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Hey guys welcome back to our Channel AI Money Today I’m going to take you on a journey To explore the exciting world of Artificial intelligence with AI becoming More and more prevalent in our lives It’s important to understand the tools That make it all possible and that’s why I’ve put together a list of the top 10 Best AI tools that you need to know About Whether you’re a business looking to Integrate AI into your systems or a Curious Tech Enthusiast wanting to dive Into the world of machine learning these Tools will provide you with everything You need to get started So sit back grab a drink and let’s dive Into the top 10 best AI tools starting Off at number 10 we have tensorflow Tensorflow is an open source machine Learning platform that has been Developed and maintained by Google It’s a popular choice for developers Because it’s flexible scalable and has a Huge community of users who are Constantly contributing new features and Improvements if you’re looking for a Powerful tool to help you develop AI Models tensorflow is a great place to Start at number nine we have Pi torch High torch is another open source Machine learning platform that is known For its ease of use and dynamic

Computational graph this means that you Can change the graph on the Fly making It a great option for research and Experimentation and with a growing Community of developers you can be sure That Pi torch will continue to evolve And improve number eight on our list is IBM Watson Watson is a cloud-based AI Platform that offers a wide range of Services and tools for natural language Processing computer vision and more it’s Great for businesses who want to Integrate AI into their existing systems And applications and with IBM’s Reputation for reliability you can be Sure that Watson is a tool that you can Trust at number seven we have Google Cloud AI Google Cloud AI is a set of Powerful AI tools and services that are Designed to be easy to integrate with Your existing applications Whether you’re looking to develop Computer vision models or build a chat Bot Google Cloud AI has you covered and With Google’s reputation for Innovation You can be sure that this tool will Continue to evolve and improve over time In sixth place we have Microsoft Azure AI Microsoft Azure AI is another great Option for businesses looking to Integrate AI into their systems it Offers a range of tools and services for Natural language processing computer Vision and more and with Microsoft’s

Reputation for stability and reliability You can be sure that Azure AI is a tool That you can count on At number five we have Amazon sagemaker Amazon sagemaker is an end-to-end Platform for developing training and Deploying machine learning models it’s Great for businesses who want to develop And deploy AI models quickly and easily And with Amazon’s reputation for Innovation and customer service you can Be sure that sagemaker will continue to Improve and evolve over time in fourth Place we have h2o.i H2o.i is a platform that makes it easy To build deploy and scale machine Learning models it’s great for Businesses who want to quickly and Easily Implement AI into their systems And with h2o’s focus on democratizing AI You can be sure that this tool will Continue to be accessible and User-friendly at number three we have Dialog flow dialogflow is a platform for Building conversational AI experiences Such as chat Bots it’s great for Businesses who want to build chat Bots For customer service sales and more and With dialogflow’s user-friendly Interface and Powerful features you can Be sure that you’ll be able to build the Chatbot you need coming in at number two We have nine nime is a powerful data Science platform that makes it easy to

Build and deploy machine learning models It’s great for businesses and data Scientists who want to quickly and Easily build and deploy AI models and With nimes focus on making data science Accessible to everyone you can be sure That this tool will continue to be user Friendly and accessible and finally at Number one we have openai openai is a Cutting Edge AI research organization That is dedicated to developing and Promoting friendly AI they offer a range Of tools and services for building and Deploying machine learning models and Their research is constantly pushing the Boundaries of what’s possible with AI if You’re looking for a tool that is at the Forefront of AI development openai is Definitely the one you want to check out So there you have it the top 10 best AI Tools that you need to know about Whether you’re a business looking to Integrate AI into your systems or a data Scientist looking to build and deploy Machine learning models these tools will Have you covered I hope you found this Video helpful let me know in the Comments which AI tool you’re most Excited to try out and as always if you Enjoy this video be sure to give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to stay up to Date on all the latest and greatest in AI thanks for watching and I’ll see you In the next video

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