The Biggest Reason Most People Fail at Making $100,000 Per Month Online

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What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today I want to talk about the Biggest reason most people fail at Making over a hundred thousand dollars Per month online now this is how much Money I generally make in a month I'm Not saying that to brag I'm saying that Because I want you to know that it's Possible I have gone from making Literally nothing a few years ago living In a garage to making hundreds of Thousands of dollars and again I'm not Trying to tell you this so that I can Tell you how great I am I want to show You that anybody can do this if you're Starting out if you have no idea what You're doing you can do the same thing But you have to be willing to do some of The stuff that I'm going to talk about Today and this video is going to be a Little bit different because normally What we do in these videos is I we kind Of give you like a step-by-step this is Not going to be a step-by-step this is Just going to be straight up Truth on what I had to do and what You're probably going to have to do if You want to start making money online Now the biggest thing that I think People mess up on when getting started Or even when they're already started Because you can get into this mindset at Any point and it happens to me too which Is not willing to take chances

It's so easy to look at what other People are doing and say oh my God That's impossible I don't want to do That or I can't do that and the truth is You can pretty much do whatever you want As long as you're willing to take the Chance and for me like I I don't know What it is it's almost like the more Comfortable I become the less willing I am of to Take chances and so like the more money I make it's funny there's almost like This trend of when I start to make a lot Of money Or more money than I'm used to I start to get a downward Trend Afterwards because I stop taking chances I stop I start becoming comfortable and Like you can even see recently I Actually had a huge burnout over here Uh where I went from making like 200 000 185 000 all the way down to like 80 and Then even this month is like only at 20 It might even be like a sixty thousand Dollar month which you know you might be Saying well that's still a lot of money Which it is but A lot of the reason why I'm not like Having a continuous upward trend is Because I'll start making a lot of money And then I'm like okay you know things Are pretty easy now I'm gonna just chill Out right Um I don't want to have to do the stuff

That makes me uncomfortable I don't want To have to learn how to improve I don't Want to have to become a better person I Don't want to have to like all these Things right And so If you're sitting there and you're Thinking to yourself wow I really would Like to make a bunch of money but I just Don't want to do videos or I just really Don't want to do whatever the thing is That I have to do I don't want to have To figure something out I don't want to Have to whatever it is Chances are you're just a couple Decisions away from getting started and Earning money if you just take a chance And stay consistent at it and we're Going to talk about that in a second as Well but if you're not willing to stay Consistent It's going to be very very difficult for You to get results okay And the reason why most people aren't Willing to be remain consistent is Because they're trying to be perfect and They're trying to do everything correct And so for me like I always like want to Do Better than my best and the truth is You're never going to do better than Your best because the best you can do is The best you can do And most of the time

What's going to happen is you're not Going to understand what you have to do Until you stay consistent and what I Mean by that is like It's usually a month or two months out Of being consistent before You start to go oh my gosh this is what I need to do And one of the ways that that you can Stay consistent one of the ways that Will make it easier for you to be Consistent is to make a list and so if You make a list and you go okay I need To do this right I need to do this And you commit to doing it right like It's so easy to make a list of the Things that you need to do it's so hard To commit and actually do those things Right so like for me I know I need to do Like for example this is just a small List right I need to do one long form Video like this per day I need to do a Short video per day I need to do a Couple emails per day the list is Actually pretty simple right It only takes if you think about it from A Time perspective it only takes me like 10 20 minutes to do this it takes me Maybe a couple minutes to do this a Couple minutes to do the other thing as From a Time investment standpoint and I'm sure this is for you as well It would probably take you I don't know 30 minutes to an hour a day right

To do whatever the thing is that you Need to do in order to improve your life Like tremendously The problem is those 30 to 60 Minutes Are extremely like painful and the Reason why they're painful is because You're worried or at least I get worried About not doing it perfect or not Not having everybody like me or not Being seen in a way that I want to be Seen right And so like even with this video I want To I want people to perceive me a Certain way right I want to be perceived As somebody that's super successful Never has any problems never uh you know I don't know never cares about what Other people think but it's not true and It's crazy how much I get people Commenting Both positive and negative but also you Know negative saying chase you know you Don't make that much money you don't Know how to do this you don't know how To do that and so when you have that Type of feedback sometimes it's hard to Take a chance to do something new to be Consistent to do what you believe in Right and even if you don't believe in It like it's just hard to do things in General when other people are watching But Again like nobody expects you to be Perfect nobody expects you to

Um do everything correctly but They do expect you to do what's going to Make you grow and a lot of the time the Thing that's going to make you grow Again is going to be taking chances Remaining consistent and not worrying About failing and and what does that Mean so Most people they'll take a chance right Let's say they do a video like this one They'll do a long form video They'll do maybe a couple let's say they They stay consistent for a couple days And then what's going to happen is Somebody's gonna comment on their video Or they're gonna you know say something Wrong or it's gonna come off weird and They're gonna go okay well I just need To give up And uh and it's so easy to do that Because It's so easy to make mistakes right And Mistakes are just part of the process Right like if you start being consistent Let's say I don't know learning how to Do a backflip and you've never done a Backflip before and you fail a bunch at It right like you land on your back you Land on your neck I don't know You could just give up right but the Thing is is that you're gonna start Learning about how to not do it and The only way to get through it is by

Getting through it the more use you fail At the thing the easier it is going to Be to succeed at the thing and you might Even be surprised how good you are at The thing if you just start purposely Trying to fail at it right I have um an Example of this I'm helping this guy Who wants to uh He wants to get more traffic for his Business he's actually a doctor And he's asking me Chase you know how do I do the video Perfect how do I you know Get the perfect landing page how do I Make the perfect email And I told him I'm like look First of all you have to just get Started you have to start with the first Thing but second of all you're probably Going to fail like pretty hard when you First when you first start like your First video is gonna suck Um And you kind of just have to expect that Right you have to kind of just say hey I'm just going to do this anyways right Like I'm gonna expect to not do Perfectly and I'm gonna still do it Anyways And so if you're sitting there and You're again you're listening to this Video and you're like Well I you know I'm scared about I'm Scared about doing a tick tock I'm Scared about doing whatever because it's

Gonna suck Make it suck go in there and purposely Do bad But take action because if you take Action You're going to be that much closer to Doing what you need to be doing long Term and start getting the results that You want you want to get like I'm Telling you the bar is set so low like One of the tips I should have put in Here right here is like not realizing How low the bar is set And and by the bar I mean like most People who get started Let's say three months Or they get started right now and they And they go for three months doing Something like a video a day a short you Know a tick tock video a day a video Like this per day It would be almost impossible Unless you're like really really Um not getting it It would be almost impossible to not be Successful at it if you stayed Consistent Um if you just committed to like three To six months of doing it every single Day And like you can't Expect it to happen instantly So we talked about scared make mistakes Um maybe we're being worried that you're

Not going to help others Uh trying to be unique so I think this is one of the big ones for Me and I'm sure it is for a lot of People which is like I'm worried that I'm not gonna be valuable enough or like You know some sort of imposter syndrome Like who am I to say like it's funny Because I've I've made a good amount of Money online right like 100 100 000 or 200 000 in a month Is actually more than this with with PayPal I think it was like 300 000 you Would think I could say hey this is how You make money online and feel confident About it But even like making that amount of Money I I think to myself it's not Enough you know I didn't make enough Money to be able to tell people what to You know how they can do it Um and so there's always going to be That feeling of I I don't know enough I'm not enough I I'm not in the position where I should Be able to help people And so I think the thing that always Helps me is like try to help somebody That's doing worse than you don't worry About Trying to convince people of anything Like you don't have to say hey I made Two hundred thousand dollars and so you Know I'm qualified instead just say hey

Look I made a I made some money or I did This and I think that I could help Somebody that might be in a worse Position than me And so like that's part of the reason Why I'm making this video because like Most of the time The biggest issue that people have it's Not even like that they can't earn money It's not that they can't figure it out It's not that they can't do it It's that they're so worried about these Different things right that it prevents Them from actually helping others Because they're so stuck in their head And like I'm telling you it happens to Me too like it's crazy when I first Started like I was Fearless I wasn't Making any money I was literally living In a garage if you look at my older Videos you see a garage door in the Background I was fearless and I was Telling people they could live their Dreams sitting in a garage And It's almost like now having made this Amount of money online and like doing a Bunch of cool stuff and doing all the Things that I told other people they Could do I almost feel more scared now to give Advice than I did before and I almost Wonder if it's because I have more attention now and more

People are are looking at me and that Kind of thing and I think it's easy to Um To give up or or not do things because Of fear right fear of what other people Think fear of not being perfect fear of Doing things incorrectly And so it doesn't matter what level You're at it doesn't matter if you're Making a dollar online does it make it Matter if you're making hundreds of Thousands of dollars online millions of Dollars what matters is that you don't Give up and that you don't give in to The fear And you don't like this is another one That I fall into all the time as well is Like trying to be unique a unique copy Of what other people are doing because You're going to see that other people Are doing things that works really well Right like oh this person's doing Bitcoin so I'm gonna do Bitcoin or this Person's doing AI so I'm going to do AI I would focus on doing what you actually Care about instead of just trying to Like Go and copy what other people are doing Because it works and so I'm not saying Don't use like other people as an Example or like a metric or a gauge of What you could do to be successful but What I am saying is like if you don't Truly feel passionate about the thing if

You're just doing it because you see Other people doing it and you're just Trying to copy what works just because You want to make money It's most the time it's not going to Last and that's been my issue too is Like and this is something that I've Really struggled with recently which is Like The more you become successful the more You start to find something that works The more momentum you get the easier it Is to fall into this trap because There's always a way for you to make More money but there isn't always a way For you to become a better person and Grow And What I mean by that it's it's hard to do Both at the same time if you're If you're just doing things for the sake Of money right like if you're just Saying well you know everybody's making Money doing this so I'm going to do that And I'm still gonna be a better person At the same time and and try to grow A lot of the time it's hard to stay true To yourself when you're just doing Things let's say for like an algorithm Or for like YouTube or for to get more Likes or to get more views right it's Hard to grow doing that and and I'm not Saying it's impossible you can Definitely do that like you can still

Grow and do what works and and copy the Trends that are working and that kind of Thing but I'm just saying that you have to be very Careful about falling into the track Trap of just being a replica of somebody Else online or or even in real life So getting sidetracked by shiny objects That's basically the same thing as what We're talking about right here which is Trying to be a you know a copy of Somebody else It's really easy to fall into You know getting Um Distracted right like there's so many Different things online right now that You can do there's so many different Opportunities and It's so easy to just say okay well I'm Gonna switch to this I'm going to switch To that you know this is working for This person And uh I think that you almost have to Have a core belief of what you want to Do and again that also comes down to Having a list of what you want to get Done right and and and and and saying to Yourself that you're going to stay Consistent with something Um But this is one of the hardest things For me personally and I know this is Probably one of the hardest things for

Most people it is very very difficult With how fast things move online Um To not get distracted by all the Different opportunities Uh not willing to admit imperfections so We already kind of talked about this not Willing to take chances not willing to Fail always trying to be perfect you Know pretty straightforward Um again I said this earlier but usually After you start taking the action and You start doing the thing over and over And over that's when you start to Understand what you actually have to do And so what I would recommend at least To myself is to Start doing something every day commit To it and eventually you you just start To understand what you have to do next Like I don't know how it works it's just Kind of like it's weird it's like the Universe just starts to unlock the thing That you have to do and I think it's Because you start to you you Become not scared of the thing that you Were originally scared of and so then You're you're able to think more about What you're actually supposed to do Instead of just doing the thing and so Once you do the thing that you're scared Of there's going to be another thing That you're going to be scared of right And so the idea is you want to get rid

Of the first thing that you're scared of So you can figure out what the next Thing is and the next thing is usually The thing that takes you to the next Level And then the lack of Greater purpose is Like again it's like just doing things For something that's arbitrary like Money or fame or views or likes or any Of that stuff it doesn't last It's never Enough it's a bottomless pit right no Matter how much money you make no matter No matter how many likes you get no Matter how many views you get It's a bottomless pit and this is Something that again like I struggle With all the time which is you know you Start to make money you start to get Results you you you you start with some Sort of passion or purpose and you kind Of lose sight of that and you get Sidetracked by The thing that you generate as the Result of the purpose right but ideally You start with the purpose you figure Out what really fuels you right because Ideally it this stuff is easy if you Have the purpose right Taking Chances is Easy if you believe in something staying Consistent is easy if you believe in Something Not giving up after failing is easy if You believe in something And so all of these things almost become

Irrelevant if you can just figure out The thing that you really really care About and so usually it has to be Something deeper like helping others or You know really Helping others and providing values one Of the greatest things that you can do And so if you can dig deeper and figure Out what that purpose is generally Uh it'll make all of this other stuff Easy so anyways again a little bit Different of a video Um I got kind of bored of making the same Here's how you make money with three Steps If this kind of stuff helps you let me Know but um yeah We'll see you very soon And um Until then Happy money making see you Guys bye

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