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Hey hey everyone welcome to another Episode of the make money your honey Podcast we have a solo episode today It's also kind of a special episode Because it's my birthday week uh I am Turning I think I'm starting to turn Those ages where you don't tell people How old you are but uh I don't look a Day over 25 so Good jeans baby good Island jeans that's What my grandfather used to say that Island people do not age anyway I'm Totally just kidding I'm turning how old Am I turning 35 I think I'm turning 35 Y'all Maybe I'm turning that age where you Forget how old you're turning uh but I I Honestly don't feel like it I'm not sure What 35 is supposed to feel like it but Uh if it's supposed to feel old It doesn't Um actually I have a lot more energy Than ever so that's very exciting and Normally what I do when my birthday is Coming around I've been doing this since I've been a blogger is I will share the Lessons uh of the last year and normally I would like list them off so it would Be like Oh I'm turning 25 this year so Here are 25 lessons well the list is Getting too damn long to do that so We're gonna do things a little bit Differently I'm just going to talk about Uh probably one of the biggest lessons I

Learned and if you've been listening to The recent podcast episodes you'll Notice there's a little bit of a theme Because most of those interviews were Recorded in 2022 it just didn't feel Like the right time to publish them Because I was still in the middle of Some pretty raw emotional processing Which you may have heard in some of These interviews and if this is the Timing didn't feel right so now is when They're coming out and uh you'll notice The themes uh probably that were coming Up for me in 2022 and one of the biggest Themes was actually uh femininity and Bringing more of that into my business And Soul's purpose and coming out of the Spiritual closet and restructuring my Business and my life and just all the Themes that came with that and realizing That this has been a cry for a lot of Women but there's a lot of confusion on The internet about what a feminine Business actually is so uh we're gonna Be breaking down what that is today in True Amanda fashion I take really big Concepts and I make them very practical And easy to digest so that's what we'll Be doing today in honor of my birthday Week before getting into it uh this Podcast is sponsored by persuade to Profit which is our 90-day sales Training might look my company this Podcast the brand everything exists to

Help women get the mindset and tools That they need need to really succeed And Excel in spaces that were Traditionally dominated by men taught by Men mentored by men it's time for the Feminine voices to rise up in things Like sales and business and that's why This exists and persuade your profit is Exactly that I have synthesized 15 years Of sales jobs uh running to businesses Sales training much of which I had to Learn from men and here's the thing the Frameworks that the men teach are Fantastic but men and women have been Conditioned very differently and that Affects the way that we need to be Trained and there are not enough Trainings out there on sales and the Hard skills that you need for sales for Women it's just non-existent so my Company exists to solve that problem so That women don't have to do what I did Which was learn from a bunch of dudes And then take the Frameworks run with Them but eventually run into brick walls Because we're not dudes and we don't Operate the same way that they do so if That's something that interests you go To persuade2profit.com to learn more About the training we often have clients Getting results in less than a week we Teach sales process we also teach the Skills that are required in each step of The process and it's all built with the

Idea that it's scalable and repeatable And if you want to go even deeper into Some of these Concepts let's say you're Beyond six figures and the the stuff in This particular episode really resonates With you then I recommend checking out Our Empress weekends there's only five Of them for the year you'll be working With me privately during the emperor's Weekends and you know we'll go deeper in This episode you'll hear about a lot of The concepts that we'll be covering in Those weekends you'll spend two days With me in Miami in one of the most Iconic beautiful hotels in the city Covering the topics that we're going to Be talking about in this particular Podcast episode because women need to Hear this episode they need to hear what I'm about to say because you're y'all Are running yourselves into the ground And it's no longer working for you and It's no longer efficient and I'm gonna Go into some of the reasons like how That happens and some of the reasons why So in addition to that because this Women need to hear this I need your help In getting it out to as many women as Possible some of the ways that you can Do that if you're listening to this on YouTube then leave us a comment that Really helps us and a like if you're Listening to something to this on Something like apple podcast then on

Your phone just scroll to the bottom of The page leave us a five star review let Us know how you're feeling about these Episodes and we'll we'll shout you out And you know we have a Pretty big freaking audience so we'll Shout you out in future episodes if you Do that for us and again it just helps Us get this in front of as many people As possible because these are important Conversations we need to have all right Let me get a sip of water And then I'm going in on what it Actually means to have a feminine Business and a feminine business model And why this conversation is so Pertinent is because women are really Tired of hustle culture and they're Rebelling against it thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus that we're finally doing That and it's time for the feminine to Have a conversation the problem is There's a lot of confusion out here About what it means to have a feminine Business okay the the business stuff Tends to be lacking in this conversation So that's what we're going to be getting Into today let me let me take a couple Sips of water and then and then I'm Going in Um All right so here's the thing On the internet there's a lot of talk About you know a soft life uh soft life

Business uh how to have any a feminine Business feminine leadership The problem with a lot of this Conversation is that a lot of the Context is missing so you'll hear things Like oh you know I work like three hours A day and make all this money or people Are just very naturally attracted to me And a lot of women are in my DMs and Also in my emails because they've Invested in a lot of the stuff in their Confused as hell Um so that's a part of what's going on And why I want to have this conversation Another part of the reason why I want to Have this conversation is because there Are women who've built businesses where They are running themselves into the Ground and it's just not working for Them anymore so we need to start having A different conversation about how we Make money As feminine women okay and I do consider Myself a feminine woman a lot of people Are like oh but Amanda you're so like Spicy and and you can be masculine and I Have that side to me but you know There's archetypes of the feminine like The huntress or there's goddesses who Will like rip your head off if you With them And those are my girls Um and I have a very healthy respect for The masculine and I get it I just feel

Like we need to start having a little Bit of a different conversation because We just do we're moving into a new age We're moving into new ways of doing Things Um and uh we we need to balance things Out a little bit okay so here's the Thing about uh having a feminine Business here's the thing in order to Have a functioning business you need to Have structures and systems that are Quite frankly considered masculine so For example and if you're just starting Out in business this is kind of where You're at and then I'm going to move Into the conversation for those of you Who are not just starting out in Business so if you're just starting out In business like yo it's a hustle like The first six figures maybe up to 250 000 it's a hustle people don't know who You are they need to know who you are You need to do what is humanly possible Right In order to get in front of as Many people as possible you also need to Learn sales there's no way around it you Need to learn business skills and Business structures and it is a hustle In the beginning and that is normal and That is fine and that is a pro Appropriate this whole conversation About just like sit in a bathtub and Diamonds are gonna fall from the sky on You is not real it's not based

In reality it's an overly romanticized Version of femininity and spiritual Concepts and they're taking y'all for a Fool and they're taking y'all for a ride So the when you're getting to those six Figures it's a Hustle the problem Becomes and this is where this Conversation of femininity starts to Really come in and make more sense uh Particularly when you talk about Feminine leadership or feminine business Models Really that conversation starts to make Sense when you're past six figures If you're not past six figures like like I said it's just a hustle it's just What's required to get something off the Ground and that is appropriate for that Stage Once you're past that stage that's where A lot of these conversations about Feminine femininity and business start To make more sense and they start to be More appropriate because what starts to Happen right is if you you hustle to get The business off the ground great What happens is you eventually hit a Wall and where I see a lot of women Hitting a wall is they have business Models where they continue trading time For money and they just can't be doing That anymore in order to make more money And allow more abundance into their Lives

Um and there's lots of reasons for that And we need to start shifting and Changing the conversation so thing Number one for a feminine business model Is stop trading time for money it Literally depletes you and Drains you there comes a point where it Is no longer sustainable for your body For your energy for your mind and if you Want to have a business that scales now For men the conversation is more like Well I want to scale this thing to the Moon right and I got to figure out how To stop trading time for money for women It's not just about scaling it to the Moon it's that it also literally works Against our bodies and our energy I'll give an example uh we recently had Kate Northrop on the podcast Kate Northup talks a lot about cycle syncing Basically like yo like us women right we Are not the same from one week to the Next so for example at the time of Recording this I am coming off my cycle Right so like I I have stopped bleeding For the month which means I have a lot Of energy right now right so I'm Gonna get some extra stuff done because I have the energy and the juice to do it That is not going to be the case in two And a half weeks it's just not gonna Happen because at that point in our Cycles our Energy starts coming down and We start going a lot more Inward and

It's about uh finishing things up and The thing is that most women run Businesses and again in the beginning This is appropriate because that is what Is required of you to get something off The ground but at some point we can't Keep operating businesses like we're men And like we could just do the same Every day because we that's not how we Operate it's not how our brains work It's not how our bodies work it's not How our home hormones work so what Happens is you have to start finding Business models that don't drain you and Don't deplete your energy and that Oftentimes looks like stop trading time For money So that could look like training Programs I got into training programs Years ago it oftentimes does look like Training programs it looks like limiting The one-on-one time or maybe it looks Like digital courses and products things That do not require your time to Actually deliver now here's the problem A lot of women have a lot of resistance To this and they have resistance to this For several reasons reason number one is They are codependent with their clients That's right I said it right They are codependent with their clients They feel like they need to prove their Worth they feel like nobody else can do It but them I will get into that one

More specifically later on in this Podcast episode Um they feel like uh in order for them To be deserving of the money they Actually have to be there so the thing Is that that's that's actually false Right that's not real and it's actually A really inefficient way to help your Clients because if you constantly have To be trading time for money Then what happened you're not the same Every day because you're human number One but number two you're also a woman So that's not how your body and Cycle Works then what happens is you can't Predictably show up the same every day For your clients it's not possible as a Human what is predictable and more Efficient is if you put things that You're repeating all the time into Training programs or systems that your Clients can take and run with and then Repeat the system and get results and That system that you teach is the same Every day and it is not Contingent upon how you you needing to Show up that day it's not contingent Upon your hormones it's not contingent Upon how you feel that day and it's not Contingent about all the things that Could be going on in your life because Let's not even we haven't even gotten Into the conversation about how women Have a lot of in responsibilities

Outside of work namely family And how a lot of women bear the brunt of Those responsibilities and and sometimes It's not even responsibility some I'm Not a mom but I have friends who are Moms sometimes they just want to spend More time with their kids and the kids Need them around the younger they are The more they need their mom and so we Have to take that into consideration When we are building these things so That but so that's resistance number one It's like they feel they're codependent With their clients they're like I have To prove this right I have to be there They're not going to give me money it's All me me me me me right it's Codependency it's when we we should be Thinking about is how do we duplicate This so we can actually help more people Or how do we without draining ourselves Or how do we duplicate this so this Becomes more predictable and repeatable And our clients can get results in a Repeatable fashion that is not Contingent upon my time my energy my Emotions or my life that day so that's That's a reframe that something can to Consider right a lot of you feel like The only way your clients are going to Get results is if you're there it's not True and it's actually super efficient Inefficient in order for them to Actually get results another reason why

Women resist this is because uh it's Survival right if you've been making a Lot of money trading time for money Maybe one-on-one coaching sessions or Doing services for people sometimes You're liable to think that that's the Only way to make money right or you're Liable to think that no one's going to Pay you uh for like the training version Of what it is that you create now I've Been selling training programs for a Long time and I'm going to tell you Something in 2022 and 2023 people Actually want less of me right they've Been buying more of the stuff where like I'm not even involved they just want the Videos and want to run with it you don't Want to know why because they're smart people that's why I make him Follow the training and do the work Um or the other thing right is they just Want to get results a lot faster and It's a lot faster to get from videos Than to you know get on my calendar so That's another reason why but sometimes We have a block that if we've been Making money a certain way for a long Time and we'd cut that off that we're Not going to survive so that's that's Another kind of thing that we have to Work with I actually think that's less Of an issue than the codependency if I'm Being honest and women have been Conditioned into codependency

So yeah stop trading time for money That's number one because it depletes And drains you number two you have to Automate as much as possible so you Don't have to do things that drain you I'm at a stage in my business where we Have new sales coming in every day on Autopilot that's usually for the low Ticket stuff it's for like our media Pitch system it's for our sales groups took off I've never even run Advertising to our sales groups and we Get sales for that thing damn near daily From multiple people uh so it's for the Lower ticket stuff right it's for the Stuff that's not thousands of dollars But we have those sales coming in every Day and that feels really good because It means there's new money hitting this Bank account every single day and the Systems behind it are also built so we Have upsell emails that are built we Have webinars ready to go uh that people Have bought things directly off the Webinar we we have all the the process Friends to move people into our higher Level programs all already exists much Of it not all of it but much of it is Automated so a lot of sales tasks are Automated at this point so for example Follow-up emails and things like that Are typically automated I'm working on Texts next why did I do that I did that So that I would build a machine in the

Middle and a recent podcast interview That we did you heard with Michelle Snyder is she talked about how if she Wants to go spend time with her kids go Swimming with her kids she needed a Machine working whether she was working Or not and that's what women essentially Need to do they need to build a machine They need to see it as a machine the Problem is women have so much of their Identity and worth wrapped up in their Businesses that they don't see their Businesses as a machine so I use this Analogy like if you have children for Example you carried it you birthed it it Has your DNA but that kid ain't you it's Got its own personality its own life its Own way of doing things its own Journey It's not you it's outside of you it has Your DNA it has your imprint but it's Not you business is the same way another Analogy that may work I'd like to use This one is that is like the engine of a Car like you have like your business is A car and it's a machine and it runs and So and that's what you want it to do and Sometimes things in the machine break And maybe the engine needs to get fixed Maybe the car needs some gas but the Thing is that it's a machine it's not You And that's how we need to start seeing Our businesses in order to have a more Feminine business because if we're able

To automate as much as possible we're Able to have more space right and really What the feminine is about is she needs Space and a lot of y'all don't have Space because you're running around Ragged and you're running around ragged Because you have poorly designed Businesses So when you automate as much as possible You create a lot of that space so for Example that's what I've got going on in My business right now I've created space Through automations uh so what does that Mean it means I spend more like I'm back On podcasting it means I'm spending most Of my time on relationships if I want to Work more I work more if I don't want to Work more I don't uh the ironic thing That has happened is that now that I've Created a machine and I've automated so Much and I'm not trading as much time For money it's almost like I have more Energy to be creative more energy to be More visible more energy to do speaking Gigs and I want to do more and I'll get To that at the end so keep listening the Other thing that you want to do is you Want to let people help you you want to Build leverage in that way this Lone Wolf entrepreneurial strong woman I have To do everything myself story is you have to get to a point Where you let people help you this has Been one of the biggest

Struggles for me and also lessons in the Last year I am somewhat healed I think I'm I'm pretty healed from it like I get It now I let people help me now But um a lot of women don't right either Because they feel like they need to be Superwoman and they need to be the Strong woman or sometimes it's not even That sometimes it's the entrepreneurial Lone Wolf if I don't do it who's gonna do it no one can do it better Than me sometimes it's also Entrepreneurial ego no one can do it Better than me yada yada yada but the Thing is that you have to let people Help you right Um there's tribes there's Community There's networks there's systems so I'll Give an example for me I started Training uh people who work for me team Members on how to do sales so they can Assist I started training them on how to Um facilitate calls for clients and that Gives me space and that's another thing Right A lot of people don't want to do Let people help them because again it's That story of like I have to do it like My clients only want me or in order for Me to make this kind of money it needs To be me I I will tell you something our Clients sometimes learn more from team Members than they do from me [Music] Or they get a different perspective that

I would not be able to teach it would be Impossible so that because that they're Not because I'm not them so they Actually end up getting more of a Holistic training and a holistic view Which is actually better for them and It's better for everybody really because Then I give somebody else an opportunity To shine I give myself space our clients Get a more well-rounded View and Training of things it's a win-win-win For everybody the problem is you're entrepreneurial ego gets in the Way or your codependency gets in the way Or the Lone Wolf syndrome gets in the Way and we have to let that go another Way that I've let people help me is by Building a referral partner Network and When we and by the way if you want to Know how I tripled my leads in six Months I put this into an exact system And I'll tell you why momentarily so Anyway I built a referral partner Network where basically you know we have Referral Partners who are constantly Promoting our things to their audiences I've learned how to leverage other People's audiences and I tripled my lead Flow that way without me having to Hustle so damn hard there's leverage Built into it or I'm going more on Speaking opportunities uh Leverage is Actually a really big Thing right it's not just smart business

It also allows for the more feminine Business so instead of like doing a Bunch of one-on-one calls for example What if I'm able to speak to a group of 30 000 people in a Facebook group or What if a referral partner promotes our Webinar to their database of 14 000 People that's just working way smarter At the end of the day right and it's Letting people help you it's letting Um and really you're helping each other But really it's about building a Community and not trying to do Everything your self because You're just gonna run into the ground That way it's learning how to delegate And it's learning how to build community It's learning how to build the tribe so Um I actually put the the whole referral Partner thing into a free guide for you Guys and I'll tell you why the reason I Created this free guide is because I was Really pissed off when I started Building this that a lot of businesses Don't know how to do business it was Really really irritating I did like 300 Calls in three or four months and like Half of y'all had no idea how to do this You did not understand the assignment And I was like I gotta help them fix This so I actually put into a Step-by-step guide it's eight steps how I tripled my lead flow in 2023 from 2022 In a couple well it was six months of

Work but in the first two months of 2022 Lee flow is tripled from the prior year And I put it in a step-by-step system And guide for you guys which you can Download and I will leave that in the Show notes we've had over a hundred People requested already okay so you Know uh let people help you build Leverage by letting people help you uh Hire them train them build referral Partner networks ask for help God damn It ask for help at the end of the day Number four when you have time and space A few things start to happen because Really what this is about is creating Space and when you start creating space One of the things that starts to happen Is that you start getting Divine Downloads you start getting uh Faith you Start getting intuitive hits because you Have the space to actually listen to it And then you're guided to your next step And then you're guided on the person you Need to text or right now I'm getting on A lot of people's podcasts and speaking That was an intuitive thing right Um so that starts to happen or for Example one of the things that has Occurred to me which is really Interesting is I actually did all of This to create more space or so that I Could go more according to my cycles and What's ended up happening is because I Created space in my business now I

Actually feel more connected to a Purpose and I want to show up more Versus when I didn't have this stuff Figured out and it was more about Survival Which is a very interesting thing so in Some ways I'm working quote-unquote more But it's because I desire to because now The mission is so big and it's Energizing to me it's not draining Because now it's connected to something Way bigger than just survival So that starts to happen the second Thing right is that when you create Space you have your focus becomes on uh Creativity and relationships right so The feminine is naturally very Relational and all I do all day long Basically is build relationships that's All I do and I love it So and then also creativity so you've Been seeing a lot more of the  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing From me I've been a lot more visible and Then finally and this is this is like CEO levels but this is what's really Required at the end of the day is you Need space to focus on the vision and Focus on what is possible Because without a vision you're stuck in Survival without a vision you're stuck On a hamster wheel without a vision you Are stuck in constant Hustle but in Order to have Vision you have to create Space

And that's really what having a feminine Business really comes down to right if I Had to sum it up it's work smart instead Of hard and I want to be clear that Building this is not easy it's kind of Scary if especially if we're accustomed To survival or that working hard is how We're safe or working hard is the only Way that we're going to make money or if We have codependency issues with our Clients this can also be very difficult But it's worth it and I also want to be Clear that building the automations and Things like that it's work okay it it You have to do the work up front to reap The rewards and the benefits on the Other side and I also want to say that This requires a lot of trust and Surrender and for a lot of you that's Going to be difficult because we're Accustomed to controlling all the time That is a podcast episode for another Time but the main thing is this is Something you have to build up front and That building is work and again it goes To that idea you have like just leaning Back in a bathtub and money falling on You is not actually a thing so I hope That this helps you gain a lot more Clarity on what it's like to have a more Feminine business a more streamlined Business a work smart instead of hard Business and if these are things that You need help with then I definitely

Recommend checking out our Empress Weekends where you'll work with me One-on-one I only have five of these Available for the entire year and we'll Work together for two days in one of the Most beautiful hotels in Miami where we Can start getting you aligned on what That vision is and what these next steps Look like for you and you have to come To Miami for a reason because oftentimes To look at these things and see these Things you have to take yourself out of The business you have to get away from The day to day so it's designed that way On purpose so if you want to learn more About that persuade to profit.com Forward slash Empress you can DM me on Facebook you can DM me on Instagram you Can send me an email support Amandaabayo.com you can go to our Website and send in a form Amanda Bear.com and again this is only for five Women and you must be past the six Figure Mark already and start having a Much higher level conversation so I Again I hope this helps you gain Clarity Because this was such a mind for me For many years and now in retrospect I'm Like oh I get it now I understand and I Would love to hear your comments so if You're watching on YouTube comment below What do you think about these Concepts Uh even if you hated it let me know I'm Sure I'm sure some people are going to

Be pissed about every half the I Said in this episode and I'm totally Cool with that so with that being said We will be back next week with another Interview and until next time everybody Cheers to making money your honey

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