Tracy got the real business skills she needed in Persuade to Profit

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Hey everyone I am here with one of our Persuasive profit clients Tracy Gilliam Who just joined us in persuade to profit Just a few weeks ago and she was saying Like these wonderful incredible things About the content in the program and I Was like wait a minute we got to get This on video people need to hear this Because what you were talking about is Something that we've been hearing a lot From potential clients I was like this Is important we got to get it on video So hang tight we're gonna get there Everybody watch through the whole thing But for people who don't know who you Are can you please introduce yourself Hi my name is Tracy Gilliam I'm a owner Of Simply Clean bookkeeping And I'm a bookkeeping firm that offers Bookkeeping solutions for Real Estate Investors when you came to work with us What was going on in your business where You were like I think I need to go talk To Amanda I really felt like my marketing my Message was not out there like it should Be I'm attracting clients who barely Want to pay me like 500 a month to solve A huge problem for them and I didn't Understand why I'm actually starting to lose clients as Well too and I it's like I know those Clients are out there that need my help And I want to be able to help them

And then Amanda really helped me see Where my marketing message is like was Failing because I was not talking To the right people in the way I should And then when you came to work with us You were mentioning how you've tried Other programs and other things and how It was just not working I know when you And I initially spoke you were like oh I'm working with someone else and I'm Like that's cool that's fine still gonna Talk to you at three o'clock today Anyway You ended up coming on as a client so And you were just talking about that and You were getting very passionate about Kind of what your experience has been in Other places in business versus The Experience here so can you speak to that For a little bit Yeah I've I've been with another Marketing coach who's basically I mean I don't want to wrap on her Program because I think she does really Have a very good program But a lot of what we're doing in there Is journaling and trying to imagine Ourselves in this bigger spot and it's Not really helping me get to that bigger Spot because I need I watch Amanda's Videos she's all about you need the Skill sets and she's right you need to Know How to get to that spot you could

Imagine yourself as the CEO of this nice Big business earning millions of dollars And seven figures eight figures whatever As all you want but to actually get There You need the skills you need to have the Conversations on how can I tweak my Marketing how can I fix that in a way How can I speak to the people who are Going that I can really help and who are Going to help me have the business that I want to have as as well and what was Your experience going through the Content because you showed up to this Call today with full-on outlines for Offer so then we ended up working on Your messaging No the content was great it was exact it Was short simple to the point and then You could just go and get the things Done and then come back and watch the Next video it was instead of watching Like these 15 20 30 minute videos that I'm falling asleep through half of them With some of these other programs that It's like you just You get us out there doing the things we Need to be doing right away instead of Putting all the fluff in there of why we Need to be doing them yay all right let The people know where where they can Find you because I got a lot of peeps in Finance and quite a few in real estate So let them know where they can find you

And talk to you Um I'm mostly on Facebook Tracy Gilliam Is my profile or Simply Clean Bookkeeping is the business profile That's on Facebook I do have a website As well if you go To the contact page there you can set up An appointment with me Or email me if you'd like all right Thank you so much Tracy the team and I Are super excited on how this is going To take off now that we've tweaked your Messaging and you've got your offer and You know exactly how to talk to that Market Yes thank you very much I'm excited to Get this going

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