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Hey everyone on this video today I want To show you how to make money online and I want to show you how you can make five To ten dollar commissions again and Again without actually selling anything And without having a social media Following and I want to show you exactly What I've done to generate over eight Hundred and five dollars in two days First day was 500 and the second day so Far I'm up to 305 and all this is done Using chat GPT and I'm going to walk you Through this entire tutorial and show You everything step by step but I want You to make sure that you stay to the End of this video because I want to show You another strategy that can make you As much as 25 000 a month in passive income working One hour a day to set this up don't Believe me stay to the end of the video I'm going to show you exactly how you Can do that before we get into this Strategy if you're not subscribed to the Channel make sure you go down the bottom Right now hit that subscribe button turn On the Bell notification and I'll notify You every time I drop a video like this It's going to help you make money online And all I see you do is that you smash That like button and appreciation let's Get straight into it so the first thing That we want to do is we want to come Over to Google and we want to type in

Audible Affiliates what this is this is The affiliate program for Amazon where You can go and promote audio books and a Lot of people come over to Amazon and They get a lot of these books a good Thing about a lot of these books is that You can get these books for free if you Sign up for a free trial but you can Make money with that free trial and I'll Show you exactly how that works so once You come over here guys all you need to Do is Click onto this link once you Click onto that link it's going to bring You over to a page that looks like this Now it's very simple to sign up it's Going to ask you a range of different Questions it's potentially going to ask You what is your social media handle or What is your social media page or if you Have a website everyone has some form of Social media all you need to do is enter That in there and then you need to tell Them how you plan on promoting so all You need to say is that you're planning On promoting this through your followers On social media and all you need to do Is enter in all your details from there As you can see what's good about audible Affiliates is when you scroll down is Take a look at how you actually get paid So you can see the standard fee Structure is that audible free trial Digital memberships you get paid five Dollars every single time someone signs

Up if somebody actually goes out and Signs up on the gold digital membership You get paid as much as 10 if somebody Just goes out and purchases a book you Can see that you can earn as much as 50 Cents and all this adds up really really Quickly and I'm going to show you how to Get free leads without having to do any Of the work yourself remember you don't Need a following for this and you don't Ever need to sell anything and you're Still going to get paid so quite simply Once you come over here click on to Become an affiliate once you sign up It's going to then take you over to a Page that looks like this this is once You have signed up to become an Amazon Affiliate and I want to point out Something that's really really important What you've got going to see and I'm Going to show you that in a second once You sign up to be an affiliate you're Going to see this site stripe which is Essentially this bar on top when you Sign up to your Amazon Associates Account you're going to see this little Extra feature and this is the feature That's going to allow you to get the Link to any product that Amazon has on There I'm going to show you exactly how That works so now what you want to do is Log in to your Amazon account and what I've done is I've just gone over to Audible and audible is where people are

Going to go to get these different books And this is where you're going to go Find books that you can promote so quite Simply you can see here on the left hand Side there's going to be a whole heap of Different types of books that you can Look at there's different types of Niches and topics Etc and you can also See that you can browse categories Yourself so quite simply you can scroll Down and have a look at all these Different types of books if you were to Click onto business anchories as an Example this will bring you over to this Section and you can see this is a range Of different types of books so let's say As an example you wanted to promote this Book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People once you click onto This it's going to bring you over to This book now it's going to give you a Few different choices it's going to show You if somebody buys this through Kindle What the cost is through audio books Hardcover paperback spiral band and Audio CD it's got all these different Costs now you can see if you come up to The top over here you've got this Section where it says a text get link so If we click onto this this is now going To give us the link that we can use to Promote this book so this is the link That I would use now once people click Onto this link so I'm just going to copy

This as an example let's just come Straight over and I'll come in to an Incognito window just to show you how This looks if I paste this in here and Click onto that you're going to see that My affiliate link is going to be up here It says smart money 80 that is my ID and When people come over depending on what They take out depend on how much I get Paid now a lot of people are going to Sign up to the free trial of audio books And that's where I'm going to make that Five dollars this particular book does Cost money but what you'll also find When you come over here is when you look At these different types of books There's going to be books that are free Let's say for example we search for Entrepreneurship book so if we click Onto this And you scroll down and you can see There's all these different Books Okay So if we click onto this one what you're Going to see is that with audiobooks This is free so this is really appealing And this is what you want to look for You want to look for books that don't Cost anything and are free with your Audible trial okay so people are going To sign up to the audible trial they're Going to get this book so I'm going to Cost them anything and you're going to Get paid five dollars all you need to do Is come up to the top click onto text

And then this is the link that you're Going to use to promote this book so how Are we going to promote this book well I'm going to show you the free traffic Source in a second but first what we Need to do is we need to use chat GPT to Write us a cold email so that we can Promote this book and I want to show you Exactly how you can do that what you Want to do is sign up to chatgpt once You've signed up to chatgpt this is what You want to ask it now depending on the Book that you are promoting you're going To ask it a different thing obviously You're going to give it a different Title Etc and if it's a book about Health you can write about health or Entrepreneurships whatever it is think About what that Niche is and then tailor The question to chat GPT to suit but for This particular topic this is what You'll write all right so this is what I've gone and typed up so all I've gone And said is write me a cold email on the Benefits of becoming an entrepreneur in A friendly tone telling them to click on The link to get a free book called The Entrepreneurship mind which will help Them gain the habits required to become An elite entrepreneurs and all I've Basically done guys is I've come over Here and you can see that I just copied This section over here okay and I copied The name of the book now what you want

To do once you're on chat GPT is you Want to click onto this which is now Going to write this email the reason I'm Saying it's a cold email because I'm Going to show you where you can go to Get these leads every single day where You can send this stuff out and it's Absolutely amazing the best part is chat GPT does all the work for you it's even Going to tell you where to insert your Links put your name Etc so you can see He's basically gone and written Something like hope this email finds you All I wanted to share some exciting Information about the benefits of Becoming an entrepreneur so it already Sounds amazing okay and then it's going To go through everything and then it's Going to say to help you kick start your Journey as an entrepreneur I would like To offer you a free book called The Entrepreneurship mind this book is Comprehensive guide to outlines the Habits required to coming and Elite Entrepreneur I mean this is amazing and They can sign up for free and when they Do you're going to get that five dollars So as many emails that you can send out Which I'm going to show you how to do This you can continue to make money Online with this strategy now what we Need to do is I need to show you where You need to go to get this traffic okay And that site is this one over here

Called my I've got a link in my Description I spoke about this on a Previous video and people are absolutely Signing up to it and they're already Having some really really good results With this strategy so as you can see When you scroll down and have a look at This this is is an amazing site which is Actually going to give you leads every Single day and the amazing thing about This platform is it's going to cost you One dollar for a hundred leads every Single day and you pay that once a month So you can gain thousands of leads Really really quickly and people are Seeing amazing results with this Platform you can go do some really good Reviews I've had comments in my previous Video which you can go and have a look At people saying I don't understand why More people don't talk about this Because I'm making some really good Money with this site okay so all you Need to do is Click onto that link it's Then going to bring you over to this Page once you come over to this page all You need to do is Click onto members Login and sign up to this platform like I said that link is is in my description Once you sign up what's going to happen Is it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this now you can See that today they've given me 200

Leads yesterday they gave me a hundred And then I got a bonus 100 leads because I've got other people to sign up to this As Affiliates which you can also do the Same get friends or family to sign up or If you've got a social media follow me You can promote this as well you can see Here that this is the affiliate link and All people have to do is sign up as Affiliates to this as well and you can Get a bonus 100 leads otherwise you're Going to get 100 leads every day or you Could even get 200 leads every day which Is 6 000 leads in a 30 day period now With that you could potentially every 100 leads you could potentially make a Sale say let's say you made five to ten Dollars maybe thirty dollars for every Hundred leads you can see how very Quickly this is going to add up and when You take a look at their landing page This is pretty much what a lot of people Are averaging so as I scroll there you Can see per 100 leads you're bound to Get potentially one sale a thousand Leads 10 sales depending what you're Promoting testing out different types of Products you can very quickly start to Make some really good good money online So what you want to do from here quite Simply is you want to click on to create A message we want to use the leads that They've given us and we're going to Start promoting these free books no

Selling required for you to make money So quite simply click on to create a Message now as you scroll down here you Want to leave it onto mail by date then All you need to do is click on to select All once you click onto circular it's Going to move all your leads over Nash Guys if you got to this point all I ask That you do is go down the bottom let me Know in the comments section that you Got to this point and if you're enjoying This video and if you are all else that You do is smash that like button in Appreciation like I said don't go Anywhere at the end of this video I'm Going to show you how you can make up to Twenty five thousand dollars a month in Passive income starting by working one Hour a day I know it sounds insane but I'm going to show you where you can get A free training to show you how it all Works and proof of how others have done That as well so once you've moved these Leads over what you want to do is you Want to scroll down and you've got two Options here you can send from your name And then it's going to have this and no Reply no reply at Or if you don't want to use your name You can just put my Legion secret and no Reply mylegated it's up to You I always use my name because I like To make it a little bit more personable But it's entirely up to you you don't

Have to use your name so now what you Want to do is you want to come over here To subject okay and you want to write in A compelling subject line if you can't Come up with a subject again guys all You need to do is just tell chat GPT to Give you an email title so all you can Do is write something like this give me Five email Titles For the Above email okay hit enter Okay and as you can see it's going to Come up with five different types of Five different types of titles look at These discover the benefits of becoming An entrepreneur unlock the secret to Entrepreneurship Want To Be Your Own Boss read this really really good stuff I mean take a look at this stay your Entrepreneur Journey with this free book Perfect we're going to grab this we're Going to copy this we'll come straight Back over To here we're going to paste that Subject line in here then we're going to Scroll down and this is where we are Going to paste the body of that chat GPT Email we're going to copy this okay so I'm going to grab this Okay copy that come straight back over To here and we're going to paste this in Here then all I'm going to write is Something like this hello and write

Something like Alan here again And then leave this all that in there Then this is where you're going to place That link okay so just type in this Grab your Free Ebook here Okay so just do that then what we need To do is we need to come back over to Amazon once you're over here guys you Want to scroll up to the top and click Onto text And then quite simply just copy this Come straight back over to you guys We're going to highlight this we are Going to click onto this link we're Going to paste that URL in there we're Going to click onto OK we are going to Hit bald and we're going to hit italic So it stands out okay leave all that There and then best regards and then Just put your name in I mean look how Easy this is it's hardly any work Involved with this and you're going to Get these leads every single day from There And you want to click onto perfect Timing and then quite simply all you Need to do is click on to send email Once this email is sent these 400 leads Are going to receive this email tomorrow As you get more leads you can add more Leads and if if you remember which ones

You've actually sent these emails to You're going to see that the dates of This so you want to keep track of this And maybe if you want to send the same Email again tomorrow then all you need To do is select the new leads that have Popped up so if you know that you've Already sent it out to the first 400 and You want to send the same email out Tomorrow all you need to do tomorrow is Select just the one that comes up scroll Down drop down box select that saved Email click on to load and send it out To the new new ones which means it's Even easier and you don't even need to Do any more typing or searching through Chat jpt that's how simple it is to Start making money online in 2023 to Sign up to my lead gen secret guys all You need to do is scroll down the bottom And click onto the link in my Description and take a look at it it's Absolutely amazing now I've got a Training coming up this Thursday at 2PM Eastern Standard Time in the US if you Want to know what time that is for you All you need to do is go down the bottom And click onto the link in my Description that says free training this Thursday that training is going to show You how to make 20 to 25 000 per month With super simple websites once you Click onto that it's going to show you What time that training is going to be

In your country and that's what time you Need to be available to watch this free Training this free training is going to Show you how to create amazing websites Niche websites and it's only going to Take you one hour to set this up we're Gonna go through everything and show you Exactly how this works spots are limited With this type of training so it's Really important that you click onto That link come over here and sign up now This training is going to be brought to You by someone that mentored me and got Me to the stage that I am today I'm not Going to say who it is I need you to Turn up and I need you to watch this Because this is absolutely amazing this Person is a genius when it comes to this And makes a lot of passive income every Single month using this is going to give You all the secrets that you need to Start making insane amounts of money With these Niche websites and they're Not that difficult to create you don't Need to show your face it is super Passive income and you can get to a Stage where you're earning insane Amounts of money and the best thing About websites is once you have your Content on there which is going to show You how to either create yourself Potentially use AI which you can rewrite Yourself outsourced completely so you Don't need to do any of the work

Yourself is that once you have the Content on these websites you can Literally go away for three to six to 12 Months and you can absolutely still Continue to crush it and make a lot of Money I currently have four web sites That I have done this with and I'm Making a lot of money online in passive Income with these websites and it's Currently completely outsourced I don't Even touch it all I do is give them the Name of the article I want written it Comes back it is uploaded and that is it I'm absolutely crushing it and you can Do the same so all you need to do is go Down the bottom click onto that link and Sign up for this training on Thursday Which is going to show you how you too Can potentially get to a stage where You're earning as much as twenty five Thousand dollars a month in passive Income with just one website now I Really hope you enjoyed this make money Online tutorial using chatgpt if it is Guys like I said please smash that like Button appreciation it means the world To me make sure you subscribe to the Channel but don't go anywhere I've got Another amazing video click onto this One over here which is going to show you Another way that you can use my Legion Secrets promoting my own product which I Know converts a hundred percent if you Haven't seen that yet click onto this

Video right now I'll see you on that Video until next time you guys take care Of yourselves and goodbye

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