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Hey everyone on today's video I want to Show you how I made over a thousand Dollars last week using a brand new YouTube channel that I created where I'm Putting up only YouTube shorts and these YouTube shorts as you can see are Starting to get some really good views And subscribers and every bit of content On these videos I got from chat GPT and I'm going to walk you through and show You exactly how am I getting this Content the type of videos that I'm Creating and how I'm doing it using my Mobile phone and these types of channels Are getting millions of views on YouTube Not to mention that I'm driving this Traffic to affiliate links where I'm Collecting emails retargeting and I'm Going to show you how to create a very Simple opt-in page and where you're Going to find an offer and you can do This to make some serious money with Affiliate marketing with YouTube shorts Using chat GPT so if this is something That you're interested in make sure that You watch this in entire video because This is something that I'm doing right Now I'm going to show you proof on this Channel of how I'm doing it and all you Need to do is copy me and there's no Reason why you shouldn't get similar Results let's get into it so the first Thing that I'm going to do is show you The types of videos that are absolutely

Blowing up at the moment on YouTube and How people are creating these videos and How you're going to use chat GPT to Create these YouTube shorts so if you Come over to YouTube and you type in top Five useful websites or the most useful AI websites or anything to do with Useful websites and you scroll down You're going to find creators that are Putting up these videos and take a look At this they're getting millions of Reviews but you're probably thinking Ellen how do you monetize these YouTube Shorts that are going to make you Thousands of dollars I made over a Thousand dollars last week just on a Brand new YouTube channel why current Channel has made me tens of thousands of Dollars with the exact same strategy so If you you want to make this money make Sure you pay close attention so as you Scroll down you're going to see that There's a lot of people creating this Content and as you can see they're Getting hundreds of thousands of views Now with YouTube short you can get them Monetized but the CPM is so low that you Need to do affiliate marketing to make Some serious money and this is exactly What all these creators are doing Including myself so as you scroll down You're going to find a range of these Different types of videos so how do People create these videos well very

Simply I'm going to show you this Channel over here it's called Adam Digital and I'm also going to show you My channel as well and I'll show you the Name so you can follow me and you can Also go and take a look at all the Recent videos that I've created so you Know exactly what I'm talking about and You can literally copy exactly what I'm Doing just don't use my videos please You can copy what I'm doing but don't Actually take the videos themselves so When you take a look at this person's Channel you can see it's got 159 000 Subscribers he literally only puts up YouTube shorts and what's crazy about This if you take a look at most popular He's got videos that have over 3 million Views 2 million views 1.7 million views Etc and he uses an AI voice he shows his Face shows different types of websites But uses an AI voice server let me show You an example of one of his videos I'm Going to play this video very quickly Websites feel so illegal to know So quite simply he'll go through he'll Say you know here are top five websites Or websites that feel illegal to know Whatever is nice and catchy for people To keep watching then he'll grab his Mobile phone and he'll film these Different types of websites one of the Websites that he films is going to be an Offer that he is promoting and I'm going

To show you exactly how you can do that The best part is chat GPT is going to do All the hard work for you so what I want To do is show you exactly how you can Create one of these channels and exactly How I've created this channel over here Which I'm going to reveal to you in a Second and how I've made over a thousand Dollars and you can see I've only got One two three four five six seven eight Videos and I've got one scheduled to go Out in the next few hours and the best Part is these videos literally take me About an hour to create so what you want To do is you want to come over to chat GPT sign up and then what you want to Start doing is you want to start asking Chat GPT give me five websites as an Example give me five websites that I can Use to make money online or you can type In something like give me five eight of The newest AI websites that I can use For video editing or give me the new Five AI websites that I can do for Copywriting ETC and what's going to Happen is chat GPT is going to give you A list now this is the exact list that I've used to create some of my videos Now what I did here is all right give me Five websites I can use to make money Online daily and you can see here Basically it's got upwork It's got Fiverr Amazon on Mechanical Turk user Testing click worker Etc so it's already

Given me five websites that I can use to Create this video on now I'm going to Drop one of these websites and I'm gonna Promote a product and I'm going to Remove one of these websites it's up to You which one you want to do I'm going To show you exactly how you can do that Then what I did when I used these five I Scroll down and said give me another Five As you can see it's given me another one Rev Swag Box inboxdollar task rubber if You don't like some of these then you Can again you can say give me another Five what gets really interesting with Chad jpt If we scroll down over here you can see Here what I now did inside is I said can You give me another five that would be Good for teenagers so you gave me five Websites then I said can you give me Five more that are good for seeing you So you can see how you're starting to Create a range of different types of Videos and all you need to do now is Open up a a brand new page and just look At all these different websites open Them up one by one it even gives you Information about the websites which is Pretty cool and if you wanted more Information for example on Rover you can Just ask chat GPT can you give me more Information on Rover and how it works And it will literally give you this

Script that you can use on your videos Then what I did down here guys you can See I said can you give me five new AI Sites that can create short form content I mean take a look at this copy AI write Sonic shortly AI copysmith zero AI Rider Now what you're going to see is with This list you're going to notice some Similarities when you check out the Channel that I've created is I've used Most of these inside those videos so Basically what you do when you see these Five websites you want to open it up so For example you open up upwork you open Up Fiverr you open up uh Mechanical Turk You can see I've got user testing now I've only got four here because now what You want to do is you want to get a Product as your fifth website now you Can put it as your second third fourth Or fifth is entirely up to you but now You need a product to promote because What people are going to do is they're Going to look at these websites and then What you're going to do when you're Creating this video is you're going to Tell them with that particular website That you've got it linked in the Description of that video or you can Also pin it in the top of your comments So that people can click onto it and go To that website if they purchase that Product you're going to make money with Affiliate marketing now in order to get

A product what you want to do is you Want to come over to a website like and sign up for your free Account once you sign up it's going to Bring you over to a page that looks like This now from here you can see you've Got this affiliate Marketplace just Click onto Marketplace scroll down here Click on to all and this is where you Can find a range of different products Now the types of products that I'm Promoting obviously in affiliate Marketing make money online space so you Can quite simply come over here and Click onto E-Business and e-marketing From there if you come here to sort by Results you can click onto this scroll Down and click on to gravity high to low Because we want to promote a product That's converting really well now when You scroll down you can see here that You can use something like this get paid To use Facebook Twitter and YouTube and You can earn reoccurring commissions of Up to 39 okay now when you scroll down You've got other products like this one Over here live chat jobs can pay Anything up to fifty four dollars Another one over here paid online Writing jobs 94 so you can see how this Could tie in really well with you Promoting a range of different products Okay so what you'd quite simply do is You'd come over here and you would click

Onto this link what this is going to do Is it's going to open up a page that Looks like this now you can see here it Says here online social media jobs that Pay 25 to 50 per hour no experience Required okay so your fifth website once You're going through and you're filming These videos you know you tell them how They can make money on upwork you tell Them how they can make money on Fiverr How they can make money with Mechanical Turk how they can make money with user Testing and then what you'll do is you'd Say now you can come over to this Website that I've got Linked In My Description and this can make you Anything from 25 to 50 an hour and you Don't need any experience and then from There you're going to go into a little Bit more detail I'm going to show you Exactly how you can do that now once you Go and put that link in your description What you want to do is you want to be Collecting leads now in order to get That link what you want to do when You're on ClickBank you can see that you Can click on to promote once you click On to promote you click on to generate Hop link once you do that you can see That this is the link that you're going To need to in order to promote this Product so you want to quite simply copy That link now from here what we need to Do is we need to create an opt-in page

Now don't worry I'm going to show you Exactly what this video looks like and How I create it and exactly what type of Editing software that you can use Because myself I use a software called Camtasia now this is one of the videos That I created now you can see quite Simply I started off by just saying Something like so you want to make Anything from 100 to a thousand dollars A day so I'm just going to move this Over across and then I put but you're Not using these five websites and Something like I don't get it see it Creates a bit of scarcity creates a bit Of people wondering okay what are these Websites he doesn't get why I'm not Using them I need to figure out why I Need to use them and as you can see the First website is fobe then I'll go Through and then I'll talk about the Second website if we come over here the Second website is my own website that I've created so I've gone and bought a URL but inside that website is my own Products I was previously promoting Something else now I'm promoting my own Product but you can very easily do this With ClickBank offers as well I've done It many times and it works really well So I've decided on this video that I'm Going to use my product as number two Then we go over to number three so if we Come straight over to number three

Number three was clear voice as you can See then we move over number four if you See here is scribe and then number five Is user testing okay so you can see These are the exact types of videos now For yourself because I'm using Camtasia And Camtasia is a paid service you can Use something that's free and what you Can do is you can come over to this site Over here called now remember you are going To need your mobile phone for this Because ever everything I record is on My phone I record myself when I do the Introduction then what I do is I turn The camera to the back and then I just Record everything that I'm saying so I'll literally go through every single One of these pages and I will record Exactly what chat jpt tells me and I'll Also do a little bit of research myself Like I said it doesn't take me that long And then when I go to record the product That I'm promoting a lot of the time That's where I'm going to spend a lot More of my time so as an example when You're on ClickBank and you open up this Particular product it'll bring you over To this page so what you might do is you Might record this screen then what you Will do is you'd quite simply come over Here and you'll click on to start this Quiz once you click on to start this Quiz you may record the first page and

Say something like what type of job Would you potentially be looking for you Have the option of working from home or Working from an office but you've got to Make this very quick because like I said You've only got 60 seconds these are all YouTube shorts and when I reveal my Channel you'll be able to go through and See exactly how I do this so you click Onto this you may potentially want to Skip this or you may want to use this You can say look at all the different Platforms that you can work for so you Might select YouTube as an example then You can say you can anything from 100 to A thousand dollars per week so then you Can click onto this then what's going to Happen it's going to ask you what type Of device you want to work on you can Say if you only have your mobile phone You can use only your mobile phone so You'd click onto that now what this Site's going to do is it's going to find Us a product or it's going to find us a Service that we can use and take a look At this then you can record this you can Make as much as 175 dollars a day Posting posting YouTube comments okay so People are going to find this very very Interesting and I guarantee you this is Going to convert you're going to get People buying this if you follow this Strategy because a lot of these videos Can go viral very very quickly so all

You'd be doing is recording every single One of these Pages remember when you Show them their other four websites You've got to be really quick you can Use upwork to make money you can use Fiverr maybe give them a bit of an exam People make it anything from 10 to 15 Seconds no more than that and then move Over to your product now once you have Your own product now what you want to do Is you want to have an opt-in page you Want to make sure that you're collecting Email leads and in order to do that what You want to do is you want to come over To this site called I Personally use convertkit I'm collecting Leads every single day and the beauty of That is that you can then go and send Out email broadcasts and promote other Products to people that potentially have Not bought your initial product or they May even buy a second or a third product You just never know but it gives you the Opportunity to promote even more Products now once you come over to Convertkit I will have a link in my Description for you and once you sign up It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this what you want to do Is quite simply go to grow click on to Grow scroll down and click onto landing Pages it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this the beautiful Thing about convertkit guys and what I

Forgot to mention if I come over here And I click onto pricing is it's Actually free up to the first 1000 email Sign up so you can see it's free you've Got unlimited landing pages unlimited Forms unlimited broadcasting it is Absolutely amazing guys I didn't get Paid to promote this particular product Guys I I'm just an advocate of this Because this is something that I use and I've used it from day one and when You're a beginner you want something That's not going to cost you anything And once you have a thousand email Signups these email sign ups you can Literally promote to which is going to Cover the cost of once you start Actually moving up to anything from one Thousand to three thousand it starts Costing you every single month but by That stage you should be well on your Way to making some really good money so Once you get to this page guys you want To go to grow click onto landing pages And forms it's going to bring you over To a page like this and this is where You're going to create your opt-in page So you can scroll down and very easily Choose something like this if I click Onto this what's going to happen is it's Going to allow me to create a very Simple opt-in page now to create this Opt-in page you want to come back and You want to use all the resources that

You get from this page and this Particular product from ClickBank okay And this is exactly what I did this is Very easy to customize all you need to Click and delete and type okay and what I did just to save us some time is I Created a very simple landing page that Looks like this so when people click on To the link that you're going to put in The description of your videos it's Going to look like something like this Online social media jobs that pay you 25 To 50 per hour no experience required Work from home get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube take a one minute Quiz enter your email to find your Perfect to find the perfect job for you So once people enter in their email Address and click on to sign up today What's going to happen is it's going to Then take them straight over to this Page over here so it's going to take Them to their landing page and then what They're going to do is they're going to See this and they're going to take this Quiz than if they want to sign up to That job that's going to pay them 175 Dollars a day they need to take simple Training but in order to do that they Need to pay pay for it and that's how You're going to make money online with Affiliate marketing from these very Simple shorts so from there what you Want to do if we come straight back over

To here is you need to make sure that You have linked your ClickBank link Inside this opt-in page and in order to Do that what you want to do is come up To the settings you want to scroll down You see you've got this option which Says show a successful message or Redirect to an existing internal External page you want to make sure that This is ticked and then what you want to Do here guys is you want to make sure That you paste that ClickBank Link in There and then click on to save what's Going to happen now if we preview this Page this is what people are going to See when they click onto the link in Your description it's going to look Exactly like this very very simple once I enter in the email address click on to Sign up today it's going to take them Straight over to that product now all You need to do when we exit this preview Is we need to publish this page so once We publish this this is the link that You're going to put in the description Of your video very very simple and then People are going to click onto that for The call to actually you just need to Put in click here to learn how to make Money with social media very very simple Guys okay now if you're thinking about Starting a YouTube channel or if you Want to know how to blow up your YouTube Channel I'm going to show you how to do

That right now then I'm going to show You how to double down and triple down And get even more views with the content That I showed you how to create on other Social media platforms but before we do That if you want to know how to blow up On YouTube guys quite simply all you Need to do is Click onto the link in my Description because I do have a YouTube Course with another YouTube Creator Called Greg kononenko who's got Caffeinated blogger together we've put Five years of experience that we both Have to create this course and it's Super cheap guys and all you need to do Is Click onto the link in my description Enter your email address and your name And I'm going to give you my ultimate Affiliate marketing guide absolutely for Free just for signing up once you sign Up what you want to do is going to bring You over to this page I'm going to show You exactly what we've done to make well Over twenty thousand dollars a month When I started guys I was working Part-time I had a full-time job and I Was creating videos in the afternoon by The time I quit my job I was earning More than I was earning in my nine to Five job and I did that in about a year And a half I created a sustainable Full-time income from home which allowed Me to leave my nine to five this is what We're going to teach you inside jet

Video Academy quite simply all you need To do is watch this video to learn how We make passive income on YouTube this Is going to help you with this strategy Because we're going to teach you how to Rank these videos and how to get a viral To get Evergreen views from there as you Can see we also have all these different Modules set out very very simply for a Complete beginner to start and even if You're intermediate and you've already Got a channel and you need some help Just to learn how to rank your videos And get even more views we have created This so it's super simple that anybody Can do this on top of that guys we have A lot of bonuses inside this course for You at the moment I have a massive Discount on this course so take Advantage before it goes back up to its Original price and right now it is not Even 50 it's less than 50 it's like 25 Of what the course normally costs Because I want to try and help you guys Out so quite simply all you need to do Is Click onto the link in the Description to get access to this today And when you take a look at this guys we Also provide ongoing coaching and Mentoring not many people provide that And we do that with a private Facebook Group where we currently have over a Thousand members and as you can see we Come over here and we reply to people

Every single day they ask us questions About their channels they go through and Ask us different types of niches that They want and they tell us their good News stories about how much money They're making and how the channel got Monetized and what they're doing and What Niche they should do everything That they need help with we are here to Help you grow and blow up your YouTube Channel so if you want to do this Strategy and you want to help as well Click on the link in the description I'll be more than happy to help you with Your YouTube Journey now the beauty of Creating YouTube shorts guys is that Short form content is currently Absolutely blowing up and what you can Do once you create your YouTube shorts Is you can double down and triple down Exactly what I'm doing and post those Exact same videos on other social media Platforms let me show you exactly how I've been doing it so if I come over to Instagram the videos that I'm putting up On my YouTube short channels I'm putting Up on Instagram and as you can see 38 000 views 54 000 views if you scroll Down there's a lot of videos 68 000 Views a lot of videos on here guys if I Scroll down there's 80 227 where I've Received this one's got over a million Views I've got another one that's got Over 2.2 million views I just need to

Scroll down and find it this one's got Another one over a million views 1.8 Million views and another one like I Said that's got over 2.2 million views This one over here so every person That's coming over here and watching These videos I'm telling them that I've Got a link in my description or email Bio what they're doing is they're coming Over to Instagram they're clicking on This link over here and that's driving Traffic and sales to my different Affiliate links and you can do the same And these videos I created once I posted Them on YouTube now I'm posting them on Instagram and then from there what I've Been doing is I've posting these exact Same videos on two Facebook reels as Well I've only recently started so I'm Not getting as many views but it is Growing and everybody that's clicking Onto these videos is going over to my Main page in my buyer and clicking onto Those links you can also do this with a Tick tock as well and you can see a lot Of people are also doing with this with Tick Tock so this is allowing you to Create the video once and triple down Quadruple down with so many different Types of social media platforms you can Also do this on Twitter I've got a few Videos up on Twitter but haven't really Started to put as much effort into Twitter but you can also do it there you

Can also do it on Pinterest as well so You've got a lot of opportunity to Create this video once and get a lot of People clicking onto your link Purchasing your affiliate marketing Products now just before I reveal this New channel if you enjoyed this video Guys don't forget to smash that like Button in appreciation that you Subscribe to the channel because I'm Going to be having some more awesome Content coming your way so the channel That I created this is one over here Called income positive I'll leave a link In the description you can follow me Here as well as you can see guys these Videos weren't created that long ago one Of them over here has had over 14 000 views already and this one video is Responsible for me getting majority of My subscribers and also majority of the Clicks but as you can see some of these Other videos are also starting to take Off people are clicking onto my links Every single day and purchasing my Products so all that's left for you to Do now number one is you can go out and Create a YouTube channel for yourself if You've done out of the door click onto The link in my description guys and We'll teach you how to create a YouTube Channel and how to blow that YouTube Channel up once you have a channel set Up from there you want to start creating

These different types of video videos And in order to do that all you need to Do is use chat GPT it's going to be your Best friend with this content Alternatively what you can do is go out And find all these different types of Channels that are doing this and have a Look at the different types of websites That they're also talking about and you Can do it that way as well so guys thank You so much for watching another one of My videos if you want to know another Amazing way that you can make a lot of Money online with affiliate marketing Using chat GPT all you need to do is Click onto this video over here right Now I'll see you on this video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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