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What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today I want to talk about something That absolutely destroyed me but made me Millions in the process now this year I'm over 1.5 million dollars in revenue And I'm not saying that to brag I'm Saying that to show you that it's Possible it's possible for you to go From making no money online like I did You can look at my older videos and see That I was completely broke living in a Garage try to teach people how to Optimize their websites on YouTube and How I went from doing something like That not making any money to where I'm At now where I'm making millions so I Have about 10 things that I want to talk About today a lot of them are pretty Quick but they are really the building Blocks to what you probably want to Focus on and what I need to focus on to Be able to continue making money like I Am online so let's get into the first Few things before I do though I want to Mention that I have a full step-by-step Program that shows you everything I do Over the shoulder day in and day out Every button I click on it's over 100 Videos now and you can have my exact Process if you go to You can get more information about it See how it works see all the people that Are successful with it right now but That course is a great place to start if

You've never made a dollar online yet Before the first thing that I wish I Would have known when I started is that The end of the race is always the Hardest part if you're starting out and You haven't had a ton of results yet Chances are it's because you haven't Competed in the race long enough yet and Most of the time when I'm about to make A lot more money than I currently am It's because I'm going through the Hardest part of the race and I make it To the other side and so I'm telling you There's so many times that I've wanted To quit that I've wanted to give up that I've told myself that it's impossible The reality is nothing is impossible if You spend enough time doing it and so if You can take enough action enough Consistent action over and over and over On the same thing it's going to feel Like you're not getting any results and It's usually right before you're about To give up that that's when you see the Biggest change I'll give you an example I've been on a diet slash workout plan Lately and it's been super frustrating I've been working really hard and I've Been going for weeks sometimes without Seeing results and then right before I'm About to give up right when I'm saying Hey this feels pointless when I stick to It that's when I start to really see the Results that's when I start to see the

Scale go down that's when I start to see The muscle go up and so that's that's How it is with pretty much anything I've Seen with most of anything that I've Worked on online it's right when I feel Like I'm about to give up that that's When the big change happens and I think The reason why this is the way it is is Because your body and your mind adapt to The thing that becomes difficult and the Thing that's difficult starts to not Feel as difficult anymore because your Body learns to adapt and so you want to Train your mind to realize that when you Start to feel like like everything's not Going to work that's when your body Learns your mind learns to figure out a Way to accept that challenge and deal With it so again if you feel like giving Up if you feel like you haven't gotten To the point where you want to be yet Don't worry just stick to it take the Same action keep working on it Eventually things will start to make Sense so the next thing is that there is Always a next level everybody has their Own race they're competing in I'm trying To get to the next level just like You're trying to get to the next level And getting to the next level could be Anything you could be getting to the Next level with your health you could be Getting the next level with your Finances you could be getting to the

Next level with your relationships Ideally you want to focus on what is Your next level and not worry about what My next level looks like or what Somebody else's Next Level might look Like the more I can focus on how can Chase level up as a person how can chase Level up financially that's when I can Create goals around what my next level Looks like and I'm not going to get Distracted by what other people are Doing and so I think part of the reason Why people get so distracted by shiny Objects and doing a bunch of different New Opportunities and new things is Because they look at other people's Success they see that it's something's Working for somebody else and then they Pivot and they do something completely Different because they're comparing Their success to somebody else's now I'm Not saying don't go and look at what Other people are doing as a framework And use that as something that you could Go and do in your own business or what You're doing online but what I'm saying Is focus on your system focus on what You're doing focus on being unique to You and so it let's say you're like a Website designer and you want to go from Making a thousand dollars a month to 2000 or from two thousand to four Thousand or maybe a hundred to two Hundred whatever your your next double

Up is and I always try to recommend Double what you're doing don't try to go For 10x don't try to go for some Unsustainable result if somebody's Making a million dollars and you try to Go and like make a million dollars Because they're making a million dollars That's not what you want to do if you're Making a thousand dollars try to go do Two if you're making two try to go four Because ideally all you have to do is is Find A way to double down on what you're Doing and so for me right now my goal Like I make around 150k a month Consistently for the last I don't know Four or five months and so I'm thinking Okay well what can I do to double down On that what can I do to make 300K a Month because if I can make 150k a month Ideally if I just do double what I'm Doing if I find a way to streamline or Automate what I'm doing a little bit More the things that are working I can Double my results okay and then when I Get there then I can double again but Again this is based on my own goals my Goals are specific to what my current Processes look like and so what I'm Doing to make 150k a month is probably Going to be completely different than What somebody else is going to be doing To make that same amount of money so Focus on you focus on your next level

And focus on Creating goals around what you want to Do to become the better version of you In whatever area you're working on all Right next thing is most of the things That made me 2x just randomly appeared One day and so what I mean by this is Every time I've made a lot more money or I figured out like a way to double my Results it's usually because I woke up One day and I was like well what if I Try this And it's never been something where I'm Like thinking about it super hard and Then all of a sudden like I figured it Out it's usually like I've been working Consistently consistently consistently And then it feels really hard feels Really hard I don't know what I'm doing You know I don't have the answer and Then all of a sudden I'm like well what If I try this and so what I recommend is Focus on being consistent focus on doing The same thing over and over and Eventually things will start to make Sense just by doing the action and I'll Give you an example of this I've been Trying to do YouTube videos for I don't Know six years and I've been trying to Find ways to better come up with ideas Better ways to do content better and I've always kind of that uh I've kind of Done different angles all the time right I've done over the shoulder type

Trainings I've done videos like these I've done so many different things and Sometimes they work sometimes they don't I'm always experimenting but the truth Is that like most of the time I'm in my Head thinking oh I don't know what I'm Doing okay and so I know that I found Ways to make it easier right I found Ways like what I'm doing now is a Hundred times easier than what I was Doing or thousands of times easier than What I was doing when I first started When I first started it was very very Difficult you know I not only did I not Have the video ideas but I didn't know What I was selling I didn't know who I Was selling to I didn't know A lot of the things that I know now but What I'm saying is that it never Actually kind it never really gets Easier it just kind of it becomes new Challenges and you might be thinking Well why not just give up why not like Once you start making enough money why Don't you just stop working and I don't Believe in not working on things I don't Believe in not growing like I want to Keep doing more because I like working On things I like growing and so I like Feeling challenged as you keep Progressing as you keep doing things Just by showing up right like the other Day I didn't want to go to the gym I Hated I hated going the other day but I

Went because I knew I needed to because I needed to take the consistent action And that's kind of how it works for me Is like yeah maybe I don't know the best Video idea maybe I don't know the best Way to do this in in the sense of Doubling my output but I'm gonna keep Doing the best thing that I know of that I can do and as I keep doing it things Will naturally become easier because I'll just start to adapt and I'll figure Out how to make the thing that was Initially hard now easy for me another Big thing that I think a lot of people Don't realize is that most of the time You're not going to feel it right like I'm not going to feel that I 100 get it All the time like right now in the past In the future I'm always going to have These moments where I'm going to feel Like okay I don't really know if this is The best Direction I don't really know If this is what I should be doing the Only time you really feel it is when you Get the result but the result is usually Something that comes after you do Something for a long time right and so If I'm gonna let's say double my income From 150k to 300K a month then I need to Work on that before I feel it right a Lot of what I'm going to be doing is Going to be like okay let me try this I'm going to keep being consistent I'm Going to see if this works but I'm not

Going to be feeling it because I don't Have the result yet and so if you're Starting out you're like I'm trying to Make 100 200 thousand dollars whatever It is you're not going to feel it until You get this the success but the the Question is can you focus on doing it Can you focus on taking consistent Action can you front yourself the Success in advance can you say hey I'm Gonna pretend that I'm already Successful because if you can fake it Till you make it right if you can say Hey I'm already there I'm already able To do this I think I can do this then You're gonna figure out the steps along The way right because there are people That are making whatever you're trying To make if you're trying to make 100 a Month or a day or an hour there's people That do that doing what you're trying to Do and so it's not whether or not you Can do it it's whether or not you Figured it out yet and so I think as Soon as you eliminate can I do it and Turn it into I I can do it I just Haven't figured it out yet the more you Can spend figuring it out instead of Doubting yourself because there's no Point in doubting yourself you can do it I can do it people are doing it so focus On doing it and don't worry about Whether or not you can or can't you can Do anybody can do it if they put in

Enough time another one is focus on Providing more value even if you think You've done enough and so that's what I'm always trying to figure out is like How can I put more value in the things That I do how can I do better videos how Can I create better courses how can I Help more people how can I give more how Can I and and I'm constantly obsessed With giving more because the more you Give the more you get the more valuable You are as a person the more money you Make because of the value that you Create in other people's lives and so How do you give out more value well a Lot of what becoming more valuable comes Down to is doing things that are going To benefit more people sometimes it's Really hard to figure that out sometimes It's hard to figure out what does that Look like you know oh I don't know how To give out value in this sort of area Or this sort of category but the things That are the most valuable or the things That are the hardest to find another one Is paying for convenience to learn Faster so one of the things I wish I I Would have done a lot sooner is just pay Money to learn I like to just spend Money on things that I think are going To work and if they don't then I I go to The next thing and I look at my failure And the things that I paid for as a Tuition when you go to college you pay a

Tuition I never really went to college I Went for like maybe a few months but People are willing to pay to learn Things because it helps accelerate their Learning now I look at the same thing With people that I hire with tools that I pay for with things you know courses I'm willing to spend money to figure out What's working at an accelerated pace And if it doesn't work well great I Learned what didn't work for me But I would rather pay the money for the Convenience of being able to learn Quicker and be able to experience Failures faster than to wait and try to Plan it all out and then see the Failures you know a year later when I Could have learned from it like almost Instantly I think money is great because It's an accelerator it helps you learn Things quicker and if you lose money It's not necessarily a bad thing it just Means that you learn what didn't work so You can apply that to the next thing That you do and then the last thing I Want to talk about is don't worry about The dollars focus on the big prizes this Is a huge thing it's super easy to get Distracted by a few bucks oh I can make Money with this I can make money with That there's opportunity everywhere Focus on the big prize you know what is The thing that you really really want Long term how do you want to be how do

You want to live you know what's the Type of person that you want to create What are the relationships that you want To have you know what does your life Look like and that's something that I Think about all the time which is how do I not just create Freedom financially But how do I focus on the big prize Which is just feeling better and looking Better and being better And so that's something I would Definitely think about is like don't Just worry about money focus on becoming Consistent focus on being a person of Your work focus on becoming more Valuable focus on just growing and don't Worry about the arbitrary oh I'm going To make money and You know I'm going to be able to buy Whatever this Gucci shirt right it's Cool but it doesn't change you as a Person and I think in order to really Become valuable in order to really make Money you want to become a better person Overall and become more valuable and by Doing that people are willing to give You a lot of money so that's pretty much It let me know what you think in the Comments Um and if you like these types of videos Let me know we'll see the next one till We do happy money making and make sure If you haven't already go to and pick up the full

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