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In this video I'm going to reveal an Exact step-by-step strategy you can use To generate leads with affiliate Marketing so you can start having leads Flooding in every single day like Clockwork but before I dive in let's go Ahead and roll the intro [Music] Hey Garrett Berry here and welcome to Today's video now before I share with You this exact step-by-step framework You can apply to any niche in any real Business online I want to share with you If you want to discover how I'm Personally generating 70 plus leads a Day in my own business on total Autopilot be sure to go to the link Under this video now I remember when I First got started on my journey to Generate leads with affiliate marketing I was following a lot of people online And some people were saying go out there And go on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and be everywhere you know and Post your links and try to do all this Work and I was silly confused you know I Felt like I was running on this hamster Wheel and I was never actually seeing Any results I was working as a waiter I Was working long hours on my feet all Day I'd come home at the end of my shift And I Peck around on the computer just Trying to solve this whole thing because I thought you know if I get enough leads

Going to my link every single day then I Was going to be able to create the Income to quit the job that I really Didn't enjoy now maybe you can relate to That story maybe that's where you're at Right now you're going out there you're Posting but no one's really going to Your link right and if no one's going to Your link you're not going to be able to Make the commissions so what I want to Do is break down again a very simple Step-by-step process that I discovered After a lot of trial and error that I've Used time and time again to generate Tons of leads but not just random leads Leads that are highly qualified that Decide to buy whatever it is I'm Promoting so the very first step is you Need to focus on one specific platform Online to generate leads a lot of people Online they try to confuse you they try To just try to make a quick Buck on you They try to sell you different products That are teaching you you know Facebook And Pinterest and all this stuff and You're constantly confused because you Don't have enough time in the day to Even you know Master two let alone one Right so what I highly recommend you do If you look at every top successful Affiliate marketer virtually all of them Got started in one main platform and Then maybe later when they started Making money they started to diversify

They started to spread themselves out so What you want to do is you want to pick One social media platform or one paid Traffic source and master it I Personally liked YouTube now at the link Below that training is specifically YouTube now don't worry you don't have To show your face and you don't even Have to create the videos if you don't Want to as you'll see at the link below But if you like something else maybe you Prefer Twitter you know maybe you like Instagram pick one that you enjoy and Focus on that every single day study it Every single day go through training and Learn how to master that one platform That's the first step because again if You're working a job maybe you have kids A family you don't have enough time to Do all this other stuff focus on one and Start to do that now the next step is You need to start building a following Okay now this really pertains to social Media marketing okay if you're doing Paid traffic such as running Google ads And things like that then obviously you Don't need to really build a following But if you maybe don't have a lot of Money right now or you just want to do Free marketing social media posting then You want to focus on building a Following now how do you do that okay so Let's say for the sake of this example You want to start with Instagram okay

Maybe you like taking photos you're just Always on Instagram you can start on Instagram and what you want to do is Focus on gaming targeted followers Because the more followers you get the More potential people that are going to See your post go to your link and decide To buy okay so you want to be building a Following now how do you do this one Simple tip specifically on things like Facebook Twitter Instagram is you can Follow a certain amount of people per Day and a portion are going to follow You back okay specifically if you create A good looking profile you have a good Cover you have a good profile photo then People are going to follow you back at Consistent ratios okay it may be like 10 To 20 percent follow back but if you Stay consistent you follow or if you're On Facebook you send friend requests to You know 20 to 50 people a day then a Portion are gonna follow you back and if You follow the right people okay if you Go to you know profiles let's say on Instagram that are in your Niche and you Follow people that are following that Profile then you know they're interested In the niche you're in and then you'll Start to gain those followers so that's The first step is to start to build a Following you don't need a massive Following to make great income okay but You do need to start getting a following

Now the next step is you need to be Posting content now what type of content And what do I post Whatever type of content is relevant to Your Niche and that platform so again Using the Instagram example typically It's photos so you can go ahead and look At other profiles in your Niche Competitors And you can study and see okay what type Of post are they posting what type of Photos A good rule of thumb is anything Valuable to your target market anything Valuable to your ideal customer who is That ideal person that would be Interested in buying the product you're Promoting and what type of content would They be interested in so for example if You're in the make money online Niche Which I know a lot of my following is Tips on you know generating leads tips On building a business motivation Lifestyle travel these are all you know Ideas these are all topics within the Make money online Niche that you can Post about if you're in the health and Fitness Niche you know you can share Recipes you can share you know five Steps to a good bench press right so you Can share different tips and things that Will help people in your ideal Niche and Why you want to do this is because this Is going to get people to know like and Trust you okay this is going to get

People to actually start to look at you As an authority in your Niche and this Is going to lead us to the next step Inside of that content usually towards The end or let's say you're posting on Instagram in the caption you want to Give a call to action you want to tell People go to the link in my bio to learn More now you want to do the call to Action in a specific way a lot of people Just say hey go to my link and they Don't give them any reason to do that so You're not getting a lot of people going To your link and you're not generating Leads right because a lead is someone That actually goes to your website right They check out more information so in Order to do that in order to construct a Very compelling call to action you want To do a couple things one is you want to Make the call to action relevant to the Problem your target market has so let's Go to the health and fitness example Again if you're in the health and Fitness Niche and maybe you're promoting A product that teaches people how to Lose 10 pounds in two weeks okay what You can do is you can actually post a Piece of content let's say a photo That's like a recipe okay so it gives People a recipe on how to lose weight You know with the specific food then in The caption you can say you know like This photo if you enjoyed it and then

You give the call to action if you want To discover how to lose 10 pounds in two Weeks be sure to go to the link in my Bio so you're telling people to go to The link your bio but you're giving them A very compelling result and typically This result can be found on the Affiliate you know sales page on that Link you can see what selling point what Angle they're using and you can use this As your call to action so think about me Inside of this very video Mind building A following on YouTube I'm giving Content okay so I'm teaching lead Generation for affiliate marketers okay Which is my target market and then I Gave a call to action in the beginning And I'll give a call to action as you Pay close attention and notice I'll give A call to action towards the end of the Video to go to the link below and check Out my training on how to get 70 plus Leads a day on autopilot now notice what I'm doing I'm giving a very compelling Reason but I'm also building curiosity And that's my final tip inside this Video is you want to build curiosity With your calls to action how do you Build curiosity you leave out Information so for example let's say the Product you're promoting and health and Fitness Niche teaches people how to lose 10 pounds in two weeks and it does so by Using you know the keto diet well what

You don't want to do is you don't want To in your caption or on your social Media you don't want to say specifically Keto or with this exact method and then List the method because now people don't Have any reason to go to your link and You won't generate any leads like if I Told you exactly what the training at The link below was and I listed it all You wouldn't be as motivated but if I Say hey I'm going to share with you a Secret strategy to how I'm personally Generating over 70 leads a day like Clockwork even while I'm sleeping and You'll be able to discover that secret Strategy at the link below You can probably find yourself becoming Even more Curious right so that's the Difference that's what you want to do so As you follow these steps you will start To naturally generate leads because a Lead is simply someone that's curious to Find out more information now if you're On Facebook You can tell people comment below for Information or message me for more Information and then once people message You you just send them the link to your Affiliate offer so there we have it my Friend I really hope you got value and You now understand affiliate marketing Lead generation be sure to like the Video if you got value subscribe hit the Bell icon I'm going to be posting daily

Videos solving your specific problems And until next time my friend thanks so Much for watching and I will see you on My next video [Music]

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