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In this video I'm going to share with You a full lead generation tutorial for Beginners [Music] I'm going to reveal a very simple Five-step framework you can use to Generate leads for whatever Niche you Want to use now you can see right here Inside of my get response which is a Email list Builder you can see that to Dates all time okay I've been able to Generate 136 542 leads and you can see that this is My account right here and again what I'm Going to share with you is some Strategies that I've discovered so you Can start to generate leads as well now I actually used to struggle with lead Generation for a very very long time I Would go out there I'd be messaging People I'd be trying to prospect and Spend all this time on my computer hours And hours a day and I would barely Generate a single lead I could didn't Seem to figure out how some people were Generating leads on like clockwork and Other people consistently struggled and It wasn't until I finally discovered Through massive trial and error this Exact five-step framework that Everything changed for me and I was Starting to just get leads coming out of The woodwork even while I was sleeping So what I want to do is I want to break

Down step by step so by the end of the Video you can go out there and start to Generate leads for whatever thing you Want to promote online now before I dive Into the very first step I do want to Share I have a training down below if You want to learn how to actually Generate leads even on autopilot up to 70 plus leads a day is what I'm Personally generating you can check that Out below but without further Ado let's Dive into the very first step so the Very first step is you want to decide What it is you're actually promoting What do you want to generate leads for Okay so before you do anything else you Need to have an offer or a website that You're going to be promoting and sending These leads once we we generate them as You'll see in a second so for example it Could be a training like this this is The training at the link below which is My formula to get 70 plus targeted leads This is another example of a website you Could promote right this is one teach People how to make two thousand dollars Plus per day it does not matter but you Need to have something you're going to Promote okay so once you have that the Next step is we're going to actually Decide on a social media platform to Promote on because what you want to Understand is that leads are everywhere Online anywhere that people can create

An account and view content you can find People to Market to and leads to Generate so you want to ask yourself you Know what social media platform are you On the most are you on YouTube you know Possibly generate leads on YouTube are You on Twitter maybe start on Twitter You want to pick the platform that is The path of least resistance for you the One that you're already on the most Anyway now for the sake of this video I'm going to demonstrate using Facebook Okay so you can see right here this is My face Facebook profile and the cool Thing is you can actually generate tons And tons of leads every single day for Free right you don't have to run ads on Facebook so one of the key things is Whatever platform you decide you want to Create a good professional looking Profile people buy from people they Don't buy from random unnamed companies And you know corporations right so it's The same way with generating leads you Need to actually have a photo of Yourself okay ideally a good lighting Photo and a good cover photo okay now You can go to Google images and just Find a cover photo but you want to Create a profile that people were going To be excited about right it's it's Someone that looks professional friendly You don't want to have a picture of like A dog or a flag because how are you

Going to get people to find out more Information about your business or your Offer when they don't even trust you They don't even know who you are okay so You want to first develop trust by Creating a good profile now stay step Two was find a social media platform to Promote on let's say Facebook step three Is we need to actually start building a Following of our target market so for The sake of this video in my example Let's say I want to actually promote This website which teaches people how to Make two thousand dollars plus per day So what type of people would be Interested in this well probably people That want to make money online so one Thing you can do on Facebook for example Is you can go to the search bar and you Can just type in make money online or Weight loss or trading Forex whatever Niche you're in you can search that and Then on the results on the left I can go To group and it's going to list all These different groups that have to do With the words we typed in that have to Do with our target market so I can go Ahead and open up one of these large Groups okay this one has 163 000 members I can go to members here and then I can Actually go down to members with things In common this is a list of people that I have not added as a friend but we have Friends in common okay so I can go to

See all and what I can do is I can just Start following Or adding okay depending on what Platform if you're on Instagram you can Follow people if you're on Twitter you Can follow people on Facebook you add Them add add ad I can do about 30 people A day what's gonna happen is they're Gonna get notified that I sent them a Friend request and if your profile looks Somewhat professional somewhat good Related to the niche okay so you have The cover photo that has to do with Making money if you're in that Niche or Weight loss if you're in the weight loss Niche you could have a cover photo of You know a scale or a gym something that Lets people know that hey this person's Interested in the same thing I'm Interested in and what's going to happen Is your you will start to gain friends Now I've built up this I have you know 3 800 friends currently and this is going To be building your following of your Target market again this is crucial Because when we go to post which we're Going to do in a second we're going to Be able to get our message our ad if you Will to the right people that are Interested in what we're promoting Generating us lead now step number four Is posting ads so now that we actually We have this following that we're Building we have a good profile we know

What we're actually promoting now we Want to post an ad okay so you can go to Here what's on your mind and you can Actually create a text a photo or a text And photo post and I want to share with You a couple examples so you can see Right here this text right here says you Know 59 000 82 in just a few months of promoting This instant paying program all with 100 Free traffic so the first line of your Text usually is something very attention Grabbing that your target market would Be interested in again if I'm promoting This what's going to happen is I want People that are interested in that to Get their attention so I'm going to do a Very good benefit driven attention Grabbing headline and then the second Part is typically the call to action This is where you're going to tell People to either message you or comment Below that post for more information so You can see right here if you want to Access the same funnel I use plus even My own YouTube videos to post as your Own for free traffic comment 59k below Or message me directly And then you typically want to tell them What to message you or tell them what to Comment so you can know that that person Is interested in that specific offer so I said 59k getting it from how much I Made and you can see right here

Okay 59k 59k 59k these are leads we have Successfully generated a lead okay it's Really the symbol all these people are Leads all these people are interested in What I'm promoting right now here's Another example this is just a text I Went to canva.com okay canva.com right Here and this site allows you to Actually create images for free and what You can do is you can create an image That looks like this and again the first Part is the headline the first part is The attention grabbing thing it's like What do they want you know do you want To lose five pounds in 10 days do you Want to learn how to trade Forex and get A 10 return every single you know three Weeks whatever it is you can typically Find this from the offer so the offer That I'm doing is you know how to make Two thousand dollars per day so I just Wrote that here one of my two thousand Dollar commissions and get paid Instantly then the call to action Telling them to comment a specific word Comment 2K below for info you say 2K 2K 2K 2K okay and then once you do that the Last step in this five-step framework is You open up the leads you open up the People that comment and then you just Click message and then you send them the Link whether it's you know looks like This you send them this link you send Them the offer you're promoting and that

My friend is successfully generating a Lead this five-step framework has Allowed me to generate thousands of Leads over the years on tons of Different platforms now obviously There's a lot more to it there's you Know how do you actually find the right People to to add that are going to most Likely buy as well as how to do this on Autopilot because with this strategy you Do have to manually post you have to Manually generate leads and add them as Friends or followers if you want to Discover how to automate the lead Generation process go to the link below And watch that training where I break Down how I'm literally generating while I'm sleeping but anyway my friend I hope You got value if you did click the like Button also subscribe to the Bell icon So you never miss out on my latest Videos and until next time my friend Thanks so much for watching and I will See you on my latest video Foreign [Music]

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