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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to share with you the two Million dollar AI strategy that we are Literally using this year in 2023 that's The fastest way to make money online so Go ahead and drop me a yes down in the Comments if you want to keep seeing Stuff like this I'm running a ton of Tests and experiments if you want me to Keep updating you on those tests and Experiments and you want this kind of Video drop a yes down in the comments so I know that we are on the right track so I can give you what you want now before I get way far into this because Obviously A two million dollar strategy is kind of Crazy so let's show you some of the Stuff that's happening here I've got the Dashboard here for stripe we can go Ahead and refresh this and see this And stripe is our credit card processor So it takes the money when people pay With a credit card this is what we use Is Stripe Right so 946 000 in the past 12 months so you can see the stuff goes Like this and you can see it going up Like this we made some adjustments and Then worked out the system and now it's Going and it's going to go like this Right so honestly and of course this is Just stripe we have PayPal too and then Other sources of income but this two Million dollars I think obviously

Honestly could be a three right here or This is at least will be like a seven Eight or a nine right here so well on The way to three but we'll we'll go Conservative and say two million dollar Strategy because it was a Million last Year in stripe plus about another 600 000 in PayPal in 2022 right so on the Right trajectory and we are headed up so But I do need to tell you before we get Way far into this that you know I can't Teach a 2 million dollar strategy in 10 Minutes of a YouTube video like like That's a lot right so we do have the Fortune Bots classes you can go to enter your email address Here click let's do this and get into The classes they're live classes every Week multiple times a week as well as we Have bonus classes so like this coming Week There's a bonus class and you know I just taught a class this week as well And you know the classes are great Everybody's loving them you can go in The Facebook group actually which I'll Put the link down into the description For the Facebook group and for Fortune Bots and see what people are saying About it and how it's benefiting them But let's go over this at a high level I'm going to run through this real quick And then I'm going to go back and break It down so what happens is we have Automated traffic with Bots and short

Form content this is a bot in the Background here that we have right here This is our automated traffic bot this Is going to send us real people through Contact forms to our landing page so we Have a landing page like so like this For example where it'll capture Someone's email right not that exact one But we have that one and so then we also Have short form content and the short Form content is like uh YouTube shorts And Tick Tock right so we use both of Those to get traffic and then an opt-in So we haven't we're going to automate it Further with a done-for-you Marketplace In the back end which ties into this Opt-in automated sequence here so I'm Going to show you this but what that Means is when we send the traffic in With our videos and with our Bots To the landing page like so like the landing page then what Happens is they automatically start into A funnel so it sends them emails the Funnel is just a series of emails that Get sent right so it sends them a bunch Of emails to try to sell them stuff Seven days worth to be exact and from There we actually level it up and take It to the next level where where we will Close any leads that you get for you and Sell to them and you still get paid so We've set it up seven days and then you Get paid on all the work that we do too

Then once we get the leads in that you Have set up and we go to closing them We're going to close them with Presentations so live webinars and that Sort of stuff which have a higher Conversion rate and because that's such A high conversion value we can 5x or 10x The conversions by doing a webinar so We're gonna 10x the sales and the money That you get by doing a webinar and Closing those people for you and then We're going to talk about about lastly What happens if you don't do this and we Go through it right so okay so let's Break this down automated traffic we Have a bot here if we go into a project Here like this cell project for example And let me just open it up here and Don't worry about all this other stuff That's going on we teach all that in the Fortune Bots classes and break it down But so obviously it takes a little bit Of work to set this up you can't make Two million dollars without doing a Little bit of work right Bots are going To do the heavy lifting but you got to Still show up and so we have this and in Here we need to have a message right so We have a subject so think of this like An email it's not but think of it like That we have a subject which says your Website and then we have a message and The website or the message is have you Seen this crazy AI tool it's insane now

We can put our landing page URL in here Just like our so like our Fortune Bots Landing page or we can actually send Them to one of our short form videos so Like Tick Tock videos or YouTube shorts And then when we click OK here and I'm Going to start this up and send this What's going to happen is it does take a Sec to prepare here which what it's Doing right now and it's going to start Sending messages for us we'll see this In the sent column and it will be Bringing traffic straight to the video Which then will take them to the landing Page so they can opt in and so once it's Done preparing it just looks like this We're going to click yes and away we go It does take a second here we can Already see these are people that has Submitted contact forms so these are People receiving our messages that we Can then you know they're going to go to Our short form video what we put in There The Tick Tock video which is going To then direct them to the landing page So what does this really look like as a Framework well this bot is running it's Directing traffic to our video now you Say well but I don't make videos or I Don't want to make videos or I don't Know how to make videos we're going to Teach you that in the classes we Actually have Tick Tock experts and Short form content experts in the classes however You can actually just use and this and This part falls into step number two Here and step number three which gets Tied together So what happens is you can use our Videos so we actually figured out a Method where you can take our videos and Then you do really light editing you can Use them without editing at all and There's a method there but you get a Little bit better results if you just Lightly edit which we're also going to Teach you how to do it's super easy but You don't have to make the video Anything you just have to like slap your Web page over top of it and then you can Reuse our videos so we're doing all the Work for you building the videos as well All you have to do is slap your web page On there your landing page right which We are going to set up for you so we'll Set you up with the landing page and Then you slap that on there and then When someone goes there to the landing Page again the landing page being when I Say landing page it's like this like where you can go Actually yourself and enter the classes A landing page like this where you post Up the videos they enter in here and Then what happens is you start sending Emails and we'll set that up to it Starts sending seven days of emails and

Then it's then it transfers that into Our system we're actually then going to Close them for you so we are going to We're going to teach you how to run the Bot in classes we're Going to teach you how to edit the Videos in classes or you Teach you how to make your own we're Going to get you the landing page set up Here in the dfy marketplace that is Right here and then we're going to get Set up with we'll set up the emails for You as well and then we will close the Leads as well for you with emails and Then we'll take it a step farther and we Will close the leads with presentations So you're going to get leads and sales Here and make money here but when we Start doing the presentations for you Then it'll 5x the leads to 10x the leads On average That you get and then you're going to Get even more sales and then you get Paid and best of all when it's all said And done when we sell the next product Or sell them something later that is you Know something six months down the road You get paid on that too because you Brought in the lead right so that's how We get to two million dollars because It's recursive and we just build Everything on top of everything else and We continue to help people and we help Them make money and we help you make

Money and everybody wins so what happens Then is we go to the automated short Form content with bot we're already Doing that in the background here and We're sending it to the short form Videos like Tick Tock I'm not going to Show you a tick tock video most of you Know what a tick tock video is or YouTube short if you don't just go to YouTube and you can check it out in fact I guess actually here let's do this just Go to YouTube here and here under the Short section so obviously you can go to Tick tock and watch Tick Tock videos but Under shorts we can see all of the short Form content videos so they're you know 15 30 second videos that again you can Use all these videos like all of these Videos that would go down through you Can use all of these and it can't even Load so fast because I'm scrolling and It's loading more so you can use all of These and edit them and make money off All them it just goes on and on and on There is probably thousands of videos on Here that you can use right so how does How do we set it all up for you well I Told you the framework here that we're Using which is this so we need to Obviously get the um We talked about the video editing but Now we need to get you a landing page so How we're going to get you a landing Page well if we go over here to the

Marketplace Which is right here Then we can click on this bronze right Here and I'll drop the link here to the Marketplace Down Below in the Description and you go over here and you Get this set up now I'm not going to try To break this down too much don't get Overwhelmed by this system Here is our CRM if you know what a CRM Is that's great if you don't you can Drop a comment down below and I'll Answer that but basically what it is is It's it gathers your emails with a Landing page so it takes this landing Page right here like so and we'll give You a landing page as well Um multiple landing pages actually so it Takes this and then it drops it into an Email sequence right so if we were to Here let me show you let me open this up Here so you can see A bigger setup right so this is an email Sequence what is what is an email Sequence well that landing page collects The email and then something here starts The email and you can see it starts Sending them so immediately after it Sends them one and then after on the day Two and day three and day four it sends Them all of these emails to sell them Stuff right and then once it's done Sending these emails reaches here this Last step here it actually goes to a new

Step where we actually are sending them Emails every single day so 365 days a Year we are sending emails and we are Selling all of those leads that you get We are selling them through emails 365 Days a year and then we just close Everything for you and you get paid on Every single one of them so it doesn't Matter when they buy or what they buy You get paid for it and then we are also Going to do presentations where we get Them on a live webinar again and close Them for you as well and that has an Even higher conversion rate and you Still get paid the same so you still get Paid the same no matter where they come In you get paid right that's the bottom Line you just get paid right so we Talked about the automated traffic on The done for you Marketplace and the Opt-in email sequence that's where I was Showing you this right here this is the Opt-in where we saw the And then they come in here and they Start getting emails and they go out of This and go into another one and it's Just automated and it goes on forever we Can sit here for the rest of the day Talking about all the work that we've Done to make sure that you get paid on The sales and then we talked about the Presentation and why it has such a high Conversion value and the reason for the High conversion value actually is

Because people buying a presentation It's a live environment will be live Selling for you and so it's important to Talk about what happens if you don't so For example you know a lot of people get Hung up on okay this is a bot well I Don't know how to run a bot or they Don't know how to make YouTube videos And that sort of stuff so we took all of The work for you you don't have to be an Expert if you go to fortunebot's classes First of all we're going to teach you How to do it all all if you want to do It yourself second of all if you don't Want to do the videos for example you Can use ours and just edit them lightly By putting your website on them kind of Like that except it'll say your website Right there and we'll show you how to do That if you want to go ahead and set up The Bots and run the Bots then you can Do that if you don't want to set it up We have an option where we'll do all the Setup for you and it's just set up and Ready to go and we're even it's you walk Out the door with the bot set up and Running right If you want to do whatever so you don't Have to be an expert to do this we're Going to help you all along the way and We can automate everything with the dfy Marketplace and then you also don't have To spend a ton of money because the Truth of the matter is this is going to

Make money I mean we're closing the Leads for you almost at every step of The way if we look at it here what Happens is as soon as you get we're Going to help you teach you how to use The bot you don't have to be an expert Teach you how to edit the videos so you Don't have to make your own or you can Make your own if you want we're going to Set up the landing page for you if in The DFI Marketplace we're going to set Up the emails for you then we're going To close the emails for you and then We're going to do presentations for the Emails so it doesn't take a ton of money You're going to make a ton of money Right you already saw as we went in here The 946 thousand dollars that we made Last year and then let me also show you This so this is a screenshot as we just Have started this in 2022 you can see This is 144 000 and dollars that we've Paid out to people That and we are just getting started Here in early 2023 with scaling up the System we did some manual stuff and we Were working on it but now we've built It into a system that's automated so This is going to go I mean this is going To go through the roof as we go up here This will be well over a million dollars Probably two million dollars shortly and You can get your piece of that money by Following this method right so not only

Is it not going to take a ton of money It's going to make a ton of money not Only is it not going to take a ton of Time I mean you do need to invest a Little bit of time you got to go to the Fortune Bots classes at Sign up and walk through the classes Some you do need to start the bot and Click Start as we can see it's already Contacted 487 almost 500 people as we've Been Talking like while we were doing the Video right so we're at like 500 people That have seen The Tick Tock video and That can then go to our landing page Here and opt-in and so You're actually going to invest a little Bit of time and it's going to save you a Ton of time so with the time that you I Mean we have people that are working on Quitting their jobs we have people that Want to go in deeper and they actually Have a business but they're leveraging This to scale up a business and make Even more money and so that just gives Total freedom and flexibility I mean They can go out and travel when they Want to you know I talk to a person Today we actually have live calls where We can get on with you one-on-one and do Coaching and I've done tons of those I've been on so many calls this week With people one-on-one walking them Through this what they want to do and

Their system that they want to build and So you can follow this or you can do Your own thing and we're going to help You either way in the Classes and then if you do the One-on-one coaching and there it is I Mean there's people like yeah I've been Traveling a bunch I've been doing this And that you know you can go skiing in The wintertime you can go surfing in the Summer time you can go to the beach you Can go to California if you want you can Go to New York you can go to Paris you Can can go to Brazil you can travel you Can do whatever you want whatever that Freedom is that some people just want More time they want to just sit at home And relax they want to spend more time With their kids they want to spend more Time with their significant other they Want to go to the movies whatever it is That they want to do they want to have The freedom and the money to go out to Eat at a restaurant and not even look at The prices on the menu and not worry About it they just want to go pick their Food eat whatever they want and just Move on and just not be worried about The price because they have the money And they have the time and honestly That's what I want for you too and so The thing about it is though is if you Don't do this what's going to happen Well are you going to succeed at what

You're currently doing I mean are you Going to make two million dollars in the Job that you're in if you are that's Awesome hit us up tell us what you're Doing so we can add it to the strategy If you're not going to make two million Dollars do you want to keep doing what You're doing or do you want to level up And make more right because if you keep Doing what you've been doing you're Going to keep getting what you've been Getting and if you like what you've been Getting that's fine but if you don't Like what you've been getting then That's the question so do you like what You've been getting And if not do you want to get more And if the answer is yes which I suspect It is for a lot of people then you know You can use this system to get more I Mean is this making sense do you want to Use Ai and Bots to do work for you I Mean I figured out the other day this Bot right here alone I figured out on The system that I was going to do by Hand that I used to do by hand obviously At some point Boston exist and AI didn't Exist so I've done stuff by hand for Years this bot can do 38 weeks worth of Work I'm talking 40 hour work weeks and It can do 38 weeks worth of that in one Day and even in that day I still don't Have to do the work it's doing the work It takes only a matter of minutes for me

To set this bot up to do the same work And run it so do the same work that I Could do in 38 weeks right it's 600 People it's how long would it take you To contact one by one by one by one 600 People Yeah a long time right and this is just While we're on the video while you're Watching the video So the thing about this is if you don't Do this ai's coming is AI going to take Your job probably is that going to take Your job sooner than later probably it's Going to be a lot faster than a lot of People think it's already here and if You're not aware of it it's already here And it's already taking over jobs so Automation and AI are here and they're Here to stay and if you get out in front Of this you don't have to be one of the People that that happens to instead you Can have the freedom and the flexibility That you want but if you don't take Action now then at some point you're Going to lose right so if you want to Start how do you start well you go to enter your email address Click let's do this and then you're Going to get a list of the live classes As well as the replays for any live Classes we've had so far and the next Step is to join the next live class just Show up and I will see you in the Classes and until then Happy money


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