Investigating the Impact of AI on Employment and the Future of Work

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Artificial intelligence AI has rapidly Become a driving force in many Industries revolutionizing the way we Work and live but with this new Technology also comes a range of Challenges particularly in the area of Employment and the future of work in This video we take a deep dive into the Impact of AI on jobs from the industry’s Most affected to the skills that will be In high demand in the future AI has Already caused significant disruption in Many industries from manufacturing to Customer service while AI has the Potential to improve productivity and Efficiency it can also lead to job Losses as machines and algorithms Replace human workers but it’s not all Doom and gloom in many cases AI has Created new jobs and opportunities in Areas such as data analysis and software Development however it’s not just about The jobs that exist today as AI Continues to advance and become more Widespread it will shape the future of Work in ways that we can’t yet imagine It’s essential that we start preparing For this future by developing the skills In education necessary to thrive in a World where AI is increasingly present One of the most critical skills of the Future will be data literacy as AI Becomes more integrated into our lives The ability to understand and work with

Data will be in high demand other Critical skills include creativity Problem solving and the ability to work Well in teams these are the skills that Can’t be automated and that will be Essential for success in the future of Work Automation and job losses the Increasing use of AI in Industries such As manufacturing and customer service Has led to job losses as machines and Algorithms replace human workers however It’s important to note that automation Has also led to new job opportunities in Areas such as data analysis and software Development reskilling for the future With AI set to shape the future of work It’s essential that workers reskill an Upskill to meet the changing demands of The job market this may involve Retraining in areas such as data Analysis or software development or Learning new soft skills such as Creativity and problem solving the gig Economy the gig economy where workers Are hired on a project by project basis Is growing rapidly AI has the potential To further expand the gig economy by Enabling workers to easily find and Complete projects online this could have Both positive and negative impacts on Employment and job security the impact On low-skilled jobs low-skilled jobs are The most likely to be automated and this Could have a significant impact on

Employment in Industries such as retail And fast food governments and businesses Must work together to support workers Who are affected by Automation and help Them find new opportunities the gender Gap women are often overrepresented in Low skill jobs and this could put them At greater risk of job losses as a Result of automation it’s essential that Efforts are made to support women in Reskilling and finding new opportunities In areas that are less likely to be Automated the importance of lifelong Learning the rapid pace of technological Change means that workers must be Prepared to continue learn and adapt Throughout their careers lifelong Learning will become increasingly Important as workers must stay up to Date with new technologies and skills The future of remote work AI has enabled Remote work to become more widespread And this trend is set to continue the Impact of AI on remote work will depend On a range of factors such as the type Of work being done and the availability Of broadband internet the role of Government governments have an important Role to play in shaping the future of Work particularly in areas such as Education and skills development Governments must also ensure that Workers are protected as AI continues to Reshape the job market the importance of

Ethical considerations as AI continues To become more integrated into our lives It’s essential that we consider the Ethical implications of this technology This may involve issues such as data Privacy algorithmic bias and the Potential for AI to perpetuate existing Inequalities the future of work is Exciting while the impact of AI on Employment in the future of work may Seem daunting it’s important to remember That the future of work is also exciting AI has the potential to improve our Lives and create new opportunities in Areas such as Education Health Care and Sustainability we must Embrace this Technology and work together to ensure That the future of work is positive and Inclusive for all AI will have a Significant impact on employment in the Future of work but it’s up to us to Ensure that this impact is positive by Developing the right skills fostering Innovation and embracing new Technologies we can create a future of Work that is both exciting and Sustainable

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