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The smartest way to make twenty four Thousand dollars weekly online right now For beginners is also the easiest way to Make money online right now as well so If you're a fan of working smarter and Not harder stick around and I'm going to Show you how to do that in this video so What am I talking about if we jump in Here and look at stripe I said that we Could make twenty four thousand dollars A week online what does that mean if we Look right here I got that by taking our Past four weeks which is ninety six Thousand dollars popping in a calculator Dividing it out and multiplying it by Seven which is twenty four thousand so If we just multiply this times four we Can see it's ninety six thousand nine Twenty two which is what we've made in The past four weeks and you know if you Want to roll 12 months it's like 1.175 Million dollars Etc right so four weeks Worth of money at ninety six thousand Dollars is a lot of money you know Twenty four thousand dollars a week Honestly I think for a lot of people if You can do twenty four thousand dollars A month that's what like a hundred and Fifty thousand dollars a year for nice Round numbers Um no that's three hundred thousand Dollars a year sorry I can't do math in My head today apparently and So either way serious money you got to

Make some learning a commitment to do That and you have to make your Commitment to take action to get to this Kind of money it's not magic it's not Get rich quick it is going to take some Work before we jump in here though if You could do me a favor and help me to Help you if you can pause the video Right now and just leave me a yes down In the comments that will help me to Help you because then I can one get Helped on YouTube which helps everything And then two I can get an understanding That this is the kind of video that you Want because I keep adding and changing Different things and based on the yeses Then I can kind of steer it to what you Want so how does this work well we have A couple of moving Parts here and the Two moving parts are two checklists so We have two checklists here we have a Scary checklist and we have a short form Checklist so these are the checklists That we're going to talk about I'm going To reference them here in the video The scary checklist you can get by going To This website right here and I'm just Going to put this in the list so we have It so we can reference it and so then The other one is the short form Checklist the short form checklist is Actually a checklist of videos right so Here actually I'm getting ahead of

Myself so let's look at him the scary Checklist is a list of tools that will Pay you to promote their products so we Have lists across the bottom and so on And so forth lots of stuff going on here Right and then we have in the scary Checklist also the yellow bar which is Awesome because it links you to our free Facebook group and you can jump in there You can post your successes you can read Other people's successes you can post Questions and get help and so on and so Forth So that's a fantastic place to be and Then the short form checklist is Actually a checklist of videos which I'll actually show you later here in the Video but it's a checklist of videos That teach you how to do the process so Step by step by step by step by step it Walks you through with five minute Videos and gives you how to do Everything right and so those are the Two things we're going to reference now Let's jump in here and have a look at This so we need to basically view SQL Money right and so there's a couple of Steps in between here obviously because We got to get from one to four right but Views equal money at the end of the day So we're going to use videos to get Views for free or you could pay for ads As well if you want to amp up your Videos that's not necessary optional if

You want to that we do have a section About that in the checklist as well But as we look at this we want to react To a video so there's different ways to Make videos and I have videos on this Channel about the different ways and There's different methods in the actual Short form checklist here so we talk About you know this way and that way so You can make reaction videos you can Make replication videos you can record Your own videos you can put your face in It the whole time you cannot you can do Stock footage and the list goes on so There's different ways to do it Depending on what you want to do Different people like different things And they all work it just depends on What you like right so this one is a Reaction and is really probably one of The easiest ways to do it so if we jump Over here to tick tock for example you Can go to YouTube shorts it doesn't Matter you could go to Facebook reels Instagram reels I'm just going to use Tick tock and let's go here let me pause This make money Online right and then I have some other Keywords that pop up that give me Suggestions I'm going to dig a little Deeper and do make money online 2023 for Example and then I'm gonna find a video That works right so here's a 7.3 million One 1.3 157 000 you get the point lots

Of views right so here's one with 740 000. it doesn't matter just pick one and All you do is re you react to it and if You know how to react to the video great Go do it if you don't know how to do it Already of course in the short form Checklist it's there in fact let me just Show you So this is the actual checklist or part Of it it's getting long we're adding to It constantly in fact I just added to it And I have more videos to add to it here Shortly and so the section here there's A section on ads if you want to do that Uh right here of course there's a Section on Tick Tock like I said of Course you can do YouTube and Facebook And Instagram and all the rest right and So then there's the basics and so There's so much here and it's really Great because when you ask a question in The Facebook group so when you go to the Scary checklist and you join the free Facebook group and like Hey how do you Do this then we can be like oh cool well It's online 39 it's right there go get It or we can say oh snap there's not Really an answer that question is really Great question so let's just put a new Line in here and then add a new video And away we go right so that's the Really great thing about the checklist Because it lets us add and grow to this And they're all like five minute videos

Some of them are even shorter in chunks That you can grab a hold of and just get Something done and it's not complicated So you don't have to have any experience At all and it's super Manageable to be able to do and make Progress but you do have to make some Progress like you got to take some Action here to get again to this kind of Money so let's jump back in here because We need to take some action so we were Talking about replicating a video and we Found a video and we replicated it and We're going to put a link in the video And the link is going to send us through A redirect and again we cover how to do The redirect Link in the checklist but The link is going to send us straight to What we call a squeeze page or a landing Page it looks kind of like so there's Typically an image some text and then a Place to put an email address and then a Button to get started and nothing else Like it's just clean So basically what's going to happen is When you send them over to that you're Going to get the email and the reason This is important is because it allows Us in the next step to zero in on Automation because we can sit around and We can work right everybody can work and You can work harder everybody can work Harder right maybe you're maxed out Maybe you're working seven days a week

Sign up to sundown right I have plenty Of weeks where I work seven days a week Sun up to sundown and I just am maxed Out So at that point you have to either give Up stuff or work smarter right in a way That you don't have to do as much work And I already try to work smarter as Much as possible but that I always Manage to fill up my time with more work To do that's just who I am but Nonetheless I don't always want to do That sometimes I do take a day off or Some time off and I'm sure you want to Too so smarter is automation right that Is a method AI automation chat GPT you Know that sort of stuff is all part of Automation we're going to really focus On automation here and I'm going to show You something really cool you can do in The CRM and the CRM is I can explain it If you don't know what it is just drop a Comment down below but I can't really go Into it because this video will get too Long if I try to tell you everything but Basically a CRM is the one I'm talking About is system there's lots of them you Can it manages these landing pages and It has a whole bunch of automations some Really cool ones I'm going to show you It also has email sequences and so when We get set up in here and someone enters Their email address the one of the Automations is set up so where

Immediately after zero minutes which is Immediately when someone answers their Email address it sends them this email And then a day later it sends them an Email a day later you get the point Right we go down here and every date Sends them an email and in here in these Emails is a link right so right here is A link where they can click on it and They can buy something Obviously you have to sell people things We talked about in our scary checklist Different tools so like here's a tool For example I've showed this tool and Other tools before we can just jump in Here I'm sure you're probably familiar With affiliate stuff this works with Services this works with your own Products whatever you want but if you Don't want to mess with anything and you Want to sell other people's products Then you don't have to mess with the Customer service and all that sort of Stuff so that's what I'm going to show You how to do because that's the easiest Way to do it and it scales because you Don't have to worry about delivering Anything so if we log into the dashboard We can see there's like three grand of Unpaid earnings and a bunch of stats and There's a bunch of payouts that happen Every month going on for a while now Obviously but that is just because There's like a reoccurring component

Here so when someone signs up we get Paid every single month so long as They're a customer which is really Awesome and you get paid too but the Link here is what matters so this is the Link when someone goes here and we can Just look at it real quick if they go Here then they can watch this video and They fill out a form over here or click This button or click this button all Kinds of ways for them to get started Right but they can sign up for a free Trial and so once they do that when they Click it of course that's our clicks When they sign up for a free trial That's referrals when they actually Convert to a paid customer that's Customers and then the 30 reoccurring of Those customers is how we get to here So it kind of just walks in a you know a U-shape upside down U like that anyways The point here is that this link right Here is the key and this link right here Is what goes into system now we haven't Got to automation yet so stick with me When someone clicks the link on the Email which is going to be in the same Link every single day so this email will Have the same link here and then when we Go back the next email will have the Same link right here so on and so forth They always get an email every day and They can click the link and they can buy And that's important because most people

Don't buy until they've seen something From you seven times now it's not in Magic seven is not a magic number but It's an average so some people are a Little more some people a little less But we want to continue to Market to These people over and over again because What a lot of people will do and you can Actually go watch tutorials on this on YouTube and Tick Tock and everywhere Else they'll be like hey make a video Like I told you to do and they'll say Hey put a link in it to sell something Like I told you to do but they will tell You just to put this link in right here And send them over there and if they buy They buy and if they don't they leave And you lose What I'm telling you to do is work Smarter I'm telling you to send them to Something you control So you control this it's like playing The middleman so you get them from the Video to a page you control and get Their email address into a system you Control and then that system turns Around and sends them emails every Single day so you do the work once get The video up once and the person comes By once enters their email address and Now you can sell them until they buy Right and so that's part of it there's Another piece here which I'll tell you In a minute but the amazing thing is

Here once you sell them something so we Have these email campaigns and different Products so each one of these is a Different product viral video Vault Pick 3 Jasper short form riches so on and so Forth right So I can actually go up here to Automations and go to rules and I can Create a new rule that says whenever Someone finishes one of my campaigns so I got a campaign for Jasper we're Selling Jasper right they finish the Campaign for Jasper the campaign means The sequence of emails right so chat gbt Can read write all the emails for us That part's easy but after we've sent Them like 14 days with the emails right So they're probably either going to buy In the first 14 days or they're not Going to buy in the first 14 days and if They buy great if they don't buy then We'll offer them another product and We'll roll back to this product another Time because some of it's timing I mean Not everyone is going to buy everything All the time it's not possible if you go To the grocery store you can't buy one Of every item in the grocery store Hey you wouldn't have a way to pay for It or haul it store it use it but Everyone doesn't buy everything all the Time you go and buy the stuff you want Other people buy stuff they want that's Why we have a grocery store with lots of

Options that's why you're going to offer Lots of options you're the grocery store You're offering all the options and some Customers will buy some things and some Customers will buy other things Some customers will buy a little some Customers will buy a lot and the Customers are just the people getting The emails from you but the cool thing About this is so like one campaign is Completed so like let's say they Complete AI profits then this thing is Going to send them to the next campaign So what does that mean I'm going to send Them a shine ranker so let me show you What this looks like functionally here If I go back into my email campaigns Well hang on I'm getting ahead of myself The action is now completed we see this One right here that we just created this Top automation rule if I go back into my Email campaigns now what happens is if Someone is subscribed to this one which Has five emails and again you'd want 14 But this is kind of a demo environment That I use in videos because I click on All kinds of stuff and that way I can't Mess up anything in our actual Production environment but it's the same Concept our production environment Environment just has a whole lot more Emails in it so if we send them 14 Emails on AI profits when they're done Automatically that automation now is

Going to stick them into the next one That we have here so it's going to stick In from here and stick them into here So then it's going to send them all 11 Emails here and then we can set another Automation where it automatically sticks Them into here and then I'll send them All nine emails here and then stack them Into here right so and then the stick Them into here and then stick them in Here and here and here right and we Could build enough of these things so That so there's seven campaigns right Now if I put in 14 emails in each one You know every two campaigns then is 28 Days so basically a month right So there's 12 months in a year so I need 24 campaigns so I really only need to Set up 24 products so I can go over here And just pick 24 great products and you Can try different ones and if one no one Ever buys a certain product you know you Swap it out for a different one right But you just find 24 good products in Here that's all you need 24 good Products and if they're reoccurring like This one and you get people where you're Getting paid reoccurring every month Every two weeks it swaps out And then you build your 24 campaigns in Here and it runs literally for an entire Year so like someone signs up today it's The middle of March this is going to go Until the middle of March in 2024 right

Or if you you know if it happens to be 2026 when you watch this video and it's The middle of July and someone signs up And I have years worth of campaigns and It's going to go to the middle of July The next year right so it just goes and Then the cool thing is let's say I had 24 campaigns in here each one of them Two weeks it goes for the year when I Get to the top one I just make an Automation rule that says hey stick them Back down here and it starts the whole Campaign over again so you could Literally build 24 different campaigns Here and it and set it up and it'll run For the next 10 years right just selling And all you have to do once it's all set Up then is just make videos so just keep Reacting to videos and sticking the link In it so you get more and more and more Views on the videos because then more And more people enter their email Address and then more and more people Get the automation of the email all year Long every single day I mean holidays While you sleep while you work while you Play doesn't matter it's sending them Emails it's just it's crazy the level of Automation that you can get to and Then you're just making money so this is The kind of stuff you have to do to get To 24 000 a week right and if you don't Want to go that hard fine you can work a Little less and you can make twenty four

Thousand dollars a month right if you Don't even want to go that hard work Less make ten thousand dollars a month It's up to you you can work harder you Can double this and make fifty thousand Dollars a week if you want to It just depends on how hard you want to Work obviously the more money you want More work it's going to take now we are Going to work smart with Automation and That sort of stuff but it's still going To take work So make as much money as you want or as Little as money as you want and get your Work life balance the way you like it I Like to dig in and work pretty hard so That's why I'm talking to you about Twenty four thousand dollars a week So this is the method right we have our Scary checklist which gives us the free Facebook group and it gives us a list of Companies that we can pick our 24 Campaigns from and then we have the Short form checklist so this is really The key here we can go here and get the Actual checklist so if we go to the Short form checklist website right here We can grab the actual checklist that Walks us through the process step by Step by step it's a new checklist that's Why you see some of these coming soon Things these will all be filled in Shortly in fact I've been working on This like every day and adding videos

And there's more videos coming Today tomorrow next week Etc so and then Of course as questions get asked or we Discover new things I'm going to be Adding more rows but you don't have to Utilize everything in here like I said Right if you we're going to add several Different options in here in certain Areas so that if you want to go and dig In and hit that twenty four thousand Dollars a week you can if you want to Stop at like a thousand dollars a week Because that's enough for you and you're Happy right go for it whatever works for You it doesn't matter you can do it so Jump over here right now to this website And get the short form checklist and Then jump into the Facebook group with Your questions so that I can add more Videos to answer those questions and Help you out and everybody else in there Can help you out and there's tens of Thousands of people in the Facebook Group so jump in there now with everyone Else get the short form checklist right Now that everyone else has and get Started walking through the step-by-step Path to making twenty four thousand Dollars a week and until then Happy Money making

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