The BEST High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Daily Sales! (2023)

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In this video I'm going to share with You the best high ticket affiliate Marketing strategy for daily sales in 2023 now what we're going to get into is First off how to choose the right Niche There's a lot of different niches out There maybe you've heard the saying the Riches are in the niches this is Absolutely true you want to be a Specialist not a generalist and I'm Going to share with you how to choose The right Niche to get started I'm then Going to share with you how to find some High paying affiliate programs to Promote online because the reason you Want to promote high paying is if it's a Higher paying or high ticket affiliate Program you need way less sales to hit Your income goal so if you have an Income goal of let's say ten thousand Dollars a month and you're promoting a Product that pays you two thousand Dollar commissions you only need five Referrals a month to hit that goal which Can be incredibly simple with the right Strategies I'm then going to share with You some killer tips to create content To attract process respects to you I'm Not going to be teaching you how to go Out there and bother your friends and Family how to turn people off how to be Very salesy and pitchy I'm going to Share with you how to literally become The hunted rather than the hunter I'm

Going to share with you how to get People desperately wanting to join you Desperately wanting to get your join Link so they can buy whatever program You're promoting I'm then going to share With you some powerful ways to drive Traffic so traffic is the lifeblood of Your business I'm going to share with You how to get targeted people rushing To your link credit card in hand Virtually you know begging you to buy And actually get that working for you And then I'm going to share with you how To track and optimize to scale fast so Once you start doing all these steps Then how can you look at the data look At what's working what's maybe not Working and scale so you can start to Hit those income goals even faster now Also be sure you stay to the very end of The video because you're even gonna Discover how to do all of this without Having to show your face online or even Having to have an audience previously so Stay tuned because you do not want to Miss this also be sure to click the link Below to get my four day affiliate Marketing crash course and find out how To personally partner with our team Inside my number one instant paying Affiliate program at the link below so Without further Ado let's dive into the Very first step so the very first step Is how to choose a niche so first off

You want to start by choosing a niche or Niche that you're passionate about and That has a high potential for affiliate Commissions so if you're gonna really Focus on this long term you want to Create a long-term Freedom business for You and your family you want to choose a Niche or Niche that you're interested in Something that you can really Consistently put out content with so Here's some strategies right here here's Some tips I would highly recommend you Think about starting in the health Wealth or relationships niches right the Reason being is these are evergreen a Lot of people they want to go out there And they want to do a niche that is like A fad right it's something that's very Popular right now they want to jump on That Trend the problem is if you start Posting content Facebook posts maybe you Want to create your own videos the Problem is that trend is gonna die off Eventually so you're maybe gonna make Some money in the short term but you're Gonna have to constantly be going Through the struggle of producing more Content but if you focus on health Wealth or relationships these categories Of types of products you can find are Always relevant people always want to Improve their health they always want to Improve their wealth and they always Want to get better at relationships so

These are going to be a long-term viable Solution that you can focus on in doing That now you can also Niche down you can Be more specific so rather than just Doing Health you could do keto or you Could do building muscle you know wealth You could do to trading Forex or saving Money things like that okay so you can Drill down so there's less competition But these are three categories that I Highly recommend you start with Okay so Let's say that you've chosen making Money online as the niche you want to Start with well now how do you find good Affiliate programs inside of that Niche Well first off I highly recommend you Look for affiliate programs that offer Products or services that are relevant To your Niche right so you don't want to Just find some random affiliate programs You want to find them that are tailored And consistent to the brand to the Message to the niche that you've started To create content around okay so again If it's relationships you want to look For affiliate programs that are in the Relationship Niche I highly recommend You also consider the compensation plan So what is the structure of commissions That you're going to be able to earn When you make a sale and referral with That affiliate program because they're Not all created equal a lot of affiliate Programs out there pay you a very slow

Time period so for example you go out There you make a sale and you have to Wait 30 days to receive your money well If you have bills if you want to scale Your business if you want to you know Buy whatever you want and you have to Wait a long time to receive the money That's not in your best interest so you Want to keep that in mind as well and You also want to make sure other people Are making sales with this program so You don't just want to again choose some Random thing you want to think about it And look at other affiliate marketers Are other people promoting this because If they are chances are you can promote And also make money you don't want to Promote something that doesn't have a Lot of people promoting it now you may Think well I don't want to promote Something because of a competition Competition is actually a great thing And this shows you there's interest in That program now one place you can go to Find affiliate products in many Different niches is okay ClickBank very easy to sign up you would Go start here and you can go ahead and Sign up fill out your your information And then once you're inside your back Office they have many different niches Now ClickBank does tend to pay you Pretty slowly and you have to give away A portion of the money to the product

Creator so you definitely want to keep That in mind it's not my favorite place But it's a good place to get started Jvzoo okay this is another affiliate Platform typically with more software Type products now this is mainly also in The make money online Niche jv's is okay But again the payouts can be slow that's Why I'm going to include the link Directly below you can actually see my Number one affiliate program it actually Pays you instantly so when you make a Referral you get that money right away And you can scale and do whatever you Want with it so now that you've found a Niche you want to go into you've found An affiliate program that you want to Promote inside of that Niche the next Step is you want to start creating Content solving your Market's problems So what you basically want to do is you Want to create high quality content that Promotes the products or Services you're An affiliate for so this is going to Really come down to what program or Product you're promoting so for example If you're in the make money online Niche And the program teaches people how to Become a successful affiliate marketer For example then what you can do is you Can post content in the form of articles In the form of videos that give people Tips that give people training around That topic because this is going to

Start to attract your ideal market then What you want to do is again understand That this like I said can include blog Posts videos social media posts anywhere There's potentially your target market You can start to post content and what's Going to happen is people are going to Come to see this content they're going To come to see you as an authority and Someone that they know like and Trust so This is building again confidence in Your audience that you're someone that Can actually help them which is very Very crucial now I want to share with You real quick some examples so this is Tick Tock now I created a tick tock Account I am in the affiliate marketing The make money online Niche and you can See these videos you know this one right Here got close to 1 million views and It's a very simple just 15 second video And I basically just talk about positive Affirmations in the form of manifesting Money now I know a lot of my audience That people that want to make money Online that are interested in affiliate Marketing are also interested in the Law Of Attraction positive affirmations Things like this so I knew this video Would start to attract viewers that were Interested and then ultimately I can Recommend them products now you can see This one right here make four thousand Dollars just using your voice so this

One got over 200 000 views it's about 30 Seconds long and I just give value I Just share basically a way to make money Online so I'm giving value again this is Attracting my target market and then Again I can go ahead and promote vote my Product okay so Tick Tock is a fantastic Place but if you don't want to show your Face one great place is Pinterest so you Know I've used Pinterest right here you Can see I get over 3 000 monthly views On my Pinterest profile and I barely use Pinterest and you can see that most of This is not even me okay it's just pins It's different you know videos Tick Tock Videos that I've uploaded and you can See that you know I'm still getting 672 Views on this one 632 views so Pinterest Is an incredible place if you don't want To show your face where you can start to Post relevant content to your Niche to Start to attract your ideal prospects so Now once you're starting to post high Quality content on different platforms The next step is you want to drive Consistent traffic to your affiliate Link because this is really the goal Okay we're going to be solving people's Problems in the form of content but we Want to ultimately lead them to buy a Product through us right so we're Sharing almost a tease almost a preview A sample of what's to come and once we Do that we can go ahead and start to

Link them so you can use various traffic Generation techniques there's many Under The Sun you know such as SEO search Engine optimization there's social media And even paid advertising to start to Drive con traffic to your content So Paid advertising you can do solo ads you Can run Bing ads pretty much every Social media platform is going to have a Form of paid ads YouTube has YouTube ads Google has Google ads so you can start To do that as well if you have a little Bit of extra money Then inside your content and this is Really crucial this is how you're going To start to make money inside your Content you want to give calls to action For people to check out the product You're promoting now you'll notice that I practice what I preach okay inside of My videos I'm constantly giving calls to Action for people to click the link Below and in fact as they're watching This video right now I highly recommend If you want to discover my number one High paying affiliate program if you Want to discover how to start driving Traffic to your links click the link Under this video and check out my number One recommendation so that right there Is an example of a call to action in a Form of content which is this very video That you're watching right now so you Know this stuff works the very fact that

You're going to go to the link after This video proves that what I'm teaching Works right so you want to do that as Well so again going back to Pinterest One way you can do this is you can have Your affiliate link or your funnel link If you have a funnel which I highly Recommend you send people to a funnel That captures the person's contact Information follows up before you send Them your affiliate link you want to put That in your bio if you're promoting on Instagram you want to put your link in Your bio you always want to put in your Bio even on Tick Tock if I go to my Tick Tock profile you're going to be able to See that my link is in my bio and inside My content what I do is I give value and Then I tell people to go to the link in My bio to learn more so you're always Directing people back to the link in Your bio which is going to be able to Refer people to the affiliate program You've chosen in one of the first steps I covered and also what I highly Recommend you do is you start to track And then optimize using the data that You're you're generating okay so what You can do is you can use analytic tools To track your affiliate commissions and Optimize so rather than just sending People directly to the same link on Every single social media platform you Promote you want to differentiate the

Links so you can see what's working So for example so for example if you go To a website called you can Actually shorten links and you can Create different links for every single Place you want to promote your affiliate Link okay so let's say for example once You log into this is my Affiliate link and I want to promote on Pinterest but I also want to promote on Tick Tock what I can do is I can go to Create new and then I can do link and Then I just put the destination with my Affiliate link title okay so this would Be for you to know I could say Pinterest And then I can just go ahead and you Know do Pinterest Garrett okay because That's my name you could put your name In there and then just go to create There's going to be a button on the Bottom right and then boom Pinterest Garrett okay so this is the link and Then if I go to that link what's going To happen is people will get redirected To my affiliate link but I'll be able to See how many clicks so you can see this One right here got two clicks I'll be Able to see how many clicks and Ultimately the one that's getting the Most clicks is typically getting the Most traffic so if you start to see Pinterest you know your name is getting 50 clicks and then Instagram your name Is only getting you know five clicks

Then put more effort into Pinterest and Then once you see what's working you can Start to put more of your eggs into that Basket right scaling up and getting even More results now another tip for you is You can analyze what type of social Media posts are giving you the most Engagement in traffic as well so let's Say you're promoting on Facebook you can Look after a week or so and see which Posts are giving you the most likes and Then all you have to do is start to do More of those types of posts okay so if You see maybe a photo type of post it's Giving you you know a hundred likes and Then a post just with text is giving you 50 likes then maybe start to add more Photos into your  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and again With some platforms you can even track Conversions so you can start to see what Traffic is bringing the most conversions To focus more on that one so again if You start to see that face Facebook is Giving you tons of sales and Instagram's Only giving you a few sales put more Effort on the Facebook and then you can Start to scale and get even more results So I really hope you enjoyed learning This High ticket affiliate marketing Strategy if you did be sure to like Comment and subscribe for more training Just like this I have way more High Ticket affiliate marketing training that I'm going to be covering in the next few

Weeks you definitely want to stay Notified last but not least also go down Below get my four day crash course and Learn how to have the chance to partner With our team in my number one affiliate Program below you're going to discover Exactly how to get paid instant Commissions up to thousands of dollars So you really really want to check that Out as well anyway my friend thanks so Much for watching and I will see you on My next video [Music] Foreign

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