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If you want to learn the easiest way to Make money with affiliate marketing by Copying and pasting content that you Don't even need to create then this is The video for you because I know it's Hard when you don't have traffic you Don't know what to do you want something That's easy you don't have a lot of time And you don't have any money to invest Which is why on this video you don't Need any of that I'm going to show you Where you're going to get that traffic Nice and easy I'm going to show you how To set it all up in a matter of minutes And get another software to do all the Work for you and it's not going to cost You a single thing and you'll be able to Make money with affiliate marketing so With that being said let me show you how You can get started so you can make your First dollar online or start to make Hundreds every single day so the first Thing that you want to do is you want to Come over to this platform called Clickbank.com ClickBank is an affiliate Marketing platform where you can go to Find find a lot of different affiliate Marketing products that you can promote If you don't have ClickBank available in Your country that's fine you can go out And use other platforms like digistore24 Warrior plus jvzoo independent affiliate Marketing products as well but ClickBank Is available in over 190 countries what

I want you to do with this video is copy Exactly what I'm telling you to do step By step if you copy exactly what I tell You you'll come a long way to making That first affiliate marketing Commission once you're over on ClickBank What you want to do is go over to their Marketplace once you click on to Marketplace you want to scroll down over Here and you want to click onto all what You want to do is you want to scroll Down come over here to where it says E-Business and e-marketing and I want You to click onto that once you've Clicked onto that this is where you're Going to find a range of different Products that you can promote and I want To show you a few things that you want To look out for firstly is how much Money you can make on average per Conversion so you can see here that this Product as an example every time Somebody makes a sale will make on Average 58.52 every time somebody signs up to This product and this is the gravity Score this indicates how well this Product is doing how many Affiliates are Actually making money with this product This has a gravity score of 292 which is Extremely high and it's good you're Looking for anything over a gravity Score of 30 and you should be promoting Those types of products so as we scroll

Down here is another one over here for 19 260 gravity here is another product Over here called Writeappreviews.com get paid to review Apps on your phone now this sounds nice And simple and you can see that on Average people are making about 38 Dollars per sale has a really high Gravity score of 134 so what you want to Do is you want to come over here and you Want to click onto this product you want To take a look and see what this Products sales page or Bridge page up Opt-in page looks like and you can see He basically says mobile and tablet app Test is hiring now you can make anything From 25 to 30 to 35 dollars per hour It's online remote positions and it's Flexible I mean how good does this look I mean people are looking to work from Home they're looking to make money They're looking to get paid well and They want something that's remote so This type of product is perfect for a Lot of different people this is nice and Simple easily laid out and all they need To do is click here to apply every time Somebody applies you are going to get Paid so what you want to do from here on This product over here you can come over Here and click on to promote once you Click on to promote it's going to ask You to generate this hop link all you Need to do is click on to create hop

Link and then this is the link that You're going to be using to promote this Product so that's the first thing that I Wanted to show you now what we want to Do is we want to start the process of How we are going to promote this product Which can be with obviously traffic Which I'm going to show you how to do That but also how you're going to create This to provide it to the free traffic And I'll explain that in a second so in Order to do that what we're going to be Doing is we're going to be using chat GPT now we know that we've gone into E-Business and e-marketing which is make Money online Niche Etc so what we're Going to do is we're going to be Targeting people of that are looking to Make money online so what you want to do With chatgpt is you want to type in Something like this give me 15 ways to Make money online in bullet points okay So you want to hit enter what kgpt is Going to do now is it's going to give us A variety of different ways that people Can make money online and what we're Going to do on the back of that is we Are going to promote our product with This so once this is gone and finished You're going to see obviously that the First one for example is affiliate Marketing second ones blogging third Ones online tutoring Etc there is a Number of ways number four is

Freelancing so what you want to do is You want to get chat GPT to expand on These different types of points so what You want to do is you want to type Something like this you want to come Over here let's just say you wanted to Expand on four so you can type in expand On point Let's do one for example expand on point One and write Say 200 words And Explain how This can Be done online To make money okay so just make sure you Fix up any spelling mistakes so expand On point one write 200 words and explain How this can be done online to make Money hit enter what chatgpt is going to Do now is it's going to expand on this Point so you can see that chapter bit is Going to go through it's going to write 200 words so what we've basically done Is we've got 15 points you can do Five Points 10 points it's up to you and it's Going to expand on the first point then What you're going to do is you're going To ask it to expand on the second Point Third Point Etc so come over here again Just copy this make it nice and easy so Let's copy this You want to scroll down you want to Paste this in here basically what you

Want to do is you want to click onto This and say expand on point 2 hit enter And now it's going to expand on point Two okay it's just thinking and once it Does that you want to go through and do All of these now what we need to do is We need to create something that we can Give away absolutely for free which is Going to entice people to come over here And read this and inside that what we're Going to be doing is we're going to have Our Link in order to do that what you Want to do is you want to come over to Another free tool which is called Canva.com and what we're going to be Doing is we're going to be creating an Ebook that you're going to give away With a strategy that I've never spoken About on this channel so if you're Enjoying the content so far do a couple Of things for me number one is smash That like button in appreciation if You're getting value up until this point And number two go down the bottom and Comment just let me know that you got to This point and that you're enjoying the Content so fine make sure you subscribe To the channel channel for some more Awesome content I've got coming your way So now what you want to do is you want To come over here you want to type in Ebook and you want to hit enter now You're going to be able to see that all These different types of templates are

Going to come up what I'm going to do is I'm going to choose this one this one Looks cool now with canva this process Can be done absolutely for free for Example you can see here that if you Hover over anything where it says Pro This is a paid for the paid subscription Anything like this where you don't see Anything Pro is absolutely for free so This is free this is free this is paid Paid free paid Etc so you can very Easily find a lot of free different Types of templates that you can use okay So I'm going to select this one over Here and I'm going to go to customize Template now what we want to do the First thing is we want to update this Title okay so what we want to do is We're going to for example come over Here and just type in something like 10 ways To Make money Online okay now obviously you can see That this is large so you're just quite Simply what you want to do is you want To minimize this okay move it up to the Top Okay and just minimize that expand it Okay and then you can very easily just Get rid of anything else that's here Okay because this is going to be our Title Okay just do this

Maybe you can change the color of this It's completely up to you okay make a Standout so 10 ways to make money online And that's got that there now you can See here that we can add a page here now Once you go to add this page what we're Going to do is we are going to come back To chat GPT we're going to scroll up Okay and what we can do is we can have Something like this we can probably have This first section in here if you wanted To you can basically just have a Contents like this showing people what's Going to be in the book if you want if You don't want to that's fine what you Can do is you can just come over here And we will highlight this first section Okay so we're going to copy this and Then what we're going to do is we're Going to come back over here to canva Okay what you want to do is you want to Click onto this text okay once you click Onto text you can select any one of These texts we're just going to click Onto this as an example for now we'll Double click onto this hit command V and This is going to paste everything in Here now quite simply all you need to do Is minimize this and stretch this out Okay and you can also add more pages as Well okay if you need to so all you need To do is bring this across like this Okay now if you find that it's obviously A lot all you need to do is delete that

Come straight back over to chat jpt okay And just break this up into paragraph so Let's just grab this first section come Straight back over to here click onto This Command V and then bring this up and we Can obviously stretch this out and move It out so you can see here that this is Now going to fit okay and if there's Anywhere like this you can just break it Up okay so you just expand this and then What you're going to do here is you're Going to have number one for example Okay the other thing that you can do as Well with canva guys which makes it nice And easy quite simply come up to you see Where you've got this alignment you can Click on to this and this is going to Change the alignment so you can make it Like this so it looks nice and neat okay And then quite simply you can expand it Out a little bit more now all you would Need to do is come straight back over to Chat jbt and then grab the rest of this Second third fourth fifth sixth Etc so We'll copy this as an example you'll Come back over to here and then all you Will do is you'll continue with this so You can very easily copy this and then Paste it in here because what you want To do is you don't want this to change Then you'd come back over to here again Sorry copy this come straight back over To camper double click onto all this as

An example to highlight all this and hit Ctrl V and it's going to do all that for You and you can tab that down so you can See here this is how this book is going To start off so you've got one affiliate Marketing and then what you do again is You copy this you'll come down here You'd hit next page you'd paste that in There come straight back over to chat Jbt and then you can do blogging as an Example so grab these copy come straight Back over to here double click onto all This okay highlight all this and hit Ctrl V and then you can space this out So you can see how this book is going to Start to take shape what we want to do Is inside this book we want to add our Own product okay we want to promote our Own affiliate marketing product so what You will do is you can copy this come Straight any add a new page hit control V then what we can do is we can Highlight all this we can delete this And then from here we can start typing Now what you want to do is you want to Is you want to put in a call to action So what we can do from here is come back To the actual product now remember that You can do a couple of things you can Type in something like this mobile and Tablet app testers hiring now and you've Got here 25 to 35 dollars per hour Remote online example so we can type in Something like that so we've got this 20

To 25 dollars per hour so we can copy This so what you want to do is you want To come over here and you can type in Something like Earn I hit command V so earned 25 to 35 Dollars per hour and then we know that This involves Testing mobile and tablet Apps okay so come straight back over to Here and type in Testing Mobile and tablet Apps okay then you can obviously just Come over here guys and hit bold okay so As you can see earn 25 per hour Testing Mobile and tablet apps click here okay Just do this and type in Click here for more information Okay just do dot dot dot and you can Leave this like that now what we want to Do is we want to make this a clickable Link so a couple of things that you want To do is you can probably highlight this Okay I've already got it in board you Want to make it italic so it stands out A little bit different and then you want To come straight back over to ClickBank You want to promote this product so you Want to click on to promote and you want To generate that hop link you want to Grab that hop link now once we've got That hot link we want to come straight Back over to this book you want to click Onto this then right Mouse click and

Then see here where it's got link you Want to paste that link in there and hit Enter this has now become a clickable Link okay so anybody that clicks onto This now when you go through and you add All this information so you go one two Is blogging so just fix this up over Here you'd want to put two over here Okay so hit two for example you've got Blogging then you come down here then Here number three so you would copy this As an example then you'd come down here Guys you would paste this here so you Just move this down so you can see how That's going to look like a link you Could even if you wanted to you could Double click onto this guys you could Even if you wanted to change the color To make it stand out even more okay so You can see it stands out a lot better Then you'd come over here you'd go Straight over to jjbt and you would grab The third Point okay so all you need to Do is ask chat chipot to expand on that You get where I'm going with this what We're doing is we're creating a very Very simple ebook now you can obviously Make this look a lot better and you're Going to have your link in here maybe Two or three times because you've got 10 To 15 points and after say every third Point you want to add that link in there From here what we need to do is we need To download this book so quite simply

You want to click on to share and once You click on to show you want to come Over here to download now once you go to Download you want to come over here to This and you want to scroll down and you Want to select this as a PDF standard Okay so you want to click onto that and Then all you need to do is click on to Download now this PDF book is going to Download onto our computer so as you can See this PDF booklet has now downloaded So we're going to click onto this just To make sure that it all looks good and That everything works so you get the Second page here you've got the third Page here fourth page fifth page and When you come over here we click onto This it's going to take us straight over To that product okay and as you can see This is exactly what's going to happen For those people as well so you just Want to make sure that all your links Are working and that everything looks Great so now that we know everything is Working fine what we now need to do is We need to turn this into a PDF document With a link that we can share this to Other people online and in order to do That what you want to do is you want to Come over to Google and you want to go Into your Google Drive create a Google Drive for yourself it's very simple and It's absolutely for free once you've Done that you're going to go inside your

Google Drive and what you want to do up Top here is you want to click continue And you want to go to file upload then You want to find that document and you Want to click onto open now what's going To happen this is going to download over Here as you can see it's downloading one Upload complete you want to click onto That now what we want to do is we want To share this document so if we come up To the top click onto these three little Dots and you click on to share what we Want to do is we want to make sure that This is not unrestricted so you want to Click onto this and you want to go to Anyone with link okay so what we want to Do now is you want to click on to copy This link okay so anybody that opens This link is going to be able to see This ebook Okay so click on to copy this Link now that we've copied this link What we want to do is we want to shorten This link because this link is really Long and ugly there's so many different Types of link shorteners that you can Use you can use bitly if you want to put This inside your link tree it's Completely up to you or what you can do Is quite simply come over to this link Shorten it's called tiny URL very simple And free to use you want to come over Here I'm going to paste that Google Drive In there and this is my tiny URL And I'm going to call this

My Make money Online Ebook Okay let's see if this is Available make tiny URL seems like it is And what we're going to do now okay so It's going to be tiny URL might make Money online ebook I'm going to copy That okay I'm just going to paste this Over here so I don't lose that okay so Now what we want to do once we have done All these steps is we need to get free Traffic and the place that we're going To go to get free traffic is on Twitter Okay Twitter is amazing if you know how To do this properly I'm going to walk You through and show you how to do it if You haven't used Twitter before to make Money you'll be surprised with how many Views you can actually get if you know Exactly what you're doing and I'm going To show you how to use chat GPT for this Safe this is something that's new to you And you're learning something make sure You smash that like button in Appreciation so what we want to do when We're on Twitter is we want to come up To the top over here and see what you've Got to explore you want to click explore It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this and you've got this Search section and in that search Section what you're going to do is You're going to type something like this

Make money online let me show you Something if you start scrolling down There's a lot of people that are putting Different types of posts on Twitter Under make money online affiliate Marketing work from home remote jobs so Many different avenues that you can go Down and basically what you're going to See is when people do this is you're Going to see some people are creating What we call threads and what these Threads are is they're putting up Multiple questions for example or They're putting up multiple forms of Information or they're putting up a lot Of value and I'll show you exactly what That looks like so as we scroll down You're going to find all these people Putting up different things and as we Scroll down what you're going to see and You'll find that in blue it'll say Something like show thread as an example So if we come over you see this show Thread it's going to show up with this Person if we scroll down it's going to Show up with this person and as you keep Scrolling down there's a lot of people Like this one over here show thread and When you take a look at this I mean look Look at this it says 16 200 people have Looked at this thread and if we click Onto this it's going to show you the Entire thread so somebody has put for Example the first comment second comment

Third comment and they scroll through And shows you a number of different Types of comments here is another one Over here that somebody has put up okay So he's put up this section then he's Gone through and he's put up another Comment then the third comment says Giving value more value more value than Another link that is putting up more Value okay and with a link then he's Putting up income proof for example more Income proof then he's got another link You can see what's happening over here Basically what this person is doing is They're putting up a lot of information And they're linking back to different Types of products which is exactly what You want to now do is you want to create A thread but the way we're going to Creative thread is we're going to use Chat GPT to create this thread for us And then what we're going to do is we're Going to link back to our products let Me show you how to do that so what we Want to do is we want to come back over To chat JP BT and you want to click on To new chat and then what you want to do Is you want to paste in something like This create my Twitter thread on Different ways you can make money online And what you want to do is you want to Hit this search button what Twitter's Going to do now is it's going to give us Different types of threads and what

We're going to be doing is we're going To create the first question and then We're going to do is we're going to Start posting all these other ones and In between this we are going to have our Own links as well to our products using The tiny URL link that we created okay I Hope you see the power of this because You saw people are getting tens of Thousands of views on these different Types of threads and a lot of them have Barely any followers okay I'm going to Guarantee you people are clicking on These links and they're purchasing these Different types of products so the first Thing that you want to do is you want to Grab this okay so this is the first one Okay and then what you want to do is you Want to come straight back over to Twitter and on Twitter you want to click Onto tweet and what you want to do is You want to paste this it says did you Know that there are plenty of ways to Make money online whether you're looking For a side hustle or a full-time gig Here are some ideas to consider that's The first one now you don't want to hit Tweet what you want to do is you want to Hit this little plus sign over here That's the first one this is the second One remember we are creating a thread Now what you want to do is you want to Come back over to chat GPT you want to Copy this

Okay so let's copy that come straight Back over to Twitter okay we're going to Paste that in there then we're going to Hit plus let's paste one more and then I'll show you how to insert our own Offer okay so I want to come over here We want to grab the third one copy this Now come back straight over to Twitter We want to paste this in here now what We want to do is we want to hit this Plus sign and now we're going to insert Our own offer and this is where you Would pay something like this so this is What I've written here is a brand new Way you can learn how to make 25 to 30 Dollars per hour I'll explain everything In detail inside this free ebook along With 15 other ways you can make money Online download it now it's free and That's it there guys this is our tiny URL and you can see my make money online Ebook people will definitely click onto This and have a read now remember you Don't need to make this ebook too long You can do only five points that's fine Then from there what you do is you click Onto this plus section and then quite Simply go back to chat GPT and keep Adding these different types of points Imagine how many of these different Types of threads you can do because all You're doing is using chat GPT to do This once you create the ebook you can Come back after two days three days four

Days and just cat get chat jbt to write You a different type of thread or get it To expand on even more points now if you Guys want to know how I make money with Affiliate marketing all you need to do Quite simply go down the bottom click Onto that link in my description and I'm Going to send you my ebook where I'll Show you exactly what I do to make money Online with affiliate marketing Currently I'm making thousands of Dollars every single day and I can teach You exactly how to do the same once you Get this affiliate marketing guide what I want you to do it's going to take you Over to this page and from there you can Watch this video this will explain how I Do this with 100 free traffic we make Over twenty thousand dollars a month Consistently thirty thousand dollar Months fifty thousand dollar a month We've had hundred thousand dollar amount Using this exact same strategies so I Highly recommend get that ebook have a Read watch this video and you'll be well On your way to making tens of thousands Of dollars every single month with Affiliate marketing and free traffic so That's how you copy and paste to make Money with affiliate marketing but if You want to watch a video where you can Go from 9am to 5 p.m absolutely crush it Every single day with Tick Tock Affiliate marketing highly recommend

That you watch this video over here Right now I'll see you on this video Until next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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