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Hey everyone it’s alan here again and on This video today i’ve got an amazing way That you can make money online utilizing The metaverse and this is something that Barely anybody has heard about why Because it is brand new and if you come Over here onto the metaverse for those Of you that don’t know what the Metaverse is this is the company that Owns facebook and they’re looking to Expand in so many other areas that are Blowing up at the moment which is Exciting for you because this gives you An opportunity to make some really good Money online take a look at this at the Moment they’re looking to pay creators Up to 35 000 dollars every single month and on This video i want to show you exactly How you can get a slice of this pie Because they’re willing to give up as Much as a billion dollars to people that Are looking to get started with this Nation i’m going to show you exactly how You can do everything on this video step By step you see guys we already know That youtube short is a blowing up and There are a lot of different types of Videos that are being created on youtube We also know that tick tock at the Moment is one of the biggest platforms When it comes to sharing these short Types of videos up to 60 seconds and They’re absolutely blowing up so what

The metaverse is looking to do is They’re launching facebook reels and They are desperate for content and People are getting hundreds of thousands And millions of views for the videos That they’re putting up on to Facebook reels which is just gone live Recently and as you can see it’s in over 150 countries which is giving a lot of Creators the opportunity but i’m going To show you why this is super exciting Because not only can you earn as much as 35 000 a month just from facebook there Are other ways to make money with this As well and this can be done with so Many different niches on facebook with Facebook reels and if you scroll down Over here i’m going to show you take a Look at this you can see that they’re Creating editing features in here and Also what’s exciting about this is They’ve got this feature called remix Which means you can create your own rule Alongside an existing publicly shared Rule on facebook when you create a remix Meaning you add to this real so as you Can see you can create a rule that Includes all or part of another Creator’s rule this is super exciting Which means that there could be some Rules that already created you need to Add a little bit to it and then you can Reuse that real they’re up to 60 seconds Long and they’re also creating a whole

Heap of other features and another Exciting thing guys if we scroll back up Over here you can see That this is one of their fastest Growing Content formats okay this is super Exciting giving you an awesome Opportunity to make a lot of money Online now when you take a look at this And you create this content for facebook Grills there’s a few other places that You can also share this content on Because it’s your content you can also Come over to youtube shorts they have a Youtube shorts fun a lot of people say You can’t make money on youtube shorts You absolutely can when you scroll down Over here you can see all the different Countries that are eligible for this and When you come down here and take a look At these qualifying channels can get Anything from 100 to 10 000 Every single month giving you the Opportunity to double down and make even More money online not to mention that Tick tock has their own creator fun now What are some other ways that you can Earn from the metaverse okay so when we Come over here you can see that meta has These other bonuses okay they want to Reward people for coming on here and Creating this content on facebook and When you come over here to take a look At some of their monetization tools we

Can see that they have already invested One billion dollars into the creator Community which is how they can fund Up to the 35 000 every single month and What’s also coming out which is going to Increase that pool is the overlay ads Are coming to facebook reels this is Going to give creators even more Opportunity to make a lot of money Online so now that we know that facebook Has unlocked these rules that you can Put up on facebook how do you go about Finding what niche you want to get into And how do you create these videos very Quickly where potentially you don’t need To be on camera you don’t need to use Your own voice and you don’t need to Film anything i want to show you an easy Way that you can do this now if you’re Enjoying this video up until this point Smash that like button in appreciation And go down the bottom and comment let Me know do you think meta is going to be Good yes or no just go down the bottom And comment and let me know if you’re Going to test out this strategy at the End of this video So one of the ways that you can find Different types of content or videos to Create is to simply come over two Platforms like tick tock or youtube Shorts and take a look at the different Types of videos that are blowing up at The moment because if it’s blowing up on

Tick tock and it’s blowing up on youtube Shorts i can almost guarantee you that Facebook is also going to be pushing This type of content because it all Works off their algorithm and their Engagement and how many views they’re Getting okay so one of the things that You can do is you can quite simply come Over to tick tock and then you can start Searching for different types of niches For example i’m obviously in the make Money online niche if you come over here And you type in Make money online or just make money Online you can find different types of Videos that people are creating now These types of videos people do show Their face so if you’re not shy and you Do want to talk on camera you can Absolutely do this and people are adding Links as well which is allowing them to Make money also with affiliate marketing So you’ve got to make money online niche You’ve also got the affiliate marketing Niche that people are into and they’re Also creating videos on as well another Niche guys that does really well as well Is the fitness niche okay people are Coming over here and they’re creating Videos in the fitness niche and they’re Making a lot of money online because as You can see they get look at these 5.8 Million views 15.6 million views 7.2 Million views a lot of these videos

Weren’t put up that long ago when we Come over here we’ve also got healthy Eating 2.8 million views 2.2 million Views these are very short videos and Youtube tick tock instagram now facebook Riddles pushes this content a lot people Are getting a lot of subscribers and They’re making a lot of money on the Back of that through the creator funds And also with affiliate marketing etc so This is one of the best ways to get Started in 2022 to make money online and I want to show you how you can do this Number one for free and number two Without creating any of these videos and One niche that you can get into without Having to film anything use your own Voice or record anything is in the Inspirational quotes as an example Another one is in motivation and also Another one that does really well is for Example like these types of videos That’s about poems and different types Of motivational quotes inspirational Quotes as you can see this person has 353 000 followers with 4 million likes And a 10 engagement rate which is really Good this one as well has very similar 5.2 million likes 516 000 followers if You’re getting anything like this on Facebook you would be earning really Really good money online the question is How to create one of these videos where Do you get all this information and how

Do you get it up onto facebook that’s Exactly what i’m going to show you right Now using an amazing software that’s Absolutely for free now something that You should check as well if you’re Looking to upload any of this stuff on Any of the other platforms go and do Some research to make sure that it’s Also doing well there so if you come Over to youtube shorts an example and You type in hashtag shorts plus Motivation and you scroll down you can See that channels with a small amount of Subscribers when i say small relative to The views which means this content is Being pushed 71 000 subscribers 8.2 Million views 8 million views 1.1 Million views etc 3.3 million views so You can see that this type of content Does really well on other platforms as Well so in order to create these types Of videos to upload it onto facebook Reels one platform that you want to sign Up to is this one over here called in Video dot io which you can use Absolutely for free and i’m going to Show you exactly how you can put this Video together right now on this Tutorial so you can walk away and get Started today i do have a link in my Description where you can sign up now Absolutely for free so once you sign up Guys and you’re on this page over here What you want to do as you can see

You’ve got pre-made templates text to Video blank canvas what you want to do Is you want to select this vertical 19 By 16 and you want to make sure that You’ve chosen blank canvas over here so Vertical and blank canvas and then Select make a video once you click on to Make a video it’s now going to take us Over to the next page which we will be Able to use this to construct now don’t Worry i’m also going to show you where You can go to get all the quotes that You need all the audio that you need Everything to put this together now as You can see once we come over here guys We now have a blank canvas we want to Create this ourselves on the left hand Side over here you can see that it says Video okay once you click onto video It’s going to find all these different Types of videos now i have premium and i Stock selected over here and the reason I have that selected is i have the Premium version if you don’t have the Premium version you’re not going to be Able to use these which is okay because There are so many of these free videos And images that you can use until you Sign up now when you do sign up make Sure you use my code smt25 So you can get that 25 discount which is Going to give you all the features that You need so let’s say we wanted to use This video over here i can see that this

Is a free video we’re going to click Onto that and as you can see it’s going To bring it up so you can grab it you Can drag it over or you can click onto It now as you can see what we’re going To do is we’re going to click on to add Which is going to enable us to use this Entire video now remember the format That we selected you can leave the video Like this if you wanted to but what i Want to do is i want to stretch this out So we’re going to bring this out to you Like this okay and we’re going to leave That in the center now if you play this I just want to show you very quickly so If we hit play You can see that it’s got more of an Upbeat type of music what we want to do Is we want to come up here on the left Hand side and we want to go to music and What we want to do is we want to type in Something like motivational music So just type in motivational hit enter And you’re going to find all these Different types of motivational clips Okay music clips so if we play this Okay this is really nice it’s A lot better than what was there so Click onto that again come over to these Three little dots and hit replace music What you’re going to see now it’s going To replace that music click onto yes and Now we have this as our music okay so a Lot better than what we had okay now

What we need to do is we need to replace This writing over here okay now if You’re somebody that You know can’t think of something to Write yourself like me i’m terrible with This stuff then i need a bit of help With this and you can obviously go and Look at different youtube videos you can Jump onto google and all this sort of Stuff but one site that i like that i Use a lot is this one over here called Brainyquote.comaccam when you come over Here you can see you’ve got popular Topics and there are so many topics if You come over here and hear more topics This is going to open up and look at all The different topics that you have over Here okay the other thing that you have Is popular authors as well so you can See and these are all their different Quotes from guys like you know for Example elon musk or bruce lee et cetera Then in here you’ve got in the news and You can also have a look at that for Example like jordan peterson etc okay What i like to gravitate to myself are The popular topics okay and in this case You can you know look at something like Motivational inspirational etc just to Give you an example so i can show you How to create this video and get it up On to the metaverse so you can start You know creating these videos getting Recognized by facebook and then getting

Into that creator fund so that you can Make money online so let’s just run with Motivational we’ll click onto that and You can see here you’ve got all these Different quotes okay and then who’s Obviously quoted that okay so you can See that there’s all these different Types of ones And then all i’m going to do guys is Come over here and let’s say we want to Click onto this one by elon musk now i’m Not going to go too much into the quotes Obviously i want you guys to come over Here and find one that suits your scene Or whatever you want to do and you can See this is super quick guys so come Over here copy this okay and then come Straight over to in video Double click onto this and hit ctrl v And once you paste that in there guys What you want to do is you want to Highlight this you can come over here And obviously increase this okay so Let’s put that on 88 so you just need to Stretch this out move this in okay so Put that somewhere there okay and then You can obviously change the font you Can click onto bald over here um come Over here and you can see you’ve got This animation and then obviously you’ve Got the font as well so let’s say we Wanted a more of a font like this okay So let’s say you want to do that now the Other thing that you can do as well you

Can highlight different things okay if You wanted to as an example Or what you can do is always come over Here guys and you can see you can Increase this spacing okay Which is really good and then Potentially maybe even increase this Font a little bit more if you wanted to Then with the animation okay you can see Here you’ve got in and out so once this Starts what you want this writing to do So let’s say with the top coming in you Want it to say for example fade so What’s going to happen it’s just going To fade in and then you’ve got the time So we’ll increase that because 3 seconds Is not a lot so if we play this now this Is what it’s going to look like You can see that it’s just faded in then What you can do for out you can again do Fade shift slide zoom as an example Bounce it’s up to you let’s say you want To fade it out okay so go to fade and Then just click onto out and then maybe You can do that for say two seconds as An example now this scene is 28 seconds Long now the writing here is not that Long so what you want to do is just Shorten this clipper case if you come Over here guys see this this scene you Want to grab this and then you just want To shorten it let’s say you want to Shorten it to about 15 seconds because It just doesn’t need to be that long

Okay guys so you’d come over here now When we play this take a look at this [Music] And then you’ve just got the writing Okay because once somebody reads this They’re probably going to skip and you Don’t want this to be too long because Then what’s going to happen is that Facebook or where if you put it up on Youtube is going to say this is a 15 Second clip but people are only watching It for four or five seconds and they may Skip so if the writing is longer make The video longer if the writing is Shorter make the video shorter as well Okay so and if we scroll that down maybe Even do 12 seconds that is a perfect Decay now what you want to do guys is Quite simply move this to see where you Want it to fit have a look at the Animations make sure the color is right As well so if you really wanted to Change the color of this text you Absolutely could you could make it a Little bit darker okay you can make it Lighter you can change the color Completely okay and leave that there and Then all you need to do guys is come up To here and click on to download now Once you click on to download what’s Going to happen as you can see i have The 1080p default what you’re going to Have on the free version is the 720p the Other thing that you can do is get rid

Of this logo okay so you can put a logo On all your Rules that you’re creating over here or You can quite simply get rid of it so Just click onto that and then Remove this from all scenes it’s going To get rid of that we’re going to click On to download 720 is still great guys Click on to export and now this video is Downloading and then from here what we Need to do is we need to get this video Up onto facebook it’s exactly what i’ll Show you very very quickly so that you Can start to make money on the metaverse And fingers crossed maybe get up to that 35 000 Every single month so the video has just Finished guys i want to play it for you One more time so you can see exactly What this looks like because this video That we just created isn’t any different To some of these videos that are getting Hundreds of thousands of views if not Millions of views on all these different Types of platforms including youtube and A tick tock so i’m gonna play this very Quickly then we’re gonna get um go and Upload it okay so let me just hit play Over here As you can see faded in And the video is not too long Only 12 seconds and then that’s going to Fade out and the video is done So very quickly gonna hit download to

Download that onto our computer from Here what we need to do guys which is Very very simple is you need to start Uploading these different types of Videos on to your facebook so all you Need to do is log on to your facebook Just like this and then even if you Click onto these three little dots up Here it’s going to bring you over to This page and as you can see you’ve got The rules here okay but if we go back You can see also here you’ve got this Option where you can click onto reals Once you click onto that it’ll bring you To here you hit this plus button it’ll Bring you over to you all you need to do Is click on to allow access then once You’ve allowed that access it’s going to Bring you over to this page guys and This is where you’ll be able to select All these different videos that you have Created now what you can do if you Created this video on your desktop you Just quite simply need to email it to Yourself or send it to yourself however You want to send it and it’ll be in your Phone for yourself to upload and on the Right hand side of you guys as you can See you’ve got ad music speed effects Etc you won’t need to do much of that Guys all you will need to do is choose That video and once you do that all you Need to do is just hit that upload okay And also potentially put in a comment if

You want to put a comment it works Exactly the same as if you’re uploading An instagram reel put some hashtags in There and you’re well on your way to Making a lot of money online with the Metaverse guys this is one of the best Ways to get started to make money online And if you’re looking to double down and Make even more money guys if you’re not Shy and you want to get on here and you Want to show your face and you want to Do for example affiliate marketing or Fitness like these guys are doing over Here then you stand a very good chance To not only make money from the funds But also make some really good money Online by promoting different types of Products and doubling down with Affiliate marketing so as you guys know The basis of this video was to make Money absolutely for free utilizing the Metaverse if you want another strategy Where you can create a website Absolutely for free and make money Online take a look at this video of you Right now it’s a brilliant video you’ll Absolutely love it i’ll see you on that Video until next time you guys take care Of yourselves and Goodbye

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