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If you want to learn exactly how to Start doing affiliate marketing on jvzoo This tutorial is for you in this Step-by-step training I'm going to share Exactly how to sign up for the jvzoo Affiliate Marketplace how to find a good Converting product to promote so you can Ensure tons of people will buy from you And towards the end of the video I'm Going to reveal a totally free Five-minute traffic strategy you can use To find laser targeted leads to promote These products to that will allow you to Make 250 dollars for more a day so if You're excited to learn this be sure you Smash the like button right now to let Me know also if you want the chance to Win three nights in a luxurious Hotel in Las Vegas all you have to do is Subscribe to my Channel with the Bell Icon once you do that just click the Second link in the description for Details on how to let me know you've Done that to officially enter into the Giveaway you'll also learn how to get Notified if you're the lucky winner of The prize so so without further Ado Let's dive into the very first step of Today's training so the very first step Is we need to go over to now Once you're on jvzoo what this is is a Massive affiliate marketplace with many Different types of products mainly make Money online or Biz opportunity products

And mainly softwares so what we want to Do is click Start for free and then it Will take you to a page that looks Something like this and you want to go Ahead and register for a free account You want to put your full legal name Email address create a password agree to The terms and then click register now There's just going to be a few other Steps as far as how to get paid when you Start to make these commissions very Easily with the training I'm going to Share but once you've finished these Simple steps you're going to eventually Get taken to your dashboard now jvzoo Has a lot of different tabs you can look At Affiliates you can also look at the Sellers tab so down the line if you want To sell your own product you can do so On jvzoo but we're just going to look at The Affiliates tab now they have the Dashboard where you're going to be able To see your daily earnings you're going To see approved products this is the Products that you've been approved to Promote when you request which I'll Share in a second and then we want to go To the find products okay they have Contests as well but let's go to the Fine products and look for a good Product to promote with jvzoo so once We're here there's a lot of information That you can see you can see there's Product title there's launched okay so

What date was this product actually Launched you can see how many have been Sold well we just want to look at a few Pieces of information and criteria when It comes to deciding what product we Want to promote so typically I like to Click sold because that's going to Filter by the most sold products at the Top so you can see right here that you Know this product has sold 34 000 products okay which is amazing but You can see this product was launched in 2014. so what we typically want to do is Look at a product that's been making a Lot of sales but that's also launched Recently so we can go ahead and scroll Down you can see this one right here 8500 plus and it was launched about a Year ago okay so that's pretty good so If we wanted to promote this product we Could I'm going to scroll down a little Bit more okay now you can also show 250 Rows to make it easier to look okay so We just want to keep scrolling and I'm Gonna go ahead and do this and stop when I find a good product well you can see Right here okay this one was launched Not too long ago at the year of Recording this video click designs okay It's had over 4 000 sales now another Thing we want to keep in mind is we want To look at the refund rate okay so you Can see this last column right here it Says six percent okay refund rate

Anything below about 10 is good because Even if it's made a lot of sales if you Go and promote this and it has a very High refund rate then you're going to Have to give away the money back to JB Zoo and you're not going to be able to Get paid out so the magic formula is Looking for a product that has a lot of Sales anything above 250 is pretty good Good that's launch typically within the Last year or so so it's not too old and Then also the refund rate is below about 10 percent okay that's kind of a magic Formula so for the sake of this video I Could actually promote this product Right here now whenever you see a good Product on jvzoo you can't just go ahead And promote this product right away you Have to actually request approval so if I click that right there it's going to Take me to another page where I can do That so you can see right here it's Going to give you more information so we Want to click get approved and we want To actually enter a message okay because What's going to happen is the product Creator is going to see our message and We want to write something that's going To convince them to approve us to Promote their product so I could say Something like hi I would love to Promote your product I am going to be Using very effective organic traffic Strategies to drive consistent top-tier

Traffic to your sales page that shows we Know what we're doing we have some Authority okay by using these certain Phrases like organic traffic strategies Top tier traffic they're going to know That we have some skin in the game now We've been around and this will up our Chances to get approved and also the More you promote and the more sales you Start easily making the easier you'll Get approved okay so we want to click I'm not a robot and then we want to Request approval after we agree to the Terms now what I would recommend is you Go back to find products Tab and then You just go ahead and request about five Products and then you wait about a day Because you never know what products are Going to get approved and how quickly so You don't want to just sit around and Wait do about five and then come back And then you can look at the approved Products tab to see which products You've actually been approved okay so Once you've been approved you can see That you can click get link and now this Is our affiliate link okay so if I go Here it's going to take us to an Affiliate sales page every product is Going to have a different affiliate Sales page okay now if someone goes here And they actually decide to buy I would Get a commission okay now if it's your Affiliate link right there you would be

Getting a commission so let me go ahead And just choose one of these products For the sake of this video and I will Come back in a second okay so you can See this one right here as I've said you Know this one's launched within the last Year or so it's had over 250 sales and It's lower than a 10 refund rate so I'm Gonna go ahead and get my link and I'm Gonna promote this product for the sake Of this video now I'm Gonna Save this Affiliate Link in a notepad file and Then the next thing we want to do is we Want to use this incredibly simple Traffic method now I will say before I Continue jvzoo is actually not my Favorite place to find affiliate Products to promote I'm going to include A link directly below when you click That link it's going to take you to a Free overview video revealing my number One affiliate system to promote that Will actually pay you 100 instant Commissions with jvzoo when you make Money you will have to wait a while and It's not a hundred percent commissions This one you can see is about 50 Commission so if you want to check that Out I'll leave the link below but for The sake of this video the traffic Method we're going to be using thing and We're going to be promoting a jvzoo Product in this video is Twitter now Whether you've used Twitter or not I'm

Going to be able to share with you a Totally free five-minute method that Will get you laser targeted leads to Make daily commissions so the first Thing you need to do is if you don't Have a Twitter you want to create a Twitter profile and we want to actually Put a header photo right here now Because we're in the make money online Niche which is what jvzoo basically is Go to Google images and then search in Something like beach wallpaper because When it comes to make money online we're Basically promoting and selling the Lifestyle to be able to travel spend Time on the beaches spend time with your Friends and family so if you have a good Cover photo here that's going to Increase your conversions when we use This method so if you do beach wallpaper That's a good idea so I could literally Just download this photo here go back to My Twitter and I can go to edit and I Could add this cover photo there it's Also good to have a good good photo of Yourself as the profile photo but if you Don't want to have a photo of yourself You can go ahead and add another beach Photo there you can make your name or You could put make money online or work From home something related now for the Bio to set this up you can put something Like you know see my number one way to Profit online okay so now what we're

Going to do is we're going to go over to A free link shortening site called and again all the links are Going to be down below in the Description and what we can do is we can Actually take our affiliate link we Don't just want to put our affiliate Link in our bio here because it's Unattractive so if you sign up okay for A free account with bitly and once You're in your back office I can go to Create your first link I can paste in my Affiliate link and then I can go ahead And go down here and click create which Will be a button in the bottom right and Now you can see that this is our Shortened link okay right there so what I can do is I can just copy this I can Go back to Twitter and I can go ahead And paste this in I like that now you Could put the website there as well and Then once this is all good we just want To click save now the next step and this Is very crucial we want to click right Here and we want to create a new tweet And now what we want to do is we want to Create a curiosity building tweet that Will get people to want to click our Link so because we're in the make money Online Niche with jvzoo we want to say Something like do you want to make money Incredibly easy and fast okay because That's what people want be sure to click This link and watch the free video

Revealing the little known secret method Okay something like that and you can Feel free to swipe this exact post I Could even make a space okay to make it A little bit better and then we just Want to paste in our bitly shortened Affiliate link now to make this even Better we want to go back to Google Images and we want to search something Like holding money okay because we want A photo where looks like you know we've Made some money and this is totally fine Again you're not claiming you're making Money you're just having a photo of some Money because this is what people want When they want to make money so I can Choose any one of these photos here okay So I did a little bit of searching and I Found this photo here you can see it's Just holding money now I can go back to Twitter and I can go to image right here And I can upload that image okay so you Can see right here do you want to make Money incredibly easy and fast be sure To click this link and watch the free Video revealing the little known secret Method it has our short and affiliate Link and now it has this image and we Can just click tweet so now we can see Our tweet right here now I like to like This this gives it a little bit of Social proof and starts to get people to Also like it and now we want to click These three dots and we want to click

Pin to your profile and now what this Does is if I land on this profile it Will have a good cover photo it will Have the link here okay and then it will Have this pin post so it doesn't matter If we keep tweeting this will keep being At the top of our Twitter Pro file and When someone clicks this you can see it Redirects them to our sales page right Here right so when someone buys we will Start to make commissions now the last Step you may think okay we have this Tweet but how do we get people to see This this is the secret five minute Method that gets laser targeted Prospects clicking our affiliate link so What you want to do is once you have a Twitter profile you can go to a site Called This is actually Works with Twitter and what you can do Is you can hook up your Twitter account To this tool this is a totally free tool You can see I have my Twitter account There and then what you can do is Click Add column go to search and then we can Actually search a specific phrase okay So if I do this I hit the quote and then I can say something like I want to make More money okay or I want to work from Home and then we search this and what This does is this literally shares with Us all the Twitter profiles within the Last day or so that said I want to work

From home or whatever phrase you put in There so I could do I want to make money Online I want to make money online right Please I want to make money online so Now we have all these laser targeted Prospects that want to make money online And all you have to do is click this Little reply and say hey I saw your Tweet if you're interested check out the Pinned post in my profile that's it and What will happen is these people will See this tweet this little reply it will Go to our profile it will see this pin Tweet they'll see this photo thinking That we are making money and then They'll click this affiliate link and They'll decide to buy okay so this Method is incredibly powerful and you Can use this to promote whatever Affiliate product you want to promote Now as I said before be sure to click The first link below to see a free video Revealing how to easily set up my number One affiliate system to promote with the Method shared in this video to get paid In instant 100 commissions also click The Subscribe button with the Bell icon So you don't miss out on my latest money Making methods and last if you want to Discover another incredibly easy method To make commissions online be sure to Click the video that will show on the Screen in just a second to discover that One also thanks for watching and I'll

See you on the next video [Music]

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