Build ChatGPT Clone using Open AI API #chatgpt #openai #chatgptclone

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I built this perfectly working chat GPT Clone JavaScript code for basic Express Server Click the submit button and we get our Code Let’s ask for the capital of Germany and Here is our answer Let’s ask for French fries recipe Click the submit button and here is our Recipe Let’s start go to chat GPT and type code For python flask server with root prompt Post method and take string as parameter Use the openai API send this string as a Prompt and return the response we can’t Build chat GPT from scratch but we can Use their API Copy this code Paste it here Now we have to install openai module Open Terminal and type pip install Openai It’s done code for default route with Get method and return index.html Copy this code Paste it here import render templates Code for index.html file with bootstrap Display input field and submit button on Click submit button check if input is Not empty then send post requests to Root prompt and display the response Now chat GPT is generating our front-end Code Copy this code

Paste it inside index.html Let’s start the server Looks good now we have to generate our API key Just go to open AI API documentation Generate your API key paste it here Restart the server let’s try it how to Read files using python Click on the submit button and we get Our response let’s ask for python code To Generate random numbers from 1 to 100. Click on the submit button and here is Our python code Let’s add highlight.js to highlight our Code Copy this code paste it here replace URLs with CDN links for JavaScript and CSS Restart the server Click on the submit button now it looks Better It’s working fine Let’s ask how to create a flask server With python code Click on the submit button And here is the code I increase the font size and change the Code theme just type python code to Convert Json into CSV Click on the submit button And here is our code Now it looks even better Inside index.html file change title to

Chat GPT add some styles for background Color and font Also change H1 tag to chat GPT clone Restock the server now this looks like Chat GPT Askchat GPT python code to Generate Random passwords Click on the submit button And here is our code This is a perfectly working chat GPT Clone I built this chat GPT clone using The openai API Thank you for watching and see you in The next video

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