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Hey what's up guys Chase Reiner here and Today we're going to be talking about The fastest way I know of when it comes To making money online I'm going to be Giving you a way that you can get Started without having to spend any Money and if you have a few dollars to Invest I'm going to show you how you can Actually scale the system as well and Make even more money with it now if You're brand new here welcome you're in The right place if you're looking to Learn how to make money online I've been Doing this stuff for over seven years Now you can actually look at my older Videos starting in a garage and I had no Idea what I was doing wasn't making any Money all the way up till now where I've Been able to make over 1.4 million Dollars this year And I don't say that to brag I say that Because I want you to know that it's Possible it's possible to go from Nothing to making a ton of money but you Got to put in the work so let's talk About what the system is and let's not Waste any time now what I'm going to Actually recommend you do first to start Out is go over to this checklist that I've built for you at kind of weird name I Know but this website will give you a Checklist Once you enter your email and there is

An optional upsell you don't have to get It you'll get an email in your inbox This is the upsell the upsell basically Just gives you the paid version of the Checklist but the regular version this Version the one that you get sent for Free is a list of all these different Tools that I like to promote and I Actually make money with so I'll just Give you an example one of the tools That I make money with is this one Jasper Uh most of them have something called an Affiliate program so if you scroll to The bottom of the website click on Affiliate partners You can apply right here or if you're Already a partner you can log in And it doesn't cost anything to become a Partner But look at this three thousand four Hundred dollars unpaid earnings let's Actually look at the previous payouts So four days ago 2700 in 27 days I'm Gonna get paid 2 800 one month ago three Thousand eight hundred and this has been Going on for a while now over a year And what's really cool about this is you Can do this with multiple websites so You can make let's say three thousand Dollars per month off of this site but Then you could also make three thousand Dollars per month off of this site and They start to add up now

Obviously there's different ways to make Money online this is called affiliate Marketing you can also sell Services you Can sell your own products but the Reason why I like affiliate marketing so Much is because you can do two things Really well without having to worry About putting too much time into the Process and the first thing is you can Start building your email list you can Start building your following but the Second thing is you don't have to Fulfill any of the services right and so When I first started one of the mistakes I made is I started promoting my own Services and I started making money but Then I had to worry about fulfilling Them and I didn't have a lot of time to Do both and so if you don't have a lot Of time and you don't have a lot of Money let's say you're already working a Job sometimes it might be better to go For the slow longer term plan which is Doing something like affiliate which Again it is a slower burn it takes Longer to start building up these Commissions and start building a Community of people that want to buy the Things that you're recommending But if you do Services it's faster But again you're going to be having to Fulfill all the things so you're going To have to be spending like probably all Your time doing services

It's up to you and so whenever somebody Asks me Chase what's the fastest way to Make money online it depends on what you Want do you want to have to fulfill all The services or do you want to just Promote other products and get paid a Percentage of what you're promoting and Do it that way I recommend personally I Wish I would have done the affiliate Route earlier because I think it's Easier especially with what I'm about to Show is show you next So the next thing that I'm going to Recommend Is go to this list and first of all sign Up to be an affiliate you can click on Each one of these tools and scroll to The bottom sign up to be an affiliate Might take you a little bit maybe an Hour or two to get set up so you get all The links And here you can see you can become an Affiliate to this one that's actually my Tool you could be an affiliate to this One just you know you just scroll to the Bottom most of them have affiliate Programs now once you have a few tools That you feel like promoting What you can do is you can pick out a Few of them so let's say you want to Pick out this one we'll just highlight It really quick so we can keep track of It let's say we want to pick out This one

This one And this one okay So there's four and again you can use Any random number and the reason why This is so cool is there is a trend Going on right now with short form Content that works extraordinarily well And I'm testing this with brand new Accounts I'm testing this with accounts That uh are not brand new that already Have somewhat of a following but it Doesn't matter this stuff I'm about to Share with you gets a ton of views and You can make a ton of money very quickly With this exact layout and so what we're Doing is we're taking a few tools like This right shine ranker GSA Squarespace Dial hawk right so what we're going to Do is we're going to open up our notepad We're going to keep track of those sites So we'll say this one copy it This one copy it And I'm doing a control c and a control V on the on a Windows control where it's A command C command V on Mac and by the Way the reason why I tell you the Shortcuts is one of the things that Really saves me a lot of time is Learning all the different shortcut keys On your keyboard or on my keyboard A lot of the time when I see other People do things online They're manually clicking on everything Right clicking copy if you're on the

Computer all the time 24 7 it really Helps to learn all the different Shortcut keys so one of the things I'd Recommend is if you have a few seconds Go look up you know Windows shortcut Keys Mac shortcut keys learn them They'll help you a lot they'll shave Seconds off your time but you know those Are going to add up if you're on the Computer all the time Anyway so we got these four different Tools or websites right so I'm going to Say one Two Three and four pretty simple right got That so far all right so what we're Going to do Is we're gonna go over to YouTube and I Want to show you a few videos that I've Been doing and and some other people That I know have been doing that Basically just list out websites so we Got this one this one this one these are All videos talking about let's say the Top websites this is one I did yesterday Actually and I'm going to tell you why This one's unique but let's go before we Go into that one let's get into let's Just do one of these we'll do this one So basically in the beginning of the Video I say these are the top websites That you can make money with or you know They use AI And I say just make sure when you find

Out about them you know don't tell Anybody right Then I say the truth that is that the More people who find out about these the Less they'll work So I'm just trying to like I don't know Play up the video make it more Interesting So then I talk about the first website What's the first website the list itself now the reason why I Do this Is because when people watch this video They're going to want the checklist of All of the different websites so what do They do they go to and They enter their email when they enter Their email they get put on my email List okay so now I have 241 email Subscribers say it's only 8 AM yesterday I think I got over close to 600 email Subscribers and the reason why this is Important is the general rule of thumb Is every email subscriber you get should Be worth around one to two dollars per Month and that might sound like a lot to You but it's not If you start building up a list of People that know who you are you're Going to earn more money more quickly so I have 75 000 people on my email list Now about two years ago I had zero about Three months ago I think I had 40 000 my List is almost doubled using the

Strategy that I'm about to share with You that I'm sharing with you right now I know people which I'll show you in a Second that got started building their Email list two weeks ago with this Strategy and they're over like 10 000 Right now So the way it works though is the reason Why email lists are so important is Because as you start to warm people up And they get to know who you are the More money you're going to start making For example part of the reason I do These videos like the one you're Watching right now is because I'm going To send it off to my email list there's A lot of new people there that don't Know who I am because they've watched That short form video and now they need To know oh Chase is a real person he Actually talks about how to make money The stuff he says makes sense I'm gonna Buy his course which by the way I have a Full course that goes through all this Stuff step by step at the price is going Up on that in the next couple days we'll Talk about that in a second Anyways What you're going to do is you're going To promote opt-ins now you might not Have a checklist like this well you Could build one or you could just Instead of telling people about a

Website that Goes directly to the website you could Send them to an opt-in first with Something called a redirect link or some Of the Affiliates that you promote will Actually let you download your email Signups so for example Jasper if you go To referrals here I'm not going to click On it because it's going to show the Emails but if I go to referrals here let Me download anybody that's tried out Jasper who signed up for an account and I can upload that to my email list so There's a bunch of different ways that You can do this but ideally when you're Doing these videos here where you're Talking about the top whatever websites Like this you can get a ton of people Signing up for your emails when you're Promoting your different websites now One of the things I actually do at the End that's pretty interesting that I Don't see a lot of people doing is I Actually tell them that there's a fifth Secret website that they can get well Look at this all these people are saying They're interested when I tell them hey Make sure you let me know that you're Interested at the end of the video and Then I can send them to my course that's My last website the course That I'm promoting Where I show everybody in that course How to basically automate their income

With the system we're talking about Right here so that's the method and what You can do is every single day you can Keep making videos like this now one Thing that you might find though is as You start to build these videos let's Say you're using Tick Tock you might Start getting banned and the reason why Based on my experiments because I've Been I've been doing probably five or Ten Tick Tock videos a day and then Reposting them on different YouTube Channels and Doing a ton of short form content What happened is I started realizing That the videos that were getting banned Were the ones that didn't have my face In them so I started doing Tick Tock Videos With just my face just like this Literally just this Me talking and they weren't getting Banned which is weird because before I Was doing videos of me talking With my face and then I would point to The screen it would get banned instantly Well now if I do videos like that they Don't get banned so I thought what if I Put a green screen behind me well I did This look this effect here with a green Screen behind me and guess what it Didn't get banned so there's something About having your face inside of the Tick tock videos that don't have make it

So that they don't get banned now I'm Going to actually be talking about this Inside of the AI profits course and There's a lot of really cool things in There and there's a lot of people who Watch my videos that are already in this Course so you'll probably be excited to Hear the different things that we're Adding in but one of the things Is the updates for all the different Experiments I've been running with Tick Tock so I have been running experiments building New accounts like I said Um and building up new YouTube accounts As well brand new accounts check this Out this one I just started Uh posting on and this video already got 480 views 1.6 000 views So you can do this with brand new Accounts I think that short form content Is one of the easiest ways to get Started I remember the guy I told you About earlier social T Pro this guy went From like zero subscribers to 400 000 Subscribers with the method that I'm Talking about today just talking about The top websites look at this 36 000 Views 28 000 views my friend Paul James He started taking what I was telling you About and look it he's getting I think He got over 3 000 subscribers yesterday And over ten thousand or sorry over 1 000 new email opt-ins just yesterday

Alone doing this strategy talking about The top websites for some reason there's Something going on with this whole top Website's Trend that you can post on new Accounts existing accounts Um Tick Tock accounts obviously there's Different things that you're going to Want to do there's little like secrets That you can uh do inside these videos That will help you get more attraction And I'll talk about those in the program But these videos are very simple to make And so what I would recommend is get in The program Go through the different step-by-step Videos the first part of the program Talks about you know how to get started What do you want to sell do you want to Sell your own products you want to sell Services I kind of break down what do You have to do to learn that stuff to Get started we talk about building an Opt-in we talk about this is the old Checklist by the way so the new one's Updated we talk about short form content And this is where I show you how to make The videos I show you how to remake my Videos if you want to make a remake them I show you how to edit my videos if you Want to just repost them I show you how To do all kinds of stuff We also show you how to do automation With contact forms and social media Bots And all that good stuff but

One of the other things we're going to Be adding which is really cool is we're Actually having a doctor come in and Start teaching some of the classes Inside a pro AI profits now you might be Thinking why the heck would you get a Doctor so one of the things I realized You know I started having people message Me and say chase you know I understand What you're talking about I I know what To do I just don't have the energy I don't Have the focus and so I thought well you Know one of the things that have really Helped me over the last few months is Hiring Somebody to help teach me about Nutrition about supplements about all The things that I need to do sleep Optimizing my health optimizing myself And it's really helped me get to the Next level And so I'm adding a few different things In there one is uh the doctor he's going To be teaching some classes he's going To also have some products in there that We can buy which are like supplements And different consultation type things I'm going to be I'm trying to get a uh Trainer as well a nutritionist inside of The program talk about nutrition working Out that kind of stuff because again is This program is going to be more than Just making money it's about how to feel

Better how to Um become better how to get to the next Level as a person and so right now the Price of the course I think is around 500 and something But the price of the course is going to End up being over a thousand dollars Guaranteed and so last thing you want to Do is wait to get into this program Because there's a ton of really really Cool stuff being in here add it in here There's already over 100 videos there's A community there's a Facebook group you Can interact with people you can ask Questions on the videos I try to answer All the questions and I try to help as Much as I can I've been building this Now for uh the last several months and I'm going to keep building it because I Really believe that this program is Going to help a ton of people and it Already is so if you're already in let Me know in the comments I'd love to hear From you if you're brand new here and You haven't subscribed yet let me know That you subscribe and I will respond to You but that's it um that's pretty much How the method works one of the last Bonuses I'll add in actually I'll save That for the program there is a really Really cool thing that I've been um Doing with these shorts but I I want to Say that for the program so That's it thanks for stopping by we'll

See the next one until then Happy money Making happy living we'll see you guys Bye

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