I Quit Trying to Make Money Online (Me Being Honest With You)

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All right what's going on guys Chase Runner here and today I want to talk About why I decided to stop trying to Make money online at least stop trying As much Um So I still make a good amount of money Online I make over a hundred thousand Dollars a month this month I'll probably Make 150 000 that's what I've been Making on average but I got to the point Where I realized that I needed to focus On some other things besides just making Money now I'm not saying that I don't Want to make money or that I don't want To focus on making money but I I had to At a certain point start to change the Direction I was going because the Direction I was going was unhealthy and I'll explain why in a second now like I Said I still make a good amount of money Uh if you look at today I made five Thousand six hundred dollars uh Yesterday three thousand seven hundred Days before that a little bit less this Day was a 598 dollar day this day was a One thousand eight hundred dollar day One thousand eight hundred two thousand Five hundred two thousand five hundred Now when I'm in full sales mode like if I'm if I'm really pushing it I could do Three to four thousand maybe even five Thousand dollars a day pretty easily but I got to the point where I realized that

If I made more money it wouldn't really Do anything for my happiness okay and I Was spending so much time focusing on Making money that I pretty much Neglected every other area of my life so I decided that I was going to change and I needed to start with becoming more Healthy In terms of my diet in terms of my Activity levels I was not doing really Anything all day I would I would work All day make a bunch of money and then Play video games I still play video Games but I have cut back the amount of work that I've been doing lately substantially and The reason why is because I just I have To spend time focusing on becoming a Better Chase Um and I I'll tell you I mean it hasn't Been easy so I would say the last two Months I really started to make a change Uh when I was starting out like two Months ago on this new journey I I was At I think I was at about a 211 pounds I'm at 199 now Um still have weight to lose for sure But I was at about I think I wound up Getting up to like 28 body fat maybe a Little bit less now I'm down at 22 Percent Um and in the last few months I think I Gained like two pounds of muscle lost Like I don't know 12 pounds or 11 pounds

Whatever it is okay now the reason why I'm saying this is because I want you to Know that it doesn't matter whether or Not you make a bunch of money Um if you're still little unhappy if You're miserable and money's not going To fix it okay and so part of I think Our responsibilities to ourselves is to Not just focus on becoming more Successful with our businesses and Making money but also becoming better People Um so today what I wanted to do is I Wanted to share with you what I've been Working on outside of work and the Reason why I want to share it with you Is because maybe it's something that Might help you Um I don't know if it will if it does Let me know interested to hear back from You what you think but I've been doing a Lot of research I've been finding Something that's I've been finding a way To Create change in a way that's manageable That's not like super extreme and me Just eating salad all day and like you Know in the past that's kind of how it Was I was just like I was I was going Just to a different extreme right I Would I would take the extreme of Working like crazy and then go put that Into something else like okay now I'm Just gonna extreme diet and that's all

I'm going to do and so now I don't Really do that it's kind of it's a Little bit different I'm definitely Eating a lot less but I'm not like I'm Not going super extreme on it so welcome Everybody by the way we're live on Twitch I've been trying to grow a Following on Twitch if you haven't Followed me on Twitch yet and you want To follow check out the live streams go To twitch.tv forward slash Chase Reiner Also I know I said I'm not really Selling anything I'm not trying to make Money but I do have a Black Friday deal A lot of people wanted me to do a Black Friday deal so I will leave that in the Link in the description of this video as Well it's 30 off pretty much everything I own okay but anyways welcome to the People in live chat you're making all That with an audience and email list There's no way to make that as someone Starting out so I make yeah probably Over a hundred thousand dollars a month On average uh made around 1.5 million This year and I definitely didn't make That much starting out for sure I think My first year it was probably around 100 Second year was probably around a couple Hundred third year is probably around I Don't know and that could even be off Too but I didn't start actually really Keeping my money until this year and I've been doing this for a while now you

Know over six years now so Uh yeah it definitely doesn't happen Overnight but nothing really worthwhile In life from what I've found happens Overnight it takes effort it takes Consistent action it takes being willing To do something every day even if you're Not feeling like doing it and that's Kind of been my journey with this new Thing as well and uh the cool thing About this is it starting all over with Something is basically making me feel I guess like a beginner again and for a While I kind of felt like I wasn't being Challenged because I was only focusing On my business and I was like well if I Make more money it's just not Challenging me so I'm not happy right And I think I needed to find new ways to Be challenged and so I think part of our Responsibilities again to ourselves and I've already said this before but I'll Say it again is growing as a person Growing as an entire uh well-rounded Individual rather than just somebody That's really good at one thing and Nothing else like matters and I think That's what happens with some people I Know that's kind of what happened with Me where you know I got really really Good at this one thing but everything Else sort of failed Health relationships You know no I I barely have any friends And again I'm not saying this to make

You feel bad for me I'm saying this Because I'm being honest with you I want You to know like yeah I do make this Much money I do make over a million Dollars but it does not matter like Having money you can't do anything with Money if that's all you have right like You're just miserable you feel like crap You're not eating right you're tired all The time like a lot of my last few years In business like yeah I make money but Like I just felt terrible you know did a Lot of partying and by partying I mean Like I would drink by myself Wasn't really partying okay so anyways Let's talk about the things that I've Changed and let's talk about Um the things that I have found that Have worked for me so far Um and again if this helps you at all I'd be interested in hearing Um because I definitely think that I Have been feeling overall better I've Been feeling I guess more confident I've Been feeling less tired I've been Feeling less Um I guess emotional I still have it for Sure I still have a lot of that but it's A lot less and that's the thing that's Nice is it's kind of like it almost Feels like the uh the static has been Turned down and I think one of the Biggest things oh wow thank you this is Actually pretty cool to show one of the

Biggest things is just feeling more About more me just more Chase check this Out so we're doing like these pre-bay Meals I just wrote all this down on a Piece of paper and Um I'm lucky enough to get these cooked For me but I got rice some ground beef and a little Bit of barbecue sauce Um so basically let's talk about that First I'm not going to eat this in front Of you I'll wait but That's a motorcycle well So Biggest thing that I changed first and This is the thing that I would change if I were to do it all over again if I Could have told myself I don't know Years ago like to do this I would have Done this before anything else before Working out before even making money Before anything And what that is is diet and so I always Thought well you know if you eat a Certain type of food it's healthy you Know if you eat paleo it's healthy if You eat vegan it's healthy like I did All these different diets keto and I'm In a different sort of mindset now that Like you got three well if you got two Things right you got macros and you got Micros that's what I like to call them It's macronutrients and micronutrients Right so macros basically is uh three

Things protein Fats carbs okay microbes that's like Your vitamins and all the little things That you want to get in your diet that You know keep you healthy as well but Really I kind of always focused on the Micros right like oh I'm gonna eat all These vegetables because vegetables have Vitamins in them and that's healthy Right and then I would just like cover Them in oil and it would be like 6 000 Calories now it'd still be fat or you Know or I wouldn't get enough calories Right or enough protein and so here's Kind of how I've been doing it so for Protein I get about uh One one gram of protein per pound of Body weight so right now I'm now 199 so I do about 200 grams of protein a day And that usually is around if you're Doing lean protein like you know or or Ground beef with like low fat you know You can get you could get to around a Thousand calories with 200 grams of Protein pretty easily Um so when you start eating high fat That that's when you start getting a lot Of calories and so I try to keep my fat Around 50 grams Which is hard to to do even if I'm Avoiding purposely avoiding fats like I Don't put oil on really anything and I Still get that many that much fat in my Diet like very easily just eating beef

Or whatever the meat is carbs I do about 200 grams of carbs and so The protein is about 40 percent the uh Fats is about 20 and the carbs are about 40 now the reason why I did this by the Way is what happened is I hired somebody That's really good at you know Bodybuilding working out nutrition and I Said hey help me help me with this help Me accountable and I think that's one Thing that's really important is if You're trying to do so if you're trying To do something and you want to be Successful at it I'm not sure what just Happened to my camera You want to be successful at it get Somebody to hold you accountable Um I check in with this guy pretty much Every day and I keep track of my macros And my calories and all that stuff with Something called chronometer it's a it's A tool it's an app you can get on your Phone for free that you can scan stuff Or you can weigh it and you can put it Into the app and it'll keep track of Your calories now I've been learning Stuff along the way though and one of The big things that I learned was that When you're doing calories it's not just About the calories you eat in a day it's About the calories you eat over like a Week long period or a month long period Right so the cool thing about this app Chronometer is it will show you not just

Your day of calories so right now I'm at 500 calories today it's 4 30. I'm Actually pretty under 63 grams of Protein 45 carbs 9 grams of fat but It'll show you your week and so ideally I want to be around you know 2200 to 2400 calories And the Apple will track that now the Other thing that I got was I got this Fitbit and this fitbit's kind of cool Because it'll keep track of the calories That you burn and it'll like motivate You to do things and it also keeps track Of your sleep I wear it all the time Okay you charge it like once a week it Keeps track everything so what I do is I Make sure that I exercise every day and I eat within the range that I'm supposed To eat and it might sound like that's Hard to do but for some reason it's not That hard because I know exactly how Many uh grams of protein I need to hit I Know how many carbs need to hit I know How many grams of fat I need to hit and I think part of the reason why I've been Successful with this so far is because I'm I've been turning it into a game Right I kind of like Um when I started trying to rank on Google back in the day when I started Doing SEO and building websites I it was kind of a game to me you know I Was trying to figure out little hacks I Could do to like

I don't know get more out of the Algorithm and really like our bodies are An algorithm and so if I want to have 200 grams of protein and I want it Through tacos there's a way to do that You just have to get low calorie you Know taco shells or whatever Um and so part of what I've been doing Is I've just been doing research finding Out different ways to eat the things That I want to eat without jeopardizing The um you know without jeopardizing uh The diet and so the diets actually Hasn't been that hard the other thing That I do as well is you know I watch Videos on what people make like Bodybuilders you know what do they eat What are the different foods they create You know what are things what are ways That you can make things interesting but I just really stay engaged in it and Part of the reason why I think I was Successful with the online stuff is Because I was really engaged with it When I when I started I was doing a lot Of research I was doing a lot of um you Know I would I would write blog posts I Would teach I would show people what I Was doing and because I was Demonstrating what I was learning and I Was learning so much I I was solidifying What I knew and I became I think Successful at it by proxy and so I've Been kind of doing that with this I've

Been spending time learning and part of What I've been doing now as you can see Is like teaching showing you what I'm Doing And I think one of the best ways to keep Something is by giving it away if you Want if you can help somebody else Become successful at something you Usually are able to become the thing That you help the other person do just Because that's how life works that's how I see it work and so That's the diet if you want to hear more About it you want to see the things I Eat I mean it's pretty simple you know I Eat beef I eat chicken I actually wrote Out a menu earlier like like I said an Hour ago and on there you know you got Breakfast burritos with high protein Tortillas you got uh some sort of meat You know ground turkey ground beef some Sauce you know maybe Teriyaki barbecue You got some rice Dinner you have um you know you can eat Whatever you want you can eat french Toast if you want to but we have some Other stuff like oatmeal on there and I Don't remember the other ones but you Can eat popcorn there's like low calorie Kettle corn you can eat that stuff's Delicious I eat it all the time Literally I just vacuumed my room Because I had kettle corn all over the Floor in the back behind me I have a

Bunch of sugar-free uh drinks and stuff Xevia sodas drink Perrier but I mean Look there's so many things I don't Think people realize that like there's So many things that you can do For a diet that's like makes it like you Still are enjoying life you know you're Not like miserable Um and you're not really dieting per se Like barbecue sauce with uh ground beef And rice is delicious there's nothing Wrong with that you know Um but it's also not going to kill you On the calories right Um again when when you start really Going up in fat I found is when I start Getting a ton of calories that I don't Need because there's fat and everything Like if you look at a lot of the stuff You buy you'll see there's like Literally vegetable oil canola oil Peanut oil on everything and it makes Everything super calorically dense Because of that fat one tablespoon of Fat it like you could have two Tablespoons of fat and it would Literally be like the equivalent of this Entire plate Which is crazy But that's the that's the diet I'm not Going to talk too much about it right Now unless you at some point for me to Talk more about it let me know Um but as far as the working out I

Basically made an agreement with myself That I would go to the gym every single Day regardless of how I felt regardless Of whether it's raining outside Regardless of whether I'm sore like if I Don't have any body or parts to hit any Muscles to hit I will literally just go And stretch or I'll go do cardio or Something right so the point is just to Build the habit and so I think part of The equation of doing things that make You grow as a person is building the Habit of doing them Um like for example these live streams You know I want to become somebody that Does twitch live streams and has viewers That watch them So what do I need to do I need to do a Live stream as much as I can you know I Try to do it every day maybe I should do It every other day I don't know maybe There's an algorithmic thing for this But I just do it every day now and you Know I hope for the best Um and so again the more you can focus On being consistent Um the more you'll start to see the Results from that consistency regardless Of whether or not you're doing it Correctly and so I try to do the best I Can regardless of whether or not people Are watching Um you know we got 13 people watching This live stream right now it just went

Down and so I'm gonna still do my best Regardless of that and um you know I did My best when I started out and I didn't Have a lot of viewers and I think what Happened is I started to become Successful and I was doing I started Making money I started getting Recognition and because of that I Started getting lazy and I think the Easiest way to become lazy is to get Really good at something get successful At something and then stop challenging Yourself right if you don't feel Challenged and you feel like you're Comfortable chances are you're not Growing and you're just the same person That you were you know yesterday or last Year you know five years ago you don't Want to do that um and you might not be The exact same person but the point I'm Trying to make is like at a certain Point you want to figure out what is the Next level of yourself or at least That's what I want to figure out and so This is kind of what I've been doing you Know diet Um working out I also got another app as Well that kind of gamifies it there's an App um that kind of helps you keep track Of of what muscle groups are sore it'll Automatically customize workouts for you Based on your muscle groups that are Sore versus the ones that aren't I've Been combining that with um like the

Fitbit tracking the calories tracking Sleep or sorry tracking the calories Burned tracking our my sleep and then Also with the other app so I have like Three apps you know that basically you Can see like a full rounded picture of Your health or at least part of your Health and by doing all this by looking At all these numbers by like kind of Understanding them I've really been able To in my opinion get a lot of progress I Mean even just the way I'm talking right Now I wasn't able to think and at all Like I was I was trying to form Sentences I was trying to Um like form opinions and I just didn't Even really know what I was talking like I knew what I was talking about but I Just didn't really like I didn't feel like I was ever doing Anything new Um a lot of the videos I made a lot of The content I was making I I think People got benefit from it but I was Just kind of using the same framework I Was doing the same thing over and over I Just felt I guess just really just Weighed down I mean you know that's That's the best way to describe it and Um now I think I just feel more uh I Guess Innovative I feel like I can Actually do things that are worthwhile To me and I think the other thing that I've been really focusing on is just

Being more authentic I've been um trying to do things Regardless of whether or not there's a Result and so I think for so long I was Focused on the result which is more Money more you know viewers more Whatever but I wasn't doing what made me Happy and now I try to focus on doing What makes me happy even if I'm the only One there like if nobody's watching if Nobody's spending money if nobody's you Know giving Chase an Applause who cares At least I'm doing what I feel is Authentic to Chase and so I'm willing to Be brave Um now I don't think I was before and Again I wanted to do this video just so You can see kind of where I'm at Um and maybe you can relate to some of This it's interesting because I think When I was less successful financially When I was making I don't know a few Hundred thousand dollars a year I felt More certain than I am now and I think It's because I wasn't open to change I Wasn't open to be becoming better I was So one track minded on the thing that I Wanted that I wasn't willing to take Anybody else's opinion and now I really Am focusing on building up who I am as a Person I want to be more healthy I want To be a better friend I want to be Willing to learn new things I want to be And and I guess maybe you know looking

At this video you might be thinking well I already thought you were all those Things and maybe you did I I think my Issue though was that I didn't think That about myself I think I've always Kind of had a low opinion on Chase as a Whole and I think I've kind of LED with My success as a way to mask the Insecurity that I had as a person Um so I don't know I don't know if that Means anything to you but Um that's where I'm at and I wanted to Invite you along on the journey with me I'm gonna keep going keep moving forward I hope you join me on that but um that's It that's pretty much what I want to Talk about I'm probably gonna go eat This food before it gets cold but uh Yeah let me know I'm always interested In hearing feedback from you uh you know If there's a certain type of video you Want me to make if there's any sort of Ideas you have let me know I'm just Going to keep trying to do the best I Can to make content that stays true to Me stays keeping me authentic I Definitely think I'm going to still talk About making money and the stuff that I Like doing I love making money but I Want to do it in the most authentic way Possible so anyways that's it we'll see In the next one till then Happy money Making I guess and happy living see you Guys bye

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