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Hey hey everyone welcome to another Episode of the make money your honey Podcast we got another interview this Might be the interview of all interviews And I'm going to explain why this Conversation that I have with our guest Today Monica Snyder who is a an assassin At email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing at systems at Tech Is probably one of the most Life-changing conversations I had in 2022 in fact the reason it took me so Long to get these podcast interviews out And I took a Hiatus and I did all these Things is because of this conversation That I had with Monica Where she she basically completely Changed my life for lack of a better Term Um and I'll get into it momentarily but Before getting into exactly how she did That and then the episode this is Sponsored by our 90-day sales training Program persuade to profit our clients Regularly get results in I don't know a Week as little as three days because a Lot of y'all all y'all are missing is Some sales skills you have all this Attention and all these leads but you Got zero sales skills you don't know how To close you don't know how to handle Objections you don't know how to move People through a sales process or Perhaps you've made some sales but now You're realizing they're not sustainable

Because the market changed and that that Usually comes down to a lack of sale Skills and if you're like Amanda I need More leads we got you because we can Unlock bonuses in the program where you Learn about some of the best lead Generation strategies that I've used to Actually triple my lead flow in about Six months so if you want more Information on all of that if you want To apply to work with me and my team go To if you're enjoying These episodes and you're enjoying this Podcast do me a solid go leave us a Review if you're listening on Apple Music Spotify all those things and also Leave comments if you are watching this On the YouTube channel because that Helps us get these conversations in Front of as many people as possible my Company and I we have a mission you know We exist to help women get the tools and Mindset that they need in order to Dominate in traditionally male spaces Like business and sales and commerce and We need your help to do that so if you Leave us a review or comments it helps Us get it in front of more people and You're really doing this a solid because They need to hear conversations like the One I'm about to have with our guest Monica Snyder so let me tell you why This was so life-changing for me in the

Middle of this episode Monica helped me Figure out some subconscious programming That I had that was keeping me very Stuck in business so a lot of you have Been watching uh you've noticed that I've been through some changes in the Last year or so in the business you You've noticed that I've been way more Visible you know that we have a lot more Systems and you've been asking me about These systems and the automations Because I basically automated everything I could think of and part of the reason Why was because of this conversation I Had that you are about to listen to Because it was Monica Snyder who said You know that when she was building Businesses and email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing Systems She needed it to run like a machine so That she could spend her time doing Other things and that hit me in a Different way because I was like oh my God that's exactly what this all is you Need you need a machine Of a business so for example I took that As well I need to go tweak my systems Right now and make sure everything's Really set and great because if I have Everything automated in the middle then All I need to do is worry about being as Visible as humanly possible and then I Can do sales and  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and referral Partners and triple my lead flow and Things become more of a cycle and more

Predictable and more systematic and less Chaotic so it's thanks to Monica that You know I spent the last six months of 2022 just really diving in and getting This stuff done and it's also thanks to Monica that I realized we had many People have this subconscious Programming that if you are efficient And if you have systems and if you are a Type of person whose brain works in that Way oftentimes we're called lazy and Selfish so what happens is we start Having an internal conflict when things Start getting easier which was what was Happening to me in my business I was in The middle of a full-blown conflict that Monica helped me figure out because I Was like wow if everything systematized And automated why do I feel so weird and Messed up about it and she's the one who Helped me discover where that Programming was coming from that Absolutely changed everything in my life And in my business and we also talked About Other things right we talked about the Importance of leveraging other people's Audience we talked about the importance Of building an email list we talked About how these stories that we pick up Growing up really affect us in adulthood And how they play out and it was just Such an enlightening conversation and Again like I was literally like I was

Having aha moments in real time all Throughout this entire interview and Basically like changed my whole life After this conversation Hey everyone welcome to another episode Of the make money your honey podcast I Am here with a new friend and colleague Monica Snyder who is an assassin when it Comes to  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing Systems if you've Been listening to the podcast for a While you've been hearing my adventures In scaling for the last three years you May have heard episodes where I was Totally bitching about building out Systems I'm now reformed I love them Can't live without them many of you have Asked me to teach about all our systems And I'm like nah just because you're Good at it doesn't mean you should teach It that's a lesson y'all so I decided to Bring in experts like Monaco to talk About it instead so thank you Monica for Being here and sharing your wisdom and Your knowledge and your love and your Passion with our audience Thank you I am so excited to be here and I'm kind of the opposite of you I love Systems and I kind of can't help but Create them as I even do something like I find myself like creating systems when I like don't need to be and I'll have to Stop myself because it's just so Ingrained in how I and how I feel that's Me now after three years of systems

Because my goal was and we can talk About this later but my goal was how not How can I work as little as possible but Like how can I work smart versus hard And I realized I needed a lot of systems And also how can I create something I Can duplicate basically I was tired of Trading time for money and I was tired Of doing things the hard way and I'm Like there's got to be a better way and I had to learn systems and the super Right-brained person was very resistant To it but after two or three years of Building them out and now being on the Other side were literally this morning I Was talking to my team and I was like oh that's automated like I forget what Automated that's perfect right now I'm Like oh I got extra time because I don't Actually have to go do that oh snap like I'm still getting used to it and then I'm like well how can I systematize Everything in my life so I'm reformed But I did not start that way and so Before getting into all that it seems Like you were kind of born with it you Noticed that you've mentioned you've Been coding since you were eight which Is pretty prolific if you ask me I come From a family of coders that Gene Skipped me Completely completely skipped me so how Is Monica Snyder and how or who is Monica Snyder and how did she get here

Well I am I am just me and I am Currently in a town called Mount Juliet Tennessee right near Nashville I got two Kids and a great husband and it took me A long time to get to there but I've Actually had like a really fun Background I have traveled around the World I've been to weddings in six Countries I believe I love to travel and What happened for me is I was working in Corporate and I had my six figure you Know job as a developer and built Software and And for big companies and so I was like Huh I bet I could replace my you know Six figure income with this digital  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing stuff and so I had learned About affiliate marketing actually from The company I was working with it was Like it made all of its money through Affiliate deals and I it was kind of new At the time so I made my first dollar Online with a website called legendary Halloween that talked about Halloween Costumes and people would read my blog Post on how to build a costume and then They'd say that's too much work I'm Gonna go click and buy the one at and that's how I made my First money online And after that I was hooked I was like Wait what's happening here and so I went On to build lots of softwares that have Been sold I've sold two companies I am

Now like resurrecting my own personal Brand I've been behind the scenes in These other companies as the Technologist and so I had to switch like The opposite of you my technology brain Had to switch to a  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing brain and So it's it's the opposite so in software We're all about systems because we have A principle called do not repeat Yourself and I had to learn in  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing The principal at dry do repeat yourself So I I'm like the opposite of you and so That's how I'm going yeah that is so Fascinating so my first dollar was Actually made freelance writing back Again the creative person right back in 2010 ended up building a whole company Pretty much as a Content marketer for Financial companies did not have systems And then I was like oh I can't keep Doing this right and that's part of what What converted me but it's it's funny How it's like literally the exact Opposite where you were very like left Brain left brain left brain had to learn The right brain and stuff and I was very Right brain right brain right brain had To learn the left brain stuff which I Want to point out for the audience Because I feel sometimes people are like I mean I used to say this I don't By the way we can curse I forgot to tell You before we started I used to say this Stuff right where I was like oh well you

Know that's like for Left Brain people Like that that's just not for me like I'm not into the organization I'm not Into the systems I'm not into all that Stuff like I'm just not good at that Stuff I don't know if you ever told Yourself that about writing or  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Or creative or anything like that but I'm bringing that up to show the Audience you can learn this stuff it's Skills Yes and you know what's so funny is that I even like take my left brain and put It into the right like I have formulas For call to action buttons and I have Frameworks for like every like type of Writing and and once for me like I love Copywriting now because I realize that It is a structured format and like Therefore it is a system and I just have To put the right words into the system And so and so but then like my Copywriter brain is like sometimes I Feel like I'm not good enough because I Don't have that like witty banter thing Unless I like work really hard at it and You know some people just write and they Put words together that are like Incredible like I don't have that brain So that's where I get jealous of the Right brain people who are like just These beautiful words where I was like I Have to work for it but I work within The system and so I get results right so

I think it's just finding the way that Your brain can work with the other side Of the brain That is so fascinating all right so Bring us to present day you mentioned That you're resurrecting your personal Brand I think that's how I found you I Purchased one of your products because I Was like I need a I need a schedule for My email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing because I've Literally never had one because right Brain person over here is like what do I Feel like talking about today Okay and it just comes out like even With live streams I'm like no no I can't Keep living life like this Like it's great to have inspiration Right but like I need some sort of Organization so I don't lose my brain Which is how I found you so you're Coming more of the personal brand stuff Now I noticed on your website there's a Lot of stuff about  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing Systems Specifically yes so why why help people With  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing Systems specifically Well because like you I don't really Like to work all the time I have two Little kids they're you know they're Young and I want to spend time with them So I can either be splashing around a Pool with my kiddos or you know trying To run this business but the other thing Is like I've never thought of a business As me like it has to have systems that

Stack upon other systems and run as like A machine because you know I don't want To I don't want to physically walk like Across like like if you think about it Like as walking right like if you have To walk to another country like that's Gonna take forever but if you want to Take an airplane then a bunch of systems Work together to fly you there a lot Faster and so that's how I think of them In my business and email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing They're some of my favorite systems Because they are oh I mean they're so Hands off and actually the system that Found you is a hands-off system and we Can talk about any of those so just tell Me where you want to go I want to talk About this whole I don't want to work Harder than I have to thing yeah because I feel like this is where a lot of People get stuck okay well so let's just Take that system that found you I set it Up like I built that product that you Just purchased in May no May March of 2020 March of 2020 and I put together a Sales funnel for it and I now run Facebook ads so that system finds you Right and it says hey Amanda come like Check this page out the page acts as my Sales person right and that page Converts because it's you know pretty Static it converts anywhere between well That this sales page is abnormal the Normal sales page converts between one

And five percent that page is converting Right now at 20 so okay that is pretty Abnormal that's pretty that's pretty High because even when I was running it One of my projects is to learn Facebook Ads because I've done them before right And I'm like well I've automated so damn Much in my system and I've delegated Things and I'm not constantly working With clients because I've leveraged my Time I'm gonna go learn some damn ads Right YouTube's my other project because I'm good if the key words and stuff like That I'm like I'm gonna go learn how to Do that because I got nothing else to do Like I'm going swimming I'm painting I Gotta Build my time with I gotta Tinker Exactly yeah and so that's not a tanker You're um what you're doing is learning How to leverage other people's audiences Like YouTube's audience Facebook's Audience right and that is super super Powerful because if you can leverage Them into your own audience which is Your email list and you know your Followings but you're you can get De-platforms anytime at any time always Always build your email list but um so If you leverage those then what you can Do is I call them income Stacks like Little automated you know seven day Email sequences that like hit your Person like one after the other and and

We I had this set up in one of the Businesses I sold and like like we knew That if a subscriber came in like we Would make x amount of dollars in the Next 90 days like on average and so Guess what we tried to do get new Subscribers all the time so that is Where it goes and then there's systems For that there's systems for everything But yeah leveraging other people's Audience is a great system to learn do You have any recommendations for for Learning Facebook ads and I also kind of Want to be clear because we we see this Stuff happen all the time like sometimes We'll be talking to people who are just Starting out their businesses and They're being told go spend a bunch of Money on Facebook ads I'm like no no Hold on One moment please one moment please hold Please we gotta figure out your offers And your messaging and sales skills Otherwise this isn't gonna matter well You know it's interesting so you can use Facebook to figure out your messaging Yeah the test with money so money by Speed right A lot of them they don't Have money yet though because they don't Have those sales coming in so it's kind Of like we gotta we gotta nail the sales Because a lot of people will get people Who are like yeah this agency sold me on This thing I spent like seven Grand and

I got nothing out of it I started asking Questions and I'm like okay but you you There was no testing of anything before You started throwing money behind it so Yeah so you can start testing your Messaging with one dollar a day and how You can do that is what you're gonna do Specific okay so let me back up to your Big question is how do you run Facebook Ads that question is is a is a not great Question I don't believe there's bad Questions that question is an uneducated Question because Facebook ads will Deliver so many different kinds of Results let's change the question to What results do you want and so the the Question you were just saying like and And the constraints that you have so You're like hey I've got very little Money to invest in Facebook ads but I Don't know my messaging how can can I Use Facebook ads to solve that problem So for that in particular you would Spend a dollar a day on engagement ads To like take your social media content And literally set up an ad using that Content because you can go into the ads Manager and say use an existing post so Go ahead and post it your normal way go Use an existing post and pick the Correct audience that you want to test With and with Facebook right now broader Is better so if you have like a 20 Million person audience that is going to

Be great and it will also not help it Will help your ad run longer without you Having to refresh the creative You're going to run that ad for Engagement and you're going to see if People engage or not and that's how you Can test your messaging so go ahead and Create like three or four social media Posts with different messaging run a Dollar a day to your like your best Audience that you want people from and See which one gets the best results so That's going to be the lowest money paid For the the highest results you're going To spend a dollar a day either way Because Facebook will spend your money But one of them will be like higher like You'll get more results for that dollar Than the others and then that messaging Is what you're gonna take to other ads Like conversion ads so let's make this More concrete so like for email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing say I was testing you bought a You bought my program called Relationship and revenue which is a Whole email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing system and so I Wish for the audience so they have Context it's like a self-liquidating Offer funnel we had Ali beer gone about A year ago yeah we had her on about a Year ago I have my own self-liquidating Offer I was just fixing some back end Stuff and now I'm like cool I got the Team I got the automation it's time to

Get these ads going again babe be yeah Exactly well that's a different so That's a different ad thing so you're Going to want to do conversions for Those but you also have to have a lot More things set up like right now you Have to have your conversion API all Dialed in and then the couple of things I would say for conversion ads is that You can take that messaging that you Learned from your engagement ads and use It for your conversion ads so say I Tested like if people are more Interested in subject lines or they're More interested in email sequences or Newsletters right those are three sort Of email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing big topics that cover That relationship and revenue covers Right so I could test those three see Which one does the best with the Audience And then take those and use those in my Ad and so then in that ad to Relationship and revenue which is the Self liquidating offer and what I do There is I talk about that but it's a Conversion ad and then I there's two Settings that I want to make sure you Guys know so you want a conversion for Value and you have to get that all set Up right and then you also want oh it's Oh you want to make sure that they're on Wi-Fi Because people that are not on Wi-Fi

Don't tend to check out as easily so Those are the two like secret settings That I use for Facebook conversion ads Now those are different though if I'm Running to a webinar funnel and webinar Funnel is even slightly different if I'm Running to a webinar funnel that's Evergreen versus a live one because and Then then there's retargeting so it's Like when you're like how do I run Facebook ads I'm like well that's a Whole thing yeah it's loaded it's loaded It's a loaded question loaded yeah but If you want to get started one dollar a Day engagement ads to existing posts Will help you dial in your messaging By the way I mean you choose engagement As the targeting when you like the first Thing it asks you is what kind of AD Choose engagement all right so those of You who are listening who want to get Started with Facebook ads you really Want to learn it because you like to Tinker like I do are you a tinkerer do You find things to Tinker with Time like that's actually like tinkering With this because then what I do is I Take my engagement ads and I retarget to My SLO that's another like I have to I Have pure cold ads which is the audience Straight to the sales page and then I Have my and it's funny because you talk About this because I'm setting up the System for me of YouTube cut into

Shorter Instagram videos that are used In these engagement ads that then get in The retargeting ads like that I'm Dialing that system in right now so Okay so everybody write that down Because I'd never heard that before to Start testing with the engagements with A dollar a day I hear a lot of people From what we're hearing on our sales Diagnostic calls they're just being told To start running ads to a webinar funnel And all this kind of stuff I'm like whoa Whoa whoa whoa hold on where's the cash Flow for all this because my finance Brain is like whoa whoa whoa yeah two Plus two is not equaling four one second One moment please hold Uh so so I'm glad because I've never Heard that before and we will have a lot Of people on our sales Diagnostics who Have spent thousands right and I don't Know if any of them have been told that Sorry I don't know who's I don't know Like I mean yes there's a lot of bad Advice out here and there's a lot of bad Agencies that's all that's going on yeah I only got one dollar then spend it on That and then you know a dollar day That's 30 bucks a month now you can go Up to two dollars five dollars whatever Your budget allows because again money By speed you're gonna learn faster right So if you're doing a dollar a day I Would give it you know at least a week

Or two before you trust that you've got Enough results to be statistically Accurate correct and so you know but if You if you put ten dollars a day then You're gonna learn faster so it's really Up to you you know and then it might be That you're like I'm not getting any Results that I want so you may test Different audiences with Facebook or you May test your different creative but if You're doing it at a dollar a day that's Less scary money-wise but if you want to Learn faster you amp that up and then You you run your tests more frequently But it's also more work for you in the Beginning but again you build faster so Your choice you build faster I like that You're saying that because I remember When I first started testing things it Was like three grand a month right yeah Yeah I mean it was fine I mean we had The cash flow to do it and we knew how To upsell on the back end and all that Kind of stuff and revenue was good but I Was but if someone's just really getting But that's typically what you're told Right it's like oh you're looking at Like a grand a month when you hire like Say like our Facebook ads people right Like this is how much we're gonna need To test so here you say that no actually You can do it on a dollar there's a way Of doing it I think gives people a lot More peace yeah you can do that but the

The reason the Facebook ad agencies tell You that is because they need those Results faster to dial in the rest of Your ads so they are doing what I'm Saying they're just not doing it like They just do it faster because they Spend more of your money and so that's Why if you want to do it yourself do it At a rate you're comfortable with Because that's going to help you that's Going to help so now let's talk about People who are a little bit further in The game right let's say six figures Right let's also assume that they also Have digital products or training Programs we're going to assume that is Figured out because that is basically Step one I tell people all the time to Not do what I did where you were trading Time for money all the time we have tons Of clients who come to us who are tired Of trading time for money they got to Start moving out of that but let's Assume that they already have some sort Of a training or digital or something That can actually scale let's assume That part is done and we've already gone Over the mental hurdles of that and it's Built I find that the next mental hurdle Is usually Well I don't really want to build systems Because I want to have the Personal Touch

Oh ah okay so so then you're gonna Systemize the Personal Touch And my favorite way to do that is with a Software called video ask and you Literally like I have this you went Through it I think on the end of Relationship and revenue it says Hey so Excited that you bought and like they Get to see my face they get to see my Personality and I ask two questions and It's you know why did you buy and what Will it mean for your business to have This up and running and then when people Actually respond to me and they they do Ask questions sometimes or they tell me Like I just like all I have to do is Pick up my phone and just hit like a 20 Second reply back and then Boop it goes Off to them And so it's super super simple and that Part is manual and so you can choose Whether or not to to reply I do that With that but I also do it in my email And this is like the number one thing I Teach is that the second email that Comes out from you after somebody opts In is what I call the trifecta email I've been using those I've been using Those and you know what they work right They work that was that was part of the Reminder this morning because I had a Diagnostic yesterday and then of course After the diagnostic you're going to get The results there's follow-ups all that

Kind of stuff and I forgot that I'd set Those up a few weeks ago and I was like Dang I gotta go follow up with this Person because we're trying to do this Deal blah blah blah and then I see this Morning that they responded to one of Those Trifecta emails that you teach and I was like oh I automated this There you go yeah and you know what's so Funny is that like I mean I Market to Marketers like they're hit to the game Right so in my emails a lot of times You'll see like yes this is an automated Email but I really do reply and I do I Set aside time to reply to people Because again I want I'm like I'm a Personal brand I want to be personal and So that that's what I would say but There are other Industries like my Friend Dan he owns a CrossFit gym and he Had like all these automations set up And people would just walk up to him and Be like dude I got your text and they Like would not even understand that it Was an automated text they just thought That he's really on top of his follow-up Game so it depends on like what industry You're in or you know what what your Business is and then for him you know I Was telling him like Hey you know you Could automate your workout schedules And they I mean he's automated most of His follow-up but there's all those Digital products he could sell but sorry

I'm I feel like I'm getting off track But no totally we're talking follow-up Because people drop them so I teach Sales process and sales skills and That's an area where people drop the Ball a lot is in the follow-up and I Understand the argument that you do want Some sort of a personal touch I think it Does make you stand out but a really Great blend is what you just said which Is like hey the back end emails are all Automated but I'm actually or a team Member or somebody is actually Responding here otherwise like yo your Life gets crazy Yeah you can't remember all that stuff Like that yes and like yeah it was just Bananas but yeah so I do like I like the Automated plus a personal reply if they Reply to me so that's how I I know to do That and then then what I do to follow Up again so say you've got a course like Let's answer your specific question you Have a course my favorite thing to do is To take an Automation and build it out In an email like so you have a sales Page or you know webinar whatever you Build it out in an email series and then You automate that email series to kick Off every five to six months to people Who haven't purchased Girl how do I do that on Infusionsoft Slash keep oh Computer flash size you can I'll show

You you can do anything on keep right Like I've had that thing for years I Feel like I'm still learning new things Yeah so that's we cut I mean it's been Called confusion soft for years but yeah But yeah so I actually like I remember Using it back in the very beginner baby Days of it but basically what you do is You set up so this is gets a little Technical so I'm gonna go fast and if You I I do have a YouTube video that Explains it more detail but basically What you do is you set up a custom field With the date you last pitched this Course to that person and then your Automation is set up to kick off every Like like it can read that field and it Just kicks off for that field for that Person every X number of months because Your automation software can like it Goes into the record every day of the Human that is you know the record and it Says okay you know do I need to kick off Any animations for this person now That's actually not technically exactly How it happens but that's the idea that Most people understand and so it hurts My heart as a software developer to Explain it that way and so but yeah so It'll go in and say okay how's this Person gotten it and then if it's like No because they haven't purchased it so You have to know in your software if They've purchased it and I do that with

Tags so mine checks for the date and for A tag and if that person hasn't gotten It then it kicks it off I also add a Layer in a deadline funnel because I put A coupon in Usually or some sort of urgency to make Them want to buy and so that's it kicks Off with a software called deadline Funnel can you do that with like the Story cell emails and all that stuff too Because I'm like dang I don't want to Have to rewrite all these after like or Do all the damn like I'm lazy y'all I'm Lazy right this whole like work hard This whole work hard to make money is so Boring right like no I want to be Swimming that's what I want to be doing I don't want to be doing extra I Don't need to be doing right no garyvee Hessel up in here no hell no man work Smart not hard because it just frees up Your brain space too yes And and maybe we should have a small Talk about this because I've noticed This with clients I've noticed it with Team I noticed it with myself right that A lot of times this whole working hard Thing is either learned from childhood Trauma for me it was a trauma response I Only learned that in the last year you Know but we or we have this idea that if We work hard it makes us a good person But if we're using systems and we're Actually getting our together then

Somehow we must be cheating I feel like a lot of people come up Against that all right 100 agree and I Think that we do feel like it's cheating Because we do have a very like work hard To you know pull yourself up by your Bootstraps and you know all the stuff That I don't think I don't think is It's hard to unlearn is what I guess I'm Trying to say because I also have it and Then the other thing is like when you Free up that time how you feel that time Matters right because that's what I'll Do like I'll free up the time and I'll Be like okay well now I'm gonna build The next thing instead of like no I made That time so I could go be with that to Me I was literally texting a mentor this Morning right and I was like well Between all the automations I've built Out in the last three years right all I Got to worry about is sales okay I did My sales tasks for the day and I've Automated a bunch of those so it doesn't Even take me that long or if Systematized it so I could bang out my Outbound in 30 minutes and it's done you Know I'm like what the do I mean And then I gotta you know train my Team's been training for a while right So I check in with them all that kind of Stuff I'm like what in the actual Do I do now yes and that's the problem Is that like we so like we just default

Back to work like which is default That's why I'm like we're gonna go Tinker with Facebook ads I want to go Learn something you know yes and that's What like like I'm terrible at this like My husband's like can you just Netflix And chill I'm like if Netflix is a Training video sure I know because I'm Like so my number one and my strengths Binders input I love to learn I love to Tinker I love to do things I think it's Fun right but part of the reason why I Had to get notion I'll have videos on Notion it's like a big giant systematize Your whole life app let's just put it That way is so I could have a master To-do list and I could be like okay you Want to create these automated things in Your client portal but you don't have to Do that right now right yes yes I you Know what it's so funny because Because that's the province like now What do you do with your free time and You have to find you have to find things To do and so it's like you've reached The dream right The Leverage not quite Yet I'll tell you where I get hung up Right or maybe you have some thoughts on This and this this again might be that Work hard thing coming in where I get Hung up is like wait a minute can I Automate all this stuff and not work That much and money's still gonna come In

Well that's funny still coming in well Not quite the way I wanted to because We're still figuring out the systems and Things like that so we're in that Tweaking stage right so let's talk so We're in the tweaking Yeah yeah because you are experiencing You know because when you are fully Involved you can oversee all the details And adjust kind of instantly if you're Building a system it has to go out get Used a little and then you adjust and When you're in that phase you have to Know like each little part that can be Fine-tuned and where you should start And this is where people talk about Being data driven it's true in systems Too right so let's take that SLO funnel For example because we've talked about That so an SLO funnel is some sort of Traffic in my case Facebook ads to a Landing page which is a sales page and a Long form sales page normally right and Then the there's an order bump usually And an upsell All that's in the funnel so if you look Across all the numbers all your Conversion numbers there like you like I Start at the top and work my way down And so that's where you find out where Your money is failing you because your Money it's like it's your money's not Going to show up but is it because your Facebook ads aren't delivering or is it

Because your sales page needs work or is It because you know whatever and so this Is what happens to me with my clients They come to me they're like oh you know My money I'm not making enough money With this funnel it's my emails right Because people just come to me for Emails all the time and I walk them Through their funnel I'm like no it's Your landing page because you're Converting at one percent right it could Be at like eight percent so it's the Expertise of like knowing all those Numbers which is a lot right and then Also knowing what to do to fix those Numbers right and and that's where you Need to call in that's where Consultants Help or coaches help right like Like if like this is what I do in my I Have two different versions of this but You can call me for help basically and I Will fix your funnel and whatever that Looks like because I don't know until I See your numbers and I will ask you the Conversion numbers and I'll ask you to Do all that so that's like dialing in The systems and like I so like I'll give You so for my hello I have my VA inputs My numbers every day that I want to keep Track of and then in the spreadsheet They turn red if they're off so that I Just glance at it and I'm like Something's wrong and my first response And something that's been working is

There's a technical failure right Because if something just started Started to plummet but then like you Know when I first launched my SLO I was Converting it like I mean this it's Always converted High because I'm a good Copywriter but the the thing that says Someone who said she had to work to Become a good writer I did you get you Get those conversions pretty but I want To make note of that because especially Like for example with sales we teach a Lot of sales skills and things like that People will be like I'm not good at Sales I'm like you can learn it yes you Can but let me tell you the evolution Right so I started off at like three to Five percent like a normal human right And then I went in I added I added Better copywriting so one thing that I Added which is weird is the solution to The problem so like in the beginning of My sales process you know problem Agitate solution I didn't really give a Solution by the way problem agitate Solution is a framework for copywriting So I presented the problem you can't Write emails very well you don't know What to say you don't know what you like Right and then I agitated it a little Bit like it's losing you money and blah Blah and then I solved the problem but I Didn't I didn't explain it well enough So I fixed that but then the other thing

That really helped me which surprised me Was that I made better visuals And so I like my page did not used to Like when you landed on it it was not Obvious that it was email so I literally Started putting envelopes all over it And like that tripled my conversion rate So I then I created a framework for that And I call it visual velocity right so Now I go through my framework every Single time I build something and to Make sure it's got visual velocity so That when you look at the image you like Instantly know what it is that you're Getting and like what it's about right So Yeah so so okay so first of all I think I figured out a framework for the the Starting to this is running like a Machine let me know if I got it right Because you're the systems person so the First portion is okay we're really Testing the stuff out we're building it We're putting it out here right so That's let me give context for people Who've been listening to podcasts Adventures and scaling all I've done for Two or three years is build out systems On the back end and stuff like that to Get my life back right whether that's Systematizing my knowledge right Systematizing our sales process Systematizing our  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing just Systematizing every damn thing I could

Think of but that's kind of like phase One right like phase one is oh I Gotta systematize phase two is okay well Let me start building this stuff out Then we go into phase three and phase Three is like let me start testing this Stuff out in the marketplace and then Phase four it's like okay we're going Into tweaking and testing and all that Stuff and then and that's kind of Perpetual yeah yeah Right and then we get into okay this is Starting to run like a well-oiled Machine right and there might be moments And and let me know if I'm wrong but I Stopped running Facebook ads because I Was like whoa hold on we got to fix some Back end stuff here on the funnel to Make this better and we got to make it More more what's the word I'm looking For I don't want to say sales friendly That's not the word more optimized we Got to make it more optimized for the Sales and follow up and get all that Stuff going and then we can start Running traffic to this again Yes and so that's where there's a Balance though because if you're not Running any traffic you don't get any Input to know if it worked and so it Depends on what it depends on what you Want to do honestly so you can stop we Did like an overhaul kind of thing and Then yeah so we kind of did a bit of an

Overhaul with the front end part of it And then I also wanted to make sure the Team was good and we have enough stuff Coming in organically where we didn't Have to run the ads to be honest so There was a lot of that as well still Have traffic then yes and then yeah I Would say that you touched on something But didn't quite call it out and I want To is that you build systems backwards Like like you start at the end and come To the front so for like a sales funnel Right like you start with the products And then you work your way up to the Messaging and some I mean you kind of go Back and forth on a couple of pieces but It's like you don't build it the way the Person sees it you sort of build it the Opposite way so you have to think about It from how you build it but also how The person seeing it experiences it and Here you have to kind of flip back and Forth between those two quite frequently And I find that people struggle with That they do I mean when we get to our Sales training stuff people be like can You just give me the script can you give Me the script I'm like no we got to go Through the offers first and we got to Make sure that's nailed down because you Want them to buy the damn thing so we Got to work on that first then we're Going to plug in all that stuff into the Messaging and then we're going to talk

Sales process sales cycle and sales Skills because even with the sales Skills we're going to build out your Scripts Yes well and if you don't know what You're selling then it's like you have To have an idea too of what that is Before you know for for an automated Sales process right if you're telling me You're selling a two thousand dollar Plus thing you automatically in my brain Need an application funnel right yeah But if you tell me you're selling a 10 Or 30 thing you need a sales page funnel Right so it's like it depends on what You want to sell and really how that Helps your human and what goal it has in Your business so that's where you start Obviously and then the the sales Mechanisms for automated sales will Present themselves well even without Automations because we'll teach like Direct Outreach we'll teach inbound we Teach outbound we teach both right I Mean we've got clients now like one of Them's doing I'm just put in a bid with The state of Florida others do corporate Like there's no funnel for those guys no No there's no funnel there's no funnel For that that's like old school sales so We teach both because it's a good skill To have it'll get you anything you want In life and it helps with management and Leadership and all that stuff as well

And even still in those instances you Still have to start backwards Because if your offer is trash and you Can't get it like it doesn't matter how Many skills I teach you if the offer is Trash Well that's what like that's the true With copywriting as well because like if Your offer is amazing then you can Pretty much get away with any copy right But if your offer is terrible like no Copy can save it no copy can save it at All so it's the same even with Traditional sales you've got to start With the end in mind otherwise you can't You can't properly execute on a sales Cycle it just wouldn't even be possible You wouldn't be able to get people to Move through the different stages Because it's also a system And they call them pipelines and Pipelines pipelines yeah it's a big ass System right and it's interesting Because one of the things I'm fascinated With is like oh I want to go look at These bigger companies and what they do I'm like oh they got inbound and Outbound they got both going on at the Same time I'm like that's what I want To teach yeah I have it now right now We're working on the inbound again in Getting that in but outbound we're doing It every day and we got that thing down Now it's like cool how do I make this

Inbound because I'm lazy no you're not Lazy you're efficient and that's patient Yes you know what it is this just hit me I used to get in trouble at my last jobs For skipping steps Hit me oh my God I'm having an aha Moment this just hit me I literally used To get in trouble oh Monica oh Okay I have a subconscious programming That I just figured out I used to get in Trouble for skipping steps I would get In trouble at home I get in trouble for Being efficient my whole damn life me Too when they're like show your math Homework I'm like I don't understand What I'm supposed to show like and and Like when I was like I would be doing my Math homework too in biology and I would Get in trouble biology like I've just Been so ingrained in me since like you Know like I was little because it's like Well if efficiency is bad you just show All your work I'm like now that I'm an Adult I'm like wait that was dumb and I'm like now for me like the challenge Is like how do I like to turn that into A gift that was great that was dumb like That was a great gift moment right there I'm gonna see if I can find it and get It for free Yeah I mean it was just like and so for Me it's funny because now I have kids I Don't know if you have kids but like I Don't I'm like how do I not get that

Programming into them right and so Because like it's taken me so long to Unlearn but yeah school like completely You know if I could do my homework in a Class that I was it wasn't that class Like but I would always get in trouble For it right like that's for me where it Started and I remember my first job I Was a corporate consultant and I I got In trouble for having Hotmail open this Back in the day and I had my boss comes Like you're on Hotmail today they used To track you know what you did online And I was like my work is done I've Asked for more work you won't give me Any because there's nothing to do but I Have to have my butt in this chair so That I can build the hours so what do You want me to do Always in trouble always always in Trouble and I remember I went to a Christmas dinner that my old boss have This was after I left and she is she my Best friend took that job after I did And I trained her up and we were at this Christmas dinner because she invites Everyone over for Christmas every year And she's like you know Amanda you were Really great like you would skip things But like the job would get done and I'm Like isn't that the point I don't understand why this is not a Good thing Yes and so what I actually had to

Realize later is that is that your brain Works differently than the person who Needs to see the steps because they they Don't trust you to get it done and that Could be your boss that could be your Teacher they don't parents parents I Mean I haven't got in trouble for it as A kid like I mean as an adult still I Get in trouble for it where it's like oh And I'm like they'll get mad because I Put I I don't know I like put something In a place where it's obviously more Efficient for how your body is moving or Like how you're entering a space like That's how my brain and I get in trouble For it I'm like what the but your system Sucks Well but it's their system and they know It I know when I used to switch system Like I would rebuild entire systems for Corporations right so like there was a Lot of training that went into like you Know hey like we're gonna change here's Why it's important a lot of why got Involved in there and and so that would Be the thing I would say if you are Trying to teach your team something in Like changing a system on them explain Why to them and the bigger picture and How this is going to free them up and What you would expected them to do with Their time once it is freedom because if You tell a team member they're like hey I'm freeing up your time they think

You're firing them so be sure to fill in That gap for them because you don't want That do what you're doing yeah and I'll Say like I've learned like how to work In a team to that point is a learned Skill Yes oh yeah it's definitely a learned Skill I was talking to somebody Yesterday they were having some team Issues and I'm like look this is a Learned skill this is not it's another One of those skills you have to learn That and management all these steps so Bad at it no you can learn that's the Common theme you can learn you can Always learn you can always learn it and Then actually the challenge for Efficient People Like Us by the way is That we don't understand when our team Members are not as efficient right oh girl that is so annoying I'm sorry To my team that's listening but they Know they know but they're very Efficient too right like their their Brains but but this is why I bring up That that hard work thing right because It's so ingrained for things to be Difficult or complicated that when when It's an efficient me too right I'm sure Of over complicated things in my life Because I got in trouble for being Efficient all the damn time so being Efficient equals bad yep but that's Right that's in like school but not in

Entrepreneurship But not in entrepreneurship but in School and life and society and just in General it's not seen as a good thing But in entrepreneurship it's seen as a Great thing and I think it also comes From having over complicated things for Too long and being like I'm damn tired I Don't want to do this there's no virtue In this Thank you 100 there's no virtue in this No None whatsoever but I'm realizing that Now because I'm in that tweaking Transition phase where I'm moving more Into CEO that's the conflict like I was Like why the hell do I feel so weird on The inside like why is there this Constant conflict inside of me and you Just helped me figure out what it is I've been getting in trouble my whole life for being efficient Yeah I think it was like a while ago so I It's fun to watch you do it I think in Real time in real time this happens all The time on the podcast I'll have guests And I'll be like oh my God light bulb I'm like Oprah with an aha moment every Time I have a guest that's good but I Just realized that's the conflict I've Been having which is like like I was Just texting my mentor I'm like I'll be Done by two o'clock today the am I

Supposed to do with my life I don't know Get some Hobbies Well I started picking them up again Like painting and swimming but I'm like I can't be doing that forever I gotta go Tinker with we got another guest who was Like create your tinkering list So that when you have extra time or You're bored you have a list to go Tinker yes yes I actually I read so That's my tinkering and I've forced Myself to put non-fiction I mean fiction Books on my reading list so that I don't Know I'm not quite there yet I was a Literature major so I can't really read A fiction book without analyzing the Hell out of it oh yeah that's how I Lived in Hollywood for a while and I I Find it hard to watch movies for that Reason so but okay so thank you for the Aha moment but to your point yes when You're a very efficient person and you See other people not being efficient Whether it's team family people in your Life you want to rip your damn hair out Yeah you're like and then you're like Why did you do that and by the way if You are married do not do not do that to Your spouse okay just don't if you want To stay married Don't do that because like I'm like why Are you doing that okay that's like Hugely insulting to anyone so just right Exactly don't don't do that it's very

Insulting but internally you want to rip Your hair out completely completely but I'm like yeah this is where you have to Learn like okay I am I am hyper Efficient most people are not because You know like I was so efficient that I Had to have a coach point out to me that It was a core value because I just Didn't even see it because I am just Efficient like it's just part of my true Being of who I am and so she was like Monica like you've missed efficiency in Your value list I'm like And she like pointed out all the way She's like people don't do that I'm like They don't do that like they don't like Right because you don't notice okay so This is so crazy right but this is such An interesting conversation about the Labels we give ourselves the the stories That are placed upon us and how and how Like we can change them because I'm Noticing a couple things from this Conversation which is like I didn't even Know I was good at systems I thought I Was terrible at them turns out I'm Fantastic There you go but I thought my whole life I was terrible at it because I was bad At left brain things like math Oh see and then I recently learned from Someone who's a teacher that I met at an Event and he's like you're actually Really good at math you're just good at

Math in like the traditional sense of The word not in the passing a test sense Of the word but in the efficiency and Creating a system sense of the word yes Yeah and so that's originally what math Was Well I didn't know that actually that's What he told me right but that's like Classical classical idea of math is like Better systems yes I mean numbers I so I Think numbers tell you stories and if You if you can read them the right way They're like I don't know hidden stories That's What I Love About Numbers well I used to Think numbers had teeth Writers see that sounds like they're Gonna kill me like and a lot of people Are scared to look at it because of what The number of what they make the numbers Mean and I I've had a lot of those Moments but again it goes back to those Old stories right like look at how many Stories we've hit just in this that People and I'm Gonna Make a list because Listeners need to kind of take a look And be like dang am I letting that story Run my life Oh go ahead oh go ahead no you would There's virtue and working hard no there Isn't yeah makes no sense right if you Got in trouble for being efficient your Whole life when things start getting Easier you start having a giant internal

Conflict and efficiency does not equal Laziness and efficiency does not equal Laziness I was just called lazy right so That's where that's coming from I was Called lazy because I'm efficient right And selfish lazy and selfish because You're efficient yes Yes keep going oh you too you too yeah I Mean all the time I mean I was always The trouble and got called all kinds of Names for being efficient and Anyway lazy and selfish for being Efficient that's a common story that we Get and oh there was another one Bad at math therefore you're going to be Bad at all left-brained things I know That's a story that a lot of people get That's yeah I didn't get that story I Was really really I was the opposite Actually I got I was like on the math Team like no not me girl no hell no man I I failed a math test at the age of Eight and I never wanted anything to do With math again I took the one Requirement that I needed in college for Math to just never have to deal with Math again oh see I almost majored in Math but I anyway it didn't I was not Programming is more like the way I think Because it's very like systematic and And it's you know logic and things like That but I want to tell you one more Like trick that I used to like that I've Helped myself with is like if you just

Change the word it helps so much so like You were talking about teeth have Numbers and so I used to feel like Budgets were very constricting and like I hated them like I can't keep within a Budget some people feel that way about Systems and about system yeah and so I Changed the word budget to spending plan And then I was playing right and so so Instead of being constrained I was like You know planning was a good work for me Right so just flipping the word like Think of another way to think of it and Reframe it and then it's like it becomes Fun again and so now I like that's how I Got I mean I I took myself out of like 30 grand of debt like honestly just by Flipping how I think about it and Calling it a spending plan and sticking To it so it's like oh and then I Realized like my money will run around Like little toddlers unless I tell it What to do but if it works for me like So my spending plan made my money work For me a budget made made me feel Constrained and like a boss was telling Me what to do and I wasn't here for that Right and actually I was when I was a Content marketer I was a financial Writer for eight years and that's one of The first things we had to tell people Was like no use the word budget right Right some people will go as far as Don't use the word emergency fund yeah

And so like let's talk about like what Other words for system could help Reframe for people right so like we're Fine with the word system right now I don't know but like when you like if You were like how about if you thought Of it as like a a team of workers doing Things for you and you call it you know Your your a team like like one of the Automations that I teach in my sequence Is like like I gave that thing a name It's a 12 email sequence and her name is Delsi and she is one of my sales people Right because she's a 12 email sequence Right I'm like naming her made it fun For me I was like all right I'm gonna Work on delsi today right like It's an automated sales sequence so like What how can you reframe a system to Make it something fun that you would Want to do I think for me it was like I knew what I Wanted on the end so for example you Know how you said start with the end of Mine I think it's the same way with the Way we design businesses what's the end I want to be swimming I don't have kids To go swimming with but I go swimming Every week I wanted art I wanted to Travel I wanted you know I just I wanted To be creative because that's where my Brain feels best is creativity and also I realized while I was playing with Notion that systems this kind of a form

Of creativity oh it really is Because You could create whatever you want and You can create it within the system so It is actually a form of creativity but You know I was like well what what's the End goal and I was like I just I don't Want to be exhausted I want to I want Freedom I want to be able to do whatever The hell I want to do with my time when I want to do it if it's work it's work If it's not work it's not work Yep that's it so you could have called Something like a swimming system that's Like okay this is gonna free up 20 hours Or 20 20 minutes a day for me to go Swimming or 30 minutes a day right or Like you know your take back your Take Back Time or something that's what I That's what we call it in our framework On like take back your time that's what I wanted I wanted to take back my time So even though I was scared of systems I'm like oh man I'm real bad at Tech I don't know if I'm good at this I'm not a left brain person if I thought With the goal in mind of I'm gonna get My time back then I was willing to do it And I was willing to build it out and I Was willing to do the thing that made me Uncomfortable kind of the same with Budgets and and money back in the day I Was like well what is this gonna get me On the other side and then you're more

Willing to do it now the weird thing That happened was the pandemic happened So it was like all I was doing because There was nothing else to do and then I Got into some bad habits like Overworking and then it was Literally this realization of I've been Getting in trouble for being efficient My whole life is life-changing for me Right now Monica you have no idea Because I'm like why am I having so much Resistance like we're on the other side Of these yes we're tweaking and we're Figuring stuff out but this is going to Be so easy why do I have so much Resistance it's because I've been Getting in trouble for being efficient My whole life Yes Major major Realization want to go I'm so happy Giant you have figured that out because Because it's really important to figure That stuff out it is because it's the Scripts that'll run your life if you Don't figure it out so tell the people What exciting things you have going on Right now and where they can find you Well there's always something new and Fun happening on my YouTube channel so That is one of my favorite places for You to get to know me better and I have All kinds of stuff in the descriptions For you and the latest stuff that is

Happening we'll all be there so you can Go check me out there definitely do it Her content's really really good she Really simplifies like what was the the Product that I bought relationship and Revenue is that what it's called go see If you can find it because it really Simplified like I've never had an email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing schedule in my whole life this Just made it so easy so I could go in Every week and now I'm like well how do I make this even easier girl last week I Wrote emails in 15 minutes For a whole week for a whole week thank You Monica are welcome those are like Music to my ears because if I can cut if I can cut that time down right like the Best by the way the best  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Message for relationship and revenue is That I slash your writing Time by 87 15 Minutes and I had five emails done for a Whole including you on that 15 minutes Right my mentor was like how the hell Did you do that I'm like well you know I Have the schedule now but also I have All these templates and then as I write It I'm just saving the templates but now That I learned that I can repeat the Campaign on keep girl maybe that's my Tinkering thing Yeah I think I gotta figure out the ads First but then I go Tinker with that I Mean You need to do driving then

That's also Fair that's also really Really fair all right cool well thank You so much for being here guys step Seriously go check her out and like I Told you this is going to be such a good Synergy between the two things that that We teach so thank you so much for being Here and until next time everybody Cheers to making money here honey

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