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In today's secrets of affiliate All-Stars interview I have a very very Special guest I've been wanting to talk To this powerful man for a while Dr Stan Harris AKA doctor breakthrough now if You somehow don't know this powerful man He's traveled three million miles Speaking to crowds as large as 17 000 people sharing his inspirational Story and these secrets that he's going To be revealing as far as mindset and  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing now he's made as much as forty Seven thousand dollars in just one hour Of his time he's also built a team of Over 1.5 million members worldwide so he Knows exactly how to powerfully and Effectively Market what you're going to Discover is also how he has learned over Many years to reprogram your mind for Success and wealth so you can apply it To affiliate marketing to start to Generate rate the commissions and income You truly deserve so all that being said Again I'm really excited for this Interview I think you're going to get a Ton of value and without further Ado Let's dive in right now Welcome to the secrets of affiliate All Stars podcast I'm really really excited to have you Here I know a lot of my uh followers are Just super super excited watching this You know as you know we've kind of Talked a little bit before you know a

Lot of them are affiliate marketers and I know you've been crushing it you know In the in the industry for years but not Just the  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing side you're really Powerful with the mindset you know we Were talking a lot too it's it's not Just what you do it's not just going out There and kind of posting an ad and if You don't have your mindset right I mean You're not even going to follow through Or be disciplined you know I want to Touch on all this I know we have a lot To talk about man but first off I really Appreciate you for doing this Well man it's a privilege and a pleasure A treat and a treasure of Joy beyond Measure and again we appreciate what You're doing man making the difference In people's lives and we seriously need More people like you man with Integrity Um that want to make an impact and have Influence but with integrity and by the Way what I always tell people when you Have integrity and then you create an Impact you also increase your income So let me just tell people up front man I always tell people um well you got to Ask me how I'm doing you gotta ask me I'm too blessed to be stressed but Sometimes I'm blessed in spite of my Stress and a few times I'm blessed Because I'm stressed but anyway you cut It I'm just like you I'm blessed but if I could tell you the real truth Derek

Could you handle it could you folks Handle it if I tell you the real thing What I'm doing man I'm too blessed to be Depressed too blessed to be stressed too Glad to be sad too anointed to be Disappointed too elated to be agitated I'm Too Legit to Quit too ground to be Confounded too grateful to be hateful to Gifted to be restricted to good to be Withstood and too saved not to be Getting paid oh I love it man I love that And that's what rubs off man you have Such a great energy and I mean were you Always this positive did you always have This this good mindset I know a lot of What you've studied over the years is Kind of how to build that mindset and Really crush it whether someone wants to Make money online or even apply it to Other passions in their life I mean were You always this way or like how do they Kind of start of course not no no no as A matter of fact you know what I gotta Put I gotta put these blue blockers on I Forgot whenever I'm I'm always on the Computer all the time and they told me I Need to wear these things and and by the Way uh they work great for folks out There is on the computer a lot so anyway But no as a matter of fact my main Message uh Garrett was every master was Once a mess Therefore every mess can one day be a

Master and so no my dad left when I was Three years of age man and so I grew up Without a dad and uh um when I was six Years of age I was out in the middle of A field playing and and minding my own Business and a gang of teenagers came Away you know your body gives you Warning something's you know something's Wrong and man I was so scared but I Could I was I just froze my tracks I Didn't even try to run because I figured They could outrun me and I always tell People now you know instead of being Paralyzed by your fear you want to learn To be propelled by your fear right so Sometimes you can't stop the fear but It's what you do with it but I was Paralyzed and these guys grabbed me and Imagine I'm a six-year-old boy God bam Punched me in the stomach knocks all the Air I'm trying to breathe you know okay And I'm a six-year-old boy and these are They start beating all over me and Literally pick me up and slam me on the Ground start stomping on me like my aunt Or roach and then kicking I'm bleeding From everywhere you could bleed and you Would think that was enough of course I Was crying out for help and screaming You know for Mom and anybody else and uh And I was a six-year-old boy right and So Uh one guy flips me over and they take a Great big old bucket of tires and they

Pour it on my face poured on my body Take a bunch of feathers they throw them On me and they they left me literally to Die in the middle of a field now thank God man somebody found me and rushed me To the hospital you know but I've been Through you know uh one of my mom's Boyfriends have been beat with a choker Chain for a dog Um you know I mean sexual abuse every Kind of abuse you can imagine a matter Of fact I tried to commit suicide on two Occasions before I was even 12 years of Age and I always tell people man I'm so Glad I failed Right but uh yeah so my life was a mess Man it was a mess and um and so I got Involved I wanted to learn how to Protect myself so I I got involved in Martial arts when I was like nine years Of age my mom Won a free month of karate lessons show The concrete and I'll never forget I've Got five brothers and uh well it was Only three of us at the time uh well Four of us excuse me at the time but Anyway but none of my other brothers are I'm the only one I watched they were Kicking and screaming and chopping and Hollering and uh I was like man this is Fascinating and then one day her and her Boyfriend got into a fight And uh well wait a minute let me take it Back no she she won the free month of

Karate and then after a free month was Over she started paying because she Wanted to keep and she kept getting Better and better and better okay and Then one day her and her boyfriend got In a fight And she knocked him out cold really I'm Looked at my brother roll around looking Like we looked a guy on the ground we Said man whatever you do don't mess with My mama my mama bad man And I thought man if martial arts could Help us fight for one mom beat up a six For one dude I was like this is my Ticket this is what I got to do right And I thought about the fact that I made A decision That I'm going I'm gonna learn how to Protect myself so next time this happens I could I could do something you know And I didn't realize in my six-year-old Brain how powerful the brain is but it Was setting something up that my mom Would want to Fremont the karate lessons And then I saw and then I I got started In what's called ishinu karate and then Uh eventually after becoming a master of Fifth degree you can start your own Style it actually became a tenth degree In that but then I started my own style Called Crescendo Christian foreign Martial arts but but I said all that to Say though that that you know the power Of the mind and here and and I have

Something called the 21 Day breakthrough Challenge maybe talk about it later but One of the things I teach in there one Lady said the one day yeah it's just she Said that one day I learned more that oh Changed my life and she said and here's What I said once I make up my mind to do Something God will orchestrate Circumstances to align themselves in my Favor when I say I can't my mind stops Trying but when I ask how can I my mind Keeps searching till the time runs away There's a way and I will find it and if Not by the grace of God I'll just have To invent it but see that kind of Mindset makes things happen right I mean It just puts things in and so and so It's a whole thing about the martial Arts I really just want to learn how to Fight I want to learn self-defense but I Said no no you got to learn Self-discipline because if not you'll be An uncontrollable weapon and so I was Like you know I don't care whatever this Self-discipline stuff is I'll teach me So I can just get to the self-defense But it was a self-discipline that Changed my life but no I started off as A total mess and a total zero a total Whatever you know and so that's why I Love what I do and I love like what you Do because we get to empower people and I give this and throw it back to you and That is this one of our greatest desires

Is connect with someone or a group of Someone's who can Empower us to be do And have what we secretly know we can Become and Achieve see folks in every Last one of you you know there's a Champion and you you know that my friend You might just be a beginner now that's Okay we all started but I'm saying and So you you we all have this desire Though to connect with somebody that can Help us to do that and that's one of the Things that Garrett you do so well and That's what I've committed and dedicated My life to I love that man and and that story is so Powerful and one thing I took from that Was you know a lot of people they have These you know quote-unquote negative Experiences and they let it Define them But you kind of took that experience and You kind of blessed it where you said if It wasn't for getting bullied or beat That you know you may not have been on This incredible path to help people Because you knew what it was you took That and turned it into something Amazing and I think a lot of people you Know that watch my channel my videos You know I talk a lot about the how you Know what to do where to post ads things Like that but again they don't realize The discipline they don't realize the What's going on between their ears right And so how much of success would you say

Is mental And how much is it actually knowing what To do and applying it that way most all Of us mental any martial artist will Tell like you know I got to retire many Years ago as a heavyweight champion with Karate World rating system and by the Way I've been blessed to be voted to the Motivational speakers Hall of Fame as Well as the black girl Hall of Fame but I'm the guy that when I first joined They used to call me Mr baboon they used To laugh at me Garrett I'm not Exaggerating I would trip over my own Feet but I was so committed I was so and So here's here's oh man this this is Something you folks you got to write Down I'll try to slow it down but I'm so Excited Garrett you got a certain energy Level too man it's pulling out of me you Know how I'm feeling it but here's one Of the things I teach people you got to Be committed to the process of being bad Or feeling bad for as long as it takes To get good oh let me say that again you Got to be committed to the process of Being bad or feeling bad for as long as It takes for the mentor to help you get Good and so but the key is is the Mindset because again if you don't have The right mindset you actually will Throw in the towel before you hit your Success matter of fact if you don't have The right mindset you will do the right

Methods what with the wrong mindset and The lack of energy my friend yeah it'll It you you won't get the same results And so I couldn't figure out like like Why this this this whole training on the Mindset and and and most people can get It mixed up when they hear meditation Meditation is not Um you know no meditation we would sit Down and we would visualize true Meditation is just visualization so we Would visualize ourselves doing the Techniques doing them properly and as a Matter of fact years later I read a book Called psycho cybernetics by Maxwell Malts that is so powerful on the topic And I was like wait a minute that's what We did the martial arts right and so Like before my my Meats before my my Tournaments I would visualize this guy Kicking at me and me blocking and Hitting and the judge calling my points And so forth then my hand being raised As a champion and so forth and over and Over and over and over again we have to Do that my friend and matter of fact What we found out and what Maxwell maltz Talked about in his book is between two Different basketball teams one just Worked out in their mind and the other Physically practiced and the ones when They put them together the ones that Work out just in their mind actually had A little edge of the ones that practiced

Physically why because when you practice Physically sometimes you make a mistake Right you're like oh man stupid what's Wrong with you come on Harris get that Right but the ones in their mind every Time they did it they did it perfectly And did it right they did and so the Mind doesn't know the difference oh this Is good between that which is real and That which is vividly imagined so when You keep vividly imagining it the Mind Actually discharges the energy to the Body to accomplish what you've already Seen right so let me give you something Else so so there's some things that only Work if you believe in them there's Other things that work whether you Believe them or not however whenever You're blessed enough to get something That we're whether you believe it or not If you believe in it it works twice as Good So yeah the mind it's a mind thing as The scripture says as a man thank you So was he right Napoleon Hill thinking Growers that whole book was has created More millionaires outside the Bible than Anything else and it's all about mindset That's exactly right and it's funny man I I attribute a lot of Um realizations on my own journey to Psycho-cybernetics I read that book and It's it's you know he talks a lot about The self-image you know how you see

Yourself and do you see yourself as Someone succeeding or do you see someone That's gonna or do you see yourself Someone that's always struggling and oh I never have enough money and things Like that so like I said you know a lot Of my audience they Don't believe it's possible for them you Know maybe they have a lot of Downing Family members I didn't believe it was Possible either that's right you got to Connect to a mentor or someone else you Got to learn to believe in somebody Else's belief in you oh let me say it Again you've got to connect yourself With someone else who can see in you There's something called Johari's Window Where there's a part of us that we can't See but others can see and you've got to Be able to connect with someone who can See in you what you can't see in Yourself and then like training wheels You got to believe in their belief in You and to your own belief kicks in Garrett most of my life I'd even believe In myself right and but other people Would say I think you'd do it and so I Just didn't want to let them down and I Gave it a shot and it worked and one day I was like wait a minute why not just go Ahead and believe in it and so then I Became what I call congruent and that Power of congruency oh that's when you Become irresistible man and so so it's

When what you believe on the inside Matches with what you're saying it and So so now it's extra pool Powers matter Of fact when I travel and speak across The world people always say man you are So convincing I'm like Aunt Rome I'm Convinced I said now because I'm Convinced when I speak I speak from a Place of conviction and when I speak From a place of conviction people that Hear me are convinced but they're not Convinced because I'm trying to convince Them they're convinced because I'm Conveying what I believe from a place of Conviction so if you know what I just Said tell me because I'd be but anyway Real quick but I wrote up one of the Books I wrote was how to build a big Team fast and the Chronicles I've been Blessed to be the top of seven different Network  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing or home-based business Companies and and one company the Greatest success I had was I personally Sponsored yeah um 998 people that Blossomed into 1.5 million people now by The way I wasn't the master distributor Of that company I was actually the International training director and they Bought me on the beat and I was like you Know I really like what you're doing do You mind if I build the lungs you know With it so I started building and it Just started exploding and people said Man what do you what do you do to keep

Going the top of all these you know some People can just do Health Products some People just can do digital some people You do all this stuff like what do you That's why I I put in the book right and It's called how to build a big team fast And interesting enough the very first Chapter is and by the way this is not The new like you do a lot of stuff with Tools and whatever else this is just Old-fashioned Um just straight you know it's none of The new you know stuff but but there's Only like 100 pages right so it's easy Read Because I understand people Affiliate marketers and network Marketers and people in business but Here's the thing the very first chapter Is work on get this now work on yourself More than you work the system How to teach me all this teach me all That they don't understand though There's something called self-sabotage Where again I I think I talked to you About this earlier but breakthroughs Occur when you beat the bullies that's In your brain see I wasn't the only one Beaten by a teenage gang you were being Beaten all of us there's bullies in our Brain there's low esteem this I can't They're second guessing ourselves and so So when you learn to beat those bullies In your brain you have a breakthrough And the best way of doing it is having

The proper mindset training and so I Talk about work on yourself while you Work the system is what you say to Yourself is what you say about yourself Is how you see yourself as so I go Through a lot of different things like That and uh again uh one lady that's She's never she's like look I'm in Corporate America I've never been in Home based business I probably never Will she said but somebody gave me a Copy of your books he said you should I Think you should change the title Because this book helped me to be the Best version of myself and so I said Well that's what I do in life I said but I know my target audience it's people in Home-based business so I'm gonna keep The title how to build a big team fast But um but I said but I appreciate you Saying that and so yeah that's so true It's all about even in a martial arts When you when it comes to a match The other person could be more Physically have more physical Acumen but The other guy if he guy or gal they have The proper mindset right they will win Every single time and so folks we can't Stress this enough because everybody Again is into all this I want this tool And this trick and this technique and This that but if you don't get the mind Right and constantly work on the mind And you know and you all see Gary and I

You're listening to us talking and so Forth you're like oh it sounds great but What you don't know is we've studied There's hours and hours and hours I've Got some trainings I've listened to a Hundred times just over and over I've Got books that I've read 100 times more And last illustration to turn it back to You I was meeting with a Multi-billionaire he flew my wife and I Out to see if we work with this company And so I asked I said hey I I did a lot And I talk about The Millionaire Mind I said I got a question what's the Difference between a Millionaire Mind Versus a billionaire mine I said because They go to that level and so he said wow Nobody's ever asked me that he said but I can tell you it's a totally different Mindset See everybody's interested in skill set But write this down your skill set will Never exceed your mindset And so here's what he told me he said Like for instance he said I I do know One thing and he said the book Think and Grow Rich He said I I read that book 80 times And I reached millionaire status but he Said between millionaire and billionaire Status I read it another 320 times I was like what That's incredible I think wait a minute Are you serious he said man almost every

Day of my life I'm in that book he said Man and I just keep going back over and Over and over and over and over again so He said but nobody's ever asked me that Question but he said if I had to answer It that's what I would say and so that My friend means This right here is so so important that No I love that man because that's the Thing you know and I even sometimes get Questions and comments on my videos and I can see where the focus is with the With you know my audience and it's a lot Of you know the how-to and it's a lot of The actions but like you've said Multiple times if you're not doing the Action with the right intentions and the Right beliefs you're not going to really Create the results Um you want and can you touch this is What kind of when you were talking as Well this kind of stuck out to me on the Repetition why it's important you know Because so many people they're Constantly you know we call it shiny Ball syndrome right they're going from One thing to the next and they're always Searching outside themselves for that Secret right when really Would you say it's more about just the Repetition you know finding something a Mentor or information and then going Back through it over and over and over Can you kind of touch on that why

It's important to kind of focus Wow that's good man yeah so so the very First book I ever read uh wrote was your Breakthrough is guaranteed uh seven Simple steps to your success there's a Pitch of me brick and bricks and on the Bricks I've got things written like fear Procrastination doubt and all these kind Of things well I give in this my seven Step breakthrough formula and number six Just happens to be follow through Follow through right and that's the Problem that most people they don't have That follow through and so yeah so so Here's what we would say in the martial Arts Don't Fear the man that can do 10 000 kicks now there's not that many but Just I'm giving illustration rather fear The man who's done one kick ten thousand Times See here's what happens in the martial Arts we had to do stuff over in a Japanese word for teacher is Sensei that Means teacher instructor and I remember I'd say since hey I already noticed I Got it they said no you don't I said no No I can do my eyes closed he said no You still don't know it good enough yet I said no no serious he said no you Don't I said okay sir and he said listen You've got to do it so much so it Literally becomes part of you To becomes part of your subconscious That when you're not even thinking and

So as a matter of fact we like different Things like one of the things that like I was uh trying to show off a little bit When I was in college for giving me yeah Anyway and I had uh Myron golden from Had him he was on the back and so I I Call myself trying to show off I was on A Kawasaki 900 double over camshaft like Like what was I thinking and I gunned it And not realizing there was Stones Underneath it and it threw us both right Over the bike Right and Myron bless his heart like he Said he said he's still got we've talked The other day he's got uh scars to steal On his elbows you know where he landed And everybody said how'd you do that I Was like do what what are you talking About they said man with the bike said You flip right over you land on your Feet and I'm like oh yeah I almost like I I didn't even think it just it was Instinct right yes because we've done it Over and over and over and over and over And over again so I put on Facebook the Other day a lot of people are addicted To learning but they seem to be allergic To Applications I said people seem to be addicted to Learning but they're allergic to Application and you've got to have the Application part but again people often Think well because they've done it a Couple times no no you have to over and

Over and over and over again you have to Have that follow-through so when you Have the right mindset but with the Right consistency right was um uh and I Talked about here in the book Calvin Coolidge he said nothing in the world Can take the place of persistence he Said Talent will not nothing is more Common than unsuccessful men with Talent Genius will not unrewarded genius is Almost a proverb education will not the World is full of educated derelicts Persistence and determination are almost Omnipotent see that man or woman that Won't be what they can't be with so so It was Benjamin Israeli that said Nothing can resist the human will which Will stake even its existence on the Extent of its purpose and so folks you Gotta it's not just getting started it's It's continue on and you got to see it Through the end and so in my Breakthrough training by the way which The whole name Dr breakthrough can I Explain real quick because a lot of Times people well it's funny it's funny And I don't I've never heard this story And I was gonna ask you at some point But please because I love the name I Love it there's a ring to it but if you Could please explain how did you get Doctor breakthrough how did you get that Name yes so about 20 years ago Willie John and I were speaking at uh Howard

University and so he said doc he said Man you know it's like almost every time I talk to you like he had another Breakthrough he said man you are like Like you explain breakthrough to anybody I've ever seen he said when you speak to Audiences and he said then the way you Demonstrated right he said and then you You like expect it and it's like these People get he says so so branding is Everything so he said I know Dr Stana You have a doctor Divinity and a PhD in Martial arts and a few credits away from Doctor of naturopathy said but I think Your branding should be Dr breakthrough Doctor he said you know like a person Has a problem they go to a doctor and a Doctor writes a prescription when Somebody needs to break through you're The guy with the prescription And I looked at him and I said now those Are very kind words I thank you I'm not Sure that's all the way true but I Promise you one thing I'll live the rest Of my life to make sure it is And so it's stuck you know now we'll Maybe another time we'll talk about it But at the time when he said that and Here's where mindset's so important at The time that he said that I had just Went through a situation where I had all My eggs in one basket and that basket Crashed And you can imagine at that time I was

Homeless Now thank God I had a friend that had a Place let me stay at the had a trailer Let me stand but I was not just homeless I was phoneless Now obviously today phones mean a whole Lot more than back then but still you Know like so so homeless is bad but Homeless is bad so I tell people I was Homeless and phoneless but thank God it Wasn't faithless come on somebody as a Matter of fact one lady told me she's What she said when anybody gets this Book on birthday book tell them to start Off with page 80 and I'm like That's the best page in the whole book And I'm thinking so I real quick I got And I was reading it and I was telling a Little bit of the story of the story and Uh So what had happened though was right During that time That's when I'm speaking that there's a I get to speak at this event which thank God somebody let me use their car Right and um and they let their little Um thing that let me there's a little Computer there and so they were able to Email me that's the only one I found out I didn't have a phone See I'm I'm telling y'all stuff because I want y'all to I want you to see what And and so this is one of the lowest Points in my life And all of a sudden here comes a

Speaking engagement okay yes wow wow And this guy is looking at me come out Doctor breakthrough you're the guy with A and at the time I'm thinking like you Don't even know what I need all kind of Breakthroughs myself right but guess What I didn't reject it and so many Times when people try to compliment us You know Garrett you know what just one of the Biggest breakthroughs I've had People would compliment me and I was Like no no trying to call myself being Humble uh and then people criticize me And then I would embrace it and then I'd Find myself discouraged and I one time I Was praying like Lord I understand why Am I he said because you take the Criticism and he said I've touched People's heart that's a gift from me That they're complimenting you and you Reject it I was like I didn't hear Audible Voice but in my spirit right I Was like wow so from now on I say thank I take compliments and by the way let me Help you if you have a problem taking Confidence learn to say to people like I Was speaking uh um yesterday on this um Um this interview thing and the guy he's Like man he's like you're the best thing I ever heard in my life I said well I Appreciate it I said and by the way if You can spot it it's because you got it So you got to be good at speaking to

Know that I'm good right so you see see What I didn't accept it and then I give Him some right and so so but but but you Got to learn to accept that but here's What I'm saying when he said that and That's so here's what happens A guy he's uh uh no oh so so some buddy Lets me he has a little phone he put a Little phone in the trailer that I can Use I was like wow wow and so this guy I Called this guy he said man I've been Trying to get a hold of you I didn't Tell you my story yeah you don't need to Know you don't even know the story So he said yeah I got this company they Want you to speak I said I'll take it he Said I didn't even tell you to protect I Said I'll take it he said well and so so He said well they want to send you on The tour and I said how soon I You know I'm saying I'm saying he had no Idea And and here I am praying and thinking Like but I started I started visualizing Okay people calling me I started Visualizing I'm getting back on my feet Because one of my mentors William E Bailey led a company gross from 64 Million a bunch a month back in the 70s No email no fax machine all that I'd ask Him one time hey uh Mr Bailey what's the Worst day of your life he said nobody Ever asked me that before I said man I Know how to handle the good ones when I

Need to know how to handle the bad ones He said was today I lost 12 million I Said you had 12 to lose And here's what he said it changed my Life Garrett he said here's what I said To myself To myself if I did it before I could do It again but this time I'll do it faster And easier because I'm older and wiser And now I have the experience because The first time I did it I never done it Before but now that I've done it I know I can do it but I'm uh I was like whoa And so I kept thinking about what he Said and I kept saying okay and I would Say this every day to myself I was like I'm a man that happens to be Low on cash but God and I are changing That fast I'm a man that happens to be Low on cash but God and I are changing That fast this guy calls me so they had Me speak and he says now look he says It's a network  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing company he said So I hope you don't mind I put a spot in For you but if you speak and somebody You know because I know you know a lot Of people they come and they want to They're interested just send them to me And I'll put them in the deal whatever And you don't have to worry that's okay I said because I'm just you know I just Want to concentrate on my speaking well Everywhere I would speak I would let People know you know people showed up

And they're like Doc I said well talk to Dave and so then I started getting the One check for speaking but then the Other check for I was like Dave that Other check came pretty good what I got To do to you know and so he showed me The compensation plan and how it worked And without exaggeration now you gotta Understand when I when I started I was Homeless and phoneless right Four and a half months later I was Making twenty five thousand dollars a Week that's a hundred thousand dollars a Month and at that time I never made that Much money I mean it was it was amazing My friend but here's what I'm saying When that guy said to me you should be Called Dr breakthrough I could have said No man my life is broken down right now You don't understand what I'm going Through I I appreciate that but you you Just dropped somebody else I embraced it And I was like well if I'm gonna be Doctor breakthrough I gotta be able to Have a story to tell somebody and so now I realize that's one of when I speak now To places people tell me that's one of The greatest encouragements they've ever Heard it's like man first of all that You would open up like that and I was Like open up it's what happened right I Always tell people behind the glory There's always a story and sometimes the Story is so gory people don't want to

Tell it but I'm gonna tell y'all every Master was once a mess therefore every Mess can one day be a master and by the Way uh I want Garrett all the people Watching now I want you to I want you to Say out loud I am not a mess my business Might look like a mess my life might Look like a mess my marriage my physical I'm not mess I'm a master in the making Oh Um No I love it I love this because that You know it's so so powerful and even in My own life I don't talk like I said I don't talk a Lot about it on my channel but I mean I Was depressed I was suicidal Um very low and and the thing that got Me out of it was the mindset as well and And reading feeding my mind new Knowledge and then again like Discovering Kind of how to think differently and see Myself differently and so I totally Understand what you're saying it's so Powerful now talking about that so Let's say someone is watching this and Typically people watching my channel are Going to want to improve their income You know there's different we all have Goals you know maybe somebody wants to Lose weight and but typically on my Channel people want to improve their Income so thinking about that when it

Comes to income and I know You can apply it to everything like You've said like the mindset really it Does not matter what end goal you're Putting it towards but thinking about The income goal a lot of people have Limiting beliefs what would you say are Some of those over the years you Coaching you know thousands and Thousands of people around the world What have been the limiting beliefs Around money that a lot of people tend To have and then maybe what are some Ways they can work through that Wow wow excellent excellent excellent Well one of the one of the things that With in my experience a lot of people That I've been connected to they all Somehow think that making a lot of money You have to do something bad Or do something the meaning are below Your character below your integrity to Make a lot of money and if it's making Money fast then it's got to be a scheme Right like a get rich quick scheme right Right and um and so always tell people Like the way you get rich is way too Slow I was like look I've been poor and I've been Rich it rich is a whole lot Better than poor as a matter of fact Right the best way to help the poor is Not to be one of them right right and so But yeah but it's that but that's part Of what I was talking about you got to

Beat the bully in the brain like like There was a time when I was so blessed In my life And because I had the wrong thinking of Money it's like well money will mess you Up I gave it all away Right now I mean I was living in the House I paid for cash and and again After that situation I went through Earlier and then the car had another Paid cash whatever I was buying cars for People I was giving giving giving giving And then here it is a couple years later I mean a couple years later and at that Time I had over a hundred thousand Dollars in the banks over and back then That was money money right and a couple Years later I found myself I'm like man I'm like Things just getting real tight now I Don't understand this that doesn't make Sense And I was like man I thought I was Blessing people and you know and it's Kind of like the Lord spoke to me is Like you know you weren't you were Giving out of fear You weren't given out of obedience you Were given out of fear and and attract Back to that fear and here's the thing There's a scripture proverbs 10 24 the Fear of the wicked it shall come upon Him but the desire of the righteous

Shall be granted and so you allowed your Fear thinking this money would mess you Up and you gave it all away and so in Your mindset you're me you're thinking Money mess up money mess up or money do Something wrong so money won't can't Hang around you long Yeah you shall sabotage your own self And so again it drives to be a Retraining of the brain so yeah that was One of the main things they have to do Something wrong and if it's getting Money too fast and people don't even Understand where that came from because You know different times of history and So forth because there was a time when You know you had to you know you live by Planting a seed and reaping the Harvest There was such a time but the gestation Period and so forth but now I tell People you could it's easier to make a Whole lot of money fast so let's make a Whole lot of money a little bit of money Slow and I'll give you an illustration Yeah you know Um with e1u life for instance that uh You're just man you're crushing it man And what I love too is you you do things That you explain to folks how to do that Well so so Dwayne asked me to be the Chief breakthrough officer and work with Him some and so um doing golden yeah Yeah who's affiliated with e1u exactly One new life right right which is the

Affiliate uh the affiliate program that I've been really helping people with Lately if people have seen my channel Just for a second you know if they don't Know what that is um it's A lot of you know trying different Programs over the years that's the one I Really resonated with the most and That's the one I've been recommending For people and you know Dwayne golden Um right who's affiliated with them I Know you're dear friends with them and 41 years wow Right and uh yeah so it's it's amazing So please yeah so when I when I had Those when I change started changing the Way I looked at money right and you know Of course you know Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad has a good great book Um Duane's brother Myron Myron Golden's Got a great book from the trash man to The cash man and by the way I I I Remember I knew him when I just had to Give him money all the time right and Then I was with him when he he spoke at A place and made like 3.8 million Dollars and 40 something 43 42 minutes Some crazy thing you know like Incredible but anyway but with e1u life I I just do like presentations and kind Of help out and so forth and and Um and one of my friends called me and He said man I I need um he told me what He needed he wants to put together his

Own affiliate program and so forth I Said well man he when you like that's The newest project that they have and They'll actually build it out for you Customize everything he's like are you Serious I just made the connection and Guess what my friend the same day I got A thing five thousand dollars For helping a guy solve a problem Are you with me so folks when you you Gotta you gotta reconstruct and matter Of fact I do a whole thing I gotta um A free course about the art of selling Without selling or how to sell without Being a sellout because most people Think if you do something with selling Your sellout or you're you're you're you Know those and so so because that's the Way I was thinking and it was the Biggest blessing To my life that I was fighting against For so long because I kept thinking Selling is some fast talking loud Talking persons trying to get me to buy Something I don't really need just so They can make money whatever else I Didn't realize my friend that true true Selling is serving and it's providing Solutions as a matter of fact Um I even in well in this book here uh Your uh how to build a big team fast I Have people write down the word service And I show where put uh if you write Down the word service

S-e-r-v-i-c-e put two vertical lines Through the S and one vertical line Through the C then service is the dollar And cents of everything that we do so we Don't make our money at the expense of People we make our money at the service Of people so that guy I I got him what He needed and I got rewarded handsomely That he calls to thank me I'm like yes I Love this and by the way the thing that Really changed my mind was I was reading In the Bible that's a great thing to do You know if you're a Bible believer and Right came across Proverbs 11 26 and I Couldn't believe it like I was like says He that withholdeth the corn the people Shall curse him I said well I don't want to be cursed so I kept reading but blessings as well Well there's this whatever this next Thing is this is what I want here's what I said blessing shall be upon the head Of him that sell lift it Not giveth away no sellth it wait a Minute the Holy Bible yeah Proverbs 11 26. he that was over the corner now Watch this corn is a staple today corn Is something that people had to have Corners so so in other words Solomon was Saying that I have a moral and a Biblical Responsibility to sell something of Value only to people that are value wait A minute if it's not valuable can't sell

It if I don't value you I can't sell it To you but if I have something of value And I value you as a person I have a Moral and biblical responsibility to Sell it to you and the greatest book Ever written says I'll be blessed if I Do and cursed if I don't so I like being Blessed so watch out so watch this Joseph in the Old Testament was a guy Who basically told you know told the guy In charge look powerful you're gonna Have this uh um dream you see he had This dream he said seven years of Playing this seven years of famine During years of plenteousness to save up And the years of family you're gonna be Fine well guess what the whole world Comes and so he says wait a minute I Mean um Joseph you just be in charge I'll make you my prime minister you're Second in command so the whole world Egypt they come to him they say we need Corn now if he says no they gonna curse Him cause they gonna die without it he Says okay yes he sells them the corn They're like thank you right he's Blessed but then they come back say we Know we ate all that uh we need some More and so but we we spent all our Money he said well um you got any land Yeah so then they sold him the land for Corn and make a long story shirt they Kept coming back kept coming back by the Time they were done he owned all the the

Money all the corn all the I mean the The land all the animals are I mean and Then they would work for him so I'm Saying because he was wise enough to Position himself and matter of fact my Wife and I wrote a book together Um it's it's I didn't burn that air but It's called position to prosper and it's Based on these three main things Positioning And mental reconditioning or almost Everything timing is everything else so Here's what happened sometimes and by The way folks you've got to position Yourself with somebody like Garrett is Going to really help you so you got to Get the right position but here's what's What's what's crucial if you don't have The right mental reconditioning it may Not happen sometimes as fast as you want Or as easy as you want and then you'll Remove yourself from the position And you miss it so it's positioning but Then there's mental recondition which We've been talking about the mindset and By the way a positive mindset I think What zigga said that your attitude not Your aptitude that determines your Altitude how high you go right and by The way attitude uh what's up gratitude Two words great and attitude come Gratitude those two words great plus Attitudes gratitude so watch this now so So the right positioning and then the

Right mental reconditioning and then Timing right because again sometimes the Timing doesn't hit right but if you got The right if you've been working on your Mental recondition you know it's going To happen here's what successful people We always say it didn't happen Yet See it's gonna happen it just didn't Happen yet I just didn't hit it yet Right and so when you have those three Things and uh I tell you you just can't Lose and so yeah it's all about the Mindset when the mindset is Right Everything else goes easier it's like Lincoln I think it was the said or one Of them said if I had uh eight hours of Chop down the tree I'd spend six hours Sharpening the ax and just the other Just because again when the ax is sharp It just does so much easier with so much Less work and so when I started Realizing that because I I used to be a College professor And somebody said how'd you like to Start making more money in a month and You make an entire year and I'm like I Am not going back to college See my money in my mind was was more Degrees more money right now that Doesn't even work these days right Matter of fact I jokingly say most People with the mbas are suffering from Another MBA it's called mini bank

Account but in our business we teach you How to get an MBA Master bank account Without having to go to college to get An MBA masters of Business Administration but here's the deal so I'm teaching and I'm like no I'm not Going back I've been to school 12 years College 12 years you know graduate Postgraduate work so forth like oh yeah No they said no no we're just going to Mentor you Huh and make a long story short I got Involved with the business with them and They weren't lying I started making more Money in the month I used to make an Entire year now I jokingly it didn't Happen exactly like this it's just a Nice story to put it this way but I Walked into my boss I said boss I'm Sorry I can't work for anymore he said Doc why I said man I got I got I got High trouble he said I chose what's Wrong with your eyes I said I can't see Myself working for you anymore But I realized the difference between Profits versus wages right Listen like I said recently I got a Client that paid me a thousand dollars a Minute To speak a thousand dollars I didn't say An hour I said a minute and by the way When I first started speaking many years Ago I was terrible I didn't even like Myself and by the way when I didn't like

Myself nobody else did I started liking Myself and I started liking myself other People started like I just kept working On my skill of speaking remember I was Bad but long enough until I can get good And I got so good like I said I was Voting to the motivational speakers Hall Of Fame and I spoke in all 50 states 28 Countries and uh like I said recently Was paid a thousand dollars a minute but See back when I had the wrong wrong Mindset I would have I would have Rejected or self-sabotage something I Was like no that don't that that don't Sound right exactly exactly man and one Thing I'm picking up too and hopefully a Lot of our listeners are as well is it Seems you talk a lot about the Associations people make between things And how that can affect it so for Example when you talked about money You know money just is right it's right It's neutral it's not bad or good but a Lot of people have this negative Association like oh it's evil or it's Bad and I think what you're saying as Well is you need to retrain and change The associations so it's a positive one Like when you got that five thousand Dollar you know commission recently Where some people would have been you Know like you said very uncomfortable or Very just the idea that you could even Receive five thousand dollars for a sale

A 10 minute conversation He had a big problem I just gave him a Solution so it wasn't and by the way What I love about the company E1 you Like they all that customization and all That so I don't even have to worry about All that well and that's and I love that As well and that's and that's what I Think most of my audience loves you know They've been drawn to the idea of Affiliate marketing you know and I know You know this most of my audience were Affiliate marketers and they love the Idea where You know it's very simple you just focus On getting people to a link the products Created the the back office all the Customers support all that's done you Just focus on that one skill and the Ability like you said you you got that Commission and maybe you can even touch On just briefly because I know you're Very active with e1u life I know you've Been really helping with a lot of the The back office Garrett Berry I was the top of the Leaderboard I saw that man I saw that that was yeah We got some good competition there but Um but I mean one of the benefits to a V1u life just briefly is when you made That five thousand dollar commission I Mean how long did you have to wait Before you received the payout it was it

Was instant and direct I love it I got This little notification you know from My stripe I was like whoa right incredible Incredible so as a matter of fact Because of that uh like like I said but But again the thing is you got to Understand that this is the way there's A way that people think that are making A lot of money versus people and there's There's different things and avenues That people are using and that's what You're doing you're helping people to Get positioned and then the right mental Reconditioning and so that when the Timing is Right bam it hits and and I'm Telling you my friend it's amazing You're talking about a breakthrough That's a financial breakthrough that Could change someone's life because like I said when I realize profits are better Than wages I've been psychologically unemployable Now for over 30 years because I realized Man wait a minute I could make so so I Don't have to spend a whole lot of my Time to make a little bit of money and If somebody's paying you 20 an hour you Better know they making a hundred Dollars an hour off of you and it's Called Leverage and that's what I love About e1u life by the way See without a without a business you are Being leveraged by somebody else on

Their job and there's nothing wrong with Having a job a matter of fact blessed is The man or woman that does what they Have to do until they can get to do what They want to do right so so like Jim Rohn I should travel and speak with him Before he passed away and we'd share the Platform but he used to say you know you Know have your job and start making more Money or twice as much money on your Business than on your job before you Quit because sometimes people quit too Soon and then they feel that pressure And now it's like it becomes like a A Hard Sell thing as opposed to just Serving and providing Solutions right uh So that's a little free thing I'll throw Out to the folks here but let me throw This in there so so even when you life Does it's providing Solutions For people in business and uh people That are in  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing right and the fact That it's 80 to 90 percent instant and Direct pay I was like man you got to be Kidding me And and and and you know and so and you Give so many extra bonuses that it'd be Crazy for people not to get involved and To follow you so that they can they can Get this and what I found out is that The more I grow as a person The more my money can grow now why write This down in your in your mental Capacity folks if your money grows

Before you do Unfortunately it will have to shrink Back down to where you are Oh so you got to grow and then as your Money grow so at least grow with your Money but don't see so so that's the Thing but again you got to get that Mental shift and so again my friend poor P-o-o-r passing over opportunities Repeatedly poor you don't want to be Poor okay you want to be rich r-i-c-h Breaking in cash happily you want to be Rich r-i-c-h residual increase Compliments happiness see I was already Happy but now you give me this Opportunity to make money on top of that And so I would hardly recommend again For folks to look at what you are doing And to connect with you because again You're connected with somebody who's Really caring and is going to help you In that Journey because again all of us Start off as a mess and we have to take Our steps to become a master and Garrett's one of those guys will help You has the Integrity has the know-how Has the extra methods and steps and Techniques too and a lot of tips that a Lot of other people don't have and by The way tips to ensure prompt success I love that man and I really appreciate That and I'm glad hopefully that's Conveyed and that's what I really want To convey you know is this I want to

Help people so I appreciate that Compliment now transitioning Um we've talked a lot about Breakthroughs and a lot about the Importance of getting these mental Breakthroughs now I know you you Actually have a 20-day breakthrough Challenge Now only one day yes sir yeah and I know A lot of people are aware of it for some People that aren't actually aware of This challenge Um I'd love if you want to touch on that Um kind of what that is how it works and Possibly how people can get access to it Sure what's that what's sure man so so The whole thing with the 21 Day Breakthrough challenge is you know Um like I told you my life was a mess And then you know now I get to travel And I speak with some of the biggest Names you know you they're out there and And just amazing things that are Concurring people kept asking me How in the world did you get from the Mess you were in to this where you are Not like this is like like Why would someone pay you a thousand Dollars up at this point but before that The most I've been paid is 47 000 to Speak one hour that was a good hour But anyway but they like They're like um and so I put down 21 Main things that took me from being a

Mess To a Master Okay 21 Main principles okay and then I Painstakingly listen I was speaking in One place and he made the statement the Greatest speakers are those who can make The fewest words go the farthest of them So I took that as a challenge so I took These 21 principles I said let me boil Them down painstakingly to a shirt three Minute to five minute video okay I think One or two of the videos only two and a Half minutes it's crazy so all a person Has to do is because people are busy These days watch sorry watch one video So you got 21 days it takes like 21 days To establish a new habit and so forth so Right so one video a day for 21 days and You're guaranteed to get at least one or More breakthrough in those 21 days And Garrett it's absolutely so I have This this site set up and um and they Just go log on to the site watch their Video now some people cut people like For instance if somebody say watching This today and they say well it's and It's not on the first because I usually Tell people if you start the day with The the you know you keep it concept and Some people like well it's too I'm past It so so let me just watch a bunch of Them to catch up and then I have a lot Of people that every month in the Beginning of the month they start all

Over again they said because as long as That site is there you have access to That okay and so so we've had so many People have physical Financial emotional Relational spiritual like there's 18 Different breakthroughs that I talk About that a person can can have and Experience and then I'll show you how to Leverage getting you focus on one main Breakthrough and you use that one main Breakthrough to get another break Through and another Breakthrough by the Way when we talk about breakthrough Before the Breakthrough it seems to be All struggle in little or no success After the Breakthrough Garrett there Seems to be little struggle and a whole Lot of success right right so so the key Is you you got see see you got to get Past so one of the things we teach is Everything in life seems Um everything in life excuse me gets Easier Or I should say less hard a long time After it's hard so but everything gets Easier a long time after it's hard we Just have to get you to get through the Hard part and my training that 21 day Training it retrains your brain it's Like it's it's gonna make you to a place Where it's like man you're and here's What I tell people your your Breakthrough comes faster when your Mentor is a grand master okay it

Happened to be one of a hundred tenth Degree black belts in the world today Um and I attribute most of My Success to The self-discipline that they taught me And that's why when I got involved in a Home-based business I was already Personally developed I was already a Leader and I was already uh um most of My friends were all leaders so like on a Scale of one to ten like like like most People consider me a 10 and I hug around A bunch of tens so when you get those People involved everything explodes and So at first I couldn't figure out why Are people having so hard time this is Easy well it was easy after all the Other stuff I went through and because I Was already conditioned so I don't slow Down and read think right oh just like In the martial arts my Sensei took me From right and so I was like okay that's What I've got to do so this 21 day Breakthrough Challenge and literally I Mean I have companies whole companies That Embrace and send all their Distributors to and so forth and well I Have one Pastor fly me out to his church He took he went through the 21 Day Challenge he heard me speaking of the Conference he signed up took the Challenge he called me said man I gotta Fly y'all I want you to preach that to My whole church I preached to my church And then tell them about the 21 Day

Challenge and we're going to go through It together and they did that and and Then it just transformed so many People's lives and so again it's the 21 Day breakthrough Challenge and here's What I'm gonna do Gary because like it's It's crazy it's only 397 dollars my Business coach tells me I should be Charging he said man you're a 10th Degree black are you kidding you took 45 Years of your life distilled it down he Said and they're gonna have access to That for as long as that website's up Right and they could take it so anyway So yeah so here's the website if you go To Www.thethinternet The uh first of all Let me say I've got a few free things There and like the art of selling Without selling is a free webinar Everybody should take to help them right But if you're really serious like my mom The free month of karate lessons but Then she started paying getting serious Right well guess what if you're willing And ready to take a step then it's only 397 dollars but uh Garrett can I do Something crazy because of what you're Doing uh to make a difference in People's lives yeah man yeah what's up How About Now you kind of promise not to Tell my business coach that because he's Mad at me he's adopt 397. that's crazy

Man I was like I know but I have a Mandate that I'm supposed to reach and Empower a million people to get one or More breakthroughs by 2024 now so we're In 2023 now so you know Skip so I was Like let me just get through that first And then I'll raise it up but but the 397 but here's what I'm gonna do to make It even I want to make it uh Irresistible offer that nobody can say No if again if something if they want And that is this how about if I take off Three hundred dollars You're serious yes so I I can give People a coupon code now again when you Go to the you just Sign up for free and you can get the Free there's a couple free trainings in There and I'll put the link I'll put the Links below this video then they gotta Have this coupon code and you'll see It'll say 397 when you put the coupon Code and hit apply it's going to drop Down to instead of 397 to 97. and so the Cube upon code is just going to be Garrett just Garrett G-a-r-r-e-t-t right that's it yeah so It'll just be Garrett and if you put That coupon code in it's going to knock It down to only 97 I think 97.97 and You'll have access to that and I'm Telling you I had a lady that I was I Think I told you a story I'll send you a Testimonial video where she she sent me

A video uh testimonial she said I just Deposited a check for 110 000 she said I've been married for 40 years my Husband and I she's like we've had we Had a relationship breakthrough after Going through your challenge and the Result of going through your challenge We made a decision together and it Resulted in a hundred and ten thousand Dollars so she said I'm taking your Challenge over again I called her and Said well what what I got a couple Different challenges which one was it I Want to make sure I go through it again Myself so this is the 21 Day Breakthrough challenge Um and uh folks I believe it I believe It can change your life now let me say This Let me say this it was um Um I think it was uh oh Benjamin Franklin he said if you empty your Wallet into your mind He said your mind will fill your wallet Who would like to have your wallet Filled well you got to do stuff like me And Garrett do and that is we constantly Are doing stuff that's called personal Development was it Jim Rohn remember he Said a formal education will help you Make a living but personal development And personal education will help you Make a fortune so Dr breakthrough says Why just make a living when you can make

A fortune so you can be blessed so much You could bless others now it was Les Brown that said information costs but it Pays for itself 10 times over and Dr Breakthrough what I say is what you put In your head that affects your heart Determines what comes to your hand and If you want more coming to your hand you Got to put more in your head that Affects your heart and my 21 day Breakthrough challenge was designed with Your success in mind so my question to You is this if I'm willing to dedicate Part of my life to your success Would you allow me to empower you How would you fight against me He said well doc of course it wasn't Okay well then go to the And click on Get your account free account but then Click on 21 day breakthrough challenge 397 and please this is crucial don't Forget this click on coupon code and put In Garrett And hit apply and it's going to drop all The way down to 97 and you're gonna want To kiss and hug Garrett but I want to do This because again Garrett He blesses so Many people and my wife I call it my ABCD that stands for adorable Brown Caramel Delight we was on lunch the Other day the guy said would you like Some dessert and I said no sir I bought

My dessert with me 100 now oh I like That but here's what we say if it's not Win-win-win we're not in but whenever It's win-win-win we're all the way in Well e1u life is a win-win-win and Garrett you do things that win win so I Want this to be a win-win-win you know You you were gracious enough to Um introduce me to your audience that I Can give them something I think can help Them because my committed my life to Empowering people so I want you all to Win so go to that site and if it's Something can help you again if it's if It's not for you that's fine because Remember everything's not for everything But here's what I want you to know one Of the things I talked about in that 21 Day breakthrough challenge is this if You fight long enough for your limiting Beliefs God may just allow you to keep Them I'm glad I get rid of mine Let's write into the word beliefs B-e-l-i-e-f-s I talk about the book Right in the middle word beliefs is a Three-letter word called a lie and most Of our beliefs were lies most of the Stuff I believed in was lies and the Greatest book ever written says you Trust in lying Words which can not Profit which means if you flip that and Now trust in the truth it's the only Thing that can profit so we want to give

You some truths 45 long years of putting on of all this The best stuff that I teach and boiling It distilling it down My friend and I'm telling you I have People every single I have one guy every Single month he's been through that and By the way he's the number one income Earner in this company now and he says Doc everybody I meet I tell them you Better take this 21 day breakthrough Challenge if you do nothing else so now We even have a prison that I spoke at And uh they were looking at putting it Through the whole prison their prison System and we've had schools and Different situations and so I just like I said I've been blessed enough to I Want to be a blessing I've been trained Enough and taught enough to be a teacher I've been mentored enough to be a mentor And I'll Be Inspired enough to be an Inspiration I've been motivated enough To be a motivator and so I want to do That to empower people and that's what I Think my legacy that I can leave that People can have access to that 21 day Breakthrough Challenge and again if You're super tight on finances just take The free training then that's fine but If you're going to take that 21 day Breakthrough challenge please make sure You put the coupon code Garrett and You'll get that discount

First off man I want to just thank you So much for doing that for my audience Um you know I I'm gonna put the link and Then also the coupon code all the Instructions very easily so if you guys Are watching this on YouTube you can go Down below in the description and you'll Be able to access that very easily man I Want to thank you so much I know you're You're very busy I know you have some Things you got to do today I'm so busy when I sleep I wiggle my Toes but when Garrett calls I love it man and you know I really I Know my audience has just gotten a Tremendous amount of value the Breakthroughs no pun intended have just Been you know going off in their head And I just again am so grateful for you Taking the time and sharing what you've Learned over the years to really develop Like you said the mindset which will Change everything else they do before we Get going before we we Hop Off is there Any closing thoughts uh you'd like to Say to the audience before you get going Sure you know Um was I think was Henry Ford and said If you think you can or if you think you Can't you're right and so one of the Main things is 21 Day Challenge is Really again it's going to help to Fine-tune your mind to success so if you Think you are beating you are if you

Think you do not you won't if you'd like To win but think you can it's almost a Sense you won't if you think you will Lose you've already lost for this Powerful truth we find success begins With a person's will it's all a state of Mind life's battles always go to the Stronger woman or man but sooner or Later those who win are those who first Think and then know that they can and Garrett and I we know you can my friends Who allow us to empower you get with him Get started with e1u life my friend and Take the 21 Day breakthrough challenge It'll help you to be better and do Better and also one of those on the the Internet Mentor one of the free Trainings is my uh what's called daily Attitude adjuster and on The Daily Attitude adjustment I recently spoke for Zig ziglar's group now of course he's Gone now I used to speak with him and For him and and they still have me on This devotional but in my uh Breakthrough attitude adjuster I'll get Just give you some of it and it's in my Books but uh it it goes like this I'll give you just a little bit and I Started already I gave you some earlier About too blessed to be depressed and so Forth too blessed to be stressed too Glad to be sad so circumstances are Aligning themselves in my favor and so I Am a blessing I am blessed to be a

Blessing And I hold on a second Yeah let me let me Okay here we go let me let me let me let Me start back here okay so let me let me Just give you the beginning part so wow What a great day to be alive I feel Dynamite I like me I love me I accept me I'm going to have a super fantastic day Today because I'm too blessed to be in Distressed too blessed to be stressed Too glad to be sad too anointed to be Disappointed circumstances are aligning Themselves in my favor I am healthy Physically fit and intellectually quick I have wisdom far beyond my years I'm an Extraordinary person with Incredible Abilities that I would use that value to Others lives because I know this will Help others reach their dreams I will Automatically reach my own I anticipate Meeting the person or group of people Today who are willing to use their power Wealth and influence to help me achieve My purpose in my life all day long People will go out of their way to bless Me today I will add Great Value to Someone's life I will show compassion to Those in need I'll give strength to the Weak and in inspiration to the weary Someone needs what I have to offer and I Gladly make myself available I embrace abundance and it Embraces me I'm abundant in every good way I am an

Abundance magnet I like money and it Likes me it is attractive to me it comes A bountifully from many positions in Many places because I use my money Wisely to bless myself and those in need I'm experiencing great Victory Supernatural turnarounds and miraculous Breakthroughs in the midst of great Impossibilities I am an overcomer if my Mountain can't be removed I develop and Practice my mountain climbing skills I May have been broke busted and disgusted But now I declare I'm rich growing and Overflowing my business is booming Checks are zooming I'm happy on purpose Just like you can be if you get started With me Hey Watch Out World here I come So hey that's my my uh daily attitude Adjuster by the way how set the music And if you go to the Um it's that's there as well and that's One of the free things you'll get but The that's something I say to myself and Then I listen to it and that helps me to Reset my attitude man so I can just get Out there and get it and the last thing I posted this on Facebook here's the Last thing there's two games people play I used to play the blame game And I lost every time I started playing The change game and I started winning Every time so you get to choose are you Going to play the blame game are you Going to take responsibility the word

Responsibility respond with ability and Play the change game and then that way You can only win in my 21 day Breakthrough Challenge and what Garrett Does is going to help you to play the Change game where you're making changes And you're winning and you're feeling Great God bless you now how amazing was That right just absolute value and a Powerhouse of information that's Actionable and easy now as mentioned I'm Gonna include the link and the coupon Code to get the 21 Day breakthrough Challenge where you can start to go Through each day bite-sized training to Reprogram your mind for income and Financial success but you could also Apply it to health relationships as well It really can be applied to anything be Sure to also like the video oh if you Got value share it with your friends so We can really create a powerful movement Of people waking up and achieving Success and also be sure to subscribe so You don't miss out on our latest Interviews and our latest trainings Thanks so much for watching my friend And I will see you on the next video

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