me know if this is actually a Type of video you want if you can stop Right now hit me a yes down in the Comments that would be great that way I Look at the videos and I can see how Many yeses I get and that helps me Understand what kind of videos you guys Want more of and free trainings and of Course it helps with YouTube and Everything else if you could let me know That would be really great the first Step is we're going to get the tool bots So What is that That is this which is scary And the reason we're going to go here is So we can enter our email address and Then hit grab now and get the free Checklist what is the free checklist It's a list of companies that we put Together that will pay you to promote

Their products so when someone goes here And they click on it and they sign up You get paid pretty basic and a lot of These have reoccurring payments as well So that's part one part two is we need To go to scary toolbots because here in The yellow bar you can join the free Facebook group where tens of thousands Of people are in there every day posting About what's working answering questions Helping other people and showing their Own success so you want to get among Like-minded people you want to get among People who are already having success And you want to get among people who are Out there doing it every day that helps You to move forward and helps you to Overcome a lot of the challenges that You might run into As you move forward Because the simple truth of the matter Is if you keep doing what you've been Doing you're going to keep getting what You've been getting now if you like what You've been getting that's fine but if You don't like what you've been getting You're gonna have to change something And when you change change is hard Sometimes now not having enough money is Harder but change is still hard so as You move towards making more money with AI you're going to have some challenges And being in the free Facebook group is The best way to overcome that So if we look at any one of these tools

Here so if I just pick a tool for Example and go here And I'm just going to do Jasper because We're going to build on something that's Already going if we go here we can go Down to the bottom we'll have an Affiliate program and we can sign up for The affiliate program pretty basic Nothing new here I'm sure you've Probably seen that before you can apply To be a partner once you have signed up You get into your dashboard which looks Like so and they'll give you this link Where that's the link ultimately we want To use and we will talk about that later In the video where when someone clicks That link buys you get paid and then of Course you get paid a 30 reoccurring Commission which is really awesome Because That every month that someone's a Customer you get paid which is why you Can see on our payouts here we haven't Promoted this tool in a while yet we Still have these two three thousand Dollar payouts coming in and the reason Is is because people have signed up and We're getting paid that reoccurring Commission which is why we still have Like three thousand dollars there and we Just got paid you know three days ago as Far as the last one and another one Pending and so on and so forth right so That's one leverage point that you

Definitely want to use that helps us to Move forward towards building a goal Because I mean when you do 10 hours of Work at your job you get paid for 10 Hours when you do 10 hours of work over Here you can get paid for the 10 hours Now and next month and next month and Next month and next month and next month And next year Etc so that's one of the Things we need to use to be lazy because Honestly it's just smart to do work now And get paid for it every single month I Mean I I just can't I don't know how to Explain it any better so The next thing we need to do after we Have our checklist and we've chosen the Product to start with now we're going to Use all these products or a lot of them Anyways but you got to start with one so Pick one to start with right and we just Started with Jasper there then we are Going to go and do some video Replication here so let's go over here To YouTube And so I've just gone ahead and searched Jasper AI here on YouTube and I'm going To sort by under four minutes because We're looking for short form content That is the quickest way to go ahead and Get views and that's you know the Vertical videos that are like less than 60 seconds because you could make a 15 Second video or a 30 second video and Get tons of views I mean here's 7 000

Views if we roll over we can see that There are ones that get 47 000 views Etc Right So you can make a short video you find One that's working right you find one For example that's getting 47 000 views Or you can go to tick tock and find ones Getting like a million views whatever Right it doesn't really matter where you Get the video from you're not going to Rip it off or use it you're going to Replicate it what does that mean it Means Express the similar idea in your Own words and at the end of it or Somewhere in the video maybe a couple Points in the video see how this one has A URL here in the video you're going to Go ahead and you're going to put in your Url so what does that mean well we have Live classes where I break it down and I Should have mentioned that earlier but We have short that's the Live classes so when I talk about live Classes that's what it is in here we're Going to talk about how to take a first Of all how to edit the video to put in a URL like this but how to get the URL and Then how to redirect it to your landing Page and capture the email so I'm going To go over a lot of that right now so Stick with me but basically you have to Write register domain name and redirect It and then when you replicate the video You want to stick it in the video like

Here you can say it and you can stick it In the video and so on and so forth and We can use free tools to do that And so we've replicated our video and Made another video just like the one There in our own words but we put in our Own domain name so where does that Domain name redirect to that domain name Is going to redirect to our landing page So what is that and what does that mean Well let's talk about that for a minute Landing pages are built in in what's Called a CRM if you don't know what that What a CRM is just drop a comment down Below and I can explain that and The CRM here again we talk about this in The short classes but Here's a CRM and this is some landing Pages I'm going to go here to this Landing page which I actually made in The last video yesterday which you can Go watch that one and we're going to Edit it and build on top of it so Yesterday we talked about titles and how They were important and how we use chat Gbt to write the titles for us and give Us choices and help us with that now We're going to write a subtitle which Gives us just a little bit more Information here to put in there so we Need to go over here To bot unlocker is a way To get to chat GPT when chat gbt is Overloaded so what does that mean well

Chat GPT is very popular and if you've Tried to use it and gotten been unable To use it because it's been overloaded Then you understand in fact I was Teaching a live class and it wouldn't Even work in the live class so bot Unlocker gets us here to Jasper which Has this chat function right here and What they've done is built it so using The API they hook into chat GPT so we Can use chat gbt when chat gbt is Overloaded bot unlocker here costs a few Bucks a month and there's a free trial So you can get it started for free of Course but after that there's a few Bucks a month I don't even know exactly How much it costs but Um this lets us get in which is really Handy and so you saw this at the Actually the very first part of the Video so right now What I'm going to do is I'm going to ask It to write in a high converting way Because we're interested in conversions Right so if we go here on our landing Page and 100 people show up to the Landing page And one person's one person enters their Email address then we have a one percent Conversion if 15 people enter their Email address that's a 15 conversion so We want High converting Elements on the landing page and that's Really where AI comes in and does a good

Job because it gives us things that we Might not think about or if we're not Good at sales copy and that sort of Stuff it can do the heavy lifting for us And increase the conversions why does That matter well let's pause for a Second and look at that what happened Was so far we have we're talking about The landing pages right now where we're Going to drive our traffic to we're Getting traffic from the video that We've replicated and we're sending People ultimately we're going to be Sending them to the offer that we picked From So the way it works is like this we had The video it has a link which we got Right here it sends them to the landing Page and then they enter their email Address and then once they enter their Email address we start sending them Emails automatically every single day With that link the link is just back Here in the Right here that link they gave us when We signed up that's the link when Someone signs up you get paid in fact if We go there right now we can just look At it it takes them to page here and They have a video and then they can sign Up and get a free trial and then once They start paying you get paid right so We want to get them here but we don't Want to send them straight from our

Video straight to that affiliate link Which again this is what I'm talking About the affiliate link right here we Don't want to send them straight there Because they might buy that might not Most people take seven uh Impressions Before they buy anyways so they're Probably not going to buy in the first Time around and then we lose them we Don't want to do that we want to capture Them and then be able to sell them and Then we want to be able to sell them Even more so once we have them we're Going to sell them that and then we're Going to sell them copywriter and then We're going to go over here and sell Them shine ranker and the list goes on We're going to sell them all the tools And we're going to sell them all year Long that is how you get to two hundred Thousand dollars a month and that is What a lot of people will miss that you Want to build a system that captures the Email and markets to them all year long And again we talk about the entire System and the  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and the whole Nine yards and break it all down in the Short form classes so if you Join the live classes you're good to go Just follow through and you'll get it But let's look at it today so we need Some subtitles here for our landing page So let's do that So I asked it to give me three subtitles

And I gave some information here and so Here are three subtitles that we can Utilize to help increase the conversion Rate And so I'm going to choose the middle One here create I love buzzwords because They convert they work just go read the News you can see that someone's always Blasting someone or someone's issuing a Warning and those are buzzwords right So those are negative buzzwords most Typically we want positive buzzwords Unlock create that sort of stuff so Create with AI here and I'm going to go Over here and I'm going to then edit my Page here and bring in a subtitle And so I popped it in there did a little Editing and there's more to be done here But again we're building this live in The video so here we have our title now We have our subtitle then we have a Place for them to enter an email address And then click the button of course we Would change some text here like put Some different button like this would Change obviously and again we'll talk About optimizing your landing pages in The short form classes but so I'd save the changes and we can have a Quick look and basically what would Happen is they would come here and they Would see the title and the subtitle They enter their email address and click Here and when that happens then the

System automatically Jumps over here and it would initiate an Email campaign now again we're still Building the landing page I have not Built the emails but you can see Here what's going to happen we'll build The emails here in the next couple of Days of videos because I'm going to show You how to utilize chat GPT some more But basically what happens is it kicks Off an email immediately after zero Minutes delay and it sends them an email That says hey you know go buy Jasper It's amazing then it sends them another One and another one another one another One and then when it gets done here it Can send them even more and so you'd Probably want to build in seven to 14 Days worth of emails and then after that Then you can transition into the next Product so you've got one and then you Go to like shine Rinker for example in Core and so on and so forth so you keep Offering them a new product every 14 Days And so in this way what we've done is We've leveraged Ai and chat GPT to help Us create a landing page that captures An email address so rather than just Sending them to the buy page once now We're capturing them the email address And we're sending them to the buy page Every single day because an email shows Up in their inbox so you offer them the

Deal every single day tomorrow next week Next month all year long and then all of Next year so you keep selling to them And keep offering them the deal now then We have the duplication which is just Simply doing the same thing where now we Build a landing page and a setup and Videos that we start them in with Semrush and screaming frog and so on and So forth and we go across here and There's tons more right so you build Videos and landing pages to bring them In and everything that can bring them Into the system it doesn't matter what You bring them in with whether it's Gleam or dial hawk or whatever you bring Them in right with one thing and then The system automatically when it's done Sending them emails about that deal it Starts sending the emails for other Things so you build it in and we can Bring them in through anything and we Can offer them anything else So that is how you ultimately get to two Hundred thousand dollars a month and Look if you don't want to work to the Point where you get to 200 000 a month And you want to quit at like twenty Thousand dollars a month or ten thousand Dollars a month or whatever it works for You obviously that's fine you can do Whatever you want but the opportunity is Here and AI is here and it's here to Stay so now is the time to start

Leveraging AI to make money and get out In front of it because you know a few Months from now you could be sitting on Five thousand ten thousand twenty Thousand dollars of extra income per Month and if you stop and think for a Second what would it be like if you had An extra ten thousand dollars a month Coming in right now Like what would you do what would you Buy maybe you'd stick it in the bank and Save it so you'd build up ten twenty Thirty fifty thousand dollars in the Bank maybe you'd set some aside for your Kids college fund maybe you'd go on Vacation maybe you would you know buy a New car whatever the case is If you had an extra ten thousand dollars This ten thousand dollars I've had no One ever complained in my life that they Would not want extra money sitting Around so obviously it's just a good Thing it's a necessary and appropriate Thing for many people as well so you Might need to make the money or you Might just want to make the money in Either case you can make the money and I Think you should take advantage of the AI opportunities that are around now so That you can be in a great place later There's just a lot of people saying There's a recession coming and maybe it Will be maybe it won't be but at the end Of the day more money in the bank is

Always a good thing so that is how you Would do it now how would you start Though obviously you have to start Somewhere and there's a lot here and you Can't start from zero to two hundred Thousand immediately so Step One is go To and pick an offer That you want to promote step two is Join the free Facebook group right here And get in so that you you can be among Like-minded people and step 3 if you Want to speed up the process and make More money faster is to go to enter your email Address and then once you do that you Get over where you can watch the next Free training right here and then you Can scroll down and you can get in the Live classes the price is going up On the classes in fact we have a class Starting in just about an hour after I Have this video published it'll be about An hour till the next class starts so Jump in right now and you can get in That class and if you missed that class There'll be a replay and then we have Another class on Thursday as well every Tuesday and Thursday in fact so jump in Right now and the price is going up too So You know I always would rather pay less For something because it's the same Product you get exactly the same thing And you get all the replays and

Everything either way so even if you Jump in now and you have to rearrange Your schedule for the next couple Classes you can watch the replays Whatever it is I would get in now at and just buy it now While it's cheaper before the price goes Up and I will see you in the Facebook Group and then I will see you also in The next live class here in about an Hour or on Thursday if you missed this One and until then Happy money making

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