TikTok Affiliate Marketing 2023 // How to Make an Extra $784 a Day On TikTok (For Beginners)

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So how much money can someone actually Make with Tick Tock affiliate marketing Take a look at this recently I came Across this article on Forbes it's tick Tock's seven highest earning stars and When you scroll down you can see here That they've got a lot of things in Common they're dancing a lot of them are Athletic they're young and they're Absolutely crushing and when you scroll Down you can see here that someone like Addison Ray has made over five million Dollars in one year on Tick Tock but What if you don't want to go on to tick Tock and you don't want to dance or you Don't want to do any of these types of Videos well on this video what I want to Do is show you exactly how you can start A tick tock profile potentially without Using your voice showing your own face And absolutely crushing I'm going to go Through and show you several different Types of ways that you can make money With Tick Tock affiliate marketing Without having to do any sort of makeup Or show your face or do anything like That and still make a lot of money Online the strategies I'm going to show You today can make you a lot of money With Tick Tock affiliate marketing but On top of that what I want to do is show You exactly the right hashtags that you Need to be using on your videos I'm Going to show you a website that you can

Go to that's going to show you all the Trending hashtags it's going to show you All the trending songs that you can Start using all these little tricks that Are going to absolutely blow up your Tick Tock videos and inside those videos And inside your profile you can have an Affiliate link to a product which I'm Going to show you where you can go to Find these products and I'll show you Several ways that people are doing Tick Tock affiliate marketing it's going to Absolutely blow your mind so all you Need to do is make sure that you watch This entire video and I'm going to walk You through everything step by step and If this is the first time you've come to My channel smart money tactics make sure You go down the bottom hit that Subscribe button subscribe to the Channel turn that Bell notification on And I'll notify you every time I post a Brand new video that can help you make Some serious money online several Different ways one of them primarily Being affiliate marketing and if you're Looking to make money with affiliate Marketing what you want to do is go down The bottom in the description of this Video click onto that link and what I'll Do once you enter in your email address And your name is I'm going to send you This ultimate affiliate marketing guide That's going to show you exactly what I

Do to make money with affiliate Marketing this is a guide it's Absolutely free I'll send it to you so You can have it and go through it and See exactly what I'm doing to make money With affiliate marketing every single Day this is a little bit outdated that Not the strategies the amounts because Currently I'm making well over a Thousand dollars a day but affiliate Marketing is a process and you can Definitely build on that and I'm going To show you how to do that in this guide So what are some of these different ways That you can use tick tock to make money With affiliate marketing so let's take a Look at some different niches okay so The first one that I want to show you is Cooking cooking Niche on Tick Tock is Absolutely blowing up and as you can see Channels like this called chocolate Cacao you can see he's got over 1.8 Million followers now there's different Ways that you can link to different Things this person can very easily link To different types of Amazon products Etc they've chosen to link back to YouTube I've had a look at their YouTube But inside their YouTube they have a lot Of links to different types of products That They are promoting so you can use Tick tock to blow up other social media Platforms as well and when you take a Look at this person's videos if you

Click onto any one of these videos they Don't show their face and a lot of the Time they're playing music let me click Onto this over here as an example you Can hear that they don't have any sound As when I say sound I'm talking about Somebody talking it's just an Instructional video As you can see they're just bringing the Mic nice and close and they're showing Exactly how they're creating this and This video goes for 59 seconds the good Thing about creating videos that go for Like 59 seconds is that then you can use These videos and put them up onto other Social media platforms for example you Can put them up onto YouTube shorts you Can also put them up on Instagram reels With Tick Tock videos can however go as Long as a 10 minutes okay so you can Really do some good instructional videos So a really good Niche you can Potentially get into without showing Your face using your voice is to get Into the cooking next this is the first One the second Niche that I wanted to Show you is Fitness now Fitness is a Little bit different with Fitness you Potentially may want to show your face If you want to obviously or you can show Yourself working out Etc now you can see Here this person Annabelle Lucinda over Here has got 603 000 followers they've Got a link tree link over here and I'm

Going to show you exactly what that does And when you scroll down you can see They're getting tens of thousands of Views and every time they're putting up These different types of videos pay People are going to come over you They're going to follow you they're Going to start to become a fan and what They're eventually going to do is They're going to click onto these links Now you need to have at least 1 000 Minimum 1 000 followers in order to be Able to place a link inside your Tick Tock profile so once we click onto this This is going to take us over to Whatever she's promoting now when you Come over here you can see she's got Gymshark code here now you can see she's Got code Annabelle which is her Affiliate link which is going to give Whoever goes on to this a discount but When they purchase she's going to make Money with Tick Tock affiliate marketing And as you scroll down you're going to See a whole heap of other products that She is promoting as well if you click Onto any one of these she's an affiliate For all this and she's going to Absolutely make some really good money And when you take a look at a lot of These different types of videos that People create you can see that just These videos she posted recently has got A million views okay 82 000 84 000 and

This is how these people are absolutely Crushing it so if you your Fitness if You're into your gym you can absolutely Do something like this the next Niche That I wanted to show you is this one Over here now what this person does is They go and review different types of Amazon products now with this particular Strategy there's a couple of ways you Can do it if you want to show your face You absolutely can you don't have to but For example let's say I wanted to talk About this phone I would have to have This phone so the cost is actually Getting the product this person right Now probably reviews all these products And companies will send them the product That's the beauty of growing but Initially you would have to purchase the Product and you'd need to film yourself Talking about that particular product But from there what happens is if we Click onto his link it's going to take Us over again to an offer that he's Promoting and you can see here when you Scroll down you can see here that the Way he's created this as you scroll down It's got all these different products That he talks about in his videos and When you click onto these different Videos it's going to take them over to Where you can purchase your product and He's going to get a commission this is Amazing the way this person has laid

This out so every product that he talks About he promotes you can come over here And purchase as an example let's say we Wanted to get this RC car if we were to Click onto this it's going to take us Here here is that link if we click onto This link it's going to take us straight Over to Amazon and this is how he is Absolutely crushing it with Tick Tock Affiliate marketing it's such a simple Concept to grab a product and just to do A quick review of it if somebody Purchases this product they are going to Get a percentage of that sale and it's An easy way to do it and it's even a fun Way to make money with affiliate Marketing so if we remove this we come Back over to close this and you can also See that he's got a few other things That he's also promoting here so this is One way that you can do this as well but Like I said for this you're more than Likely going to potentially have to show Your face and also definitely use your Voice the next way that you can do this As well this person over here is doing Something very similar as the other Person person but he's in a totally Different Niche he's sticking to one Niche where it's purely Tech and camera By the looks of things so as you can see He's doing a lot of things with camera IPhones different types of digital Cameras as well and they're also linking

To different types of Amazon products a Person that does something like this Could potentially also have a course so If you have a hobby in mind or if There's something that you're Potentially good at like if you're a Good cameraman and you're really good at Taking different types of fire photos or You're really good at editing you could Be doing editing tutorials just purely Editing tutorials quick tutorials on Canva for example and what you'd be Doing is then you'd be promoting the Canva subscription or you could be doing Something on Adobe and then what you'd Be doing is being an affiliate of adobe So this is the way that these people are Monetizing you can see they all have Links inside their bio which people are Clicking on purchasing and they're Making money with affiliate marketing I'm going to get to some other ones as Well where you never need to show your Face so make sure you keep watching but I'd love to hear from you go down the Bottom and let me know know what Niche Do you watch the most on Tick Tock as an Example what's something that you're Really interested in and what's Something that you're good at you could Potentially start a tick tock channel so I'd love to hear your thoughts on that Go down the bottom and comment and if You're enjoying this video don't forget

To smash that like button in Appreciation now we're getting into a Niche where you don't even need to Create these videos yourself you see What this person is doing it's called Mind grade okay and basically what They're doing is they're going and Taking short clips from other people's Channels or other people's Tick Tock Profiles maybe even YouTube maybe Instagram Etc and what they're doing is They're creating an overlay text overlay Over the top and they're just posting All these different types of videos on Their channel so for this obviously you Don't need to show your face you don't Need to use your own voice all you need To do is go out and find the content and Upload it onto your Tick Tock profile is This allowed well this person has got 683 000 followers 7.7 million likes really Legal engagement and as you can see Their profile hasn't been taken down I Recently made a video about Pinterest That was similar to this I'll link it at The end of this video to show you Exactly how you can do that and the Reason I'm telling you that is because Somebody was doing a very similar Concept where they're just using other People's videos and it seems to be Allowed by some of these platforms under Fair use so if you wanted to do this you

Absolutely could you can see this Person's doing it and again if we click Onto this link it's going to take us Over to an offer where they are Potentially promoting a product you can See this person is promoting merch okay So they've either gone and created this Merch themselves and they're an Affiliate but a lot of the time you can Very easily create this merch yourself On different types of platforms for Example like Redbubble or Teespring Etc So that's another way that you can do Without actually having to do anything Now if you do want to show your face on Camera but you don't want to create These videos yourself another each Niche Is the reaction Niche so what this Person does over here is they find other People's videos and they just react to Them so they film themselves reacting to These different types of videos as you Can see he's watching somebody golfing And he's reacting to he's really really Funny so you've got to have a bit of a Personality so people watch a lot of the Times he's banging his head against the Wall and doing all this funny stuff Right reacting to people doing other Silly things on Tick Tock so you if you You know if you want to be on camera but You don't want to create the videos Yourself a reaction style Channel Absolutely blows up you can see this guy

Has 618 000 followers again he's using Link tree which I'm going to show you in A second and I'm also going to show you Different platforms where you can go to Get affiliate marketing products so make Sure you keep watching for that but when You click onto linktree over here you Can see it's going to take us over to His page he's also doing stuff on Facebook he's got a cameo and you know Promotes merge he's got a backup Tick Tock Channel also YouTube and Instagram So all platforms where he can go and Make money on as well from affiliate Marketing and he's also promoting his Own merch as well another one over here Guys that I found in another Nation this Is the home Niche so if you're looking To do something with DIY if you look Promote different types of stuff inside People's homes like cabinets rugs you Know if you're looking to do something With DIY as well this Niche is huge guys People make a lot of money you can see That with this particular video over Here he's taken some footage of Different types of bedroom suites and Basically what's happening is just put It up here now when people click onto These different types of videos and they Watch this you can then link back to Amazon you can link back to other Companies that are promoting these Different types of furniture and

Cabinets and whatever it might be that You're doing with this stuff as well a Lot of people do this also with Gardening anything to do with home DIY Absolutely crushes it and you can see Look at this 3581 views 2.3 million Views 2.3 million views hundreds of Thousands of views on this and if you Come over here and click onto this you Can see house to home DIY if we click Onto this it's going to take us over to The to his profile over here when you Scroll down you can see that he's Promoting a lot of stuff on Amazon as Well so he's created an Amazon store and He's absolutely crushed it with Affiliate marketing so that's another Thing that you can do as well now one of The last two that I wanted to show you Is obviously affiliate marketing as you Guys know I'm into affiliate marketing So you can very easily come onto Tick Tock and take a look and see what other People are doing with affiliate Marketing as well and basically what People do is they talk about different Strategies that they make money with Affiliate marketing with different Strategies that people can make money With affiliate marketing you can also Just go and research different ways that People can make money online and you can Just tell people what other people are Doing as well or you can do work from

Home jobs Etc and just bring it to People's attention and then what you do Is you want to put a link inside your Description this person is using tiny URL and if I click onto this I believe He's promoting a product called seven Figures that's it seven figures done for You this is a product of warrior plus That you can go and get and this product Actually costs about two and a half Thousand dollars okay safe anybody buys This particular product this guy that's Promoting these creating these videos is Going to make fifty percent of that so One sale he can make over a thousand Dollars how many sales do you need to Make a week to be earning some really Good money even if he makes two sales a Week that's two and a half Grand that he Can make just by creating these Different types of videos okay so these Are the different ways that you can go Out now as you guys can see I've created A brand new tick tock channel it's Called Alan's tips only recently started It as you can see there's only a handful Of videos one of the videos already has 153 a thousand views so I'm gonna have a Link in my description feel free to go Down the bottom and follow my journey on Tick Tock as well now that we know the Different types of niches that you can Go into to make money with Tick Tock and Tick Tock affiliate marketing where are

You going to go to get these different Types of products well one of the ways That we spoke about was obviously with Amazon Associates so what you would need To do is you need to come over to Amazon Their affiliate program you'll need to Scroll down and you need to sign up for This as you can see it's simple as Signing up recommending an earn now when You go to sign up as an Amazon associate It's going to ask you for a website and A lot of people ask me questions Questions about this time and time again Guys you don't need to have a website All you need to do is pretty much link Your social media handle so if you've Got social media even if you're starting Out with Tick Tock or Instagram Pinterest whatever you might have just Put it in there and let them know that You what you're planning on doing and That you're planning on creating these Videos as you can see this is the way That people do this so there's no reason Why you should be rejected and once you Have signed up and once you're accepted Into the Amazon affiliate program what's Going to happen is as you can see when You're on Amazon you're going to see This top stripe site stripe bar okay so As you scroll down and find a particular Product so if we click onto this product As an example if I scroll up to the top And I wanted to get the link for this

All I need to do is Click onto text and Then this is the link that I'd be using To promote this particular product so That's how you'd go about it if you Wanted to do this with Amazon Associates That's the first way that you can do it The second place that you can go to to Get affiliate marketing products is on ClickBank so if you're looking to Promote different types of affiliate Marketing software if you're looking to Promote different types of Health stuff There's a whole range of different types Of products that you can promote as an Affiliate on ClickBank all you need to Do is come over here and sign up to Become an affiliate ClickBank is Available in over 190 countries so it is Available to a lot of people around the World if ClickBank is not available you Can also get to another platform called Digistore24 as well and all you need to Do is go into ClickBank and have a look At all the different products that you Can potentially promote and see if There's a product that suits the niche That you are in on a tick tock account Another amazing site that you can go to Guys is this one over here called more Niche.com now this is the number one Affiliate network if you're looking to Promote things in the health Nation They've got amazing products all you Need to do is come over here and join

It's absolutely free you can see that You can earn up to 70 commissions you Can make some really good money on this Site if you're looking to get into the Health Niche I highly recommend that you Take it check out morning because I have Everything for guys women if you're Looking to lose weight if you're looking To bulk up you're looking to cut Whatever is that you're looking to do These are all the amazing brands that They promote and you can become an Affiliate of these different products And they pay really really really good Commissions so I highly recommend that You check out more Niche another really Good site the guys that you should Definitely look at it's getting into is This one over here called impact.com They are a company and what this company Does is Brands like this one over here Like canva this is how you'd become a Canva affiliate so you need to sign up To impact and then you can find all These different types of Brands so you Can find influencer  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing affiliate Marketing mobile Partnerships Etc and if You click onto affiliate marketing it's Gonna if you scroll down you're gonna Find a range of different products that You can very easily sign up to okay and A lot of the time what's going to happen Is if you find a particular product and You go to sign up for it it's going to

Take you over to the impact sign up page Okay so I highly recommend that you come Over here and sign up to impact equally As important guys is to sign up to Something like share a sale as well very Similar to impact you can come over in Find a whole heap of different types of Brands that you could potentially sign Up to that you can start promoting as Well on Tick Tock it just depends what Niche you're in just do some research Have a look at what other competitors Are doing on Tick Tock Instagram YouTube Shorts Etc and have a look at what Products they're promoting especially The ones that have a lot of followers Because they're the ones that are Generally making good money if they have You know over a hundred thousand two Hundred thousand followers and they're Getting a lot of views take a look at The products that they're promoting Because if they're promoting those Products I guarantee you they are making Money on the back of that with affiliate Marketing so now that you know what type Of Niche you can go into on Tick Tock And you know the different types of Platforms that you can go to to find Products how you're going to create These different types of videos what Software can you potentially use well One of the ones guys that you can use Absolutely for free is this one over

Here called open shot video editor this Is to create very simple video edits and This is free so if you don't have have a Huge budget to start off with obviously The videos are going to be filmed on Your mobile phone that's very simple to Do Point shoot Etc but to edit them you May want to start off with a free video Editor until you start making some money Online if you do want to make an Investment all you need to do is go into Google do a quick search of best editing Software for shorts rules short content And you'll automatically quickly see That you've got obviously Adobe Premiere Pro you've got video editing for YouTube Which is filmora it's a really good site As well there are things like in video Obviously in video is is a site that I've spoken about many times on my Channel you can very easily create a lot Of different types of videos on in video Faceless types of videos I'll have a Link in my description for you if you Want to take a look at that as well but Quite simply just scroll down and have a Look at these different types of Platforms that you can use to create These different types of videos now I Told you at the start of this video that I was going to show you a website that You can go to it's going to show you Where you can look at different types of Hashtags and different types songs and

The site that you want to go to is this One over here it's called Ads.ticktock.com This Is The Tick Tock Creative Center again basically what This site does it shows people the Different types of hashtags that are Currently trending songs that are Currently trending and the belief is That when a lot of these different types Of songs are trending or these hashtags That you can use inside your videos that It's going to reach even more people and Help you grow your Tick Tock account Even more and you can see here you can Also take a look at creators as well so If you're to scroll down and click onto Songs it's going to show you the Different types of songs that are Currently doing really well and you can Take a look at the analytics so if you Were to create a video where you weren't Using your voice Etc you may want to Look at adding Collide into that video And once you're uploading this video It's just as simple as choosing the Music for that video on your Tick Tock App once you're uploading that video Okay so very very simple stuff but this Really does help you can take a look at Hashtags and recent hashtags that are Blowing up so you can look at seven days You can look at 30 days 120 days so if We look at 30 days over here you can see This on this day was trending a lot you

Can see that eight Mubarak obviously to A lot of people that are just celebrated Eat happy eat to everyone and you can See here that these were the two that Were currently trending as well and you Can also come over here guys and take a Look at 120 days as well and you can try These different types of hashtags so a Lot of people come over here and use This to their advantage to help them Blow up their Tick Tock profiles okay And another really cool feature of this Site guys is the creators if you click Onto creators over here it's going to Show you different types of creators That are currently blowing up and you Can come over here and take a look at The different types of videos that They're creating as well get some Inspiration see what they're doing and You can also come over here and take a Look at Tick Tock videos us and get Videos that are currently trending so Not just creators that are trending but Videos that are trending as well and you Can scroll down and have a look at all These different types of videos so There's funny videos this video is about Different types of items you can also See that there's different types of Videos that may also fit in your Niche All you need to do is scroll down and Click on to view more and it's going to Show you a whole heap of different types

Of videos which can give you a lot of Inspiration for these different types of Videos so I wanted to show you as well Where you can get these different ideas Now if you're looking to place these Links inside the trip from your videos Once you hit that 1 000 followers two Sites that I highly recommend that you Use are these two this one over here Called beacons dot AI you would have Seen that a lot as we went through these Different types of examples and this one Over here called link TR dot double e Both of these sites do something very Similar and they allow you to promote Multiple products okay so you've got one Link and then you can add multiple Products with linktree and both with Beacon so how highly recommend that you Come over here and you take a look at These two sites with linktree you can do It actually with both of them you can do It absolutely for free I still use a Link tree I use a very basic one you Don't need to make it look too flashy People are going to click onto that link They're following you for your content So I use linktree and my link tree Profile is still absolutely 100 free Doesn't cost me anything to use it so I Highly recommend if you're looking to Promote multiple products come over here Guys sign up absolutely for free and Start adding those links inside your

Description now I wanted to show you all These different ways guys that you can Do this to make money online now if you Don't know how to create videos or You're looking to you know take the next Level and also do this and start putting Up videos on YouTube Etc what I Recommend that you do when you go down The bottom and you click onto that link In my description not only are you going To get the link to my affiliate Marketing guide but if you come over Here and watch this video what I'm going To do is I'm going to show you exactly What I'd do to make over a thousand Dollars a day with video and this Involves using the Evergreen views Formula this is my own personal YouTube Course but with this once you learn how To create videos you can very easily Then go on to create shorts and learn How to upload these different types of Videos onto Tick Tock as well so video Creation is very similar it doesn't Matter what platform that you're doing And I can teach you how to create these Different types of videos so you can see That we've been doing this on YouTube And we've got an evergreen Evergreen Views formula meaning that we know what Tags to use to continue to our videos Continue to get views for a long time to Come so if you want to click onto that Link in my description enter your name

And email address watch this video over Here and I'll show you exactly what I'm Talking about on top of that guys we Will show you exactly how this Evergreen Views formula works exactly how we apply This and we apply this and we're making Hundreds of thousands of dollars every Single year but what we want to do is we Want to teach you how to do the same not Only do we want to teach you how to do The same but we want to teach you how to Do it from zero so if you don't have any Followers on YouTube if you've never Created a video we're going to teach you How to do this step by step and we'll Walk you through everything to show you How we do this this is not something That we've seen other people do this is What we do every single day on top of That with this course guys we have an Exclusive coaching and mentoring group What that means is that we have a Facebook group we've got over 1400 Members in there at the moment which We're helping build their YouTube Channels we have students making Anything from 18 to 30 000 a month in YouTube ad revenue and affiliate Marketing and they've gone from nothing To making tens of thousands of dollars Every single month just by following the 10 simple modules that we outline and The insane thing about this is guys we Offer you exclusive coaching and

Mentoring for a fraction of the price of What other people are charging because We don't need to charge that much I Don't need to charge you a thousand Dollars for a course that's going to Outline everything I don't need to Charge a thousand dollars I'll charge You a fraction of the price plus we Provide you with ongoing coaching and Support So if you want to help all you Need to do is Click onto that link in The description I'll send you my Ultimate affiliate marketing guide Otherwise feel free to choose any one of These other Tick Tock niches and you can Absolutely start crushing it with Tick Tock affiliate marketing what I Recommend that you do from there is take These videos put them up onto Instagram Put them up onto Pinterest put them up Onto Facebook grills and start Diversifying have your links on all These platforms and I guarantee you You'll be making money with affiliate Marketing sales more video for today Guys on how to make money with Tick Tock Affiliate marketing and creating very Very simple videos now from here if you Want to know a free traffic hack where You don't need to create any of the Videos yourself and you want to do this On Pinterest highly recommend that you Watch this video over here you'll be Surprised at how simple this is I'll see

You on this video until next time you Guys take care of yourselves and goodbye

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