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The one minute timer started I already Click on this button I will select Online trainings for example click on Next select a template I will enter my Name and my company is about providing Educational Services On next I provide Python programming Service From engineering and SEO service for Example click on next my email address My phone number and my company address Click on next finalize Now just wait few seconds And here is my full website in less than One minute of course you can change Everything images text whatever you want And also the power of AI in this video I Will show you how to create websites in One minute how to edit them images are Text using some more AI tools to help You build websites as fast as possible Then I will show you how to turn this Skill into an online business and build An income stream with what you will Learn today so let's start with part one And see how we can build websites in Less than one minute simply go to 10 Web.io this awesome service and click on Get started for free sign up and then go To your dashboard here is my dashboard In your case it will be empty here I'm Running almost all my websites it's an Awesome service by the way and simply Now click on create a website select

Single website enter your site title Let's say Hassan's website selective data center I Will keep it us select the sub domain Anything you want we'll change this Later and then enter a username and Password For your admin dashboard click on create Now 10 web will create a blank WordPress Website for you so you can create it With the power of artificial Intelligence AI so here's my new blank Website if I open it now you will see It's a simple WordPress website now Let's see and do some magic click on Manage and then go here to the AI Builder section click on enable and now Simply click on this generate magic Button click on got it and now enter Your business style you will have a list Of different business types here so make Sure to select the one that fits you Let's say I am in the Consulting field I Want to create a Consulting website Click on next now what's my website name Or my name I will Enter my name and now it will ask you a Brief description of your website or of Myself in my case because it is a Consulting website so depending on your Website structure or website type it Will ask you to enter a description so I Will say I'm an online instructor In the digital one minute later

Experience the description is very Important what you were right here will Decide on your images your text and Everything that will be generated so Make sure to write this clearly and State what you want exactly One eternity later forces for example I Click on next now what skill do I have Python programming Formed engineering And digital  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing click on next what service I Will provide Python scripts Ai and Machine learning And Technical Digital  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing for example click on Next I will enter my email [Applause] You can enter your phone number the Company address I will skip this for now Click on next was a tone of the content It's informal or formal I would say it's Formal content and click on finalize and Now just wait for a couple of seconds Maybe one minute for 10 web to create The website for you it's that simple and Congratulations we are done let's see Our website what's nice about penweb It's automatically integrated also with Elementor so you can edit your website Super easily so I want to change this

Image my image I click on it simply Choose an image upload files and let's Select my image click select and here we Are I will update let's go here and Click on my website to visit it and you Can see this is my website the menu the Call to action button the hero section About Me section what service I'm Providing you can see here where Experience my portfolio clients Testimonials contacts for everything and This home page you can go to the about Page section it's also Auto generated For you with AI change the images if you Want the portfolio section you can see Here images what you are doing and the Contact us page so in minutes we have This full websites ready for you or for Your clients as you will see later in This video so let's say you want to Change the logo you can click on edit Header here and then click on the logo And simply choose on their logo it's That simple Also let's select something Like let's say this one click on select And here we are we have a new logo and You can go to the menu screen inside Your WordPress dashboard and you can Edit whatever you want it is a website Polled by WordPress and if you know Press it's super simple you can change The menus appearance customize add Plugins whatever you want from your Dashboard so what if you want to change

Some text here like this text here or About Me section and so on and and you Want these sections to be powered also By AI to get the help of AI to generate These texts of course you can go here to The charge GPT if you want and ask to Generate your content but what's nice About 10 web it has the AI assistant Dashboard so you can use all these tools Within your account within your Dashboard let's say you want to create a Website sub headline simply enter the Product name product description what You are selling let's say I am selling An online course like python or Marketers by the way it's coming soon so Let's enter a plug description Learn Level the power Python and  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and let's click on Generate and we'll show you some Headlines or sub headlines you can use In your website so what's nice about This writing assistant all these tools Built in you can create whatever you Want just copy and then paste inside Your website so click on edit page here And now you can send pictures whatever You want you can write For example Subscribe to my channel and enjoy add Free content so in this way you can Create a website and use these powerful AI tools within 10 web of course a lot

Of other features like the 100 page Speed score that is also powered by AI Automatically you get this awesome high Speed score you can see a lot of awesome Features Cloud velocity and image Optimizer a lot of things and if you Want to point your domain click on point Domain here and add your domain name and Simply copy the IP address from the Credential section and configure the DNS Settings okay that's enough for creating Websites and using AI tools let's now See how we can build a business an Income stream with this service or skill We can see in my dashboard I have my Website and some of my clients websites Like this one and this one so the idea Is simple mainly we have two methods to Make money online to build an online Business with this skill number one is Simply be freelancing a great WordPress Website great landing pages and deliver A super fast service with the power of AI and the power of this awesome Platform 10 web the second way that I Prefer is what I call a drop hosting Business it's like a full automated Online business where you are going to Target clients like lawyers doctors Small businesses in your area in your Country and create websites for them and Create a package a service package of What I call the Beyond customer package Gig explain the freelancing video last

Week so you can see here inside 10 web We are delivering a lot of services like Super speed websites like AI Builders Like image optimization CDN free SSL lot Of backups SEO out of things in one Package so it's an awesome example of What we call the Beyond customer package Gig that I believe is the key to success As a freelancer online but if you Combine this with what we call drop Hosting business you can build a stable Income stream and automated income Stream I explained this in detail about A drop hosting business in this video Here if you didn't check it yet go watch It now maybe this idea can help you Start a business this month if you have Any questions I'll be waiting for you in The comment section below see you soon

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