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The smartest simplest easiest way to Earn a thousand dollars a month right Now a chat GPT in Tick Tock is by Utilizing an entirely copy and paste Strategy that we have just launched Today and finally figured out and I want To show it to you so what am I talking About Let me show you my name is Ryan Borden Let's jump into this here if we look at PayPal we can see the past 30 days it's Like 132 000 the past seven days is Seventeen thousand dollars and so Obviously this is just a piece of what Is possible I said here that you could make a Thousand dollars a month because the Simple truth of the matter is is that it Takes a lot of work to get to 132 000 in A month but it is exponentially more Realistic and so much easier to get to a Thousand dollars a month right now and You could make more than a thousand Dollars but the thousand dollar a month Strategy is super easy it's literally Copying pasting with this new viral Video system so what is this well Basically there's a couple of things That I want to mention but first of all If you can give me a yes if this is the Kind of content that you want because it Help of course helps with YouTube but I Really want to know if this is the right Path of the trainings that you want

And so that helps me to gauge that Because I can look and see this video Got so many yeses and that video got Less yeses so we like this content over Here more people are interested in it so Let me know what you think just like Stop right now hit a yes in the comments For me and let me know the second thing Here is the viral video Vault so that Just kind of jumps Us in what is that That is something brand new that we just Came out with you can see it at this Website right here and you can go here And enter your email address and once You enter your email address then you'll Be taken over to this page here And on this page you can see there's a Video that is kind of a walk through Video that shows you everything that's Going on and then some more information And then of course you can get in as Well so what is this well the viral Video vault is a entire system and of Course you can go here and watch this Video which I would encourage you to do As well once you go to this website and Then enter your email address But what it is is it's a three-step System so let's talk about what it is we Are going to give you a bunch of videos In the system that you can download so Every month you get videos let me show You So this is the back end system and this

Literally came out today so we are still Building out the videos of course you Can't use an entire month's worth at Once so we're going to build this out Over the month and then it gets new each Month right so this is February of 2023 When I'm making this and so February 2023 we can download videos that we Produce for you so we do all the video Creation you don't even have to create The videos for you we're going to do it For you and you literally download the Videos and then you utilize this Checklist here the checklist is going to Give you a process that's very short Where you download the video and then You re-upload the video to tick tock And you're going to get the video set up On Tick Tock and then if you want to Then of course grow further then you're Going to get the video set up on like YouTube uh shorts and that sort of stuff So the checklist walks you through that You literally download the video upload It follow a super simple process and Then we're gonna get an affiliate link Which is how we're ultimately going to Get paid but we're going to upload this Pro follow the process and get views on The video because ultimately what it Boils down to is this if you get views You copy the video download it paste it AKA upload it into the like Tick Tock And then you're going to get views by

Following the checklist and at the end Of the day the views are going to turn Into money and how is the views going to Turn into money well let me show you so We go to tick tock and we upload the Video we upload the video we're going to Take and put an affiliate link which we Can get here under the affiliate link Setup section and we're going to put it In the comments right so we say the Videos are going to be like listen go Here and look in the comments and we get It if you want to do an extra step on Top of that you could put it in the Video itself but you don't have to you Can literally just paste the affiliate Link you don't need redirect links or Anything we have this set up where you Can paste the affiliate link right into The comments and once you do that then You're going to follow the process in The checklist and it's going to get Views on it so this system will get Views on your videos The videos that you don't don't even Have to create and then when people Engage and they see your link they'll Click the link and then you get paid now The great thing about this is you can Promote this viral video system itself And it's a super slick offer because it Teaches people how to get views on the Videos really fast and it gives them That without them having to do a ton of

Work and it's only 27 a month so when Someone signs up for this you get paid Every single month right so what does That mean when someone goes here and They sign up they pay 27 a month so you Can promote this offer they pay 27 a Month and we'll give you all the videos To promote this offer as well and then Each month you get your percentage which Is 50 of the twenty seven dollars so if Someone signs up today and they're you Know a customer for six months you get Paid every month for six months if They're a customer for six years then You get paid every month for six years And then of course every month here in The back end we're going to give you so There's February then they'll be March Then they'll be April we're gonna give You new videos around the latest thing That is trending that you can use to Promote this right so you can use the Videos to promote it and you can use the Videos to get traffic Views basically and then ultimately Those people can click on your links and You can get paid so what about this well Whenever we go to upload our video we Might want to put in the title so it's Less important on Tick Tock uh it's more Important on YouTube but we can go right Over here to chat GPT and we can just Say so whatever the video is about let's Say the video is about let's say the

Videos about the viral video system That's simple we're talking about that Give me a give me three here let me do This All right so I gave it some simple Parameters I totally told it a little Bit about the program obviously you want To type that out right so now it's Giving us titles unlock the power of Viral videos with our copy and paste System right awesome title so here is Our title for when we're uploading the Video to YouTube so we're literally Going to get the videos from the viral Video system upload them to tick tock And follow the checklist to get views on The videos then we're going to upload Them to YouTube Follow the checklist to Get views on the videos and then now Chat GPT has even given us a title for That as well you don't have to go that Far but you know Chad gbt is pretty Awesome it's a AI that we can give Something simple to and it'll give us Great titles and you know a good title Can be useful on a video so it's an Optional point that you can do in the do As well but we can go ahead and do it And so then what are you gonna do well You're just gonna do this over and over Again so you're going to go in here and You're going to get the first video You're going to download it you're going To follow the checklist and and get the

Views on it and put your affiliate link There in the comments and follow through And then you're going to go back and you Get the next video we're going to be Constantly adding videos in here so You're going to get the next video and You're going to download it you're going To upload it to tick tock follow the Checklist upload it to YouTube Follow The checklist simple straightforward and You're just going to keep doing this Over and over again because the more Videos that you upload by utilizing You Know download them from us and then Upload them to Tick Tock YouTube Etc the More views you're going to get as you Use this system and ultimately views Translate to money because the more Views you get the more people are going To find your affiliate link and the more You're gonna they're gonna click on it And then the more you're going to get Paid basically Is what it boils down to at a simple Level strategy so you're just going to Keep going at this over and over and Over and over and over again and then Next month you're going to go at it over And over and over again right and you Can definitely earn more than a thousand Dollars with this but this is a smart Way to start earning so if you are Already earning you know fifty thousand Dollars a month online then this

Probably isn't a really great strategy For you because you already have Something else figured out or maybe You're following something else that we Have shown you in the past and you've Become successful and you're building it Up right but fifty thousand dollars a Month takes a lot of work and it takes a Strategy and it's a higher level and you Just have to do different things and you Have to be more creative and it's just Very different because you know that's Like six hundred thousand dollars a year And that puts you in the top one percent Of earners in the world right So a thousand dollars a month we really Worked hard to bring a system that makes It easier to get to a more achievable Level much simpler much smarter and much Quicker obviously you can get to a Thousand dollars a month quicker than You can get to fifty thousand dollars a Month or even ten thousand dollars a Month now you can use this system to get To a thousand dollars a month and then You can double that and get to two Thousand dollars a month you know and so On and so forth and then once you have This down there are other strategies That you can use to kind of level up to The next level because this will only Take you so far to so many thousand Dollars a month but right now you know We have to get from wherever you are to

A thousand dollars a month and then two Thousand and three thousand right so we Have to build it we have to start and The most important thing is starting and Taking action so How would you even do that how would you Start and take action but first before We take action does this make sense Does it make sense that you have to Start somewhere and the simplest place To start and the best place to start is A smart way that's copy and paste easy I Mean does that make sense wouldn't it Make sense to start with the lowest Hanging fruit and the simplest method I Mean this method like I said isn't going To make you fifty thousand dollars a Month but this is a fantastic starting Point to get to one two three thousand Dollars a month Etc don't you think that That's a great way to start Right so if that makes sense and you Want to start and you know you will have To take action you do actually have to Download the videos and just walk Through the really basic checklist but This is pretty easy I mean I don't think We could make it any easier you don't Even have to make the videos so Once we do that the way to start is to Go over here and go to this website Right here and you'll be able to go here And enter your email address and once You get to the website then at the very

Top here is there's another video here And you know it might get pushed a Little bit down the page or the content Might change because this is super new But this is the page it's still the same Website you go here enter your email Address and then watch the next video And just get started by downloading Videos and uploading them and Away you Go in fact when the this video is being Made we actually are having a pre-sale So you can get in earlier here and lock It in instead of paying more for it Later so I mean it makes sense to me to Get in now and get it while the price is Less because this 27 price here that I Mentioned is going up and the cool thing Is when the price goes up you get paid a Commission a percentage for the Affiliate stuff so you can go ahead and Get in now when the price is low and Then as the price goes up anybody that You get that when you download the Videos and you promote it and they sign Up you get a commission of the higher Price so it's really just a great timing Because you can get it at the cheap Price and then other people are going to Pay the higher price which gets you more Commission down the road and again it's Every single month so again go to this Website enter your email address watch This next video and get in now while the Pre-sale and the lower price is going on

And then Happy money making

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