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What’s going on guys Chase finer here I Wanted to do a live stream today just Because I felt like doing a live stream And sometimes it’s fun to be able to Interact with everyone when I do these Live streams They’re pretty impromptu so I don’t Really plan them I kind of just do them When I feel like it I don’t like being tied to a schedule And that’s part of making money online Is not having to really have a schedule And what I want to do today is I want to Talk about some of the ways that you can Earn money I want to talk about the Quickest way for someone starting out to Start earning over a hundred thousand Dollars online and there’s a bunch of Different ways you can do this there’s No uh one way to do things and that’s The cool thing about getting started is That You can experiment you can choose Whether or not you want to do certain Things like services or affiliate or YouTube or advert you know sponsorships Anything Um the world’s your oyster and as you Start to make money online you’ll start To realize what really works for you and Maybe what doesn’t Um work for you now I I’m going to tell You from experience the things that have Worked really well for me I’m also going

To be talking about Um Things that I absolutely hated and I Probably will never do again Um and Uh you know what your best options are If you’re starting out so give me one Second Um if you’re coming into chat Let me know where you’re tuning in from Oh sorry I had to grab my phone I smell money Um All right so one of the things I want to Talk about first of all is copying what Works so I know I have this lower down on the List but look anything that’s going to Make money is something that probably Already makes money and It’s really easy to choose not to do Things because you’re worried about oh I I can’t do that because of this reason Or I can’t do that because of that Reason Um it doesn’t matter what you think but What matters is that you’re willing to Learn through one through action and two Through Frameworks so I’ll give you an Example uh these videos on YouTube and Tick Tock are super cringy in my opinion They’re very hard to I guess subject yourself to but Um

It’s the layout where you’re basically Talking to yourself you have two Different people Share my screen here Look at this the we have me on this side Talking to me on that side right you’ve Probably seen these types of videos Before I hate doing them but they work Extremely well and so I could be the Type of person that says oh I’ll never Do that because you know it’s cringy and Whatever else or I can just do it and I Can get the results of the fact that it Works and so I think what happens is People get so used to I would say Mediocrity doing the same thing over and Over and over that they become mediocre At it right they’re just like uh their Progress is is very constant it’s not Like uh like you want to see graphs that Go straight up right you don’t want to See graphs that kind of just go like Over time very and and I will say there Is something to say about that right There is more sustainability in that Approach where you’re not like 10xing You’re just 2xing but at a certain point You’re going to want to figure out how To get to like the next level right and A lot of the time the easiest way to get To the next level is to copy Frameworks Copy what works for other people follow Something that you know somebody else is Doing extraordinarily well with because

While I would say I’m making a good Amount of money online uh you know I I Just crossed over a million dollars a Year there’s people that do a million Dollars in a day on places like YouTube And Um you know whatever else and so Why am I not spending more time doing What they’re doing well a lot of the Time it’s because I’m stuck doing the Same thing Every single day day in and day out and So what happens is I end up becoming Addicted to the routine the mediocrity Of oh I’m just going to do the same Thing over and over I’m going to get the Same result and so I want to focus on things that are going To work extremely well but obviously Also in a sustainable way Let me send off this email really quick Welcome welcome welcome everyone Foreign Hoffman oh my God Hold on one second So one of the things I’ve been doing Recently is I’ve been just looking up What’s working for other people and this Is kind of what I’ve done for a while is I’ve just Spent time finding how people are making Money and you want to really you want to Focus on on What people do not what they say because

Anybody can you know say oh I’m doing Really well and I’m making all this Money If you look and see what people are Taking as action and you see that They’re getting an extremely uh Large amount of results like this guy Look at this guy Mark Tilbury this guy Does the same thing he basically talks To himself You know Super cringy he’s like wearing wigs and Everything but it’s got like a million Views So obviously I can be like wow what are You saying and doing is really cringy Here but what I can look at through his Actions is that he’s getting millions of Views and so you can’t you can’t like Numbers don’t lie right Um if you look at if you look at the Stats on this you’re gonna see That Um that he’s doing really really well And so I can judge that and be like Oh I’m never going to do that or I can I Can try to learn from that framework Even this video is here look at 60 000 Views 80 000 views he’s not actually Getting a lot of views on his long-form Content in comparison to other people if We look up this guy Iman I forget his Name Godsey or something Check this guy out

His long-form content is crushing it 300 400 000 views three hundred thousand Views 600 000 views and so pretty Quickly I I can I can look at if I let Me look at let me look at the popular Videos Two million views one point million Views and so I can I can replicate these Videos right I can replicate the Frameworks that they already have set up And I can Try to come up with a way to hopefully Improve it as well at the same time Because obviously I don’t want to just Completely copy what they’re doing but Um a lot of the really successful people That I know that are doing well online And that are making a ton of money They’re just finding what works and They’re replicating it like even Mr Beast Um He’s basically he has a circle of people That he gives advice to they give advice To him and he’s just copying what works For other people and They’re copying What works for him and there’s all these Different people that are doing videos Like him And so the question is are you willing To do what works for other people in Order to get to the next level are you Willing to follow Frameworks in order to Get to the next level I don’t know if

You are I know Um that I am uh to a certain degree Um but again it’s easy to get caught up In oh well I made 10 grand oh I made Five grand I made whatever and you know And then you basically get comfortable The worst thing you can do is get Comfortable because one when you get Comfortable you get bored and two you Don’t really grow you you kind of get Stuck So anyways anything that I talk about on This list whether it’s Services Affiliate anything just know that There’s already framework set up for all Of this stuff if you want to make a Hundred thousand dollars a month doing Services there’s people that are doing It if you want to make 100 000 a month Doing affiliate there’s people that are Doing it Did I love uh more plates more dates I’ll watch them all the time Um Anyone here okay So let’s talk about some of the ways That people get started so Services is One of the ways I don’t really like Services just because you have to do the Fulfillment and I don’t know selling hourly time you get More job security okay so here’s the Thing you want to you want to think About how much risk are you willing to

Take I’m willing to take a lot of risk And I always have been because that’s Just like that’s just who I am I I like I like taking risk some people don’t Like taking risk right and so if you Don’t like taking risk one of the safest Bets you can place Um in terms of earning money is doing Services because you’re selling your Hourly time and like you can always do That People will pretty much always pay to Get Time because time’s one of the most Valuable things you can sell but it’s Also one of the worst things you can Sell because if you’re selling something Like services You have to do all the Fulfillment right Um I was running an agency back in let Me actually show you I’ll show you my Stripe account here Back in uh I think it was like 2019 Might have been 20 20. So let me go back all time So this was when I was running my agency Here now you can see it was pretty Stable look like three thousand six Thousand ten thousand this is every Month right eight thousand it was going Up steadily right Now eventually I probably would have got Up to here You can see it was kind of trending

Upwards but this was one of the most Miserable points of my life now you can See this is pretty Rocky this is when I Quit the agency I started selling other Stuff like courses and products and look At this it’s like all these Peaks and Lows And so You know that’s a lot more stressful This right here is a lot more stressful Than what you got here but here you’re Having to deal with employees you have To deal with overhead you have to deal With uh the clients reporting all this Stuff and so this is almost like having A regular job here except instead of Having you know one boss you have 10 Bosses because all those clients are Basically telling you hey you know what Are you doing when is it going to happen You know when am I going to rank or Whatever and so I prefer doing stuff like this where I Have high risk High reward instead of Low risk low reward but it’s really up To you on what you want a lot of people Go the services route because there’s More security and services is super easy To sell I mean you could go to something Like shine Rinker run somebody’s website Through the shine auditor and you could Find something wrong with pretty much Anybody’s website a couple seconds and Just sell them the fixes be like oh I’ll

Fix all the Reds You know it’s not incredibly hard to Sell services but again the overhead now You can do a combination though you Could do Services where you know you Audit people’s websites and then refer Out Um the fixes with some sort of affiliate There’s plenty of web uh companies that Do like white label or they do affiliate You know fulfillment but even then you Know I don’t know I in my opinion one of The best ways to get started as Affiliate because with affiliate you Don’t actually have to Fulfill any of the things that you sell But you still make the money so for Example in this spreadsheet here All these different tools are things That you can promote right Um if you want this by the way it’s Scary All of these different tools are things That you can promote You get paid for and You could literally spend one week Promoting this tool one week promoting This tool one week promoting this tool You get paid for it but then you never Have to do any of the Fulfillment you Don’t have to deal with the customer Support you don’t have to deal with you Know the developers you don’t have to Hire anybody you pretty much just

Promote these different things now the The thing is you’re not going to make a Lot of money uh when you start doing This because first of all you’re not Gonna have a very big audience and Second of all you’re also not going to Have Um You’re not going to have a Um I mean that’s the biggest thing you’re Not gonna have a very big audience right And so because of that what’s going to Happen is you’re not going to make a lot Of money and I mean even this right here I have a pretty decent sized audience And like I make like two to three Thousand dollars a month which is good I Mean it’s really good right compared to Like I don’t know Working at McDonald’s but the problem is Is like it’s not going to be something That you’re going to want to probably Scale long term because eventually at a Certain point you’re going to want to Take 100 of the cut right like instead Of having to get a 30 Commission on Anything you sell I think that’s what Jasper does it’s 30 percent Yeah 30 percent Uh what you’re going to want to do is You’re going to want to take 100 right And then you probably want to start Building your own tools or you know

Selling whatever that you get 100 of Um but to get started if you don’t have Any money coming in promoting Affiliates It’s a really quick way to make money And also start building your list and so Ideally what you want to do is you want To break even Um On your on on your basically on your Building so Let’s say I’m building an email list and Every month I get a thousand email Subscribers but I break even you know I Make let’s say two thousand three Thousand dollars a month Um it’s just enough to be able to pay For the for the list that I’m building Right and so now every month let’s say For 12 months I end up getting I don’t Know 12 000 or 20 000 emails Let’s say I just broke even well those 20 000 emails are going to end up making You a lot more money Uh long term and so this is kind of like Almost like real estate once you get a List going it’s kind of passive right Because now you have the ability to Contact people and sell things and sell Different things that you want to sell Without having to go and get the emails Or having to build the traffic all you Have to do is press a button Um and so The cool thing about affiliate is that

You’re building other people’s Businesses still like you would with Services but with affiliate Uh generally You’re Building you know Your own Community or your own emails or Something because I mean you can do the Same thing with services but You’re spending more time with Services Building other people’s companies right You’re spending manual like labor hours Hour your hours trying to build other People’s web presence or whatever you’re Selling where with affiliate you’re just Selling their tools but you’re basically Capturing all the emails in the process And you’re hopefully breaking even so That you can go and then sell whatever You want to sell in the future hopefully This kind of makes sense Um It’s time to move to America So another thing that’s And Tick Tock content right now so like Any any sort of short form content that You can do like one of the easiest ways To start building emails which is what You really want to do is to just start Doing short form content Um and really just copy what people are Doing like uh I did a video yesterday About a couple people that Um Are basically copying the strategy that I was showing you which is this guy

This guy’s just making all these videos On um You know the top five websites top four Websites whatever it’s pretty much the Same video over and over And he’s getting like crazy amounts of Views I mean it’s not It’s not in too insane like these videos Are like 10 20 000. it’s pretty good but Like some of these videos take off and They get like Millions like this one got 16 million this one got one million and So You only need like one video to take off In order to warm up your account enough To get Um Start getting thousands and thousands of Views on your videos but What I would do is what I what I would Recommend you do is what I’m doing right Now which is like putting together a Bunch of videos that are performing well Short form wise and then just replicate Them post them on your own stuff this Guy Paul James has basically been Replicating Um what Austin’s doing here and look He’s starting to get Insane traction like he’s basically Getting the same amount of views that Austin’s getting fifty four thousand Hundred thousand twenty four thousand Six hundred thousand twenty thousand and

Paul wasn’t getting this on his shorts Until he started basically replicating These this guy So Um ideally though you want to take that Content that you’re building the short Form content And you want to turn it into emails Because views are not going to do Anything like you could get millions of Views but if you’re not building an Email list like it most the people that Are going to watch your videos are never Going to see your stuff again and so you Want to try to figure out some sort of Benchmark that you can set Um that will allow you to uh basically Earn on autopilot and so like for me Right now I’m I’m getting around let’s See Like it’s 9 A.M right now we’re at 200 New emails I’m probably doing I think around 400 to 500 new emails a day I’m I’m my goal is To get to over a thousand emails a day But I mean there’s people that can Easily pull you know tens of thousands Of emails a day if they start Redirecting their traffic and I mean all You’re really doing differently in your Videos instead of just like saying hey There’s this really cool website you’re Basically saying hey there’s this really Cool website you know

Here’s the opt-in to go try it out and So the way you can do that is with Something like a redirect so let’s say I Don’t know you say hey go to you could say go to and they have to enter Their email in order to get redirected To the tool and that way you get their Email and then you also get Uh them as an affiliate so you make Money on their Um if they sign up But that’s why that that checklist the One I showed you earlier I put so many Of my affiliate links in here because I Can just give people this checklist and I make money anytime they sign up for These tools or I can just uh I had a bunch of redirect links I don’t Know where they went I can just plug Those redirect links in my videos be Like hey go to uh and then It redirects them to the opt-in then to The affiliate And so the more you can do this the more You can basically build content capture Emails use those emails as a way to make More money Um by basically just automating your Traffic to whatever you’re selling Eventually you’ll never have to work Like you can just pretty much focus on Just content But you have to have the system set up

And we do talk about the system and AI Profits which is the course that I’ve Been building Right here And so in here what I’m doing is I’m Basically building out Um everything that you’re going to want To sell so you I have the different Products that you can sell I have the Different Uh emails that you can send everything That you’re going to pretty much do on The back end and so the goal with AI Profits is pretty much to get you into The Um frame of mind of like okay I’m gonna Choose to sell this I’m going to choose To sell that you can choose to sell Whatever you want and then what you’re Doing is you’re basically attracting People in with short form content Because short form content is basically Like It’s where YouTube was when it first Started like when when people started Out on YouTube when it first came out Most of those people that stayed Consistent have millions millions of Subscribers now because they just posted Content And so the more you can focus on just Posting content with short form like I Don’t think it’s going to last forever Um the amount of views and opportunity

You can you can have right now with Short form is absolutely unreal like it Is not I don’t think it’s stable Um I think that at a certain point it’s Going to be like very very difficult It’s going to be just like with YouTube How YouTube is now where if you want to Start getting views You’re going to be competing with like a Lot of people where right now I don’t Think enough people realize how to do it And so because of that short form Content is just exploding and I mean I I Think that you could probably build an Email list of 100 000 people and I don’t Know probably under a year if you just Focused on replicating short form Content and just sending people to Opt-ins And that email list if you can get a Hundred thousand emails that’s literally A hundred thousand dollars a month Easily 100 to 200 000 a month So you really want to focus on Um On short form right now and building Opt-ins Um another thing that you can do that I Would probably recommend and this is Kind of a two-in-one is if you start if You already have a list and you don’t Want to like do affiliate and you want Um more of a longer term play

Start selling templates And like info products or courses And so the way this works is you can Build these mini checklists kind of like What I do most of the money I’ve Actually made online is by selling like These checklists one of the first things That I I started selling like uh When I started About like six or seven years ago Was this SEO checklist and this SEO Checklist made a ton of money Just by me putting in what I do every Day like I literally just put together a Checklist of like the same thing that I Do every single day trying to find it Here And You can create these like miniature Products I don’t know if I have the Right funnel this is the old one I think Um you can build like these mini Products that are just like these Checklists and these checklists you can Sell like even Um even AI profits this course is Literally a checklist let me show you Last month last month AI profits made Gross revenue forty thousand dollars Uh let me show you all time And this is just this one funnel 72 000 And it’s literally I showed you a second Ago a checklist it’s just a A Google a Free Google sheet checklist that I built

It was free for me obviously I charge For it but All I do is inside the checklist I just Add a bunch of unlisted YouTube videos And I tell people how to do things I’ve Done this with uh I’ve done this with a Shine ranker checklist I’ve done this With an SEO checklist I’ve done this With Um checklist that I built for Affiliates Uh like Jasper and so you can either Give away these checklists for free or You can sell them and it kind of depends On how you want to sell them like if you Want to sell a 27 product a 300 product Um There are different things you want to Consider and I’m not going to go too Deep into that but Um Basically If you’re going to be creating a big Product then you’re going to be selling It for more right and so the AI profits Is like 100 video course now so Obviously I’m going to be selling it for Hundreds where the smaller checklist Usually around like 10 20 videos and so I try I charge a lot less I think They’re like 27.54 that kind of thing And um what you could do is as you start To build these products or you start to Build whatever you’re selling you can Start to charge more

And you can just keep adding to them Like AI profits I’ve been selling for What like three months now and even Yesterday it did Checking my Thrive cart really quick I Think it did like fourteen thousand Dollars in sales But here’s why it’s because I do the Same thing every single month and this Is the exact like formula I’m not Kidding if you do this Every single month you can earn money Like I do it I do it myself every single Month Because I’m selling the same thing and So that means I’m having if I’m selling The same thing And I’m still making money with it Chances are that Um I’m selling to new people right so that Means I’m attracting new people with This strategy and what that is is you’re Starting out doing short form content to Bring in opt-ins Right And it really doesn’t matter what you do I mean as long as it’s around like Whatever the thing is that you’re Promoting that’s all that matters So you’re like hey here’s the top five Websites you know opt into my full list Of tools Then you go from short form content or

You go from the um opt-in right somebody Opts in you get them into an email and You say hey by the way I have a program I have a checklist I have a course Whatever So you go email Of course And then most people will not buy until They see the offer like seven times so Usually have a seven day sequence and Within the seven day sequence what You’re doing is you’re adding value so Every single day what I do or I try to Do is I try to update the program with More videos with more content with more Things that’ll help people inside of the Program and so as the value Of the course goes up so does the price Right And so what happens is a lot of the People that didn’t buy when the thing Was lower price well they might buy Later because the value went up and so Did the price and so the cool thing is What happens is you get two things your Customers start um associating Your products Uh with value that increases over time But also the people that don’t buy from You associate with your products with Value that increases over time and they End up buying for something that’s Higher in price because of the fact that They see that there keeps being more and

More value and then all you’re doing is Every single month you’re just keep you Just keep selling the same thing selling The same thing selling the same thing Keep improving it keep improving it Um and eventually it’s going to be so Valuable that people are going to be Willing to pay thousands of dollars for That thing Um and I think this is a lot different Than what a lot of people do with Courses and like with info products Because what a lot of people do is They’ll build something and then they’ll Just sell it and they’ll never update it They’ll never do anything with it Um whereas the things that I sell I try To pick like three main products that I’m trying to build and I try to focus As much as I can on improving the value Of those products as I promote them so Let’s say I wanted to promote I don’t Know my tool shine ranker next month or Next week I could say all right I’m Gonna do a seven day window where I’m Gonna challenge myself to improve the Value of that tool somehow and as I Improve the value of it I’m going to end Up raising the price now you don’t have To raise the price by a crazy amount you Can raise the price twenty thirty Dollars whatever you want to do Um but if you do that enough times you Know you do it 30 times you’re going to

End up making a lot more money or you’re Going to have a lot more value As well because you’re hopefully going To be spending a bunch of time building That thing and so there’s always Something you can work on but the the Hard part is hyper focusing and the cool Thing about setting up these seven day Windows is they really help you hyper Focus I’ll give you an example like if You said okay I’m gonna um I don’t know only eat salads for the Next seven days it’s a lot easier to Optimize that schedule than if you’re Just going to be like oh well I don’t Know what to do next because you know uh You know I want to lose weight and so You wanna You want to almost challenge yourself to Like uh to Windows of time that you can Hyper focus on improving things and then And then after that after outside of That seven day window then you can focus On the next thing and so for me I just Say okay I’m gonna focus on let’s say AI Profits for the next seven days I reset The timer on the product right so like In AI profits right now if you go over There let me show you We got about 59 minutes until this offer Expires before the price goes up and so What I’m gonna do is I’m going to be Resetting this timer for another seven Days after this because I know I want to

Keep building the program and so for the Next seven days I’m going to challenge Myself to do Um you know seven days worth of work of Adding extra value into the program and That could be I don’t know adding new Templates it could be responding to more Comments it could be whatever I want but You’re just hyper focusing for these Small periods of time and it makes Building things way easier when you Break it up into chunks like that rather Than just trying to work on things Um without like an end point if that Makes sense Um Sorry if I’ve been missing the comments How’s everybody doing today by the way So one other thing I wanted to say That’s been really helping me is having And this might sound absolutely insane But having a sleep schedule so Um I actually recently got one of those Fitbit bands and it’s been helping me Track my sleep and what I’ve been Realizing is that I get like eight hours Of sleep when I go to sleep from like Around nine or ten right because it Gives you like a graph that shows you When you sleep right gives you like a Score And so What I would really recommend you know You don’t have to get a Fitbit but

Um what I would recommend is set a sleep Schedule that allows you to get eight Hours of sleep every night uh or Whatever you need I think that most People need eight hours I don’t know What you need but for me I do I need Eight and the more I can focus on Optimizing my sleep schedule making sure I’m on the same sleep schedule every day When I wake up I’m a lot more focused on What I’m doing Um life makes a lot more sense to me and So I think that a lot of the reason why Most people don’t do well online isn’t Just because they don’t know what to do It’s because they don’t really have the Energy you know they’re working Constantly they’re stressed you know They’re not eating well they’re not Sleeping well and so when it comes to Doing something like this where they Have to start doing critical thinking You know it it’s game over and so what I Would recommend you know if I were you It was like think about creating a Schedule and that’s with any of this Stuff um creating a schedule makes Things so much easier Um I try to make sure every single day I Do a video I try to make sure every Single day I do a tick tock I make try To make sure every single day I have the Same sleep schedule and ideally over Time you just keep adding things to the

List that work really well for you but Having a schedule but you want to also Remember having a schedule does not mean That you shouldn’t try like you Shouldn’t there’s a thing there’s such a Thing as being too consistent if you’re Doing the same thing every single day to The point that you’re not doing new Things that’s also a problem and so You want to have Um you want to have something that works For you but you also want to be willing To replicate Frameworks like I was Talking about the end at the beginning Of this video Um for me I know I’m gonna do a tick Tock video every day but I also know That I’m going to try new things that it Might give me more growth um even if it Makes me uncomfortable and usually doing Things that give you more growth are the Things that make you feel more Uncomfortable I’ll give you an example Like doing these new style of tick tock Videos where I’m like I don’t know Talking to myself with two different Personas and talking about the top Websites I’m not really a fan of but I Do know that it works for a lot of other People and so I’m willing to take the Risk of being uncomfortable and doing That to be able to learn from that Process another thing that you want to Do that I recommend is surround yourself

With people who are willing to do tests For you Um that are also successful so What I would recommend is find like I Don’t know a couple people that are in Your bracket that are doing well and say Hey you know let’s run some experiments Let’s see if this works let’s see if That works and you don’t want to be Afraid of sharing what works for you With other people because they’re going To go out and test those theories a good Example of this is um Paul James you Know he went and started testing these Videos and saw that they were working Really well he went from like 100 email Opt-ins a day to like a 500 email Options a day and so I could be annoyed By that be like oh my God Paul’s beating Me or I could say oh my God what Paul’s Doing is working I’m going to start Trying that and then let’s say I start Trying it Paul’s like Hey try this and Then I do it and it starts working and So You want to use the people around you as A an example of what works and you don’t Want to compare yourself in a negative Way you want to compare yourself in a Positive way and you want to be able to Build a tribe of people usually you know Uh it doesn’t have to be a big tribe Could be four or five people that are All testing things that you learn from

That works give people your best advice Give people uh Your best Secrets because those things Are things that you have to execute and You don’t want to be the only successful Person you know you want to be around a Bunch of other people that are Successful as well because you’re going To be able to learn from them Um and so that’s what I spent a lot of My time doing now is just uh getting on Calls so like I’ll do I don’t know a Video like this I’ll do a tick tock I’ll Do Um And some emails whatever I’m doing build My course and then a lot of the rest of The days I get on phone calls with People that are successful and I ask Them questions I go hey what’s working For you what are you doing how are you Making money and you want to try to Figure out you know what’s the new Benchmark for you or the new um I don’t Know goal so what’s going to happen is a Lot of time you’ll hit a goal and then What happened to most people at least What happens to me Is I’ll get complacent I’ll be like oh Well I made like right now I’m making a Hundred thousand dollars a month and I Like feel like okay I’m comfortable I Don’t need to make more I’m actually Making like 150 right now

Um But what I could do is I could be like Well how do I get to 300 but the thing Is is like when I stop asking the Questions is when I start Not growing Um Because if I’m able to get to a hundred Thousand if I was able to get from ten Thousand to a hundred thousand then I’m I probably can get from a hundred Thousand to a million or whatever the Next 10x is and that might sound insane But the difference is the the chase that Got from ten thousand to a hundred Thousand was asking the right questions The chase that’s been consistently Staying at the same number for you know Months on end or maybe even like I’ve Never been on years on end but let’s say Months on end Um It’s usually the one that stops Asking the questions because I’m like oh I don’t need to focus on the next thing And so Uh ideally you want to ask the questions That your brain’s gonna figure out for You on autopilot and eventually you’ll Start to find the answers and then the Thing that was initially hard for you Will no longer be that difficult because You’ve set up you set a new Baseline Um like for me getting to a hundred Thousand dollars a month would felt like

It was insanely impossible now it’s like A walk in the park for me I’m not saying That to brag I’m just saying like when You set a new Baseline Things become a Lot easier and the things that were Originally hard are no longer hard And so Obviously I want to keep growing when it Gets the next level but again when you Get comfortable Um that’s gonna end up destroying a lot Of your progress But that’s like with anything right like If you do an uh like let’s say you work Out every day and you start getting to a Higher weight that you’re lifting now It’s easy right like you’ve built the Muscle you’ve um done the Reps and now It’s easy and so you could just keep Doing the same reps but who wants to Stay at the same you know wait forever Eventually you’re going to want to Challenge yourself to a new thing and so It’s about putting in the Reps but it’s Also about like thinking about okay well What’s the next thing what do I got to Figure out what’s the micro adjustment I Need to make in order to get to the next Level Um and again who can I surround myself With that already knows the answer who Went from a hundred thousand to two Hundred thousand who went from let’s say You’re at you know a thousand a month

Right now who went from a thousand to Two thousand how can I learn from them How what you know what did they change Because they’re gonna give you the Answer right they’re gonna be like oh Well all I did is I did this thing and Then well now you know what to focus on Right Um And so again it’s about asking the Questions it’s about being around people That already know how to do what you’re Doing and it’s about coming up with Something that you’re going to get Challenged by Um So That’s pretty much it I’m probably going To go focus on building this course Um a little bit more if you’re in it Hope you’re as excited as I am Um got lots of new things coming into The course so That’s it we’ll see you next video till Then Happy money making

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