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What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today we're going to be talking About the easiest way to make over a Thousand dollars a day even if you're a Beginner we're going to be using chat GPT we're going to also be using short Form content to be able to bring in Views leads and sales for products that Either we want to build ourselves or we Want to just sell other people's Products so I'm going to show you how to Do both I'm going to show you how to do This for free I'm going to show you how To spend a few bucks if you want to Spend a few bucks and accelerate the Process but the choice is yours if You're brand new here just want to say Welcome on this channel we talk about AI We talk about really just anything that Makes money Quickly and also efficiently and these Are legit ways to make money I'm not Just going to give you some sort of Random thing that you know oh you could Make money with this you could make Money with that these are actual things That I do in my own business you can see Here behind me In January I made about 215 000 on stripe and on PayPal is another Like 100 Grand so it's around 300 000 And I don't say this to brag I want you To know that's possible I went from Making literally zero dollars you can

Look at my older videos I have a garage Door in the background wasn't making any Money And now I make a lot more so That means you can too if you put in the Right uh steps if you put in the right Uh actions you can definitely start Earning a good amount of money as well So before I get into it I want to ask You a question if you're interested in This type of content you know AI making Money with short form content all the Stuff that I'm doing uh on my recent Videos just let me know reply with the Word yes in the comments right now and I Know to make more videos like this for You in the future so go ahead just take A second reply with the word yes in the Comments it also helps the algorithm All right so what are we going to do so Step number one is we are going to sign Up for an affiliate or we're going to Promote our own products now I want to Actually show you a couple people that Followed this system already we have Aaron here he has one thousand three Hundred dollars in commissions which Means he sold about 2 600 because all of These products are 50 Affiliates and all He really did is he repurposed content And he actually repurposed my content Onto tick tock You can see some of these videos and They only get a couple hundred views but

Then some of the other videos If you Scroll through here get a lot more this One got 10 000 views this one got 1400 This one got 22 000 and so what does That mean it means that Just on Tick Tock alone he's getting Thousands and thousands of views just Clipping content of mine and reposting It and linking to products that I build Now again you don't have to do that you Could you could go and build your own Products you could build your own Content I'm going to show you how to do That but if you don't want to have to Wait and you want to just start clipping My content there's actually a Subscription that's about it's about 29 Bucks a month if you go to viral I'll leave a link in the Description you can get access to all my Content and you can start clipping it And you can start promoting products That I have already built Now Aaron's actually hiring somebody off Of Fiverr he's spending about five Dollars a video to get this content Repurposed and the cool thing is he can Actually post this not just on Tick Tock But on Facebook on YouTube on Instagram All these different places he can Repurpose the content And so again I'm not telling you that You should go and do this ideally you Would go and build your own products

You'd build your own content you would Clip your own content but it's really up To you on how you want to start and I'll Dive deeper into how all of this works Right now but I'm just showing you an Example of somebody that has done this Method and has actually made money with It we have another guy named David David Wilkinson I think I have his Profile up here he's made 860 in Gross Commissions that's about sixteen hundred Dollars in sales and he's pretty much Done the same thing if I scroll through His profile you'll see uh some of his Videos that he's posted Um I actually can't show you his reels Because I can't show you on desktop They're only available on uh on your Phone You can go look them up on Facebook he's Reposted some of my content uh he's Taking content from the viral video Vault you know any of my 3 000 plus Videos long form videos repurpose the Content he's got five thousand followers And some of his videos have hundreds of Thousands of views and the craziest part Is the people that are doing this like Aaron and David and some of the other People that are we're seeing success With this method They're not just making sales but They're also getting leads and so the Way this works is you actually want to

Utilize short form content I actually Have a little drawing behind me you want To utilize short form content to Generate emails and leads so that way if You want to end up selling another thing In the future right you want to sell Like a tool or you want to sell your own Products you want to sell a service You're generating emails with the short Form content so you can actually sell Whatever you want in the future okay So let's talk about that so first thing You want to do is you want to figure out Whether or not you want to sell your own Product if you don't want to sell your Own product I have a free checklist if You go to You can enter your email and you'll get A list again it's a free list of all of The different Tools that I have put together for you That you can actually get paid to Promote so all these tools have things Called affiliate programs meaning that You can go and send traffic to the tools And you can get paid to send traffic now Again completely up to you if you want To sell other people's tools great if You want to sell your own products great While you're there on the checklist I'd Also recommend you click on this little Thing right here the uh join Facebook Group and join our free Facebook group So you can ask questions you can

Interact one of the best things you can Do to start earning money online is Actually interacting with people who Have already earned money online okay so That's what I recommend you do Next Once you decide what you're going To do whether you're going to sell your Own product or sell somebody else's Product you're going to either manually Create content yourself or you're going To repurpose Content that I give you and so it's up To you on what you want to do but Ideally Again you would create your own content Now the layout is pretty straightforward You would do a 20 minute video every Single day like this one okay so you Would you would turn on your camera or You wouldn't turn on your camera you can Do this with just a screen record you Don't necessarily have to show your face And you would do a 20 minute video Talking about you know whatever you Think is going to get views now one of The easiest ways to figure out what Brings in views is to use our tools Shine ranker which you can get paid to Promote so this tool has certain things Like chat GPT integrated inside of the Tool it has AI keywords built in which Utilize chat GPT as well and then also There's a keyword research function Where if let's say you want to show

People how to make money online with Chatgpt or whatever you want to talk About click on submit this will give you A list of a bunch of different things People are searching for and you can Start creating your content around those Different things That's what I do I create content around Topics that I think I first of all think They're going to get views but I also See that people are actually searching For these different things okay now you Can actually track all these keywords Inside of a dashboard as well and you Can actually create one video a day for Each keyword so let's say you wanted to Make videos around motivation so these Are some different keywords here that Get a lot of searches you can see the Difficulty how hard it is how many People are competing for these On places like Google and then every Single day you could create a new video Okay I'm going to create one today on Sales motivation quotes I'm going to Create one on this or any of these other Things I'm going to create real uh you Know 10 real ways to make money from Home for free right To create that video now again if you Don't want to create that video you can Use the viral video Vault you can use Videos like this one you could literally Go get a subscription to that and you

Can start repurposing content from this Actual video here go post it on Tick Tock go post it on Instagram reels go Post it because the thing is is that This initial content that you're going To be doing like the content you're Watching right now is going to feed in To these other pieces of content like The shorts and the shorts are where You're going to get a lot of your actual Views let me show you some of my Accounts here And we've rebuilt new accounts I've Actually taken a tick tock account and Took it from zero to a hundred thousand Followers and then I took another one From zero to 100 000 followers it's not Incredibly hard to do you just have to Start being consistent with the content That you're posting now this is just my Facebook personal profile let me show You this one I just posted 18 hours ago 32 likes 13 shares I think it got a few Thousand views and this is just on Facebook if you look at Instagram and Some of the other stuff too it's Thousands and thousands of views And the craziest part is I didn't I Didn't edit any of this I actually just Handed the content to somebody on Fiverr They went and repurposed the content for Me and then all I had to do was post it Now this video was something that I Actually manually created now you will

Get more views when you manually create Content The reason why is because The content's genuine generally more Cohesive cohesive where repurpose Contents a little bit harder to uh make It make sense when you know it's a Longer video and you're trying to clip a Part out of it it doesn't mean that you Can't get views with it but ideally you Would do both and and it really depends On how much time you have but if you had An hour a day you would spend about 20 Minutes doing a long form video like the One you're watching right now You would do one manual short form video Uh and I'm going to show you how to do That and then you'd maybe do a couple Repurposed videos from the long form and Then you can do some other stuff too you Can do emails you can turn this stuff Into blog posts you can turn it into Podcasts you can even translate it to Other languages there's all kinds you Can even run ads to it But just starting out if you're not Doing any of this again I would Recommend if you could start anywhere Just do short form content at 60 second Videos and you can make the content very Quickly If you either repurpose it yourself Repurpose the content I give you or if You just shoot the videos with something

Like OBS now I'm going to actually show You how I do this content myself If I go over to Facebook or not Facebook To Google and I type in I can download the tool That I'm using right now to shoot this Video Now I already have it you can see it's Open right here in the bottom part of my Bro of my computer so I'm just going to Click on OBS open a new instance of it And I'm going to show you how to set This up because it's actually pretty Simple So here's OBS I'm going to turn off the Video capture display capture so now It's just a blank screen And what I can do is I can go to file Settings Output or Sorry video And I'm going to switch this around 1080 By 1920 And now I have the tick tock Dimension So what I can do is I can turn on my Display capture So this is my screen here And I can click on Start recording so if I wanted to make a 60 second video it's pretty simple I Only need like four parts right so let's Say the thing is on you know what was it Ways to make money from home so I can Say I can click on the start recording Button say here's the top five ways to

Make money from home stop the recording Say the next thing all you have to do to Get started is You Know download this Checklist right okay so at the end of it I would have all these clips now Remember Whether you do it manually or you don't You're still going to want to either Hand it to an editor or edit it yourself The tool you're going to use for that is You're going to use cap cut s a free Tool that allows you to either edit on Your phone or on your computer if I type In cap cut here Open it up this is what I use to edit Now if you're going to be repurposing a Long form video the only difference is Instead of doing the shorts like the one I just showed you with you know the Dimensions within OBS you would just go To YouTube After getting the viral video vault If you want to use my content Or if you have your own content this Would be the same sort of scenario you'd Copy the link from the YouTube video so This is the YouTube video I did Yesterday And you would go to YouTube mp4 Downloader Paste the link in Click on start And that's not a good site for down oh I Guess it is okay click on convert

And sometimes they have like they're Just trying to get you to click on stuff Usually these sites work if you just Keep exiting out I'm not saying to use This site or any site specifically right I'm just saying Go download the video With some sort of YouTube mp4 downloader And then once you download the video You're gonna bring it into cap cut And the way that's going to look Once that's downloaded Is it's gonna look like you're going to See cap cut here and then you're just Gonna drag the video in okay so now that You have the video all you have to do is Edit a short form short form piece of Content so usually you want about 55 Seconds to 60 seconds of content if I go To the ratio here I can turn this into a Tick tock Style video drag this like This and now I can start editing the video I can add Text and go to auto captions click on Create this will give the video captions I can add music there's so many Different things I can do right And While this is loading Um what we're going to do is we're going To also figure out what our link is Remember how I showed you earlier you're Going to get a link for one of these Tools an affiliate link right so for Example if you go to shine ranker and

You want to promote this tool because it Has chat GPT in it and you want to talk About chat GPT because one of the Easiest ways to make money is to take Something that's trending like chat GPT And promote it say hey Uh you don't have to get you don't have To wait to get uh access to chat GPT you Also don't have to wait for the site to Be up because chat GPT actually crashes All the time because everybody's trying To use it for free if you pay for the Shine rank or annual pass it's like 300 Bucks a year You can get access to chat GPT instantly And you don't have to worry about the Site being down or you don't have to Worry about being on the waitlist or any Of that you can just access it right Away and so you would click on become an Affiliate You'd scroll through here you'd click on Sign up as an affiliate it's free to do And then you would get a link that would Say something like Forward slash you know your name right And so what you're going to do is you're Going to actually take that link and You're going to put it in your videos So look at this this video already has a Bunch of captions whatever else this is Actually a really long video because I Put the whole it's like 30 minutes But

And that's probably why it's taking a Little bit longer to edit here but That's pretty much it you would edit the Video You would uh Put your link in there or you would say At some point whenever you're clipping The content for like whatever the 55 Seconds or 60 seconds is you would say Link in the comments now there's another Way to do it if you don't want to add The link in the comments you could do a Redirect link there's a little bit more That you're probably going to need to Learn that I'm not going to just be able To teach you in this one video and so One of the things I would recommend is Go to And I take you through everything that You need in order to Get started get set up this is a live Training you can join on Zoom we have a Live chat it's a good place to be if you Want to learn how to utilize this full System you can see what you even joined The messenger chat and you can talk to Me it's instant it's live chat Um but that's one of the things I'd Recommend you do If you want to learn how to set up the Full thing but that's pretty much it you Choose whether you want to edit it Yourself with cap cut whether you want To edit it with Fiverr like have

Somebody else do it that's what I do for A lot of this stuff if I if I don't feel Like manually shooting the content I'm Definitely not going to edit from the Long form myself So I go over to Fiverr I type in tick Tock And I have somebody else do it right I Will edit your Instagram reels now I Don't want to pay a hundred dollars so I'm going to go to budget I'm going to Say five dollars by five dollars and Then I know that I can give My Links my URL for the recent video to This person and I can either have one Video five videos ten videos ten videos For 40 bucks Pretty good You know how to make 10 60 second videos With editing with subtitles with Emojis With all the things that you'll probably Want in the content and again Uh You don't have to do it yourself if you Don't feel like it Um then ideally what you would do Is you would either send traffic to your Email list or your opt-in which would Then go redirect to your affiliate offer Whatever your offer is so that you can Start grabbing emails or you would just Send them directly to the offer choice Is kind of yours but that's how the System works again if you want me to

Keep you updated with this system let me Know by replying with the word yes in The comments and we'll see you very soon Till then Happy money making see you Guys bye

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