Energetic Selling and Marketing with Lenka Lutonska

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Hey hey everyone welcome to another Episode of the make money your honey Podcast it's your girl Amanda and I am Here with another interview for you guys This week we're going to be talking to Lenka lutonska of energetic selling and  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing and honestly this woman is Really good at combining actual skill Set of sales with the energy behind it That you need to have but before getting Into what we're talking about in this Week's episode and getting into the Interview guys I am so thrilled because So many of you are showing up to our Live streams recently you're sharing out Our content you're sharing on our Podcasts our live streams our posts on Facebook YouTube this stuff is starting To really take off and you guys may not Know this some of you may not know this If you're just hearing me for the first Time but I've been at this for almost a Decade and I've been through a lot of Evolutions and a lot lot of changes and A lot of Phoenix Rising From the Ashes Moments which lenko stories are really Good Phoenix Rising From the Ashes Story By the way we'll get into hers and it Seems like the message is finally Hitting we're finally having Conversations about hey women you need To learn some actual sales skills if you Want to make money and at the same time We're also having conversations about

Grounded practical energetics Spirituality spiritual principles I feel Like people are finally waking the Up and they're no longer falling for the Airy fairy BS that doesn't get them Anywhere but they're looking for Something real and grounded and that's Part of what we're going to be talking About in today's episode as always this Is sponsored by our 90-day sales Training program persuade to profit you Can go to persuadeyourprofit.com to Learn more we're only running a live Round of this three times this year You're going to have three opportunities To work with me personally and persuade To profit and I gotta be real with the Way my schedule is looking with our Referral Partners who want me to go do Trainings with speaking gigs that are Starting to become more regular again Mama's getting busy over here okay Scaling a business and really getting in Front of as many women as humanly Possible so I don't know how much longer I'm going to be the one teaching this I've already you know been training up Team members to have them start Facilitating calls as well so writing is On the wall so if you want to make sure That you're getting some time with me Specifically now is the time to do it so Persuade to profit.com you can learn More about the curriculum you can also

Apply there and speaking of which and Speaking of getting this in front of as Many women as humanly possible you can Help us do that and you can help us do That by sharing this episode on all your Social media platforms you can also do It by commenting give having a like all Those things if you're watching this on YouTube and if whatever platform you're Listening on Apple Spotify whatever make Sure to leave us a review I know if You're listening on Apple podcasts you Can listen on your phone scroll down Give us five stars leave us a review and Who knows I'll I may shout you out and We've had almost a hundred thousand Social media followers who would hear That shout out on this podcast episode So do us a solid help us get these Conversations in front of as many women As possible because women are finally Ready to hear it okay so let's get into Some of the topics from this week's Episode and I'm not even going to do it justice Right now because this is so juicy so Deep so good so meaty and so practical At the same time you guys are going to Love Lenka just like I did so we're Going to be talking about because Phoenix Rising From the Ashes moment I've come to realize that for a lot of Entrepreneurs it's like you start Especially well not especially women I

Know a lot of men who have been through This as well so but just entrepreneurs In general it's like we're very Successful and then something happens And hits the fan and everything Goes to hell in a handbasket and it's Almost like we all need to have a sort Of Phoenix Rising From the Ashes moment And Lenka has one of those stories I'm Middle I'm in the middle of rising Myself right now so the story was very Comforting To me so she goes into that Phoenix Rising From the Ashes she completely Lost an entire first business and she Talks about how she was able to get out Of it and the differences that she had To make the second time around we also Talk about how to combine spirituality And skills in the business world and I Don't mean like the stuff I Mean the real deep stuff we're going Into that today and we talk about um the Import how important it was for her to Come out of the spiritual Closet in Business which was a massive inspiration To me we've also talked about how women Women in particular have wounded Masculinity like she calls it wounded Masculinity and sometimes we're running Businesses like we're wounded men and How that's holding us back and what to Do about it we talk about how to combine Healthy masculinity and healthy

Femininity in business and again in a Very practical grounded this makes total Sense this is the whole story kind of Way we we talk about the difference Between reactive Consciousness and Creative Consciousness in business we Also talk about how to get the out Of your own way and you know how to how You know fit that cell Saboteur down so You can actually reach the limit Limitless potential that we all have and And this is just the tip of the iceberg There's so much more that we went into In this episode I'm so excited for you Guys to listen to it so let's let's just Go let's just get into it Hey everyone welcome to another episode Of the make money your honey podcast I'm Here with Lenka Luton who is one of my Many many mentors On my journey that I've been bringing on To this podcast and I'm so excited to Have you here because I teach sales Everybody knows I teach sales I've had a Lot of mentors in sales who are very Skills based I had to learn a lot of Skills our clients need to learn a lot Of skills so we focus on on what to say What to do you know how you reach out to People how you Prospect all necessary Skills but there comes a point in time Where we have to talk about the energy That you are bringing to the sales Skills and I was having a hard time

Articulating what this is and then a Friend recommended your work and I Signed up for energetic breakthrough Method and I was like this is it Lenka Figured it out Lanka figured out how to Talk about this that a lot of sales Trainers know but they don't know how to Talk about so I'm very excited to have You here to kind of break down the Energetics of selling for us Ah I'm so excited to be here Amanda Amazing all right perfect so before Getting into all that you have a hell of A story so what like who is Lenka and How did she get here Okay Let's make it short It is a long story but it's a good one Um immigrant from Slovakia small country In Europe living in England in United Kingdom I came here when I was 19 and With a big dream to change the world if You like had no clue what it's going to Be like but I always had the calling to Work with people and didn't know how Initially I ended up working in McDonald's as a cleaner and worked my Way up there while I was studying Anything and everything about human mind So Psychotherapy hypnotherapy counseling And eventually and became one of the top NLP trainers trained to the top level And that gave me if you like a tool to Go out there into the world and work

With people So I started my business my first Business in 2006 approximately and just Helping people that's so ideally a lot Because I was helping myself I didn't Have too much confidence if you like Built pretty successful coaching and Training business and then roughly six Years into this business I very abruptly Lost it due to Very unhealthy partnership That created can I say the word Shipstorm you can curse as much as you Want people think that if I'm not Cursing I'm sick there's something wrong With me all right okay as much as you Want a massive earthquake in my life as In the some of our listeners will will Be able to relate it when you build Something and it's your business it's Like a baby isn't it you know yeah that Business not only I lost the money and Savings and and website and but identity I lost my identity I'd be like who am I Now I'm no longer a successful Businesswoman who am I now and it was Very very hard for me to take So I I was trying to rebuild my business I knew that employment is definitely not For me I still had my dream so I tried To rebuild my business again but this Time I founded a lot harder in spite of Rich experience and in spite of sales Experience I learned how to sell along

The way I was very comfortable with Selling but this time because my Confidence was not there my identity was Not there no matter what I did it Nothing was working I was struggling for A good part of two years I was Struggling to the point when at one Point I had nothing but like seven Pounds to my to my name so it was I had Horrendous time but in that horrendous Time came the biggest gift and it Happened in literally One Moment In in The garden while I was still Contemplating on what the heck does it Take for me to make this dream come true I know I've got to make this business Successful it's my dream I've got this Calling in my heart what what does it Take and A question popped to my mind and Question was well what would you do if You didn't give a what other people Thought of you and if you didn't give a about whether it will work out or Not And when I answered that question in one Millisecond I had all the answers but The main idea was to combine the Energetics as I call it now but it was Like more spirituality and for business And bring it to the world which was Scary for me scary scary scary because Up to that point I realized I I tried to Rebuild my business in a way that I

Could come across as professional to Other people so I would have my Credibility and etc etc I tried to fit Into boxes so now when I had this answer That ah you know come out of your Spiritual closet and combine you know What you've got it was very scary idea As I felt exposed but I went for it and Literally within weeks a miracle after Miracle started to happen in my business And that was the beginning of my Business what it is today energetics of Extraordinary business growth of course Over the years I developed it I Developed I feel like the methodology Around it wrote a book energetic selling And  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing And that's who I am today and that's Like of course I have a beautiful family I brought up along the way but Professionally that's who I am You just dropped so many nuggets here And now I'm like wow okay because number One I relate so I didn't I'm not an Immigrant but my parents are they fled The Cuban Revolution and they started Over in the United States with nothing Nothing to their name my grandparents Came here in their well my mom said they Were in their 40s already when they came To the United States with not a penny to Their name and what I'm hearing that Resonates is the whole like when you're An immigrant or first generation or do

Whatever like you work you know how to Work yes you feel comfortable working You are accustomed to it and you will Work hard and that's one of the things That I've actually had to come up Against in terms of changing my business Because I realized oh my God like this Is not gonna work to get to where you Want to go The the So spotone this is in almost like in our DNA for so many ways hard work will get You there and it's got its limits Doesn't it it does oh man and when you Hit them you hit them hard oh yes yes And then you know what we become and This is very much cultural condition Which is on its way out and we're very Much every one of us is part of it and It's essentially the era of wounded man Or masculinity rather yes wounded Masculinity it's very ingrained in us Through you know war and lust you know Especially last 100 years the the Industrial Revolution etc etc that we've Been trained to to work like a wounded Man like you've got to prove that you're The best Doggy Dog etc etc so we Considered that that amount of action is The is the road to success and uh It doesn't have to be the only way as in Because it's got its limits and most of Us for sure for me it was like that and Probably for you as well after a burnout

Or two you realize that no there must be Another way and this is actually where Energetics do come in this is you know We've done some work together where we Come to realize like what patterns am I Actually running what what is it that I'm doing or thinking that actually Forces me to be in this prison of work Work work work work work and how can I Do it in a little bit easier way to Bring a little bit of healthy Masculinity and then healthy femininity Into the equation yes yeah this is a Conversation I've become obsessed with Actually because I actually found your Work so I had like a six figure month I Was making money but I was exhausted and Miserable because I had not built in Enough support there was also like Family health emergencies going on at The same time because that's usually how It goes right it's like your business is Blowing up and then like shit's hitting The family And it was all happening at the same Time and I I hit a wall right and I Didn't I was like what the like This is what I've been working toward For so long and I'm miserable and Everything's falling apart in my life at The exact same time while I'm having all This success and that's when a friend I Don't even know how they found you but They've they found you and then they're

Like hey I think you're gonna like this Woman and I found your work and I think You were running the energetic Breakthrough method like literally I had Found you three days before and I was Like I'm gonna try it because like what I'm doing is not working for me anymore And I see so many clients particularly Those in our Mastermind and I've been Talking about this more if you're not Already at burnout you are heading there As a woman entrepreneur I see so many Women entrepreneurs that I'm like oh I know what's coming right but they Don't listen like uh They don't see it they're like Everything's great I'm like you're about To run into a brick wall in about a year So so that's actually how I found your Work Um And I gotta tell you it's scary because You you have to it's like you were Saying it's terrifying because you have To number one a lot of surrender Number two you've had to change a lot of Things And numbers to make it work for you and Things are going to fall apart as you're Doing that as you're rebuilding and Number three you really gotta look at Your shadow Yes like there's some deep Shadow That comes up when you reach that point

That you didn't even know was there yes True but ultimately is it worth it Yeah now that I'm starting to come out Of it yeah it's worth it I'm like I know Like I'm setting something because you Start being more intentional and I think What happens is maybe we start off as Intentional but at some point we lose it Yeah yes absolutely we just get so that Two ways or if you like to React to Consciousness and creative Consciousness in entrepreneurship and We're Taught to go by reactive Consciousness In business if especially at the Beginning of the business we want to Learn and it's very healthy to learn but We've got so many checklist blueprints This strategy that strategy like taking This is the way to do it and we take it As in this is the way so we learn to Almost like mimic and you know other People and react to the market like Where should I go for my clients where Should I find them what will they want To buy how much should I charge so they Will buy so this is all reactive Consciousness but what will we can Actually just let that idea drop in your Head that if you find it's got its Limits and it does because that comes With also that burnout and various other Unhealthy patterns that there is another Way and that is creative Consciousness

I.E to literally go from the beginning With everything in the business from Creations of the program to who am I Serving how much do I charge how do I Run what I'm offering and how do I Market how do I sell every bit in Between will come from the heart so it's About really what you said learning to Trust the wisdom of our heart and it's The hardest thing because we're used to Learn trust the logic and the books and  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing you know what we're supposed To do and oh such a person such person Such person it should work for me but When they are able little by little to To lean into wisdom of our heart and how Would I want to do this if I could do Anything and create anything and serve In any way how would I want to do this Under this carry But essentially this is the path of Alignment and in a long term it's the Only way only way how we can build Insanely successful and sustainable and Ever-growing business Ugly so I have a chart I'm going to show You when we're done here because I Realized the process I went through and I realized so many female entrepreneurs Go through this process I think you'll Like it and I think I mapped out when we Need to start thinking differently I Could be wrong though which is why I Want to show it to you but when do you

Think is that stage when because like You said there comes a point where you Need to know skills right I call it I Call it like we all start in basic right and and we're unconscious We don't know there's still blame There's still princess there's still Slave there's still victimhood there's Still all that stuff then we kind of Start becoming more conscious And then for me I had to learn how to Build a really healthy relationship with My masculine first I had to go learn Skills I had to go learn structures I Had to learn how to negotiate I had to Learn  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing I had to learn how to Sell I had to learn how to actually Build a business right And then after that after going too far In that direction that's when I was like Oh oh this isn't working for me anymore Yeah yeah so when so when do you is There like a moment or a marker that's Kind of predictable that that maybe People can foresee or or just so you Know like what some of the warning signs Are maybe yes Yes Amazing amazing question that it ideally It would be before that oh point Right like this is not like Unfortunately many of us don't yeah But what may help is to realize that You'll be very much aware of four levels

Of consciousness and where I am because What you're talking about is the second Level of Consciousness by me Consciousness so first one you mentioned Is the victim uh which is very much Unconscious but most of us once we go Into business it's like they're taking The responsibility for life I want to Make it happen so that then we switch Into the second level of Consciousness As in its have life is happening by me And I'm going to make this happen I'm Going to set those challenging goals and I'll work my way through it I'll learn What I need to learn I'm willing to go All in so we've got to go through some Of it we've got to go through it we've Got to experience it but in there if you Realize that you're in there and even Just you know it's getting a little Tired or it just know that you're in There you know that you're you're in you Know you learn the skills you you know How business works just drop the idea There is another way it's another there Is literally another level of Consciousness another way to run the Business and that is the third and Fourth level of Consciousness third Level of Consciousness is when you know We start playing with manifestation it's If you like life is happening through me And I like the intuitive guidance guide My every step so we hone on intuition

And we maybe practice The Law of Attraction many get there many of us get There naturally here many what we will Do this is where we'll reject the Masculine altogether because I've done That and it was hard don't want to do Anything to do with the strategy Anything to do it anything to do yeah I Did that I did that recently but I felt Like I just had to balance out like my Intuition you need six weeks to like Wander around and go to restaurants let Your team handle stuff don't even worry About money right now everything's gonna Get sorted out in the long run but you You you need to balance this out you're Tired yes yes yes but eventually we want To embrace the idea that even though we Maybe fell into the tired is what I call The wounded masculinity that you know That it made us tired so to speak there Is also healthy masculinity so we don't Want to reject it all together and so so Yes somewhere in there somewhere in There you know when when we realized That either we're getting tired there Must be more there must be more there Must there must be easier way so this is Typically when we like open ours up what Is it I want to look for it I'm open to It so this is when it's good you know Point to look in into energetics not not By rejecting the masculine but by Creating what we call the of course the

Divine or healthy feminine and masculine Union you know where we We put those two powerful forces Together If I go too far in the feminine Direction I'm like bored and I will get Depressed I noticed I was getting Depressed Yeah and you would be because I think The femininity is about ideas it's about Nurturing it in your mind and heart is The very creative energy but that Without any form of movement or fire in The belly it's still only an idea it's It's it's it's meaningless so we've got To combine it we've gotta really it Needs for baby to be born you know in Its two forces you know so yeah so You're completely right and I love how You teach that because I feel like this I mean this conversation of feminine Leadership in business is such a mind on the internet It's such a mind right and you've Just put it in a way where it's like Okay for me it was helpful because it I Was able to be like okay so you just Need to assess where you are right yeah And then figure out what you need to Bring more of in here Yes correct correct yes so if you if you If you go into some of the well I call These patterns or or if you like Behaviors thinking you know what are the

Wounded parts of us aspects of masculine Deformity that are so common in business If they just become aware that ah okay I'm running this wounded pattern on that Wounded but that is immediately we can Do something that can bring us you know Upwards and make it way easier so we go Into those yes let's talk about it let's Go so so one we already mentioned Briefly and that is reactive creative Consciousness yes so that's one switch If we can just buy into idea even Temporarily that actually going into Creative Consciousness and trusting the Heart is of high value in business it's Not taught in business but it's high Value in business because even if it Doesn't work out right away let's say You you if I could have it in any way I Want it if I could serve in any way I Wanted you of course are playing with a Very high energy very creative energy And let's say you go for it let's say Okay it will be this type of coin it Will be this type of product at this Fees and let's say it doesn't even work Out right away right it happens it can Happen but all together over time it's Gonna you know we will pick up the gifts That we need to pick up and we simply When we go about the business in aligned Way that is the only way how we can have A true true spiritual motivation to Carry on even when there is a

Disappointment or failure or anything Like that which is just a natural part Of business you know so so and the Chances are that it will succeed sooner Much higher than when we are going Around oh it should work it worked for Her it should work for me when we mimic What other people are doing all together Yeah yeah so how this is a great Question that just came to me how Because I I have not struggled with this As much as other people except in 2020 And 2021 when all I did was work through A pandemic because all the things I did For fun I couldn't do And things got very noisy in my head and They got very noisy on the internet but One of the things I've noticed which I Only briefly struggled with this I Caught it but I see a lot of women Struggle with this which is the It's that trust of self right where it's That This is what I'm supposed to do for my Business like people or my life whatever Apply it to anything this is what I'm Supposed to do And I'm gonna stick it through because This is what I'm being guided to do But instead of doing that you'll see in Our Facebook groups all the time like Somebody says oh this strategy worked For me and then you'll see like 35 Comments from people who are like oh let

Me try it I was doing this other thing But it didn't work and they were Probably just doing the other thing for Like two weeks they didn't really like Give it a go they're not listening to Their internal guidance they're being Distracted by all the noise out here and It's causing people to make not so great Decisions and then they treat themselves Like over the bad decision and then They're not able to move forward and Then it spirals further so number one if You've already spiraled and made some Bad decisions how do we get out of it Because a lot of people are struggling With this they are raking themselves Over the coals and number two how do we Listen to that heart how do we listen And trust that wisdom of like what we as Individuals are supposed to do with our Particular Purpose with our business Let's break it down as a process and This actually process is a short Practice if you like it's a daily Practice that really helped me to go From bottom of the bottom having nothing To my name to running incredibly Successful business and every it was Every part of it and this is essentially About how to learn to listen to our Heart and to ourselves rather than Anything else So take time in the morning Ideally ideally before you get engaged

In all the noise ideally in it's a Little practice first the first part of The practice is offload all the Negativity from the mind So meaning we consciously invite any Doubts any fears anything that might be Mingling in our energy to come onto Surface and maybe even write it down so Basically the idea here is we want to Empty the energy of that which should Influence us anyway because we are so Taught you know that if you're feeling Like I don't know like a victim or Things are not fair or things are hard Or whatever you might feel or think we Are so thought to kind of suppress it Like snap out of it you've got to think Positive you've got to be the thing is If we bypass like this if we keep Suppressing those thoughts they'll Influence us anyway that energy is there It will influence us either way so we Might as well be conscious and as the First thing in a day it's very very Healthy to consciously invite I'm Inviting any negativity any doubts any Fear to come to the surface and you Write it down and as you write it down You in your mind become almost like Conscious Observer meaning as in writing You're not yes you are writing your own Experience how you feel was negative What you're scared of I'm scared up this Won't work out or whatever it might be

But you're realizing also here as you're Writing it that this is actually energy This is not all truth our thoughts are Not true our fears are not true not all Truth it's energy it's a matter of Perspective so you started you you write It as a cons as an observer you Disassociate yourself from that which You write So what you can do at the end of it if You do nothing else because sometimes Yes it's useful to work on Shadow or Anything like that but even without Going into deeper work what we can do is As we offload this negativity we can we Can say something like this I see you as that energy that which I Wrote down I acknowledge you I Acknowledge that it's not truth And I release you so we let it go it's a Little little practice or first part of The practice that immediately will bring Us upwards in terms of our creativity Thinking etc etc the second part of the Practice is brief visualization What I used to do I don't used to do it In this very step-by-step way but what I Used to do especially at the beginnings Of my second business is I was really Rapidly building and building it up I Would put my stopwatch for three minutes And into I would close my eyes for three Minutes and it would be about Visualizing what would it be like if I

Had already the business of my dreams So essentially the idea here and three To four minutes is enough is to get into Your body the energy of success whatever It might look like or feel like to you We want to be in a high energy so we Embodied it in a success Consciousness So to speak so visualization is a great Way to do it but any other way really Would do writing about Perfect Day Anything like that it's like mini goal Setting if you like but as if it was Already true right now so that's second Second step if you like the third step Is the listening The intuitive Guidance the heart so Again I would put my stopwatch for Another three minutes and this time I Would just close my eyes And I would ask myself okay now I Visualize this success I feel it in my Body now question to myself what is my Part in this today What is my part in this today And I would wait And wait for the answers and sometimes The answer like what I'm supposed to do Would flood my mind like loads like Stuff that I think I knew already stuff I was postponing stuff it's logical but I would take everything as it's given to Me everything as it's done is by Intuition if you like yes by heart which Is okay I'm writing it all sometimes as

As you continue with this practice you Go blank and it's okay as well you know I'm just listening and I know if answers Don't come today they will come another Day sometimes the answer would come Saying just relax today nothing this is Your part that you relax today Completely illogical completely nothing To do with the business but whatever Would that would that be I would be like You know what this is given to me so Step four is about implementing it of Course yes so this is where we practice That courage muscle going into that Unknown like I'm going to implement it Even if it's just one of those things The one that is scaring me but is Actually aligned with that visualization With that version of me if you like that Is by that practicing leaning into it More and more and more it's almost like A muscle it's like when we train and Want to build the muscle it's literally Like that that trust muscle so so we we Practice it that's the step four and I Want to say here very briefly that why Some women have trouble to make it work Either they didn't practice the courage Muscle before and that's okay so we can Start to do that or they think they did But they burn themselves I.E they Implemented the idea and it didn't work It brought them down And that happened to me as well that's

How I lost my first business yes so I Wanted the business you know partnership And Business Partnership or the idea Came and he actually brought my business To the ground so so it was like bloody Hell I prayed for it like you know it Was it was perfect it was like you know It was like given to me by universe and I trusted it and it brought me all the Way to the ground but what we want to Realize here is that our intuitive ideas Will always match our energy As in If he if the function in that Energy of lack Or neat desperation or I would I want I Want I want and I don't have it And if we are listening for the ideas or Get ideas from that place when we Implement those ideas they will give us More luck more need more wanting more Desperation okay so and I bet this will Be across everyone because I Contemplated on this from Mouse how is It possible that I prayed for something And it came like from the universe and I Did it and I fell all the way down and It's because The energy is neutral it always responds To it's always perfect match and Intuition will be always a perfect match To our energy yes so if you look down For the when I burn myself I bet there Was some victim Consciousness or some Luck or some need and that's how we came

Up with those ideas So now you know that you can you can Relax and this is why in this little Practice we have got this visualization When we always before listening we are Always in a energy of success that's Important so there is a good match yes That what I'll get the ideas I'll Implement so essentially this is in a Nutshell how all of us no matter where We are how very successful how broken we Are all of us can really strengthen our Intuitive guidance and trust you know Towards the towards the heart this Little practice I love I love that you Put it in a process I do something Similar I do all the visualization and The asking and all that but before doing That I'm actually doing morning Pages Because I actually caught myself Complaining I'm like why is it that I go To bed in a good mood but I wake up in a Bad mood like what the hell kind of Dreams am I having that I'm just like Not in a good mood when I and I'm a Morning person like I'm up at like 5 30 In the morning like no big deal but I'm Always in a horrendous mood it doesn't Matter when I wake up and I was like let Me just start doing morning pages and Just dump whatever comes out and get it Out of my brain and I have to say it's Incredibly helpful Because it doesn't stay in there messing

You up for it's just out and then you See it and you're like oh That's what's stressing me out like This is this is such a simple thing but It really is we're practicing our Awareness Consciousness rather than Being prisoners of mine that whatever Happens happens there is influences us Anyway it's amazing so so let's talk a Little bit about you we've talked a lot About energy already but I I previously Mentioned right I've I've done I've been Doing sales for 14 years and I've been Training for a long time I've built two Businesses I've trained team I've Trained business owners I've done the Whole thing and one of the things that I Came to notice was you could teach a Woman everything there is to know about Sales you could teach them what to say What to do how to prospect how to you Know walk into a room know who it is who Needs you you can you know put the Greatest offers together teach the  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing copy you could teach them all That stuff and they could be doing Things all the right way and still not Get any results Yes what's going on there what's going On there well the energy underneath is Not spot on that's what's going on there I'm very much experienced it myself as Many of us of course and that's you know Because with this important let's

Emphasizing important strategies and Skills and what to say Etc we we do say Part of the message but with our energy What emanates for a while we say Everything to our clients absolutely Everything we cannot energy doesn't lie And it's that and it comes across Through  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing copy it comes across To when you actually are sent on the Sales call that energy we communicate Energetically it's unconscious process So you might be saying the right things But let's say if inside you're thinking And hoping that that woman's you know Their prospects say yes because you've Got to pay bill Energetically the other the client will Pick it up they will not know what it is Might not know at all what it is but They'll get essentially buying barrier You know like something is not right so We want to do energy tweaks here so the Whole idea if you because this is a big Topic of course you know but the the the To to simplify it really what we want to Eliminate from selling process is the Prostitute archetype energy now oh I Love that it's a prostitute archetype is One of the four survival archetypes or Victim archetypes and what's the major One that creates blocks in selling Successfully so as prostitute the Archetype essentially what we're doing Is we're exchanging the sense of being

Safe in exchange for the giving away the Value our value you know that's what That's the whole idea and the way we do That in selling and in business is Manifold First we create then products that maybe You know what is not exactly what I want Or is not exactly the fee I want but at This phase people should buy you know it Will keep me kind of safe like people Will buy or at this phase because it's Much cheaper than I want doesn't give me Profitability I won't you know but you Know that I will Bye you know they will buy so when we do This we really are you know Yeah it's it's prostitute archetype and It's it never ever Works certainly not In the long run so that's the first what We want to eliminate as in again it will Require Carriage muscle but we do not as As powerful business owners powerful Women we simply do not exchange the Sense of security for our value we stay In our Valley secondly what happens There as a prostitute architect they're Going there's lots of proving energy Like I've got to prove I'm good enough Okay so I I remember from my um you know Story if you like you know when I was in That struggle mode for a couple of years I would be hoping and praying or that Each sales calls that I'll do good Enough job

So that the client will understand how Good coach I am and they will buy but You see if we are not known inside that I'm the most incredible service provider Or coach for my ideal clients then no Matter what we say no matter the script No matter  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing the clients are not Gonna buy it so here is important to Work on that internally first until you Get a sense and sometimes it's as simple As offloading all the reasons why am I Indeed why am I indeed the best person To help my ideal clients not everyone Not if you're not here for everyone but Why am I the best coach best service Provider to help my ideal clients find Those reasons because if you have that Sense of not good enoughness I'm sure we Can come out million times but there's Many other you know people but how about Us we've got to feel inside and we've Got to nurture that sense of enoughness More than good enoughness that we are in The full value that we are indeed more Than good enough and the best providers For our ideal clients so anyway that's What comes really much you know the in a Way of selling process like I want to Prove that that I'm good enough and we Don't wanna you know the I tell my Clients if you feel even momentarily you Know that let's say on a sales Conversation like I'm going into Convinced signal I've got a convinced

Client just stop send them away send Them to your materials and go and work On yourself your value bring it back That's you know that's how we fix it Rather than show what else should I say What else should I do yes So then next thing as a The Prostitute Archetype is really comes from lower Level of Consciousness and there is this Idea of separativeness as in I'm Separate from the client I'm separate From that which I want Etc so we Oftentimes we consider the selling Process unconsciously as it's the moment Of sale is the moment when I take away From people like I take away from people They pay me money yes like other people Will pay me and it's not to healthy like It's like about me it's almost like that Prostitute oh my God I'm gonna be paid You know because I did a good job I'm Gonna be paid so what do we want to do Here number one realize that um or a Knowledge if you like that you can also Look at the selling from what I call Esme Consciousness the highest level of Consciousness or one Consciousness if You like that there is no separation Real separation we've heard it million Times that everything is energy so Really we are experiencing ourselves Through other people therefore selling Is not about give or take you know it's Always about give give you know I'm

Experienced myself like this and when Client Parts themselves with the money They're doing it for themselves as well It's we're opening the mutual channel of Abundance it's it's Precious Moment Precious moment for the client and Ourselves And we often don't appreciate a powerful Moment that can be for a client right You know I don't know how about you when I uh when you know let's say go out of My comfort zone and and invest from Healthy energy no victim energy but from Health energy into something really Meaningful is oftentimes for clients It's like to be investing our wings to Fly because we've got to go through that Mental process am I gonna make it work Do I trust her am I gonna make it work Yes this is my permission I'm gonna do I'm gonna do it I'm gonna make this work So it's immediate massive energetic Shift so it's a gift gift give give it Cannot be on any other way so yes we Want to let it let go of the idea of of That separatiness so these are just some Of the you know the the patterns if you Like that create those unconscious Selling blocks yes That that was so good that was so good And sometimes when I've had other people On the podcast who are also sales Trainers and it's funny because people Who understand sales and they understand

The mechanics and the energetics of it All they may not consciously know that They understand the energetics like I Realized I didn't consciously understand Like I knew him but I didn't know what I Knew and it's so interesting because I'm Constantly trying to tell our clients Guys when you're doing sales right There's no ego I love that I totally love that yes That's yes our egos that get in the way And mess everything up And actually you know in the initial Stages of building my business when I Knew you know I've got issues to sort Out I mean we always do right those that Make ourselves perfect but you know as I Need that my confidence is not quite There you know so I I actually did just A simple practice at the beginning of The sales call or before the sales call You know just intention setting hands on Hard you know over the next hour or Whatever this card is going to be the Center of My Universe and it's about Them it's not about what I want it's not About what I need it's not about my Bills it's not about Warfare or not I'm Going to essentially be of high service To the client and I'm not here to Convince them I'm not here to tell them Either to buy it or not I'm going to Help them to make their own decision About what is the right Next Step for me

And if I notice my ego mind or fear you Know you shouldn't say that you Shouldn't say that coming in the way I'm Going to and I'm going to say because Ego mind is part of the sales Conversation for both of us as in cells Yeah they have their ego as well yeah They're good as well and yeah it's gonna Step up right somebody's gonna be a Leader so I'm going to be a leader here And I'm going to be of high service to The client and I imagine connecting with My heart energy to be the client and it Kind of helps me to be aware like when Ego will come in a way I love hearing people post say like Pre-sales rituals like some people do Jumping jacks some people like do what You just said some people do Self-hypnosis like people have all kinds Of stuff that they do before sales calls To get them in that energetic space of This person is my world right now Everything else needs to wait so two More questions this is so good so the Next question is when you are in that State right and I've had experiences With this and then when I have them Again I'm not stressed out as much but When you're in that state of oh my God I Do have bills to pay oh my gosh I'm like Moving money over here to make sure this Thing doesn't happen over there I'm Using this credit card to pay that

Credit card or nothing's working it's so Hard how the hell do people get into Space where they're like it's not about The money I mean let's say this is humanly tough Right because it's so so tangible we see The money in the bank account and oh my Gosh do I remember you know but we've Got to work with it right so so I tell You what probably supported me most to Go through these stages and it's this Statement or Mantra call it what do you Like but contemplated only like a you know and this is the This comes from Bashar yes it's it's by Him and it says Circumstances do not matter My state of being matters What this means is that circumstances Whatever it might be it might be like You know I need money I can see so that Might be the circumstances they don't Matter meaning they do not turn into Meta circumstances do not create more Circumstances so just the fact that Today is my circumstance that I have Good lack of money that's no prediction Of the fact how much money I can have on My bank account tomorrow or even few Hours yes yes people need to hear that Because I didn't tell you this I was a Financial writer for eight years before Doing the business I do now but it was More traditional finance and that was

One of the things I had to realize where I've had moments where I'm like oh my God there's like no money in the bank Account and then the next day it's like 20 grand in cash there's actually Because there's like time time is like Exactly you can compress time yeah Circumstances can change like that you Know they often do if the is the Logician or you know the subuterica type Inside of our mind that would like to Come access to convince otherwise and We're trying to like oh my gosh you have No money you're gonna run out blah blah You can't do that this is human but Let's it's just an acknowledgment it's a Human mind but really truly Circumstances do not create more Circumstances they do not turn into Matter so circumstances do not matter my State of being matters who am I now as In am I gonna be in the lake just Because the numbers are low they're Nothing they can be completely different Tomorrow I'm creating from within so I'm Going to where do I want to be so this Is like I'm a magician here you know I Do have we all have magic one we just Need to trust it so I'm going to on that Next sales call or for the next five Minutes even whatever as if I did Literally have magic wand you know and I Know I'm being supported so that's like You know who am I how do I feel that's

What's creates that's what matters so Circumstances do not matter my state of Being matters and then the second one is Almost like the support Mantra that can Even trigger some to start with because It can be so far removed from the our Experience and that is that I'm deeply Supported deeply loved helped and guided Every step of my way to Limitless Success essentially something like that Like you know literally just feel into That support like I'm deeply Laughed Guided health You know it's the type of thing just Feel it in your body even if it's like Making it up the thing is the whole idea Underlying this is that as women You're so trained to believe into what We see what is now what we see and that Those ideas that who we could be As in potential they take it as Intangible it might happen or might not Happen so my encouragement here is to Trust that potential a little more as in Take that potential not if as if it Maybe it will be or not be I will do it I achieve it or I want but take that as Pre-existent version of you because that Potential already exists energetically It already exists and it's showing Itself to me because I'm meant to be That this is the real me So I'm gonna

Get out of the way I'm gonna surrender To it And there's a lot more peace I mean I've Made a commitment in the last six months After like I hit a wall really hard I Made a commitment I prayed to the Universe I'm like God I would I would Just love to be at peace no matter what That was my prayer and then hit the Fan everywhere My prayer was answered Yeah something's gonna be part of it you Know so sometimes that's going to be Part of it and now that you know I'm Coming on the other side it's it's when You get to that space where you Understand exactly what you just said There's just more peace there's less Anxiety right and even if you don't see It in that moment you're like it's Coming yes yes yes yes the thing is this This when hits the fan or you know The deselection you mentioned you know Like I'm gonna change the things and Suddenly everything goes to fit you know Clients are leaving this happens that Happens of course as human beings we Take it as it's hot you know it's hard But really again we can lean into the Idea that those events are not negative Or positive they just are but these are Essentially the not points energetically As we are leaning into that version of Self there are not points that invite us

That is the opportunity to embody that Version in some way so it will force us If we are open to it to let go of Something and invite something so it's Not negative or positive in its nature It's about the the what what meaning we Give to them so maybe we can take it Those you know when it happens and Clients are living or this or that you Know on that bridging I call it bridging Period maybe you know we can visualize Is like you know the Wild River you know When you throw yourself down and it Bumps you from left to right you know so So that's actually a rapid flow things Are speeding up we are on our way and But when we go down Rapid River we have Fun isn't it you know we come down again I want to go on again on the right the Resistance or that when it becomes hard Is when we want to stand up and resist The flow like I don't want to be bumped I don't want to be you know I that's That's what makes it hard but if you Allow ourselves understanding that even It may look on a Surface like a tough But you know what this is rapid flow so I'm just gonna Surrender to the Rapid River and go with It pick up those gifts and I know I'm Being supported you contemplate on it I Don't know any person who stayed on this Track alignment path and didn't get to Incredibly positive outcome at the end

Right right incredibly positive outcome Where they actually felt good right it's Like what's wrong yeah you only felt Good but created in you know selling Miracles like yeah the mind-blowing Result mind-blowing results mind-blowing All right final question because I Wanted to make sure we we talked about This I heard you talk on a podcast about How a lot of times entrepreneurs Particularly women they will hide parts Of themselves now this hit me really Hard when you said that on the podcast Because for a couple years I've been Getting the nudge that I need to talk More about spirituality and mindset and Those things in fact I know that I've Been going through like literally Life Training to be able to teach that in the Last eight months or so but I had been Hearing it for a couple years I hadn't Gotten the green light from from Source Yet to be like it's time right I only Recently got that but I'd been hearing It and I'm like oh really like this Is what we're gonna like are you are you Sure like you got the wrong person like We're not gonna be doing this like yes Yes so and and it's this idea of hiding Right where we're hiding parts of Ourselves and I heard you talk about This on a podcast recently about why we Do it and how it affects us in business So I would love you to just you know

Quickly talk about that because I know There are women listening right now who Are doing it well why do we do this why Do we hide because we are scared of Judgment isn't it in some shape or form So so we really but all all judge all Fear of judgment is some form of Self-judgment so we're gonna let it go Whatever is that we're scared of like What are we scared of literally write it Down and do know that those are actually Harsh self-judgments we are making so We've got to clear adults radical Freaking self-love and acceptance you Know but really when we had something That we know can be useful to others Like when we hide here we are Essentially it must and it will reflect In a business in some way because we are Experiencing ourselves through people And and when we practice some Undesirable pattern it will show up for Our clients so in this case if you hide Something that we know could be useful You know out of fear whatever judgment Or whatever it might be it may show up As my clients are hiding like they don't They don't show up you know in a way That I see you yeah they don't see us Yes so it will show up in some way so if You don't want our clients to hide if we Want clients to fully show up we've got To show up fully so that's that's the The that's the main idea you know if we

Buy the energy works if we buy into Energy into even certain extent we buy Into all of the energy and if if you Reject even a little bit of energy we Reject all of the energy so there is no Hiding in business doesn't mean we've Got to show all of us in business like No like you you know no but those Aspects of us that we intuitively know But that it's on a way you know it's in Alignment to what I'm meant to be like I Mean no yeah what it could be useful or What could be enhance the brand or Whatever then then it's I think I tell you what Our duty our duty to show is I'll give You another example which is different But similar as I went through this rapid Growth over the last few years and Energetic Etc not everything I do is Amazing success I had times when things Really didn't work out like I set a goal And it kind of blew up And I always had a notch you know when That happens a few times it happened Like you know what go on and go and tell Your clients that it didn't work out why Didn't work up go and you know go and You know go and be real it's the most Scary thing you know it's the hiding Thing isn't it like I'm going to Tell them I failed I'm going to you know Like their coach failed you know I teach Energetics of success so similar thing

Is this fear of judgment but I realized That this is exactly if I'm not gonna do It you know I'm hiding from from them It's gonna show up in some way and I'm Actually robbing them of a gift because Really what is more healthier to Normalize is it not is it healthy to Normalize that everything you do in a Business will be resounding success Every time hundred percent of time or is It healthier to normalize that sometimes Even if you're on a path of alignment Even if you're doing your best and You're on it sometimes it's not gonna Work out the way you want but it's a Gift and it's a part of the process We're gonna learn from it I think it's It's healthier to normalize the failure There's other entrepreneurs so it's fine You know so again courage muscle let's Go you know so it's that so that's why I Wanted to say that it's our duty to give That aspect of ourselves because it's of Incredible value to other people and That's the only way how we can come to Fullness and I mean fullness As women but in fullness in business the Maximum freaking potential you know yeah Love that I love it love it love it all Right Lenka tell the people where they Can find you land calutonska.com and my Name is on Instagram it's on Facebook It's on all major social media we'll Have everything on the website in the

Show notes so people can find use thank You so much for being here talking about The energetics of selling this was like I could talk to you forever It's pleasure and I'm sure we will talk More so thank you so much

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