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Welcome to another new video in this Video I will tell you five ways to earn Money from chat GPD following which you Can earn one hundred dollars per day so Let’s start the video the first way is Script writing go to Fiverr and here you Will see that many people are selling Their services here you can see their Prices people are charging here from Fifty dollars to three hundred dollars You can see that this guy is charging up To one hundred fifty dollars for a 400 Word script if you go to the premium you Will see that he is charging up to five Hundred dollars and in chat GPD you can Easily prepare such a big script in a Few seconds so let’s know how you will Write the script first of all open chat GPD and here you have to tell chat GPD That you can write the script for my YouTube video and in a few seconds chat GPD will write a complete video script For you you can ask questions to chat GPD in different ways so in this way you Can earn money on Fiverr you can also Write the script for your own video and You can make videos on YouTube for Example this is my script I will paste It into Pick 3 and after clicking on Proceed your video will be ready in a Few minutes you can also add voice over And background music And your final video will look something Like this Welcome to our tutorial on 10

Ways to run faster running fast requires A combination of proper training Technique and mental preparation in this Video we’ll be sharing some tips and Tricks to help you improve your speed And reach your running goals whether You’re a beginner or an experienced Runner these tips So 30 discount is going on this software Right now I will give you the link and Code in the description of this video so You can check it out from there second Way to earn money from chat GPD is Through translation go to Fiverr again Here you will see how much money people Are charging people are taking ten Dollars to Fifteen dollars to translate 300 to 400 words and by using chat GPD You can translate any language in a few Seconds let’s know how go to chat GPD Paste some English text here and press Shift plus Colin on your keyboard and Write the language in which you want to Convert the text your text will be Translated as soon as you enter so in This way you can translate any number of Words third you can write blog posts for People in chat GPD again go to Fiverr And search for blog posts so you can see Here that there are so many people who Are selling this service people are Charging thirty dollars to 4 hundred Dollars to write a blog post so like Them you can also sell your service on

Fiverr to write a blog post you have to Go to chat GPD and ask chatgpt to write A blog post in this way chatgpt will Prepare a blog post for you in a few Seconds similarly with the help of Chad GPD you can also write a headline an Introduction and an outline so moving on To your fourth way to make money with Chat GPD you can write product Descriptions with chat GPD go back to Fiverr and you will see that people are Earning money even by writing product Descriptions you also know how many Products are there in the e-commerce Market these days you can start working With small level products by using chat GPT you can easily write descriptions For any product for example if I want to Write a description for a mobile cover I Can easily do it in chat GPD in a few Seconds chat GPT will give you the Complete product description the fifth Way is that you can easily write your Own ebook with the help of chat GPD and You can earn money by selling the ebook As you can see here I asked Chad GPD can You write any book for me so we talked And GPD said yes I can write after that I asked chatgpd to write a complete Ebook on Financial Freedom and chat GPD Gave me a chapter wise outline of the Complete ebook now I again asked Chad GPD to describe each outline and over Chat GPT described every outline

Comfortably so guys in this way you can Use chat GPT to make money online I hope You liked the video if yes then please Subscribe thanks for watching the video

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