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There is a Multi-million dollar AI secret that the Rich do not want you to know about and In this video I'm going to be sharing With you what that secret is I'm going To show you what people are capitalizing On right now to make millions look at This one million dollar in the last 12 Months on my own account Now this is actually not that much money Compared to some of the big companies That are capitalizing on this right now In fact if you look at one of the Biggest AI resellers of chat GPT and Openai Jasper they are making millions And millions of dollars every single Month in fact they just got a billion Dollar valuation on their company Because they're capitalizing on what I'm About to share with you now again they Don't want you to know how this works Because the people that are truly Benefiting from this are the ones that Really understand what's going on and so If you're interested in staying up to Date with what's really happening what People are actually doing to make money With AI please reply with the word yes In the comments right now or if you're On our landing page just go ahead and Keep watching so I'm going to talk to You about what we're actually doing to Make money So how does this work basically what's

Happening is there's a few different Major Trends going on and this is kind Of similar to when Bitcoin started Blowing up AI is the biggest Trend one Of the biggest Trends on the internet Right now and it's because Technology is advancing so fast that we Can't keep up okay so there's tools Right now like this one Jasper that Utilizes for example an API which means That you can pull from the main Technology a company called open AI that Is co-owned by Elon Musk I think he Might have actually just sold it to Microsoft but if I type in I don't know Let's say make money online I can have Pretty much infinite content around this Topic and I can have Bots make videos For me they can make blog posts they can Do all this kind of crazy stuff right Which is awesome And that's why we've actually built a Checklist of tons of different AI tools Like this one that you can go access but I don't want you to get sidetracked with What's happening Because while this technology is amazing And is a great opportunity for you to Start earning money the bigger Opportunity that people aren't looking At First of all let's get past this capture Page that's the big struggle here right The big thing that people aren't looking

At is how much money you can actually Make with the technology itself not Utilizing it but selling it okay so I'll Give you an example if I go into Jasper Here and I look at their affiliate Program you can get 30 reoccurring Commissions just talking and selling This tool now let me show you The commissions I've got from this tool Four thousand nine hundred dollars and I Hardly talk about this tool right if I Go to payouts here Two thousand eight hundred two thousand Eight hundred two thousand eight hundred Right so so this is tens of thousands of Dollars in payments because this tool is One of the many tools that if you talk About this any of these tools you're Almost guaranteed I'm not going to say You are guaranteed because nothing's Guaranteed but you're almost guaranteed To make money talking about these Different things why because the trend And people don't realize that the bigger Money making thing is not the actual Thing itself it's this thing that Trends And so one of the things that people are Doing the reason why all these companies Are emerging so quickly is because the Trend is outrageous the amount of money You can make right now inside of this Trend inside of the topic AI is Absolutely insane okay okay and so just As an example Jasper or any of these

Other companies or even my own company Has made Millions talking about these Tools and creating products around the Tools it doesn't matter if it's a course That you create it doesn't matter if It's a tool that you create it doesn't Matter if you're reselling an affiliate Anything around this trend which is AI Is going to perform extraordinarily well And it's because we have massive massive People talking about These Technologies like let's say Joe Rogan he had a whole podcast on chat GPT And Ai and so because these huge people Or these huge celebrities are talking About this trend AI It's making everybody aware that they Should probably go and check it out and So it's easy to write a trend It's hard To try to make money when nobody's Paying attention to the thing that You're talking about so when I was Talking about SEO back in the day when I Was first started this channel I used to Have a bunch of videos around search Engine optimization nobody knew knew What that was But everybody knows what the AI Trend Looks like right now so how do you make Money with this well I'll show you so You take advantage of what's trending And then you also take advantage of what Algorithmically gets the most views

Right now and algorithmically if you Want to get a ton of views in traffic You do short form content so I'll give You some examples if I go over to let's Say YouTube here and I type in AI or Make money with AI And I go look at the last Whatever four minutes or under four Minutes I look at the last videos that Have been posted look at this 33 000 Views 25 000 views 85 000 views 176 000 Views right And this is just on YouTube shorts and So for a 15 second video that anybody Can make Think about the amount of traction that You can get just by replicating a trend That's already working we're seeing People with brand new accounts right There's this one guy his name's Austin Armstrong He's taking advantage of a similar Trend It's around AI websites So hard to find this guy I can never Find him But this guy went from zero to over 500 000 subscribers in just a few months Because he started capitalizing on what Let me actually show you up his most Popular video So top five useful websites and I Believe some of them these are around AI Let's see if this is it oh this one's Feels these ones uh are around the

Websites that feel legal no but look at This top five new AI websites 828 000 views okay and so how does that work How does that translate to money because You're like okay well I can see how Getting views and capitalizing on a Trend could make me a lot of money but How how do I actually earn the money and What you do is you take the trend you Build views and then you forward those Views into a list okay so let me show You this my email list right now Has about what 2 000 new email subscribers a day and so What does that mean it means that every Single day I'm getting people that want To learn about the thing that I'm Talking about okay so how does that work So let me give you an example let's say I create a video about the top five AI Websites on the internet kind of like Austin top five AI websites right Now one of those websites can be my Website right so let's say number one is Go to right just like How I showed you earlier you can go to Scary toolbots you can go grab all the Tools you can go join our Facebook group But the real thing that I'm paying Attention to is getting traffic with the Actual topic right with the with the Short form content It's like this I'm doing the short form Video and then I'm sending people to

Where To the list now when they go to the list They have to what enter their email when They enter their email it goes into my List now each one of these emails is Worth around one dollar per month so if You get 2 000 new emails a day how much Money are you making per month off these Emails well if I get an extra what 60 000 emails this month I'm making an Extra sixty thousand dollars and you Might think that that's insane but it's Not I have been growing at certain such An accelerated rate that it's Insane how much more money I'm making in Fact when I started implementing this Last year I can actually show you my uh My growth let me actually show you this I started implementing this last year And I went from four hundred thousand Dollars in my business To over 1.6 million dollars last year now let me Show you this I'm going to show you my Entire stripe account because I like to Be as transparent as possible look at I Wasn't making that much money look at Twelve thousand days seven oh that was a Good day fifty thousand okay now look Over here look at some of the days I'm Having now hunt or day sorry months 138 000 128 000 and these this is just my Stripe account okay This isn't including my PayPal account

And all of my affiliate accounts as well This month is close to 300 000 this Month just using this method Let me show you My email list And you can see the same Trend here Because again I'd like to show you in a Transparent way as much as possible how This works And sometimes these take a second to Load but look at this back here Not many emails 20 emails a day 10 Emails you know 30 emails now look over Here Thousands of emails a day I'm on track To start getting four or five thousand New emails a day because why because I'm Taking short Forum content I'm Replicating whatever the trend is it Doesn't matter if it's AI doesn't matter If it's Bitcoin doesn't matter if it's Freaking real estate it's whatever People are talking about and then we're Using technology that we can promote and Sell okay so again how does this work Let's just break it down again we're Taking short form content and we're Let's say talking about the top five AI Websites right We're driving people to an opt-in like This then what we're doing is we're Taking that opt-in the person that opted In we're talking about different tools That they can utilize now can you use AI

To help automate what you're doing of Course ai's incredible Right you can use AI like this Tool The Jasper tool to write out your Tick Tock Videos for you if you want you can use It to you know write uh 10 titles 10 Titles for you know Tick Tock hooks Around making money there's so many Things that you can do but again the Real money is not in the thing itself Obviously you can make money and you can Help automate what you're doing but the Real money is actually diving into a Topic That's trending capitalizing on it right Using short form content because that's What's getting a ton of views right now Sending people into an email list and Then showing them how these tools can Benefit What them right so if they're opting Into your email list and they're like oh I want to learn more about this tool or I want to learn more about this tool all You have to do is build the email list And then send them videos showing them How these tools can benefit them okay And so it does not matter what you sell You can sell this tool you can sell your Own tool you could sell a service and There's so many other things that go Into this by the way it's not just that You start sending traffic to something And you start making money there are

Different things that you're going to Want to do you're going to want to set Up landing pages you're going to want to Set up email sequences you are going to Want to automate what you do because if You don't you're going to be doing Everything yourself like I have a lot of Stuff going on on the back end you know I have people that I hire I have teams That fulfill things I have a support Team that answers all my emails I have Classes that I run There's a ton of stuff that I do on the Back end now I can't show you everything that I'm Doing on the back end in this video okay I mean theoretically I could but it Would take me a very long time and so What we actually have is if you click Over here on this checklist we have a Boot camp called chat gbt riches where We show you how to utilize short form Content How to utilize the trend of AI how to Utilize checklists like this and build Your list and how to leverage AI to make A ton of money and if you don't want to Join in let's say you don't have the Money to join in yet that's fine follow Along inside our Facebook group our Facebook group is blowing up right now And I will leave a link in the Description of this video or you can Just go to the checklist and click on

Facebook group here but we have a ton of People in here that are using different AI methods and different things around AI that are making money okay So I encourage you to get into the Facebook group but if you want to join Our full boot camp which in the boot Camp what we do is we basically take you Through step by step what you need to do To earn money with AI and with what We're using we're actually showing you In real time we're scaling our own Business and then in the classes we're Showing you what we're doing to scale Okay so we're teaching you how we do Everything that we do to make millions Now remember if you're not interested in Joining you don't have the money you Don't want to buy in no worries you can Still learn just by watching these Videos and participating in the group But this is a massive opportunity this Is one of the biggest Trends on the Internet right now and we're Capitalizing on it and seeing a ton of Growth and we're seeing a lot of our Students have growth as well and so if You want to be a part of that you should Get in now so that's it for today if you Like the video again let me know by Replying with yes in the comments or Just go and grab the new program so We'll see you soon till then Happy money Making see you guys bye

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