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Hey what’s going on guys Chase Reiner Here and today we’re going to be talking About a turbo fast way to make money Online I’m going to give you a simple Step-by-step system that you can start Using to earn over a thousand dollars Per day from your couch or anywhere Around the world doesn’t matter if You’re older younger teenager you can Use this system now it’s probably not Going to start producing you a thousand Dollars per day overnight this is Something you have to put time into it’s Something that you build up and over Time it starts to snowball and that Snowball will end up allowing you to Invest the money that you’re making into Back into the system so let’s talk about How it works I’m going to show you a few Different ways I’m going to basically Give you the easy way to do this where If you want to make money basically Tomorrow how you would do that and I’m Going to give you the a little bit Harder way afterwards if you want a more Substantial longer term income now if You’re brand new here and you have no Idea who I am my name is Chase I’ve been Doing the this stuff for a while making Money originally from a garage if you go To my YouTube channel and look at my Older videos I started out in a garage You can see the garage door in my Background wasn’t making any money now I

Make over a million dollars a year and I Don’t say that to brag I say that to let You know that it is possible now let me Actually show you just on stripe alone In the last year year to date 754 000 Last three months 300 000 And you can see on my PayPal as well It’s about the same So I’ve made close to 1.4 million Dollars this year Again not to impress you just to show You that it’s possible so now that we Got that out of the way let’s talk about What the system is how it works how you Get started and how you can invest some Money if you have a few bucks now before We do I do want to mention that I have a Full step-by-step program called AI Profit at aiprofitscourse.com I will Leave a link to that in the description Of this video but if you enter your Email here you can get some more Information about how it works I have a Full video on here showing you like my Story how I got started It’s about a 30 minute video if you want To go check it out go watch it the deal Is ending soon So the price is going to Skyrocket and You don’t want to wait on this because The price has gone up several times in The past and if you haven’t got in yet Now is the time to do it I’ll show you What the actual full course looks like

What I’m working on and what’s being Added in every single week I try to add New videos into the program just showing You step by step what you have to do We’re actually rebuilding this section Here but we’re gonna have a bunch of new Videos and if you’re already in the Program go check it out and go watch the Videos okay All right so we got everything out of The way again aiprofitscourse.com let’s Talk about the method so first thing You’re going to want to do uh to use This method is you’re going to go over To a website that I set up for you Called scarytoolbots.com now when you go To this website you’re going to get a Checklist so it’s going to ask you to Enter your email enter your email it’s Going to send you an email That basically looks like this now there Is an optional upsell in here by the way When you enter your email it’s for the 54 version of this checklist it’s Completely optional really the paid Version just has videos showing you a Little bit more about how to use these Different tools but Um Completely optional so here’s a list of A bunch of different tools that I get Paid to Market one one of the tools in The checklist is actually a tool that I Um that I’ve been building

Um this tool is very cool it’s called Shine ranker But all these other tools I basically Promote and I get paid to promote I’ll give you an example so this tool Here Jasper I get paid about three thousand dollars A month to promote every time I send out A link talking about this tool I get Paid when people sign up so five Thousand dollars unpaid earnings let’s Look at the payouts here uh two thousand Eight hundred dollars pending two Thousand seven hundred uh three thousand Eight hundred dollars twenty eight days Ago so passively I’m making you know Three three to two to three thousand Dollars a month okay So I have a bunch of different Affiliates that pay me all together with All the different Affiliates that I have I probably get paid anywhere between Let’s say I don’t know 10 to 20 grand a Month I don’t really keep track of this Because this is more of a sort of like Sub income I make most of my money Actually selling checklists like this One and that’s what I’m going to kind of Talk to you about today is how you can Make money selling Um checklists and if you don’t have your Own products I’ll show you how to do That as well okay So uh let’s say I wanted to sell shine

Ranker Um now one of the best ways to sell an Affiliate for a tool or to just make Money quickly this is the quick way to Make money is to just sell a checklist About it so I actually have a checklist For shine ranker uh that’s 27 I have it On my Thrive cart landing page let me Actually go into here and show you Go into here sign in account products Okay let’s find the checklist shine Rinker so look at this let me look at The stats here I’m going to do all time I haven’t sold this in a little while But I sold this I think for about one week And I made eight thousand two hundred Dollars now this is just a Google sheet Checklist I make a ton of money Basically just building these checklists That you know are free to build and the Checklist just show people how to use Whatever I’m talking about so if I’m Talking about using shine ranker if I’m Talking about using uh let’s say Jasper I can make a checklist for pretty much Any one of these things now you might be In a position where you’re saying well I Don’t want to build a checklist I don’t Have the time to build a checklist I Don’t even know how to shoot the videos Or any of that stuff that you’re going To want to add into the checklist Well what you can do is you can promote

Checklists that I build so the easy way To make money the quick way to make Money is to get an affiliate link for The different things that I’ve already Built for you so you could actually get An affiliate link for this checklist let Me show you how that works let me go to The products again Now I actually add by the way inside of The AI profits course bring this open Here all of my different affiliate links So here’s the swipe file I basically Have swipe files for the AI profits Course for the shine ranker tool and all You have to do is basically Um use these swipe files with pre-built Emails pre-built content I’ll talk about That in a second but pre-built pretty Much everything and you just promote These different things with done for you Uh sales copy right and we actually have Um right now in the program I think our Affiliates earn are earning About ten thousand dollars uh per month In in payouts Um let me actually show you here so you Can see I like to back up everything I Say with actual proof let me do last Month So uh nine thousand five hundred dollars Commissions earned so we sold about ten Thousand dollars worth of product Or sorry twenty thousand dollars worth Of product and we do that about every

Month and my goal is to get our Uh students inside of AI profits earning Around you know let’s say fifty thousand Dollars in commissions per month which Is a hundred thousand dollars sold That would not be unreasonable if you Follow the system that I’m sharing with You But going back to the checklist uh all You’d have to do is go into something Like one of my affiliate links like Whether you’re in the AI profits course Or I’ll leave an affiliate link for the Shine ranker checklist in the Description if you want to promote that But you basically just go and find the Affiliate signup URL just do it in this One We have it at the top Right here so you just click here to be A partner it’s you know you don’t have To pay anything to be a partner Um and you basically sign up and you get 50 commissions on anything that you sell So I just I basically build the Checklist I build the Um I build the checklist I build the emails I build the videos closing people I Build the content let me show you how That works So once you get set up with the Affiliate link you just have to send it To people and sell it but you might be

Thinking well I don’t have video though I don’t have content to sell people I Don’t have an email list well what you Can do Is Um Do the done for you content that’s Inside of AI profits so inside of AI Profits I basically tell you Um in this video wherever it is don’t Want to do it yourself I show you how to copy me I show you how To download my videos how to repost them We have people inside of Um the course that are basically just Reposting my videos and getting sales Doing it there’s other things you can do As well you can use contact Bots and you Can you know use automation social media Automation with Bots to send out Messages but ideally the best way to get Started is to choose whether or not you Want to start building your own list Um and do the content yourself or uh Just send me the traffic and I’ll close For you now we’re actually developing a New system as well inside of the program An opt-in system where you can just send Traffic to the opt-ins and I’ll actually Close people from my email list and from The videos that I do like this one that System is going to be out very soon But there’s lots of really really cool Updates coming into the program and I

Hope you’re excited for them again the Price is going up very soon I would Recommend you get into AI Profitscourse.com as far as the system Goes though as a long-term plan really All you’re doing is you’re choosing some Tools you’re either Promoting the checklist that I’m Building or you can replicate my funnel So basically inside of the program I give you the ability to basically Build this out yourself you can if you Wanted to take what I’m doing on this Video which is promoting this checklist Uh you know selling a a paid checklist Right but here’s the thing if you want To earn long-term money you can actually Start swapping out the affiliate links Because something that people don’t Realize one of the reasons why I make so Much money from these checklists isn’t Just because I’m selling the checklist It’s because I’m promoting things inside of the Checklist that earn me money so let’s Say somebody goes into I don’t know this Section or this section I’ll give you an Example with the contact form so when Somebody goes to start learning how to Do contact forms they need proxies when They go to sign up for a proxy let me go To my privateproxy.com When they go to sign up for a proxy just Leaked all my proxies great I’m gonna

Have to change this What happens is I get paid money From the affiliate program and so one of The long-term ways to earn money is that If you want to start the setup the Longer term setup and you don’t want to Have to pay for Um Uh or you don’t you don’t want just the Long the the short term setup which is Just earning money right now if you want The long-term play which is earning Passive income for a long time you would Ideally just replicate my funnels in What I’m doing and adding your own Affiliate links so here you can see Inside of uh my private proxy I had 128 People signed up right now using proxies Look at these are all active plans and I Get paid Every single month twelve hundred Dollars 800 and these Affiliates start To add up in the scary toolbox checklist That I showed you a second ago These are all affiliate links you can You can promote this exact checklist but Swap out all the links with your own Affiliate links so there’s so many ways That you can grow but Um it just really depends on your Resources your time you know what you Have available to you uh it takes a While to set this stuff up I’ll be Honest with you the quickest way to earn

Money though if you want to just make Like a few bucks a day let’s say 100 200 Bucks a day it would literally be just To sell the stuff that I’m selling and Just copy and paste what I’m doing like Literally copy my videos paste them Literally copy my emails Um email Uh literally copy my Um everything right now if you want the Long term you would just rebuild my Funnels right and at some point we might Even have a done for you uh funnel System where we just build your funnels For you like we just hire somebody to go And set up this whole system for you but We’re a little bit Um far away from that because we’re Still perfecting the program but that’s Pretty much how the system works if you Have any questions let me know again Aiprofitscourse.com the price is about To go up get in if you can and we’ll see You very soon till then Happy money Making see you guys bye

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